Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 068 Past Events And Former Happenings, Are Inevitably Filled With Puzzles

Yan Ling handed the ashes he brought to Qingnu, informing her that his body had turned into ashes in the end, and the other didn’t have any doubts.

Qingnu just took the box and said that it would be buried in the back of the mountain. The cemetery there was also where a pile of ashes whose identities could not be distinguished were buried. The ashes of Qingnu’s parents were also there.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

From Qingnu’s point of view, this was how he would choose to die.

Yan Ling turned around and left, he didn’t want to spend more time with this woman, all kinds of feelings of jealousy towards her in his memory made him extremely uncomfortable.

Returning to his residence, he raised his hand and looked at the sword mark that was still there printed on the palm of his hand.

Instantly, he felt extremely angry. At that time, Bai Liu was already so weak that he couldn’t even call for help, but he would rather destroy his body than let him absorb his cultivation essence!

Truly, he was indeed a useless piece of trash!

As for sending him back to the Central Continent——hmph, how could he go back!

Yan Ling recalled all kinds of things in the Central Continent. Although it was the origin  land of humanity and its area was six times larger than that of the Western Continent, there were many sects that had established and gained power over the years, especially after the destruction of the Daxuan Dynasty, so the resources had already reached the brink of exhaustion. His previous sect was the Central Continent’s Ziyun Dao, one of the three major sects with a ten thousand year old Human Immortal, forming a balanced triangle of power with the other two Human Immortals.

He himself was from the direct line of the head elder of Ziyun Dao. He had outstanding spiritual roots and many of the sect’s resources were supplied to him. He entered the Nascent Soul Stage when he was less than 100 years old. He had always been the number one disciple in the sect, but because of a mere unaffiliated tongue cultivator he tripped up so majorly, his flesh and soul practically completely destroyed. Fortunately the heavens did not cut off all his paths, and his remnant soul wandered all the way to find an ancient monument with a peerless spiritual method which allowed one to devour flesh and spiritual energy to turn into one’ cultivation base. By chance, he merged with this body and came to Kun-Lai.

During these days, he tried his best to absorb all the spiritual resources that Bai Liu had provided him, while observing various details of Kun-Lai.

But in the end, he had to admit that Kun-Lai was not at all worse than the Ziyun Dao, in fact it was even more superior.

As the leader of his generation of Ziyun Dao disciples back then, the spiritual resources he received per month were only 30 Essence Gathering Pills, 10 drops of Soul Purifying Dew, and 300 high-grade spiritual stones. If he wanted more he would have to rely on the rewards from the elders, if lucky, he might get a high-grade magical weapon, a little more high-grade medicinal pills, or go out to gain practical experience——to put it bluntly, searching for ancient relic sites and other spiritual resource. After tens of thousands of years, no matter how many ancient relic sites and spiritual resources on the Central Continent, by now almost all had been found and exhausted, so it was not unusual for cultivators to fight and rob each other on the road.

If one won the battle, the opponent’s things were now one’s own. At that time, he had wanted to force the news of an ancient relic site from an unaffiliated cultivator, only to be hit by the other’s secret technique. The whole time he pursued the other he never once got the upper hand.

In the end, he even lost his hundred years worth of cultivation!

However, where there is misfortune, fortune also follows. After arriving in Kun-Lai, he felt as if he had arrived at a place so rich it was not of the mortal plane.

The disciples here did not have to hand over offerings to the elders, they could buy all kinds of spiritual items and resources at will. The spiritual herbs and medicinal pills that cultivators in the Central Continent killed for were actually sold at street stalls here!

The Qingyuan Orchid that cost several hundred spiritual stones in the Central Continent were so many here that they were placed in boxes! Sold by boxes! In boxes that were over a foot long!

His monthly thirty pills could be easily bought by an ordinary Golden Core Formation cultivator here, and the Soul Purification Dew was directly divided into large bottles and small bottles, as well as ordinary bottles and concentrated bottles!

The seventh-level spiritual beasts like the fire eagle were nearly extinct in the Central Continent. If one managed to even catch one for a mount then that cultivator was considered quite impressive and had a lot of face, but here you could sit on one so long as you paid money, moreover they were actually also used for delivery!

Those untamed birds who fought desperately against the cultivators in the Central Continent were as obedient as a chick here. When he sat on one, he was even given its name on the Net Spell saying that he could make an appointment with the bird under this post, and the speed was absolutely guaranteed!

