After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 178 Share For Lucky Draw & Fan Benefits

The end of filming party ended very late in the evening.

Li Xiaoheng had to work the next day. Several acquisitions of Xiaoheng Capital had already come to an end——although several of the B parties had been repeatedly going back and forth as if they suffered convulsions, Li Xiaoheng controlled the gossip secrets that Tao Mu revealed to him, such as the weaknesses of the shareholders of Party B, the company’s actual losses, as well as the real needs of the person in charge of Party B’s company. Therefore, the obstacle was broken down from within the company, dividing and attracting, and finally not only successfully completed the acquisition, but even the acquisition conditions were carried out according to the acquisition intention first proposed by Xiaoheng Capital. And now Party B has signed all the contracts. The rest that remained was the external contract signing ceremony, which was arranged within a week. After the contract signing ceremony, Li Xiaoheng would be able to return to Beijing with the negotiating team.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

It didn’t take long, so Tao Mu simply stayed in Hong Kong to accompany Li Xiaoheng, and then everyone returned to Beijing together.

And Tao Mu’s stay, of course, would not be a meaningless stay. Taking advantage of this week’s time, Tao Mu launched a lottery event in Hong Kong. It was to cooperate with the “Black and White” crew and share the finalized film stills of the “Black and White” film. One week later, 100 people would be selected from the netizens who shared, and they would be presented with movie tickets for the premiere of “Black and White”, as well as signed posters by Zhou Yanqing, Yan Sheng and Fang Ruoti.

On the one hand it was to promote, so that could be popularized and gain publicity in Hong Kong as soon as possible. And on the other, it could also promote the just-finished “Black and White”. This kind of plan that killed two birds with one stone and resulted in a win-win situation for both parties would naturally not be rejected by the “Black and White” crew.

So with Tao Mu’s help, the “Black and White” crew first registered an official account on, and uploaded a lot of filming footage to attract netizens and fans. The final post was then the lottery FlyNews would be holding for netizens that share the photos taken of the end of filming party.

In order to let more people know about this lottery event, Tao Mu also cooperated with Hong Kong TV and Hong Kong Gossip Weekly to launch a wave of advertisements. Making sure that all people in Hong Kong could see this news from TV or newspaper, and then register on to share for a chance at the lucky draw.

In fact, many young people in Hong Kong were no strangers to, a social platform. Because Tao Mu was a man who made headlines wherever he went, as early as a few months ago, when Tao Mu came to Hong Kong Police Academy to experience life, followed the footsteps of its boss to Hong Kong.

Afterwards, Tao Mu joined the crew “Black and White” and had various frictions with Shen Yu. In order to help its boss, kept reporting all kinds of gossip and breaking news, and even maintained a good relationship with the entertainment media in Hong Kong. So he had already become familiar with people from Hong Kong who were interested in entertainment gossip.

But this was the first time that there was a large-scale publicity interaction aimed at the people of Hong Kong.

In fact, in later years, this kind of promotional activity of sharing for a lucky draw had already become a common thing, and there was nothing novel at all.

However, in 2009, when the major domestic social networking platforms were just emerging, and even the platforms themselves were just groping around in the dark, this kind of lottery activity was really new.

Tao Mu personally wrote the copywriting. First, he forwarded the official FlyNews posts from the crew of “Black and White”, and even included the thrilling title “If you forward this end of filming photo, you will be able to get intimate with a lot of celebrities.” And added onto that at the end was a particularly shameless “it’s a date, yeah?”. He then used his privileges on to make this FlyNews post bold and put it at the top to ensure that netizens who log in to could see it.

The result was incredible. It was Tao Mu’s group of die-hard fans with different attributes who first started to share the FlyNews. All kinds of smack talk fans, website fans, acting fans, face fans and even finance fans seemed as if they were competing on who had the fastest reflexes, all sharing it as soon as it was posted. Seeing this, other netizens also joined in the fun. The number of shares exceeded 6 million within an hour, and the level of activity directly shocked the entire media industry.

——Especially the Hong Kong media, which had never seen such a thing before, after all, one must know that the total population of Hong Kong in 2009 was only 6.97 million. The volume of Tao Mu’s FlyNews being shared actually reached 6 million within an hour, which was practically a fantastical phenomenon in the eyes of the people of Hong Kong at that time. Many people once again intuitively realized the huge population and market in the mainland and couldn’t help thinking, if these populations could be converted into consumption power, what a huge number it would be.

