These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 037 Victory

Lei Jin reacted and jumped out of the hammock, grabbed a female passing by, and asked, “What’s coming? What’s coming? Is it the herd coming?”

“Ah? Oh, don’t be afraid.” In truth, the female had been scared into letting out a scream at the sudden appearance of Lei Jin. Fortunately, everyone had been living together in the jungle for the past few days and many people knew Lei Jin. After recognizing him he patted his chest and took a breath, calming down. Knowing that Lei Jin had just come to the tribe and that he had never seen the herd before, he did not forget to comfort him and said, “It’s probably not here yet, even if it has arrived in the tribe, the herd will not enter the woods, so don’t worry.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Roger also came down from the tree hole, pursed his lips, and asked secretly to himself, just which eye of yours see that Lei Jin is afraid. He stood two steps away from Lei Jin, and still could see that that pair of eyes was full of excitement. As bright as two big light bulbs. He was obviously looking forward to it and could barely wait. If he could, he would probably grow a pair of wings and fly over to witness it personally himself.

“So it hasn’t come yet?” Lei Jin was really a bit disappointed, but the vibrations on the ground was becoming louder and louder, and even the leaves on the trees fell rustling, landing on Lei Jin’s head. The vibration he felt from the ground he was standing on now was especially strong, and it seemed that even if it had yet to come, it should be close.

The female could barely stand steady, swaying twice. Thinking of his child who was still in the cave, he quickly said goodbye to Lei Jin and ran back.

“Roger, do you think our fire belt will work?” Lei Jin waved his hand and patted off the fallen leaves on his body. Looking at this menacing approach, it was indeed a bit scary. He wondered if the fire belt would work now, whether it’s not too late.

Nonsense, of course it’s too late.

“The matter being as it is, we can only wait and see what happens. The worst is just to repeat what happened 20 years ago.” Roger didn’t worry anymore, in any case, he had done what needed to be done, and the rest was up to God’s will.

“Still.” He finally came up with a good idea. Everyone had worked hard for a long time, yet it didn’t work in the end. That was just too embarrassing. Losing face in another world.

Roger seemed to see his thoughts and smiled mildly: “Don’t worry, no matter how much face you have lost here, it won’t spread to that world.”

Lei Jin expressed his contempt and said, “I never do things that will lose me face.”

As the two of them were talking here Xiya and the other werebeasts also returned. Most of the werebeasts still lived in the tribe during the past few days. Being relatively close to the grasslands made it convenient to do their work. Only a few werebeasts remained behind to patrol around the jungle and protect the females and children, so as not to let other werebeast tribes take the opportunity to attack. But it was rare for so many people to come back together like today.

“Why are you all back?” Lei Jin and Roger took out a water jug ​​full of clear water from under the tree and handed it to Xiya and the others when the others passed by one after another.

“The ones who were sent to scout today came back and said that the migration of the herd is quite fast. The fire belt that was planned to be closed tomorrow, everyone rushed to complete it instead tonight. There are still some people left in the tribe, but who knows when the herd may arrive. Everyone agreed that there can be no shortage of werebeasts here, just in case the herd was dispersed by the fire, ran around and really broke into here.” An Sen answered.

“Have you guys had dinner yet?” Roger asked.

“Not yet, Ah Ma, Mingya is very hungry.” Because everyone was busy with the fire belt, Mingya naturally wanted to help. Although he was still young, he was still a werebeast after all. But right now he was rubbing his tummy and whining coquettishly at Roger.

“Then you guys go wash up in the stream in the woods first, and we’ll make barbecue.” Roger saw that they were all sweaty and muddy.

“But Mingya is very tired.” Mingya sat on the ground directy, and his silver-white little leopard form slowly showed its shape. For the werebeasts who did not hold the coming-of-age ceremony, maintaining their human form for a long time itself was a burden on the body. Not to mention that he also had to work under the scorching sun, it was already very good that he managed to keep from shifting until now.

Roger felt distressed and smoothed his fur.

Mingya arched in Roger’s arms and called out weakly, “Ah Ma.”