It was a pity that other than useless gossips on the Net Spell every time you wanted to read various cultivation methods, you have to pay money. But no matter, what spiritual methods were comparable to his ancient cultivation method he had obtained, so long as there was flesh and blood, he could grow his cultivation base endlessly!

Although the amount of flesh and blood essence to be swallowed every time was double that of the last time, thinking of the fact that so long as he cultivated to the forty-ninth level, he could directly become a Human Immortal, and when he cultivated to the eighty-first level, he could instantly ascend to the realm of immortals!

Thinking of this, the fire in Yan Ling’s heart flared, a Human Immortal!

Even if he had to swallow up the world, what was the harm!

Bai Liu actually said that his cultivation method was not good, and that on the last level he would be forced to swallow every day for 10,000 years…..


No matter how much more, it was just some more flesh and blood. This was just an excuse to convince him to practice the Kun-Lai Cultivation Technique, how could he be fooled?

Flesh and blood was everywhere in Kun-Lai, but though Kun-Lai’s protection looked loose it was actually quite tight. When he had tried to grab a seriously injured black snake last time, he met an ordinary Golden Core Formation boy, yet the other could even possess that kind of terrifying magical weapon.

Brushing lightly over all the vital points of his body, so long as the other exerted a little more force, he would have died immediately.

Simply horrifying!

However, now that Bai Liu was dead, although he had gained a lot of the other’s savings, after all, he could not sit around without any way to replenish his supply. Currently, Kun-Lai was preparing to go on an expedition, and it was better to go along as well, and then take advantage of the conflict between those spiritual demons and Kun-Lai disciples to eat both sides. In any case, every time during an expedition, Kun-Lai would always suffer a lot of casualties. He heard from his grandfather who was a high-ranking elder in the Central Continent that a hundred years ago, their Central Continent Human Immortals worked together to deceive the heavens, causing Kun-Lai to suffer a big and heavy loss.

It was a pity that in the end, the Sect Leader still managed to gain sight of the heavenly secrets, and as the two sides secretly exchanged moves, the three Central Continent Human Immortals retreated in fear of a certain card the Xing Dao Master had up his sleeve.

Otherwise, Kun-Lai would have already been divided up by the three major Central Continent sects a hundred years ago, how could Kun-Lai be so arrogant and wasteful now!

Now that a hundred years have passed, many people in the Central Continent would definitely not sit back and watch Kun-Lai continue to dominate, and there would definitely be a fight at that time. So long as he was careful, he would definitely take advantage of the chaos, rise up and dominate the world!


Back at the Flying Peak, Feng Qingxiu recalled Bai Liu’s final appearance, and was a little scared by the horror of the Great Celestial Demon Tribulation, and was even more in awe of Shizun who could use great celestial demons to refine his sword.

But he was a little puzzled, and asked Shizun: “How did you survive the Great Celestial Demon Tribulation back then?”

The sky was red with sunset, and the clouds were all dyed in reds and oranges. After a while, a voice replied leisurely: “If one has no heart, then naturally there are no demons. As for my cultivation method, others are unable to use it.”

Feng Qingxiu nodded, suddenly feeling a little curious: “Then Shizun, you got your heart back now?”

“That is correct.” The voice from the sky calmly replied.

Feng Qingxiu thought of how easily Peak Master Bai had been controlled by demons earlier, and he was a little nervous for a while: “Then Shizun, will the celestial demons come to you now?”

The sky was silent for a while, then suddenly there was a chuckle: “In a certain way, he has already come back to me.”

Feng Qingxiu felt his heart sink, and he was very uneasy. Although he believed in Shizun, he couldn’t hold back: “Then what will you do? Is he powerful?”

“Very powerful, often acting fierce towards me.” The voice in the sky was gentle, but when he said this, he also sounded a little disappointed, “Never putting me first, always disappearing, and even telling me what I should do.”

“…..It actually dares to do this.” Feng Qingxiu was indignant, “Shizun, when I have mastered runes in the future, I will definitely make a talisman that will trap it, and catch it for you to vent on!”

The voice in the sky sounded amused: “It’s a deal. Shizun will wait for the day when Xiao Qing can do that.”

Feng Qingxiu was encouraged by Shizun and nodded vigorously.

