Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 066 One Wrong Step And, Every Step Is Lost

In less than a quarter of an hour, all kinds of headlines on Kun-Lai Net Spell were swiped once.

The life gossip forum was even more bloody.

“You Jia’s Headline Live – Making The Headlines Again”

Guess what happened? I just received the news about the arrest of Madam Guan by Qingdi Peak. Qingnu flew into a rage for the male beauty. I am currently acting as the backup for Qingnu as she goes back to take her man. Oh my god, I am so excited!

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

    ·Is it true, Youjia, how many of you guys went as backup, Peak Master Bai is a Synthesis Stage cultivator, isn’t he? -Golden Core Formation/Zhang…..-

    ·Definitely, I went with Qingnu, besides Huang Wei, Ying An and me, Feng Qingxiu, our “senior brother” also went. -Nascent Soul/You…..-

    ·Eh, and here I was worrying about you. – Nascent Soul/Wang…..-

    ·Qingnu is not impulsive either. With Senior Brother Feng there’s really nothing to worry about. -Nascent Soul/Meng…..-

    ·There is a protest on the main page. See “Protest: Qingnu and Qingdi Peak has been in the headlines for several days. Do you know how many activities are there today?” Might as well change the name of the forum from Life Gossip Forum to Qingnu Forum!”. -Golden Core Formation/Li…..-

    ·Don’t worry about this minor thing, Senior Brother You Jia, please continue, when will you guys arrive at Qingdi Peak? -Golden Core Formation/Li…..-

    · We have already arrived, and Qingnu is now facing off against the peak master. I’ll broadcast it live later. -Nascent Soul/You…..-

    ·Watching the live broadcast now, Master You Jia, you are really the conscience of the gossip forum, the king of the news world. -Nascent Soul/An…..-

    ·From the audience, rewarding 100 spiritual stone points. -Nascent Soul/Su…..-

    ·Support You Jia, a cultivator with integrity like him is rare! Here’s a thousand spiritual stone points reward. -Demigod/Qiu Yuan…..-



    ·Wow, You Jia has already received a reward of 70,000 spiritual stone points today, right? I really envy the wealthy people upstairs. I’m still a new disciple who just entered the Foundation Establishment Stage, but in order to support Master You Jia, I will give a little bit, I hope you don’t mind! -Foundation Establishment/…..-

   ·Don’t worry, You Jia won’t mind at all, he has more than enough hands to pick up the rewards. -Nascent Soul/An…..-

    ·Speaking of which, the amount of rewards he received is comparable to the cultivation experience/tips of a Synthesis Stage cultivator, right? -Demigod/Qiu Yuan…..-

    ·Comparable in the short term, not in the long term. After all, this is just a single wave. In addition, I would like to ask, just what is the use of the Mountain Patrol Bureau? -Synthesis/Bai Shuixan…..-

    ·I am also very curious. -Synthesis/Yan Zhao…..-

    ·There is such a commotion on the Net, yet no one in the Mountain Patrol Bureau has reported to us about this. -Synthesis/Bai Shuixian…..-

    ·Don’t blame everything on my Mountain Patrol Bureau. The messenger is still on the way. Kun-Lai Mountain is not your backyard. It’s quite normal for any peak to be separated by thousands of miles. Which messenger can fly faster than the news on the Gossip Forum? Besides, don’t say you haven’t already seen the news that is refreshed every moment in the News Forum! -Synthesis/Yue Wanci…..-

    ·Isn’t it normal if I didn’t see it? It’s noon now, and the allocated 8-hour internet time has long been used up. -Synthesis/Shui Wugou…..-

    ·Why do we also have to prevent internet addiction? The Sect Leader is too much! -Synthesis/Bai Shuixian……-

    ·It must be because it is such an eyesore to see that some women, despite being powerful Synthesis Stage cultivators, spend all their days on the Gossip Forum. -Synthesis/Yan Zhao…..-

    ·Hehe, speaking as if you didn’t give spiritual stone points reward to You Jia’s gossip posts back then. -Synthesis/Bai Shuixian…..-

    ·At least I don’t go to the Relationship Forum every day to tell others about the bad influence falling in love has on cultivation. -Synthesis/Yan Zhao…..-

    ·Could you guys please stop arguing, Senior Sister Bai, Bai Liu is your direct disciple, go and clean up this mess already. -Synthesis/Yue Wanci…..-

    ·I’ve already arrived. I’m currently hiding and watching the situation unfold. I want to see just what mess he can make. -Synthesis/Bai Shuixian-…..