Lei Jin also looked worried, Mingya saw this, and immediately got a little bit of energy, stretched out a paw, and said, “Lei Jin, hug Mingya too.”

Lei Jin shook his head with a smile, took him from Roger’s arms, stuffed him into his own arms, rubbed him not very gently, and said, “Go take a bath, you smell like sweat, really smelly. I’ll make barbecue for you. I just got some honey in the woods two days ago, and I have been reluctant to eat it yet, lucky for you.”

“En, okay, Lei Jin’s cooking is delicious.” Mingya’s eyes lit up when he heard that there was delicious food.

Roger snorted coldly.

An Luo hurriedly carried his younger son over and said, “Dad will take Mingya for a bath now.”

The smell of smoke gradually filled the jungle, and it was estimated that many families were preparing dinner for the werebeasts who had just returned, just like them.

Lei Jin didn’t sleep in the tree hole, so Roger simply put the prey on the upper floor from where Lei Jin was sleeping. At this moment, he climbed up, stuck his head out of the window and asked, “What are you going to make?” In fact, Roger also admitted that Lei Jin’s cooking was much better than his, and it was Lei Jin who took care of their food these days.

“Isn’t there another black goat? Let’s barbecue lamb chops and make grilled chicken. It’s easy to cook.” So Roger took the black goat and three pheasants down.

Lei Jin set up a pot and filled it with water. Roger prepared the mutton slices and threw them into the pot together with the mutton bones and offal to cook. Lei Jin threw in some seasonings that he had picked with the others.

The belly of the pheasant was stuffed with wild mushrooms growing in the woods, smeared with honey, and roasted on the fire.

The others came back, but there were a few more people. An Bu, Zhu Xi and Mura also came. Where there was Mura, Xia Wei was not far behind so there were four more people at once. Lei Jin saw that this amount of food was not enough and thought about going to get some more. However, An Bu, seemed surprised when he saw Roger stirring the mutton soup, and then asked, “You guys haven’t eaten yet?”

Roger didn’t answer. An Sen smiled: “Not yet, if we don’t clean up first, how can Roger let us eat?”

An Bu responded: “That’s true.”

“Have you guys eaten? Let’s eat together?” An Luo was still holding Mingya, who had already fallen asleep, in his arms.

“We’ve already eaten, Uncle An Luo.” Mura and Roger were very close, and automatically leaned over and said with a smile: “But the food at Uncle Roger’s house smells delicious.”

“You little smart aleck. You can have a taste when it’s done later.” Roger obviously liked him too, and pulled him to sit down beside him.

Lei Jin saw that Mingya had fallen asleep, and that An Sen and the others obviously had something to discuss, so Lei Jin carried Mingya over to the hammock. Mingya turned over in the hammock uncomfortably, and soon fell deeper asleep, completely exhausted.

Xiya came over from the side, covered Mingya with a piece of clothing, and asked Lei Jin, “How were you and Papa today? I noticed that you two sweat a lot this afternoon.”

“What could be wrong?” Lei Jin raised his eyebrows casually, then waved his hand and muttered, “I’ll go see if the meat is cooked? I can’t believe Roger’s cooking, it’s really very bad. Every time I let him watch the fire, it always ends up too mushy to eat every time.”

Keep your distance, keep your distance. He can’t beat Xiya after all.

Xiya’s brows furrowed and smiled bitterly. Really, he had asked for it, unable to control himself from following over. It seemed that Lei Jin knew what happened in the woods that day, because though he didn’t say anything on the surface, since that day he had been avoiding him every time. But then, it’s good that he knew, he didn’t plan to hide his intentions from Lei Jin, it’s better to put it out in the open, this way he didn’t have to hold back. But such a thing always required the process, he was very patient, and didn’t mind waiting a longer time. Although the process of waiting was really hard, especially seeing the different attitudes he showed towards the three of them, trusting Moya and doting on Mingya. At first, he seemed to want to treat him as a brother but now that he saw that he can’t, he decided to avoid him as far as possible.

