These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 036 It’s Here

“You have a solution?” Roger raised his eyebrows, expressing his interest, “What is it?”

“A good method passed down from our ancestors in China.” Lei Jin cocked the corners of his mouth and smiled smugly, with a look of honor and pride.

“Okay, already, tell us quickly.” When Xiya heard him say that there was a way, he came over and urged with a smile.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Northeast wind, use fire.” Lei Jin compared the direction of the kitchen. In ancient times, Mr. Zhuge set fire to a fleet of enemy boats. Today, Lei Jin planned to roast the herd of animals.

Before everyone could react, Roger chuckled lightly and said, “Sure enough, it’s indeed a good idea.”

“Ai? You’re quite smart, Roger.” Lei Jin blinked, and punched a brotherly fist into Roger’s shoulder.

The two exchanged smiles, without having to say anything out loud.

“However, I still think that our ancestors in China are smarter than you foreign fellows…..Your ancestors are only a little bit smart.” Lei Jin changed his tune temporarily, but he still finished his impertinent sentence.

Seeing his silly prideful appearance, Roger threw him an eyeroll and ignored it, but the method was indeed really good, and Roger couldn’t help but smile.

“Roger, what’s the solution?” An Sen and An Luo had been listening, watching the two exchanging words back and forth, but they were confused and didn’t understand a word.

“Lei Jin, you explain to them.” Roger said as the several people sat down on the stone bench in the yard.

“Basically, isn’t the northeast wind blowing on the grassland now? The weather is dry, and the herds are migrating from the south, so we just dig a semi-circular fire belt outside the tribe, and then ignite the grassland when the herds come. The wind from the northeast encourages the fire to blow to the southwest, and the herd will naturally retreat when it encounters fire.” Most animals were afraid of fire, and it was certain that they would not dare to move forward.

Lei Jin dipped his fingers in water and made a general gesture on the stone table.

“And as they come from the south, they naturally won’t retreat back to the south. If there is fire in the northeast, they could only turn to the northwest. There are plenty of water sources there. Those herds shouldn’t turn around and come back.” Roger supplemented the following.

“Papa, Lei Jin, this is indeed a good solution. I think it’s feasible. Dad, what do you think?” Xiya stood up happily and said.

“It is indeed a good solution. If it could be solved this time, the tribe would no longer have to worry about this problem in the future, and the tribe would not need to be rebuilt every 20 years.” An Luo smiled and nodded in agreement.

“What’s a fire belt?” Moya had been silent the whole time until he finally spoke up to ask the key question.

“To put it simply, it is to remove the flammable things on the ground, so that the fire does not come over. Here, the grass probably needs to be cleaned up.” Lei Jin spoke. In modern times, even forests could catch fire, so it was too easy for the dry grassland to be ignited.

“I think that we need to make a whole ring of fire protection, and we must set fire when the herd has reached a certain range. Lest the fire can’t be controlled and the entire grassland is burned up.” Roger frowned and thought for a while, before saying.

“En, that’s right.” Lei Jin nodded in agreement, after all, this space was too open.

“If that’s the case, then this… belt should be made wider. After all, the wind on the grassland is sometimes quite strong. If it’s not wide enough, fire will inevitably cross that… belt.” Regarding this new term, Xiya was obviously still a little unused to using it.

The several people continued to add their own thoughts to perfect the plan. In the end, An Sen concluded: “The method is a good method, but I think we should implement it as soon as possible, lest the herd suddenly comes and we are caught off guard.”

“Then let’s talk to Uncle An Bu after we eat, and call the werebeasts of the tribe to start preparing.” Xiya said.

For once, Mingya was also quite well-behaved and sensible today, shifting into his human form, and had already prepared everyone’s breakfast and placed it on the table.

Lei Jin couldn’t help pinching Mingya’s cheeks, in a manner of a rogue teasing a good woman, and said with a smile: “Mingya is so good, give this brother a smile.”

Mingya’s face immediately turned red, and after hesitating for a while, seeing that Lei Jin’s mood was good today, he said cautiously, “Lei Jin is not a brother, but Mingya’s female.”

“You dunderhead.” Lei Jin angrily rubbed his head and took two steps away. Seeing that Mingya didn’t move, he turned back and called him: “It’s time to eat, what are you doing?”

“En. I’m coming.” Mingya grinned happily, catching up in a few steps, and tugging at Lei Jin’s sleeve.

“This bowl belongs to Ah Ma, and this bowl belongs to Lei Jin.” Mingya gave full service and brought Roger and Lei Jin’s bowls to them.

“My onion…..” Lei Jin’s heart dripped with blood, actually throwing the whole onion he dug with such effort into the pot to cook.

“Moya. Was. This. Meal. Made. By. You?” Lei Jin asked clearly, enunciating word by word. Anyway, now that the matter of the herd had been basically resolved, it was necessary to discuss the matter of eating.

“Yeah.” Moya nodded expressionlessly. He actually knew in his heart that the meal was probably made wrong. He heard from his elder brother that Lei Jin dug it up yesterday. Guessing that he probably wanted to eat it, he decided to cool it this morning. Looking at its roundness, he estimated that it was similar to the potato, so just removed the skin and threw it into the pot to cook. Thinking about it, he added: “Isn’t that how potatoes are cooked in soup?”

“But this is an onion, an onion.” Lei Jin emphasized again and again.

“How many have you cooked?” Lei Jin thought of the question and asked quickly.