That a lottery event could actually make many people in Hong Kong, especially businessmen and people in the film and television industry, realize the strong spending power of the mainland, was something Tao Mu did not expect. After all, at the time of Tao Mu’s rebirth, the fact that China was the world’s largest consumer market was already known to even three-year-old toddlers.

However, in 2009, when Hong Kong was deeply caught in the economic crisis and had not yet recovered, this kind of recognition was not so common. The occlusion of information could also blind the IQ and vision to some extent. For example, many years later, there were still Taiwan people who really believed that mainland people couldn’t even afford to eat tea eggs.

All in all, and the “Black and White” crew have jointly pulled off the promotion activity and have wrested a strong impression from the media industry of Hong Kong. In addition to allowing to increase its Hong Kong users, it also greatly facilitated the contact between the people of Hong Kong, especially the young people, with the mainland.

After all, things like star chasing always know no borders. They were only divided into camps.

With a smile, he watched as the FlyNews users from Hong Kong skyrocketed. Seeing that fans of Zhou Yanqing, Fang Ruoti and others continued to recognize each other on, and even set up fan support clubs voluntarily, Tao Mu was pleased and decided to give some benefits to these hardworking and simple fans who were like bees moving house.

He took the two reporters sent to Hong Kong——yes, these two reporters didn’t return to Beijing either. Because the task they received at the beginning was to follow the boss and take a temporary station in Hong Kong. When the boss returned to Beijing, they could then return to the headquarters to report.

Previously, the two expatriate reporters went deep into the hospital to investigate the “car accident” incident, putting an end to the false accusation made by Shen Yu’s fans that “Shen Yu was abused by Tao Mu’s family, and left the studio while sad and suffered a car accident”. Causing Tao Mu to be deeply pleased. So that month, two reporters were given generous salary bonuses.

But who knew that Tao Mu’s skills fan didn’t want this bonus, he just wanted Tao Mu to personally guide his photography skills. He also wanted to be like Tao Mu, using only natural light to take the most beautiful photos. Although Tao Mu’s smack talk fan really wanted the bonus, he also hoped that their boss could send a few more FlyNews posts in his spare time. Smack talk fans like him truly loved to see their boss send out FlyNews to diss people.

Tao Mu certainly would not refuse the requests made by his own employees plus fans, especially those who have made contributions. But the bonus thing couldn’t be erased. What should be given was still given. As for the exchange of photographing techniques and dissing techniques, just treat it as the company’s business training.

Although this business training was a one-on-two training with only three people, the boss and the two employees.

At the time, when FlyNews Entertainment pushed the news about the conspiracy theory that “Shen Yu staged a fake car accident to guide public opinion to scold Tao Mu’s family”. In fact, it was a composite work of his skills fan taking pictures and smack talk fan doing the copywriting.

Tao Mu also read the post carefully, and deeply felt that the photo was really taken beautifully, just like from a photo shoot, which fully highlighted the slender and delicate youthful aura Shen Yu emitted. The article was also written sharply and meanly, drawing blood. All in all, very talented.

Therefore, when Tao Mu was teaching the two employees, he also focused on their personal characteristics, focusing on the artsy and mori aesthetic shooting concepts and photography styles to his skills fan. As for his smack talk fan, he relayed on the scolding essence of the later years which targeted those keyboard warriors and trolls. This could also be regarded as teaching in accordance with aptitude.

This time, Tao Mu brought the two reporters to visit Zhou Yanqing and the others. He had discussed with the bigwigs in advance, about wanting to shoot a short video, so that the celebrities from the “Black and White” crew could say hello to the fans. On the one hand, it could promote the “Black and White” crew, and on the other hand, it could be regarded as a fan benefit.

Zhou Yanqing and the others would certainly not refuse.

Actually, Tao Mu wanted to do a live broadcast. It was a pity that things were too rushed, and’s technical department could not give absolute technical support. The most important thing was that’s server might not be able to hold up either.

If he really wanted to do a live broadcast, with the fame of Zhou Yanqing, Fang Ruoti and others, and their status in the film industry, it was estimated that the servers must first be expanded.

Although he couldn’t play with the live broadcast this time, Tao Mu still took this matter to heart. He decided that after going back to Beijing, he would discuss with the technical department of If possible, on New Year’s Eve he could surprise all netizens and fans.

Tao Mu wrote this idea down on a notepad——still using the extremely second year junior high syndrome cipher text he made up.

After finishing writing, when Tao Mu went downstairs, he saw the two expatriate reporters already waiting at the entrance of the hotel.

