After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 177 End Of Filming Party

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The end of filming party was arranged on the night the filming officially ended. The location was set on the yacht in which the mafia boss and Zhou Yuanting smuggled to Southeast Asia as seen in the film. A buffet was ordered directly from the five-star hotel and delivered to the yacht. Everyone could eat whatever they wanted. Director Xu was also preparing to host a swimsuit party on the yacht.

The reason for this inspiration was mainly because the weather was too hot during this time of the year, and everyone had gotten sweaty when filming outdoors. Especially in the last scene of the pier shootout, running around in the sun every day and having to endure the heat of the lights. The whole person was like a roast duck jumping in the oven. In Zhou Yanqing’s words, he just wanted to jump into the sea to cool off while filming.

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“I think the most comfortable part of the whole filming was the scene on the yacht. The sea breeze was blowing, and even the lights were not so hot.”

The last scene was over. When removing makeup, Zhou Yanqing leaned against the railing of the yacht, squinting and letting the wind blow——he didn’t even want to go back to the dressing room to remove makeup, he just did it on the deck, then undressed himself until only boxers remained, and while holding a lifebuoy, jumped into the sea and paddled around like a husky.

And with Zhou Yanqing’s lead, several other Hong Kong actors also happily undressed and jumped down, looking like a bunch of dumplings being dropped into the pot.

In contrast, Tao Mu, who finally remembered his idol baggage after filming, was more reserved. Although he was also very hot, Tao Mu still sat obediently and waited for his makeup to be removed. After removing his makeup, he went to the bathroom for a shower, then changed into beach shorts and a purple shirt.

Zhou Yanqing paddled in the sea, and when he looked up he saw Tao Mu in flower shorts and a rather gay purple shirt standing on the deck. On others it could only be a fashion faux-pas, but on Tao Mu it looked extraordinarily sunny and handsome. The very picky purple shirt made Tao Mu’s complexion even fairer and smoother. It even glowed a dazzling sheen under the sunlight. Tao Mu had big sunglasses on his face, his arms rested on the railing, and his upper half leaned forward to look at the sea. Wide shoulders, narrow back, slender waist and long legs, six-pack abs faintly visible. Behind him was the blue water and the sky, with the occasional seabird flying by. All the bright colors combined to make it seem like a shot for a fashion magazine cover.

“Wow, do you have to be so handsome!” A Hong Kong actor, who was swimming next to Zhou Yanqing, couldn’t help but sigh at Tao’s good looks.

“He wears purple, and I also wear purple. Tao Mu looks as handsome as a model on a runway show, but why do I look more like a walking purple potato that has become sentient?” The Hong Kong actor hugged his lifebuoy in depression, swearing to himself that he would never wear clothes that matched Tao Mu’s on any occasion in the future.

Zhou Yanqing also silently sighed that Tao Mu was really handsome. And it was the kind of handsome with fine facial features that did not appear feminine at all.

Good acting, handsome, and high EQ, and the most important thing was that he also had the capital and strength himself, without relying on a management company, Tao Mu could create resources to support himself into stardom. In addition, was a publicity weapon. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Tao Mu’s future development was at least an A-list superstar. After all, Tao Mu was only nineteen years old this year.

There was never a lack of rich second-generation players in the entertainment industry who were young and had a lot of money, but there were not many investors like Tao Mu who invested in film and television dramas while filming in them himself. Not to mention Tao Mu’s ability and character were worthy of being befriended, and even if it was just for the sake of Tao Mu’s status as the investor, everyone was willing to befriend this kind of person.

Director Xu even proposed to Tao Mu that he could bring his family along when he was arranging the end of filming party. The reason why he said that was because Director Xu also knew that Tao Mu’s family was still in Hong Kong so he was happy to do a favor. One must know that Tao Mu’s family was also part of the senior management of The news that Meng Qi signed a film source broadcasting rights agreement with Hong Kong TV and several major film and television companies during his stay in Hong Kong had long spread.