When the meal was ready, Lei Jin saw that Mingya still hadn’t woken up yet, so he left him a roasted pheasant. Although those few people said they had eaten, they couldn’t just eat by themselves, and just let them watch, Lei Jin also served a bowl of mutton soup to each of them. The several people ate it with relish and praised it as delicious. Xia Wei even wiggled his eyebrows at Moya only for it to cramp up, with one looking smaller than the other. Moya didn’t even spare him an eyeroll.

Now was the critical juncture. As the tribe’s leader, An Bu naturally couldn’t just go to sleep. He had to go back to the tribe tonight. An Sen, An Luo, Xiya and Xia Wei were also going, leaving only Moya, Zhu Xi and Mura here.

Zhu Xi and Mura followed Roger to the tree house, and as Mingya was now sleeping in the hammock, Lei Jin and Moya sat beside the fire, keeping watch.

The first half of the night was fine, Lei Jin could chat a bit with Moya. Although Moya still didn’t talk much, Lei Jin didn’t insist he talk to him either, so long as someone listened, Lei Jin managed to stay awake for a while. But in the second half of the night he couldn’t hold back any longer. With his back against the big tree, he was already in a state of semi-sleep.

He could only blame the daily life here for being too regular. For more than two months, he had formed a stable routine from going to bed early and getting up early. In the past, he had no problem staying up all night, but now he got sleepy when the time came.

Moya moved to his side, pulled his shoulders, and let him lean on him. Lei Jin murmured, “Don’t you take any advantages.” And with a tilt of his head, he quickly fell asleep.

“Alright, sleep.” Moya smiled lightly, and lowered his head to place a kiss on Lei Jin’s lips.

“F**k, you call this not taking advantage.” Lei Jin’s mind was still working, but his eyelids were too heavy to open.

The next day, the shaking on the ground became more and more violent. If he hadn’t known that it was a large herd of beasts, Lei Jin would have thought there was an earthquake. Lying in the hammock was like being on a boat, causing him to retch a few times while leaning on the tree, but nothing came out.

It happened that Suri was just passing by. Seeing Lei Jin like this, he supported him worriedly and asked, “Lei Jin, are you alright? How many months is it?”

Lei Jin didn’t react at first, what months?

He then heard Suri continue: “Ai, no matter how many months, you can’t jump up and down like this, be careful of the baby in your belly.”

Lei Jin had black lines all over his head, so much so that it could even be used to make a sweater.

Suri thought he was embarrassed, so he complained to Roger, who was sitting at the door of the tree house with his legs crossed, “Roger, talk to Lei Jin.”

Roger raised his eyes and glanced at Lei Jin’s stomach. He hooked his mouth and said with a smile: “So soon? Whose is it?”

Lei Jin showed him his middle finger, not bothering to even explain.

In the evening, the clouds were on fire, and the whole sky was dyed a bright red. In the afterglow of the setting sun, the shaking of the earth accompanied by the roars of many beasts traveled on the wind. Lei Jin could see the grassland from the woods. A large cloud of billowing dust could be seen in the distance.

Lei Jin dragged Roger and ran to a big rock on the top of the mountain. Looking far into the distance, the herd of beasts could be seen swarming over, kicking up a large cloud of dust in their wake. The scene was grand, and the loud sound was deafening. Hundreds of thousands or even millions of wild animals traveled together like the tide, with practically no end in sight, causing Lei Jin’s scalp to go numb when he saw it.

When the herd got closer. The fire that was enough to start a prairie fire quickly spread with the northeast wind. Some animals could not dodge and were directly engulfed by the fire. Some also caught fire, rolling on the ground and screaming miserably. During this period, many frailer animals were trampled to death, and soon the grassland was littered with corpses, but most of them turned to the northwest.

“Is this a success?” Lei Jin was also shocked by this scene, and he didn’t speak for a long while. It was not that he was sad or anything, and mourned for the dead animals, but he felt that his mood was a bit complicated, and did not feel the joy of victory at all.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Yes, you don’t have to doubt it.” Roger said decisively.

“That’s good.” Lei Jin turned back with a grin and said, “Let’s go back and celebrate the victory.” He could already hear cheers from the grasslands and forests.

Moya had been following behind them, and when he saw them come down, he also smiled silently.

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