    ·Omg, I just saw the bigwigs, didn’t I? -Foundation Establishment/…..-

    · Newbie, eh? This hasn’t been novel for a long time. -Nascent Soul/An…..-


Qingdi Peak

The prosperity of the past had drifted away like a cloud of smoke. Now this place was quiet and desolate, and even the occasional passers-by did not want to stay longer for even a moment.

The things on Qingnu’s tower had long been removed, but in the room next to Qingnu’s old room, there were still people working hard.

“My good boss, we have been detained now. How are you still in the mood to read!” A young disciple next to him stomped in anxiety.

“I’m verifying a conjecture.” The elegant man who was interrupted calmly said, “Don’t worry, he will eventually be dealt with.”

“That’s a Peak Master of the Synthesis Stage. He still has the authority to punish you for hurting people at will, not to mention that you are part of his direct line of disciples, and even the Mountain Patrol Bureau cannot find a good reason to come here. Lord Qingnu will raise the roof on this!” The disciple was practically begging, “Madam Guan, please think of a solution!”

The middle-aged cultivator next to them couldn’t help chuckling lightly.

The disciple was immediately stabbed by countless bamboo needles, unable to move.

“Madam Guan” was the nickname given to this second-in-command from everyone on Qingdi Peak. So long as you didn’t call it out in front of him, he usually wouldn’t stab people with needles.

“Before ascending the mountain, Qingnu said to me, ‘If I go and fight Bai Liu, would he dare to kill me?’ I didn’t answer her at that time.” Guan Yuli raised his head from looking at the meridian map in front of him, “But now I have proved that he does dare to do so.”

The middle-aged cultivator next to him looked stunned, and quickly drove out the idle people around them.

Only the two of them were left in the room.

“Yu Li, tell me honestly, what did you find?” The middle-aged cultivator asked in a low voice with a solemn expression.

Qingdi Peak had two lines, medicine and acupuncture, and Qingnu was extremely proficient in treating trauma injuries while also possessing an excellent talent for medicine. His own disciple was skilled in meridian and other internal injuries, as well as soul damage, and was better at post-injury treatment. But Qingnu was extremely strong willed, while his disciple had a gentle temperament so his name was not as known to ordinary people.

“I have carefully analyzed the performance of Peak Master Bai’s spiritual essence over the years. This is from a few years ago, this is the last few years, and this is the pupil color I saw yesterday.” Guan Yuli’s expression was determined, and he quickly painted each eye color, “Look, these hair-like, black broken threads, aren’t they…..?”

“This, how is this possible.” The middle-aged cultivator couldn’t believe it, “His cultivation base couldn’t have reached that level!”

“Remember when you drew blood from a snake and a nightingale last time, and you found something wrong?” Guan Yuli said softly, “At that time, you found that the snake’s blood had the scent of moonflowers. And I investigated the snake’s blood charts. The medical record was taken when he first came to Kun-Lai, he was tricked by Qingnu in the name of free treatment of the soul. Later, Peak Master Bai sent someone to contact him, but that person actually attacked Feng Qingxiu and was executed on the spot by the Sect Leader. Qingnu also had a big fight with him because of this, and the only people who could enter that snake’s treatment room at that time were the Peak Master, me, and Qingnu.”

The middle-aged cultivator fell silent.

“Using the blood of ancient spiritual beasts to increase the cultivation base has existed since ancient times. That snake had been cultivating for thousands of years, and his ancestral blood must be of extraordinary origin. So it is normal for him to use the moonflower to test whether his ancient blood could be activated, but contrary to his expectations that black snake is really just an ordinary black garden snake.” Guan Yuli had also figured out a lot of things now, “I had doubts before, his precious trash can’t use so many resources no matter what, but now we have an answer to this puzzle.”

The middle-aged cultivator looked sad and did not respond.

“He went astray in order to increase his cultivation. So it is only natural to imprison us now.” Guan Yuli concluded, “Therefore, you should also understand what those black crystals in the pupil are.”

“We must tell Qingnu!” The middle-aged cultivator opened the door and went out. This matter was too big.