So Director Xu also wanted to get to know Tao Mu’s family. Perhaps there was even a chance it might lead to investment in any future movies he made.

But what Director Xu didn’t expect was that that night, the family members Tao Mu brought with him were not only his Yao Dad, Xiao Qi Dad, and Grandpa Song, but also an uninvited CEO Li.

Don’t mention Director Xu, even the rest of the crew were shocked. What was this, openly coming out?

Fortunately, Tao Mu didn’t have any such high-profile intentions. Although his relationship with Li Xiaoheng was already a tacit secret in the industry, Tao Mu was still reluctant to expose his feelings and sexuality under the camera considering his acting career and screen image.

So Tao Mu’s explanation was: “Mr. Li was bored staying in the hotel alone. He came over after knowing that we were holding a party tonight.”

Everyone suddenly understood and pretended to believe what Tao Mu said.

Standing on the side, Shen Yu took a sip of beer unhappily. He also wanted to bring his family to the party. It was a pity that his father and older brother were not in Hong Kong, and Shen Yan was taken back to Shanghai by their father as well. So no one could accompany him.

Shen Yu felt a little lonely. He stood on the deck, the cool night wind blowing, and watched the entire crew gather around Tao Mu and flatter him. And Tao Mu also changed from the indifferent and eccentric image he had in H Town back then, chatting and laughing with everyone, and seeming to enjoy the taste of being sought after by others.

The most uncomfortable thing for Shen Yu was that his big brother Yan was also dragged by his agent to toast Tao Mu.

Zeng Yiheng dragged Yan Sheng to Tao Mu, and actually felt quite emotional. Before filming this movie, he also discussed with Yan Sheng how to strike a good relationship with Tao Mu, preferably to rub off on the popularity of It was a pity that the world was always changing, and Zeng Yiheng never thought that Yan Sheng would suddenly begin acting like he was possessed by evil spirits as soon as he entered the crew. Every day, he just focused on trailing behind Shen Yu, cleaning up troubles for Shen Yu. And even go up against Tao Mu for Shen Yu.

But asking a master to exorcise evil spirits turned out to be useless.

Although the ultimate goal was not achieved at all, Zeng Yiheng didn’t want Yan Sheng to offend Tao Mu. So taking advantage of the opportunity the end of filming party provided, he pulled Yan Sheng to toast Tao Mu with a glass of wine. He didn’t dare to expect that the two of them would be able to get along like best friends, but at least they should maintain an amicable colleague relationship. Whatever happened to Yan Sheng in the future, he didn’t expect Tao Mu to be the icing on the cake. It was fine so long as he didn’t kick him if he ever fell down on his luck.

As part of the entertainment industry, Zeng Yiheng knew too well about the power of To put it simply, in Tao Mu’s hand was practically equal to an atomic bomb. So long as the artists in the circle wanted to film and make money peacefully, it was best not to offend Tao Mu.

Otherwise, Tao Mu only needed to instruct FlyNews Entertainment to expose the black material of whoever to the Internet.

Just like the conspiracy theory that Shen Yu staged a fake car accident to guide public opinion to scold Tao Mu’s family, in fact, everyone who was familiar with Shen Yu knew that even if this person was jealous and petty, he had no IQ to pull off such a scheme. But netizens didn’t know. They could only see the news and gossip reported by FlyNews Entertainment with pictures, facts and video interviews, and then under the subtle and deliberate guidance of FlyNews Entertainment, Shen Yu’s image of a scheming green tea b*tch had taken root in the hearts of most netizens.

If Shen Yu was not the young master of the Shen family, without the support of the Shen Group, to put it unpleasantly, it would even be possible for him to be blacklisted out of the entertainment circle from now on.

