After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 174 The Sockpuppet Is About To Fall Off

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Hong Kong was very small, so news traveled fast. The Liang family’s father and son pair had also heard about the relationship between Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng. But they didn’t expect Li Xiaoheng to care this much about Tao Mu.

The next morning of the dinner, Liang Qiusheng received a call from Assistant Jiang. Hearing that the online shopping platform actually chose Liang’s Logistics Company as a partner, Liang Qiusheng was both surprised and delighted. While having breakfast, he didn’t forget to comment to Liang Shuwen: “As expected of a wealthy business genius in the mainland, CEO Li is really decisive and resolute, and very generous as well.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But it was not blind generosity. This one year contract was also an assessment period. If it worked well, they would continue to cooperate in the future. The Liang family could also take the opportunity provided by the situation to expand its market share in the mainland. But if it didn’t work well, no one could say anything with a one-year contract to repay the favor.

Liang Qiusheng was convinced by Li Xiaoheng’s method. He even prepared to personally oversee the collaboration. The other side was generous, and they themselves must not disappoint. As the white paper fan of the gang, Liang Shuwen, a top student at Hong Kong University, was also Liang Qiusheng’s most valued son, and naturally he had to assist his father to complete this cooperation. Liang Qiusheng even told Liang Shuwen to get along well with Tao Mu and try his best to win Tao Mu’s favor.

Liang Shuwen agreed seriously. But deep down, he always felt that Tao Mu didn’t seem to like him, and even felt a little bit irritated and wary towards him. However, it was the first time the two met, and Liang Shuwen felt that he was polite in manner and did not offend Tao Mu. After thinking about it, he could only attribute Tao Mu’s vigilance to his underworld background.

After all, they were gangsters. Even if they were whitewashed now and want to do business in a law-abiding way, their previous sins could not be wiped out. It was no wonder that ordinary people want to keep their distance when they see them.

Thinking of this, Liang Shuwen couldn’t help but feel gloomy.

Tao Mu naturally didn’t know what the Liang family’s father and son pair thought. He woke up the next morning and realized that Li Xiaoheng had signed a one-year provincial logistics channel cooperation contract with the Liang family’s logistics company.

Knowing that Li Xiaoheng was paying back his favor, Tao Mu still felt a little depressed.

That Liang Shuwen bit him like a mad dog in his last life, why should he still do business with the Liang family in this life. Tao Mu was not happy. Tao Mu also felt like throwing a tantrum. But Tao Mu couldn’t voice any of it. After all, what happened in the previous life had not happened in this life, so if he said it he would be taken as a lunatic.

Li Xiaoheng saw this, but mistakenly thought that Tao Mu was angry that he didn’t discuss with him before making a decision. He quickly pulled Tao Mu to him, put his arms around Tao Mu’s waist and apologized to him: “…..It’s all my fault. I should have discussed it with you in advance. The married couple must have a mutual relationship if they are to live together. I was wrong, can you forgive me this time? I will never dare to do so again in the future.”

That attitude couldn’t be more correct, and that tone couldn’t be more sincere. Just short of kneeling on the washboard and raising the whip. It was simply not giving any care to face and dignity at all. But what kind of appellation was ‘married couple’?

Tao Mu glanced at Li Xiaoheng. Seeing a certain decisive CEO lowering his head and drooping his ears, peering at him like a large dog. Even if he knew that Li Xiaoheng was acting, Tao Mu couldn’t help but feel his heart soften.

And he didn’t want Li Xiaoheng to misunderstand the reason for his anger.

Thinking of this, Tao Mu hesitantly said: “I’m not angry with you. I just had a dream last night. I dreamed that Liang Shuwen became Shen Yu’s suitor. In order to help Shen Yu vent his anger, he bit at me like a mad dog, making me suffer a lot. So when I woke up this morning and heard that the online shopping platform signed a one-year logistics contract with their family I was a little unhappy.”


Li Xiaoheng blinked his eyes subtly. He was keenly aware that although Tao Mu was speaking in terms of dreams, his vigilance and grudge against Liang Shuwen was not fake.

“Then how did he make things difficult for you?” Li Xiaoheng rubbed his cheek against Tao Mu’s forehead, like a large dog being affectionate with its owner.

Tao Mu did not keep up a guard, and spilled out all the little things that Liang Shuwen did in his previous life. What sending subordinates to intimidate him, picking fights with him to protect Shen Yu’s honor, and instructing the Hong Kong gossip tabloid to expose the black material that he bullied Shen Yu. Although Liang Shuwen was from the underworld, he had always hated the mafia life, and Tao Mu was the biological son of the Shen family after all. Due to the power of the Shen family, Liang Shuwen did not dare to go too far. But even these small actions disgusted Tao Mu enough.