Ji Yunlai chuckled, and found that he could actually imagine Xiao Qing’s pitiful appearance of locking himself in a cage, shook his head slightly, and continued to study the runes in his hand.

Bai Liu’s incident had reminded him. He looked through the files about that year and found a lot of problems.

The first was the spiritual demon who caused the incident. According to the later records, this spiritual demon called Hai Gongzi was encountered by Qingdi Peak during an expedition to the Huo Domain. At that time, he was being pursued by other spiritual demons and in his panic he hid in the Flying Peak, and after injuring three Qingdi Peak disciples who wanted to capture him, he took Bai Liu’s sister as hostage and fled the Flying Peak.

The people from Qingdi Peak searched everywhere for a month, and just as they were at the height of their anxiety, Bai Liu’s sister brought the seriously injured spiritual demon back to the Flying Peak, saying that when they left the Flying Peak at that time, the spiritual demon immediately released her, but the spiritual demon’s pursuers mistakenly believed that she was with him, and the both of them were chased. It was the spiritual demon who protected her all the way back, and even got serious injuries from saving her, thus begging Qingdi Peak to save the dying Hai Gongzi.

Qingdi Peak felt strange at the time. They had practically turned over the soil in that month of searching. How could they have not found her?

But they still treated the spiritual demon first, and then, Bai Liu’s sister took care of him all the way. The spiritual demon was very eloquent and endeared himself to Bai Liu’s sister, and soon won her heart.

Bai Liu sternly refused, pointing out that the spiritual demon’s words were obscenely vulgar and his actions suspicious, but Bai Liu’s younger sister felt that he only spoke flippantly but his character was very good. And besides, his protection this whole time was definitely not a pretense, she was able to distinguish that.

Don’t know what happened later, but the spiritual demon was ambushed by Yimeng Ruge and almost killed. Bai Liu’s sister was willing to marry Yimeng Ruge to fulfill the contract of marriage, and asked him not to hunt down that spiritual demon, otherwise she would die in front of them. After the expedition ended, the two gave birth to Yimeng Qingnu, and it was not until the second expedition to Yuntian Domain, the two sides met again in Fuhai City, where the tragedy took place.

Almost all the senior cultivators of Qingdi Peak were killed. At that time, other Flying Peaks wanted to aid them, but they were all prevented from doing so, until he himself went to save them.

He felt his speed and realized that he shouldn’t have arrived so late.

He could travel ten thousand miles with just a thought. If the communication was timely, he should have been able to save those disciples who sacrificed themselves in the end.

But the delay in the middle meant countless lives.

There must have been something that had gone wrong.

Now that Xiao Qing was going to participate in the expedition, it must be guaranteed that communication would be smooth, otherwise, if there was another attack by a Great Sage, even if he flayed ten layers of skin from that Great Sage, it would not help.

If human communication was unreliable, wireless telephone was the only option.

But there were too many distractions in this world.

He looked at the pile of paper figures he had cut out, thinking that he could only bury a few more along the way.

He needed to make it so that the Net Spell’s signal could go back and forth…..

My dear disciple, you must be obedient, see how your Shizun is so caring of you.


Warning: rape, explicit description of aftermath treatment. Read at your own risk.


On the Flying Peak, Hai Langqi caressed the pure white skin under his hands, with a warm and slightly frivolous smile.

Bai Liu just stared at him coldly: “Kill me if you want, I don’t believe you can walk out of this Flying Peak.”

“It can’t be too hard, how about we make a bet.” Hai Langqi smiled calmly, and carefully untied the layers of clothes on Bai Liu’s body, as if he was unpacking a delicate gift, feeling the slight trembling under his palms.

“In truth, the first time I saw you and your sister, I knew this sibling pair would be superb,” ​​he licked his chest erotically, “Believe it or not, I will make you lose your mind, crying and begging me to let you go.”

Bai Liu gasped slightly and wanted to struggle, but the Soul Locking Nail inserted in his spine had locked all his spiritual essence, and now he was no different from a mortal, how could he break free from the shackles of the other.

“Tsk, sure enough, this body is indeed really exquisite.” Hai Langqi stretched out his hand and dug into his buttocks hard, and immediately there were visible blood marks, and praised, “It’s really bouncy and pert, the feeling is even better than your sister’s.”

“You beast…..” Bai Liu was so angry that he wanted to aim for his vitals.