The sister and brother sibling pair of the Shen family were the first to provoke trouble yet were not as smart as others. In the end, Shen Yu was nailed to the green tea b*tch pole by FlyNews Entertainment. Zeng Yiheng did not feel sorry for Shen Yu. But Yan Sheng and Shen Yu were too close. Zeng Yiheng was worried that Tao Mu would spread his anger towards Shen Yu to his own childhood friend. So he had to find a way to show goodwill towards Tao Mu.

Fortunately, although Yan Sheng’s mind was not clear under the influence of Shen Yu, he could still understand at critical moments, not to offend people who shouldn’t be offended. Besides, Yan Sheng’s behavior had always been to be amiable and polite to others. Although he wanted to suppress Tao Mu’s screen presence before, he didn’t manage to do so in the end. Instead, he was suppressed by Tao Mu. Although he was not reconciled in his heart, it also inspired appreciation for Tao Mu’s acting skills.

So from Yan Sheng’s heart, he was willing to befriend Tao Mu. At least, he was willing to discuss with Tao Mu on matters related with acting.

It was a pity that Tao Mu really didn’t care about Yan Sheng. Always sneering and being sarcastic when they met before, expressing his dissatisfaction straight to the point. This led to the fact that whenever they filmed scenes together, the two opponents’ scenes were particularly tense and full of gunpowder. As for off-screen, Tao Mu was too lazy to say even a word to Yan Sheng.

The gossip that the two were incompatible with each other was even brought to the entertainment headlines by the Hong Kong paparazzi.

This time Zeng Yiheng dragged Yan Sheng to make a toast, Tao Mu did not refuse because of the happy atmosphere at the party. But that was about it. After drinking and seeing Shen Yu who was holding a glass of wine and approaching hesitantly, Tao Mu didn’t say a word, just turned around and listened to Mr. Song discussing tea ceremony with Luo Daming.

Finally getting a chance to communicate, only to be disturbed by Shen Yu. Zeng Yiheng felt that Shen Yu was becoming more and more of an eyesore, and he couldn’t help frowning and ask, “Why did you come here?”

Shen Yu also felt aggrieved: “I only came here when I saw big brother Yan was here. No one paid any attention to me during the whole end of filming party.”

Yan Sheng immediately held Shen Yu’s hand and said distressedly, “It’s okay, I’ll accompany you.”

Zeng Yiheng rolled his eyes with disgust, and he could only pinch his nose and walk away.

Li Xiaoheng was held up by Director Xu to discuss investing in movies. Xiaoheng Capital was in venture capitalism, and their investment objectives did not exclude certain industries over another, but only looked at potential. However, Li Xiaoheng had always believed in specialization. Their VC staff were only familiar with financial markets and commodities plus the Internet, so Xiaoheng Capital’s investment projects generally fell into these categories.

Now listening to Director Xu’s efforts, Li Xiaoheng said calmly, “I’m not very familiar with the film and television industry. However, the chief investment advisor of Xiaoheng Capital is Mr. Tao, and his vision has always been sharp. What Director Xu said about that movie, please wait for me to go back and ask our CEO Tao’s opinion first.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Xu Musen’s expression was suddenly a little strange——not because he was curious that Li Xiaoheng needed to consider Tao Mu’s suggestion. Tao Mu, as Li Xiaoheng’s investment consultant, proposed Xiaoheng Capital to short international oil as early as last July, when international crude oil futures were still skyrocketing. It prompted Xiaoheng Capital to earn tens of billions of dollars, and later became a partner of Xiaoheng Capital. It had long been known to everyone that the two of them had fiercely shorted the international financial market. No one would doubt Tao Mu’s investment vision.

Xu Musen just felt that Li Xiaoheng publicly calling Tao Mu ‘our CEO Tao’, disregarding everyone’s eyes and ears, in such a lovey-dovey manner without any intention of hiding his henpecked nature. Such self-righteously shameless behavior, it was no wonder that he was already a capital tycoon worth nearly 100 billion dollars at such a young age.

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