But later Liang Shuwen died at the hands of Liang Qiusheng’s enemy. Although the Liang family washed their hands of the mafia life, the blood debts over the years could not be cleared. Liang Qiusheng’s enemies couldn’t find a chance to attack him, so they naturally set their sights on Liang Shuwen instead. At that time, the Liang family had already undergone whitewash, and there was not much power left in the gang. The Liang family believed that this choice was correct, but some elders in the gang did not buy it. They didn’t like doing business the proper law-abiding way.

Liang Qiusheng’s enemy bribed the elders of the gang, and designed to kidnap Liang Shuwen and extort Liang Qiusheng for a huge sum of money. But in the end they killed the hostage. Liang Qiusheng lived in fought and killed all his life, but when he got old, he had to send off his child before himself. Under the grief, he chose to die together with his enemies, and even handed over all the criminal evidence of the gang to the police.

And Liang Shuwen’s death also catalyzed the relationship between Shen Yu and Yan Sheng. At that time, Shen Yu was already an A-list superstar in China, and Yan Sheng also began to move onto the international stage. Because of less meetings and more separation, the relationship began to cool down. But as soon as the news of Liang Shuwen’s death came out, Shen Yu and Yan Sheng immediately felt that life was fleeting and you should cherish the people in front of you more. So Yan Sheng confessed directly to Shen Yu at the Oscar ceremony, causing an uproar.

And when Tao Mu first saw Liang Shuwen, the reason why he didn’t have much reaction was because he didn’t want to bother with the dead.

Li Xiaoheng thoughtfully observed Tao Mu’s micro-expression. Being able to explain what Liang Shuwen did so clearly, and with such complete emotions, it really didn’t seem like a dream.

It was as if he had experienced it himself.

Thinking that Tao Mu had always claimed that he was not a genius, but always had a keen insight into various trends in the international financial market and the domestic economic market, the financial analysis reports written for him were as accurate as a prediction, and the data given were also incredibly detailed. Knowing so many gossip and secrets, and the partnership agreement that could only be maintained for ten years. And that Zhuo Yan, who he obviously exhibited strong emotion towards despite meeting each other for the first time——

Li Xiaoheng’s heart jumped, but he did not continue to pry. The arm around Tao Mu exerted a little more force, pulling the person into his arms. He rubbed the tip of their noses intimately, and prepared to do morning exercises.

“Biting you like a mad dog? How fierce was it?” Li Xiaoheng wanted to make Tao Mu happy, and pressed a kiss to Tao Mu’s lips while asking vaguely, “As fierce as me?”

“Don’t fool around.” Tao Mu recalled the bad things in his previous life, and he was in a bad mood. But after being so pestered by Li Xiaoheng, he immediately let go of all negative feelings.

After all, it was a past life thing. His life now was a good one, at least he was very happy right now. Since he was reborn, there was no need to always think about the unhappy things in his previous life.

——It could only be said that Mr. Li was too good at boiling frogs in warm water. Tao Mu, who had always been shrewd and perceptive, didn’t even realize that his most tightly guarded secret had already been detected.

Tao Mu was very happy when he got from the hotel to the studio. Then he found that Shen Yu and Yan Sheng were also very happy. The two got out of the nanny car together in a lovey-dovey manner. Shen Yu stopped in front of Director Xu, and with a change from his previous timid manner, offered to reshoot last night’s scene.

“I know that my performance was really bad. I didn’t have any intentions to act seriously before, I was wrong. I will correct this attitude. I hope Director Xu will give me this opportunity. Please hold me up to the strictest standards. I will try my best to act this role well.” Shen Yu bowed 90 degrees to Director Xu, and said very seriously: “Big brother Yan will also help me act this role well.”

“I don’t want to hold back the crew. I really like acting, not just casually.”

Director Xu looked at Shen Yu in surprise. He had lost his temper so terribly last night, and the main reason was that Shen Yu’s inattentive attitude when filming angered him.

Director Xu had been in the industry for many years and had long been accustomed to various unspoken rules. There never lacked cases of rich second-generation kids with money and capital entering the entertainment circle to play around, and it was not uncommon for capital to be forceful and pushy. No matter which movie Xu Musen filmed, there were always actors being forcibly inserted into his cast by the management. It was useless for Xu Musen to get angry, even if he were to die of anger nothing would be different.

He was just unwilling to waste such a good script, such a good crew, and such a good cast, and let everyone’s hard work be ruined by Shen Yu’s shortcomings.

Director Xu also knew that he really went a little too far last night. If Shen Yu really went to the Lin family to complain, he would not be able to explain it in front of old madam Lin. Director Xu was already prepared to be reprimanded by the Lin family, even be accused of being ungrateful.

But he didn’t expect that Shen Yu’s attitude changed drastically when he woke up. Instead of complaining to the Lin family, he actually came to him to make amends.