“Currently we can’t get out of Qingdi Peak, so we can only wait for Qingnu to come before acting depending on the situation.” The young man shook his head and complained in a low voice, “Ai, just what the hell is this!”

Suddenly, an invisible force grabbed him and pulled him towards the peak summit.

In the next moment, he felt himself landing heavily on the ground.

The force was so strong that he stumbled before he could steady himself.

This was the Guanyun Cliff of Qingdi Peak, which was a very good viewing platform. In front of him was Qingnu and her friends, and in the middle was Peak Master Bai.

“You see, he’s fine.” Bai Liu said slowly, “But I need an explanation for the people who were hurt on Qingdi Peak.”

“What if I don’t give it?” Yimeng Qingnu sneered.

“As the price of him hurting others, I will abolish his cultivation base.” Bai Liu said.

“You want to hurt the only one who was willing to stand by your side in the end.” Yimeng Qingnu asked.

Bai Liu was silent for a few breaths before slowly saying: “I don’t want to hurt him, I just want a promise from you, a promise that you are willing to continue to protect Qingdi Peak.”

“By coercion?” Yimeng Qingnu asked.

Did he think there was no one in Kun-Lai who could call the shots?

“I have no choice, Qingnu, I believe in the promise you make, as long as you promise, you will keep your word, I know you too well, you will make this choice.” Bai Liu lowered his eyes and said softly, “Also, Shizun, you don’t need to keep trying, you can’t save these people from my hands without injury.”

“Don’t call me Shizun!” Bai Shuixian slowly walked out of the void and looked at him coldly, “How could you have such a cultivation base?”

How could he have the cultivation base of a Human Immortal?

“He’s not a Human Immortal,” Guan Yuli said suddenly, “he’s just undergoing the Great Celestial Demon Tribulation.”

“Yes,” Bai Liu chuckled and said, “It was only today that I now know that this is the Great Celestial Demon Tribulation…..the Sect Leader, how was it possible that he managed to overcome it?”

The tragedy of that year left him both physically and mentally traumatized. He then encountered the split of the four lines, with two lines leaving. Personally witnessing Qingdi Peak declining by the day, he forcibly used a special technique in the hopes of improving his cultivation, but he did not know that at that time, the Great Celestial Demon Tribulation had already snuck upon him. The extraterrestrial celestial demons were invisible and intangible, only hiding in the depths of people’s hearts, gradually arousing negative emotions in their hearts.

“I told you a long time ago that your inner demons are too deep and if you can’t overcome them, sooner or later you will harm others and yourself,” Bai Shuixian said coldly, “Follow me back to report to the Sect Leader, we’ll then think of a way.”

“How can I overcome it, Shizun?” Bai Liu looked up at her with a calm expression, “I watched them all turn to ashes because of me, and those who survived blamed me. They even preferred to leave rather than take over Qingdi Peak. I think back to that day day after day, year after year, the sword that started the conflict was not even by my hand, but by that monster. What was my mistake, not allowing my sister to get close to a man who liked her, oh what a mistake. And then paying this price with the lives of so many fellow sect disciples. “

“It’s all in the past!”

“I can’t get over it, I can’t forget it.” Bai Liu shook his head, “It’s not that I didn’t know it was wrong for me to spoil them and protect them like that, but when I think of their parents turning to ashes in front of me, I can’t ignore their pleas. Every time I would only see what it was like before their parents entrusted them to me before dying.”

“But my previous injury was too serious, and my lifespan would come to an end eventually,” he continued. “In the end, I thought, as long as my cultivation base soared and I managed to survive the Great Celestial Demon Tribulation, I will be a Human Immortal, and I will have ten thousand years lifespan and can continue to guard them.”

“So you collected all kinds of ancient blood, and used secret methods to mobilize the few life essences left in you to turn into your cultivation base, forcefully overcoming the tribulation required to become a Human Immortal?” Guan Yuli asked.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Yes, so Qingnu, what is your answer?” Bai Liu placed his fingers on Guan Yuli’s pulse, “Make your choice. Take advantage of the fact that I haven’t completely lost my senses to the demons.”

Qingnu was stunned for a moment.

“She doesn’t have to choose,” a calm voice suddenly said next to her, “No one can force my Kun-Lai disciple to choose.”

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