“I am originally a beast, not a human being. Besides, I didn’t force her, she likes me very much.” Hai Gongzi chuckled, admiring his naked body, “Although beautiful, it still lacks a little something.”

Reaching out and picking up a piece of red rope, he skillfully tied the prey’s hands to the head of the bed, revealing the lovely armpits, and then stretched the red rope to tie Bai Liu’s slender legs and thighs together, leaving his exquisite body completely and unreservedly revealed in front of him, and even teased that little Bai in the nest of hair.

“Let go, what are you doing, you beast!” Bai Liu was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

“What am I doing?” Hai Gongzi smiled, put his index finger against that hole, and with some force inserted up to the knuckle, where the entire digit instantly squeezed tightly, “Yoh, this little butt is quite tight, it’s been a long time since you’ve used it I’m guessing. Let me help you relax.”

As he spoke, he wiggled his finger and poked into the depths little by little, where it was warm and tight, and the further he went in, the more difficult it was. Bai Liu had already lost all color, silent but soaked in cold swea. His hair crown had long been removed by him, and that black hair and snowy skin together exuded a silent temptation.

“Why so silent,” Hai Gongzi smiled slightly, and added another finger, the fingers suddenly stretching and burrowing deeper.

Bai Liu finally let out a scream, and his slender body couldn’t help shrinking back, but was held in place by the other tightly, like a fish out of water.

“Can’t take it anymore?” The continuous whimpers from the other successfully pleased him. Looking at his struggling and painful appearance, Hai Gongzi still smiled slightly, teasing the other in the most vulnerable insides, touching every inch of tender flesh, and finally, when he touched a certain place, the other’s body suddenly shook.

“So it’s here?” Hai Gongzi finally showed a pleased smile, and flexed his two fingers back and forth, poking that place fiercely.

The other screamed, sweat soaking his long hair, and little Bai in the nest of hair raised its head tremblingly.

“I heard that you human cultivator’s original Yang essence is very precious. Not even wasting a little bit even when cultivating with a partner.” Hai Gongzi finally retracted his fingers and stroked the very flushed and pink member. Just as the prey finally had a moment of rest, he picked up a phoenix hairpin and inserted it into the tiny slit opening.

His movements were extremely rough, and almost immediately blood overflowed from the opening. Bai Liu almost fainted from the pain, but his head was forcefully pressed down by the other.

“Look,” Hai Gongzi fiddled with the phoenix hairpin, the pain almost bringing Bai Liu to tears, and said softly in his ear, “Do you see it, this is an engagement token I plan to give to your sister, though you got to wear it first. It looks quite pretty, doesn’t it?”

“Beast, bastard…..” Bai Liu almost bit his lips into shreds, but he was usually kind and polite to people, and he couldn’t even think of more than these two words to curse people. He could only glare at him with tears in his eyes as if to firmly memorize his appearance in his mind.

“Heh, poor Peak Master Bai, what’s there to be angry about, just be willing to admit defeat,” he fiddled with the hole where he just pulled out his finger, kindly revealing his already upright erection, shaking it in front of his eyes, “Relax, the main course is coming.”

Aiming at the little hole, he inserted himself little by little as Bai Liu’s eyes filled with despair.

The walls were extremely tight, and there was a lot of resistance, but for the monster, this just added to the fun. Hai Gongzi didn’t even go in directly, but took it slow and made him feel his deepest insides being stabbed open little by little. Looking at his humiliated and pained expression, listening to his desperate and miserable wails, he felt an unprecedented satisfaction.

He even leaned down and kissed him gently when he was almost out of breath, exhaling a breath into the other, before thrusting hard.

Conquering this man who was so hostile towards him, watching him faint and being woken up from the pain again and again.

Making him feel his hole gradually loosening and tasting an unprecedented pleasure, the look of both pain and pleasure filling his eyes.

“Get ready,” he stopped suddenly, leaned down, and whispered in his ear, “I’m going to cum.”

“No——don’t——” the man under him suddenly yelled, struggling to buck him off, the strength forcing him to pinch his waist with his hands, but that bit of resistance was too laughable and he did not hesitate to shoot all that hot semen into that pleasurable place, watching him struggle as if being scalded by boiling water, watching his stomach swell a little bit, like he had swallowed a small ball.