Even from far away, Tao Mu felt that the car parked in front of the hotel was a little familiar. When he got closer, he saw Liang Shuwen smiling in the driver’s seat.

Tao Mu was a little stunned: “Why is Mr. Liang here?”

Liang Shuwen opened the door and got out of the car. He walked around the car and stood in front of Tao Mu. Stretching out his hand, he said with a smile, “I happened to see the two reporters waiting for a taxi when I was driving by. I asked curiously and learned that they are waiting to go hold interviews with Mr. Tao, but couldn’t get a taxi. I was afraid that Mr. Tao would be in a hurry, so I simply sent them over.”

Tao Mu’s expression became strange, and he turned to ask his reporters, “Didn’t you rent a car?”

“The car broke down.” Tao Mu’s skills fan replied with a bitter face, “I don’t know what happened, but it couldn’t start this morning.”

They were afraid that they would be late and delay Tao Mu’s business, so they went out with the filming equipment and called a taxi. But they didn’t anticipate the awful traffic in Hong Kong——there was a traffic jam even on the weekends. They stood on the side of the road for more than half an hour, but still couldn’t catch a taxi.

Fortunately, they met Mr. Liang, who was eager to help others. Otherwise, they could only make a phone call to other fellow reporters in the entertainment industry to be rescued.

Tao Mu did not expect such a thing to happen. The first reaction was naturally to thank Liang Shuwen, and then he wanted to contact the hotel and ask the hotel to help send a car.

Seeing this, Liang Shuwen smiled: “In any case, I’m not busy now. If Mr. Tao doesn’t mind, I could take you there.”

What Tao Mu might mind was of course Liang Shuwen’s family background. Liang Shuwen had dealt with Tao Mu once before, and vaguely felt that Tao Mu didn’t seem to like him very much. However, Liang Shuwen knew that he did not offend Tao Mu, so after thinking about it, he could only blame it on his mafia background. Anyway, from childhood to adulthood, there was not a lack of people who kept a distance from him because of this. Liang Shuwen also got used to it.

Tao Mu always knew that Liang Shuwen felt very inferior about his family background. This was also an important reason why he liked Shen Yu so much in the previous life, but never took the initiative to pursue him seriously.

Tao Mu and Liang Shuwen had bad blood between them in their previous life, and they were not familiar with each other in this life. Although he didn’t know why a person should be ashamed of one’s birth which can’t be controlled, he was too lazy to ease his anxiety.

At the moment, he politely refused: “That would be too troublesome for Mr. Liang. How could I have the face. There is really no need. I’ll just ask the hotel to send a car.”

Liang Shuwen’s eyes dimmed. After thinking about it, he still tried his best and said: “Actually, it’s not troublesome at all. If it wasn’t for Mr. Tao’s connection, Mr. Li would never have passed the bidding document of Liang’s Logistics Company. Mr. Tao has helped us a lot. I just want to repay a bit. That’s also my father’s meaning as well.”

“Mr. Liang is too courteous.” When Liang Shuwen said it to such an extent, Tao Mu really couldn’t refuse. After all, the two now had business cooperation. Even if Tao Mu hated Liang Shuwen, with his high EQ and sophisticated temperament, he would not offend his business partner for no reason just based on only his mood.

Tao Mu pondered for a moment, then nodded and said with a smile: “In that case, I will take you up on your offer. I’ve bothered Mr. Liang.”

“No bother at all.” Liang Shuwen smiled slightly, and for fear that Tao Mu would go back on his words, he quickly opened the rear door for him.

At such a lowly and inferior posture, even Tao Mu was speechless. In the end, he really couldn’t regard Liang Shuwen as a driver. So Tao Mu smiled and pushed the door closed and sat in the co-pilot’s seat instead.

The two reporters watched the whole process. Seeing this, they also got in the car immediately. It was just that this time it was a bit weird, their boss was actually sitting in the co-pilot, and they were sitting in the back seat.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The skills fan trembled while holding his camera. The smack talk fan looked at Liang Shuwen curiously. He felt that the white paper fan was really not like the gangsters he imagined. His speech was very polite and his temperament was quite gentle. Not at all like in the movies.

The smack talk fan’s brain convulsed, and he couldn’t help but ask: “Uh, Mr. Liang, do you guys also watch those gangster movies too?”

Liang Shuwen: “…..”

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  1. Didn’t Tao Mu get along great with his dad though? Hitting it off while talking about acting. Then again, in his eyes, they’re complete strangers and the only bias he can hold over him is his former family business.


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