Director Xu was a little confused. He looked at Yan Sheng subconsciously.

Yan Sheng smiled and said, “I chatted with Xiao Yu last night. It’s no wonder Director Xu was angry, his performance had been unsatisfactory recently. Of course, I am also in the wrong. Today, I also want to apologize to Director Xu. I was too impulsive that night.”

It didn’t matter if there was a problem with Yan Sheng’s head. His attitude towards acting was still as serious as before. He also seriously loved acting, and hoped to create a film that would be a classic. If it was said that Shen Yu approaching the Lin family for help only made Yan Sheng feel a little embarrassed, then Shen Yu’s indifference to acting completely touched Yan Sheng’s inverted scale. (TN: below the throat of a dragon are inverted scales and will kill anyone touching them)

The biggest reason why Yan Sheng was so good to Shen Yu back then was because Shen Yu’s performance had potential. Although he did not have professional training, he worked very hard. As for the abuse of the use of body doubles, most of the body doubles used by Shen Yu were for martial arts and stunts. Moreover, the crew that Shen Yu and Yan Sheng met happened to be during the time when Shen Yu’s birth secret was revealed. From the noble young master of the Shen family to the adopted son who no one cared about, Shen Yu had experienced quite a bit of scolding and bullying by others. Yan Sheng had played the hero saving the beauty several times, which only increased his pity and tenderness for Shen Yu.

Afterwards, the Shen family used their status as an investor to put Shen Yu into the cast of “Black and White”. Although there was a suspicion of exerting force through capital, that Shen Yu could go to the police academy to experience life a few months in advance and prepare for the filming, Yan Sheng was also quite pleased. He just didn’t expect that after Shen Yu joined the crew, he would perform so poorly.

Last night, Shen Yu was left on the set by everyone and cried a lot. In the end, Yan Sheng still couldn’t be ruthless and leave Shen Yu on the street alone. So he had his assistant call Shen Yu into the nanny car.

Shen Yu didn’t even change out of his clothes, he sat in the car and cried all the way. Yan Sheng also ignored him. In the end, Shen Yu apologized to Yan Sheng first. Only then did Yan Sheng express his dissatisfaction. Shen Yu cried and promised to act properly in the future. Shen Yu was really frightened by Yan Sheng’s attitude, and cried and hiccupped. Seeing this, Yan Sheng was also very distressed and quickly held him in his arms. Eventually comforting moved to the bed and the two became completely reconciled.

In the second half of the night, Yan Sheng dragged Shen Yu up to practice acting all night. It was the scene where Yan Yu learned of the news of Ah Ze’s death, as well as a few other scenes to be filmed today. Yan Sheng carefully analyzed the mentality of the characters for Shen Yu, and even gave Shen Yu a demonstration. He made an expression and asked Shen Yu to copy the expression. It was like playing with a puppet for hours. After a long time it was finally passable.

Then came this morning. To recharge for filming, Yan Sheng also ordered coffee and sandwiches. The two entered the crew after breakfast and the first thing was to apologize to Director Xu.

Yan Sheng and Shen Yu didn’t come too early. Anyway, when they arrived on the set, most of the staff had already come to arrange the venue, arrange the set, arrange the cameras. So they all saw the apology.

Director Xu felt that he got back a lot of face, so he didn’t bother to quibble over this issue anymore. Everyone came out to work not to get angry. So long as the filming could be done well, even if Director Xu had to swallow down even more anger, he didn’t care. It was not that he had never seen a crew tyrant who had a bad temper and liked to act like a diva.

But it was always a pleasure to work with good-natured people.

Yan Sheng’s EQ with people and things have fallen below the standard recently, and Director Xu even thought that after this cooperation, he would never film with Yan Sheng again. But he didn’t expect Yan Sheng to realize it by himself, and such a big film king would actually apologize to him in front of everyone, so Xu Musen couldn’t say anything else.

“As long as the filming is treated seriously.” Director Xu waved his hand, his face very amiable: “Shen Yu’s scene yesterday was really not very good. Then we’ll move it to tonight’s filming. Anyway, it is a night scene. If Shen Yu doesn’t mind, after today’s progress is completed, everyone will work overtime and stay in the crew to make up for yesterday’s scene.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Yu nodded again and again, and said quickly: “I don’t mind, I don’t mind at all. Director Xu, please be strict with me, I will work hard. I will minimize the NGs. I have memorized all the lines I am going to perform from yesterday and today’s scenes.”

As Shen Yu spoke, he turned to look at Tao Mu, who was passing by and was going to the dressing room: “As long as Tao Mu can lead me a little during the scene today.”

Tao Mu, who was lying innocently but got hit with a stray bullet, glanced at Shen Yu and left with a blank expression.

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