He waited for the man to come back to himself, watching him gasp like a dying fish as he accepted the reality of being creampied, and then said in a malicious tone in his ear: “Do you know, our dragon clan can make both men and women conceive, your little belly is now impregnated by me, at that time, both you and your sister will give birth to my children and it will be a beautiful thing indeed.”

“No,” Bai Liu shook his head blankly, “I’ll let you go, don’t stay here anymore, I’ll let you go…..”

“Isn’t it too late?” Hai Gongzi smiled maliciously, stretched out his hand to pull the phoenix hairpin out, and immediately, semen mixed with blood flowed out. He swiped a little, let him taste it, and then untied the restraints on his body, taking him in his arms.

“That just now was just an ordinary side dish, Liu’er, now, you will be able to taste the double penetration particular to our dragon and sea snake clan, but don’t cry too much.” His lower body slowly turned into a snake form, coiling around him tightly. Under the fearful gaze of the other, he released the second penis and began to squeeze that inwards as well.

Hearing the screams in his ears, Hai Gongzi only became more excited, revealing his fangs and biting down on the other’s neck fiercely as he thrusted unrestrainedly. Hearing the other’s painful moans, he felt that his lower half was even more energized.


When he finally stopped, the person in front of him had already been tossed about like a worn ragdoll, the small hole turning out, the intestinal walls even almost visible, and blood mixed with white fluid flowed out like a river. The other’s pink member was already no longer able to release anything and even forced to urinate several times, numerous bruises and finger prints colored his limbs, and the two points on his chest were also obscenely swollen.

There were also visible rope marks on the wrists and legs, letting people know what he had encountered.

He had quite the fun this time. Only human cultivators could allow him to have this much fun. Looking at the abused appearance of the other, Hai Langqi’s arousal was stoked again, and he was ready to go for another round.

Suddenly, his heart tightened and he immediately jumped out of the window.

Almost at the same time, a handsome man entered through the door, and was instantly stunned by the sight in front of him.

“Ah Liu!” He quickly closed the door, grabbed his friend’s wrist to feel the pulse, and transferred his own spiritual essence into the other. At the same time, he examined his injuries, and the anger in his heart almost burned his senses.

“Ruge,” Bai Liu took a breath, glanced at him weakly, and then fainted completely.

Yimeng Ruge was horrified, he immediately lifted him up carefully, and saw the black nails as thick as fingertips inserted along his spine.

“Hai Langqi!”

When Bai Liu woke up, he looked at the ceiling, and for a moment couldn’t come back to his senses.

But when he moved instinctively, the severe pain in his lower half hit his mind like a tidal tsunami, along with his previous memories, making him instantly swallowed up in despair.

“Ah Liu, don’t move.” Ruge’s voice sounded in his ear, and the other gently pressed him down, “You’re injured very badly.”

Bai Liu’s lips trembled slightly, her eyes that were originally a gentle brown were now dim, but he didn’t say anything in the end.

Yimeng Ruge’s palm had already been stabbed bloody by his own finger nails, but he still tried to keep his tone as steady as possible, “I have taken out the Soul Locking Nails for you, but the holes they left on your back are quite severe. Before it heals completely, I have locked your spiritual essence, otherwise if your spiritual essence leaks out through the holes and goes astray, your life will be in danger.”

Bai Liu’s expression remained bleak, and one didn’t know if he even heard anything.

Yimeng Ruge approached him carefully, but was suddenly pushed away when he was about to touch him. Bai Liu’s instinctive reaction tugged at his wound, causing him to tremble with pain.

“Ah Liu, I want to treat your injury.” Yimeng Ruge didn’t let go of his hand, but told him in a steady voice, “The injury is very serious, and if it remains untreated, your cultivation base will be abolished, you know this.”

“I can do it myself, you go out!” Bai Liu finally spoke up, his voice was extremely hoarse, shutting his mouth tight after saying just these few words.

“Ah Liu, I can promise you anything, but I can’t this time! You are burning up very badly, without spiritual essence, you are no different from ordinary people. If you’re not careful, you will die.” Yimeng Ruge softly begged him, “Don’t be afraid. I’ll help you, okay?”

“Then let me die.” Bai Liu said, just saying these words caused him to cough hard. The blood he coughed up was mixed with white fluid, and it stimulated him to cough even more.