“Two, one for you, and one for Papa.” Moya answered truthfully.

“Fortunately, you didn’t cook it all.” Luckily, he had managed to find a few. Although Roger’s vegetable garden was planted with some vegetables, it was not the time to eat it at all. But eating meat every day would make anyone lose their appetite.

Lei Jin lowered his head and forked the onion and took a bite. Although it was boiled in the broth, it was not delicious at all. Even if the boiled onion was cooked with dragon meat, it would still be unpalatable. Lei Jin spooned it out and placed it in Moya’s bowl next to him, saying, “You can have it instead.”

In fact, Lei Jin really didn’t think further into his actions, he just thought that since it was made by Moya and it was not delicious, so he would naturally give it to him, but this gesture was seen differently in the eyes of everyone else.

Xiya didn’t raise his head however, he just paused slightly with his fork in the air. Mingya pouted in dissatisfaction, Roger hid the complexity in his eyes, though An Sen and An Luo didn’t think much of it. So long as Lei Jin stayed, it didn’t matter who he liked more.

Lei Jin stared at Moya to see how he would eat it. If he could eat it, he decided to worship Moya from today.

Moya glanced at him but didn’t say a word, just raised his hand and forked it unhurriedly, biting down exactly on the place where Lei Jin had bitten. He ate elegantly and naturally, as if he was eating something delicious and exquisite.

“Tch.” Lei Jin muttered to himself: “Go and eat yourself to death.”


Although the tools were outdated, luckily the werebeasts had enough physical strength. After nearly ten days, a huge circular fireproof belt was almost finished being constructed.

But to be on the safe side, the people who went out to live in the caves did not move back, but some daring females would come back to the tribe together to get some things, or go to the grasslands to bring their partners some food.

Because Lei Jin came up with the idea, and Roger also had a share in coming up with the details, the two were often called to the grassland to look it over. Although An Sen and the others were also worried, no one in the tribe had done such a thing before, and everyone really had no idea how to go about it.

Lei Jin didn’t know at this time, because of this matter, the people in the tribe did not simply envy Xiya and his brothers for getting themselves a beautiful female. Although everyone was not yet sure whether this method was really feasible, they still felt that Lei Jin was a smart and strong beautiful female, and he should be respected more.

“Roger, be careful.” This ring-shaped fireproof belt was too big. Roger and Lei Jin have been walking for a long time in the sun without anything to use as a sunshade. They were sweating profusely and their clothes stuck to their bodies with sweat. At this time, Roger stumbled upon the weed roots under his feet. Lei Jin tried to catch him but missed, and as he was about to fall to the ground, he was suddenly supported by a person that appeared next to him.

“Thank you.” Roger said coldly, attempting to withdraw his arm.

Looking at it from Lei Jin’s point of view, the person who came seemed to be holding Roger’s wrist very tightly.

Roger glanced coldly at his hand.

“Roger…..” The person who came seemed to sigh and let go before saying: “Please walk carefully.”

Lei Jin knew this person as he had seen him several times in the past few days. He was the leader of the Leopard Tribe, Xiya and the others’ uncle, An Bu. He had black hair, green eyes that were slightly lighter in color. And as for the look in his eyes at this time? Lei Jin frowned, he couldn’t really describe it, he just felt that the way he looked at Roger didn’t look like one would look at one’s ‘sister-in-law’.

Seeing that Roger didn’t speak, An Bu nodded to Lei Jin, and changed the subject wisely: “I believe this fire belt will be finished by tomorrow. The werebeasts sent by the tribe have already seen the herd moving this way. I hope we can successfully stop it this time. If that is the case, Lei Jin, you and Roger have helped our tribe a lot.”

“Lei Jin came up with the solution, it is not any of my business.” Roger opened his mouth and wiped away his own credit.

“Don’t, Roger, I only came up with the bare bones, and it’s thanks to you for supplementing the finer details.” Lei Jin raised his hand to wipe his sweat.

No matter what was going on between Roger and An Bu, it was not any of his business. Soon, they said goodbye to An Bu and the two walked for another while, before finally finishing with the lap around the ring. This fire belt, Lei Jin estimated that it was nearly 30 meters wide. Lei Jin had only seen fire protection belts of around ten meters in the modern times, so this time there was really no need to worry.

When it was time to go back, Xiya took his beast form and carried them back. If the two of them really walked around back instead, it would be dark by the time they made it back, and it was estimated that the two of them would also directly suffer from heat stroke.

There was no one left in the tribe, and they had also moved out as well.

Because Roger really didn’t like to be crowded with everyone in a bottomless, eerie cave, An Sen and the others found an especially sturdy tree in front of the cave where the tribes people gathered. A meter up the big tree were two tree holes, a simple wooden ladder was made on one side, used when going up, and the other side was made like a slide, if you want to go down, you could just slide down, very convenient indeed. It was very spacious for sleeping inside as well, but if you want to stand it was still not high enough. There were even windows set into the walls, where sunlight could come in during the day, and only needed to be covered with large leaves at night.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

However, Lei Jin preferred to sleep in the hammock outside the tree hole. It was Xiya and the others who made it with a fishing net. No one squeezed him at night, and he could even see the starry sky, which was refreshing, not to mention how beautiful the sight was.

That night, Lei Jin was lying on the hammock with his arms on his side, chatting with Roger, who was sitting at the door of the tree hole, when he heard a huge vibration coming from the ground.

Then someone shouted: “It’s here!”

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