Yimeng Ruge was shocked and didn’t say anything more. He performed the water spell, then controlled the stream of water to reach into Bai Liu’s throat and wash out any foreign substance along with the blood. However, this would inevitably stimulate the throat, causing Bai Liu to vomit fiercely.

So fiercely it seemed that he wanted to vomit out all the internal organs.

After vomiting until he could no longer vomit, he finally stopped, and unable to hold it any longer, fainted on the head of the bed.

Yimeng Ruge carefully laid him down, stretched out his hand to condense a ball of clear water in the air, wiped the corners of his mouth, and rinsed the inside of his mouth, and then washed away the vomit on the floor, before discarding the dirty water.

What was left was…..

He hesitated for a moment, but eventually firmed his resolution.

Lighting a pillar of soothing incense candle, seeing that Bai Liu was in a deep sleep, he gently lifted the thin quilt, revealing the shockingly tortured body underneath.

And those slender legs that were unable to close together, with bruises and rope marks from the ankles to the roots of the legs. But it did not damage the beauty of the body at all, but instead aroused even more sadistic desires in people.

Yimeng Ruge gently propped up his legs, revealing that pitiful hole.

He had cleaned up a little around the entrance before, and when he felt that Ah Liu was about to wake up he didn’t dare to stimulate him again, so he had put the task aside.

The tender flesh of that entrance had long been turned out, and it was forced open to the size of a fist, unable to close. At this time, because of the other’s movements just now, there were strains of blood mixed with white fluid oozing out, and Yimeng Ruge scolded that beast fiercely in his heart, before controlling the water spell to carefully clean up the interior for him.

After washing out a large amount of turbid liquid, he controlled the water a step further and encountered a hard object.

If he used the water spell forcibly, of course he could get it out, but it would definitely hurt Ah Liu even more…..

After hesitating for a moment, he eventually washed his hands with water and stretched one inside, the intestinal walls naturally squeezed his hand, and as sweat beaded on his forehead, he only dared to push in little by little, taking almost an hour.

Finally, he touched the hard object again, sucked it with a sticking spell, only to see that it was a pearl the size of a walnut, warm from the body temperature and covered in blood, which made him shiver in distress.

Just a single moment of negligence, and the person he had been protecting preciously in his palm for hundreds of years had been injured like this…..

He continued to clean up, but found that there were still hard objects inside.

That bastard! Yimeng Ruge searched with the water spell, only to find that it was actually a spiny fish bone stuck in the intestines.

Just using the water to explore, he already touched the bone, causing Bai Liu to let out a low groan, waking up from the pain.

“Ah Liu, don’t move.” Afraid that he would be embarrassed, Ruge gently covered his belly with a thin quilt, and said softly, “The fish bone is stuck inside, I know it hurts, I’ll take it out for you soon…..”

Bai Liu looked at him blankly, and suddenly laughed lowly.

“Ah Liu…” Yimeng Ruge held his hand with his left hand. “Don’t be afraid, really, I’ll accompany you by your side, and no one will hurt you again.”

“Five.” Bai Liu whispered, he looked at the ceiling and said calmly, “There are five fish bones, originally one, he broke it into five pieces and stuffed it in, and said that he had been playing with it for a long time, so it’s not as sharp as it used to be. You can take it out.”

Yimeng Ruge fell silent, returned to his task, continued to stretch out his hand, and entered the warm interior.

The moment his fingers entered, Bai Liu’s entire body froze, and cold sweat soaked his body almost instantly, but Yimeng Ruge didn’t stop. He knew that, compared to the physical body, ending the treatment as soon as possible would be the best thing for Ah Liu.

When the bone was clasped, his fingertips wrapped in spiritual energy had to turn into a fist shape. Bai Liu let out a scream, tearing the bed sheets into pieces

Without hesitation, Yimeng Ruge continued to penetrate deeper, and took out the remaining several broken bones at one time.

When he raised his head, he felt a pain in his heart, because Ah Liu had already fainted from the pain again, his complexion ashen, barely almost breathing.

Blood flowed out of the hole again.

He quickly sutured the open wound, then dipped a piece of cotton with elixir, stuffed it into the intestines, and sealed the hole with medicinal wax. Only then did he let out a breath.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Gently putting Ah Liu’s legs down, he helped him change into a pair of clean underwear.

He stayed by his side, smoothing out his messy hair.

Keeping watch until he woke up again.

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