After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 179 Being Naughty

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Liang Shuwen’s expression was a little depressed. In the end, he did not answer the question of the smack talk fan.

In truth, Tao Mu was also very curious, secretly wanting to hear the answer. But Liang Shuwen didn’t want to say it, so he didn’t force it.

They drove to the Hung Hom Sports Centre. Zhou Yanqing was indeed a model worker in the industry. As soon as the “Black and White” crew was finished, he began to prepare for his concert in August. It was said that after he finished his concert, he would also record the theme song of the movie “Black and White”. After recording the theme song, he would enter another film crew. After filming that movie, he would also participate in all the promotional activities for “Black and White” before its release. By the time the publicity campaign was over, it would be almost New Year’s Eve. Zhou Yanqing was also invited to participate in the New Year’s Eve concert in the mainland. His schedule was so packed, Tao Mu, who saw it, could barely breathe.

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When Tao Mu and the “Black and White” crew discussed the idea of ​​shooting videos for fans as a benefit, Zhou Yanqing offered to shoot the videos at the concert. He also smiled and said that he wanted to rub off on the popularity of to promote his concert.

——Although Tao Mu really felt that with Zhou Yanqing’s influence in the entertainment circle of Hong Kong, if he held a concert, there would only be a grand spectacle where tickets would be bid higher and higher, and there was no need for any extra publicity. Instead, it was that was rubbing against Zhou Yanqing’s popularity, and it was almost the same as using the grand spectacle of the concert to promote itself.

Tao Mu could understand Zhou Yanqing’s sincerity. It turned out that Zhou Yanqing’s sincerity was even more than that when he arrived at the concert.

Looking at the star-studded stage, the two expatriate reporters behind Tao Mu almost forgot to take their next breath.

“I seem to have seen Cheng Yi.”

“Is that beauty over there Liang Xia?”

“Gu Rongtian is actually here as well, he is really getting tanner and tanner.”

Zhou Yanqing also smiled and helped Tao Mu introduce himself to everyone. In addition to several big names from the “Black and White” crew, there were more than a dozen people at the scene. It was no exaggeration to say that almost half of the stars in the Hong Kong entertainment industry were here. And they were all A-list stars.

“Everyone came to cheer me on.” Zhou Yanqing himself was very humble: “I also thought that, since we also have to promote the crew, I asked everyone to help me. And by the way, also cheer on my concert.” had been wildly making its existence known recently, and all the stars of Hong Kong have naturally heard of Tao Mu, the founder. Some people wanted to make friends with Tao Mu, while others simply wanted to give Zhou Yanqing face, and they were all very enthusiastic.

In order not to delay the normal rehearsal of the concert, Tao Mu signaled the two reporters to hurry up and shoot the videos while he served as the anchor himself, and before asking questions, he also passed out question cards to everyone very thoughtfully.

“These are some questions that we have summarized based on the comments of netizens and fans. You can answer what you want to answer. If you don’t want to answer, you can tell me before shooting the video, and we will delete the question.”

All the celebrities looked down at the strange and bizarre questions on the cards, and their expressions were very plentiful.

Of course, Zhou Yanqing was the first to be interviewed.

“What should I say?” Zhou Yanqing, who was interviewed by this new media for the first time, turned to look at Tao Mu.

“Let’s say hello to everyone first.” Tao Mu replied with a smile.

“Okay. The audience in front of the TV——the audience in front of the computer, netizens, hello everyone, I’m Zhou Yanqing.” Zhou Yanqing habitually greeted the camera. But his opening remarks were changed twice, and the crowd of celebrities who stood by and watched the interview laughed inexplicably.

It was also the first time Tao Mu took up the profession as an anchor, and he tried his best not to disappoint. After interacting with Zhou Yanqing, he asked Zhou Yanqing to talk about his thoughts on filming “Black and White”, and his thoughts on preparing for the concert, and finally started the interaction with netizens.

In the later years, celebrities had already become deeply poisoned by the media. In fact, they have long been accustomed to this quick questioning and quick answering mode that did not need to be treated too seriously, only requiring one to be witty and interesting, and occasionally crack some jokes. When Tao Mu communicated with Zhou Yanqing, he also mentioned that he could answer in a funny way.

Zhou Yanqing was also an all-around entertainer who had made many comedic movies and appeared on many variety shows. He pondered over it himself, and his answers were indeed quite funny. However, despite Zhou Yanqing cautiously dodging left and right, he still fell into Tao Mu’s trap. Which was the last question——

“We all know that heavenly king Zhou dotes on his fans extremely. If one day, Tao Mu and your fan fell into the river at the same time, who would you save first?”

Zhou Yanqing really thought about it for a long time, and then said very cautiously: “I would save the fan. Because Tao Mu can swim.”

Tao Mu, who was standing by as the host, was suddenly furious: “You should save me first. Because I’m your fan.”

“Ah? Hahahaha…..” Zhou Yanqing slapped his forehead and couldn’t help laughing out loud.

The bigwigs in Hong Kong who were around also burst into laughter. When their turn to be interviewed came, they all became very cautious, for fear of being tricked.

But what everyone didn’t expect was that Tao Mu knew their current situation very well. In addition to the “Black and White” crew, when Tao Mu interviewed other stars, he was able to accurately describe their recent itinerary and ask the questions that fans were most concerned about. And managed to do it with special hilarity.

The last question was always a fancy confession. Making everyone very happy.

By the time the interviews were over, everyone felt like they didn’t have enough. They even suggested eating hot pot together at night, and even go sing karaoke after eating hot pot.

Because of the mention of singing, Zhou Yanqing’s heart moved, and he wanted to invite Tao Mu to be his special guest at the concert.

But Tao Mu’s singing was really soulless. In order to let Zhou Yanqing’s concert come to a successful conclusion, and that no harm to human life would occur, Tao Mu had to regretfully decline.

“Seriously, you’re not exaggerating?” Fang Ruoti didn’t believe Tao Mu’s words in particular. Because Tao Mu’s all-around performance in the crew was very versatile, and Tao Mu danced so handsomely and his voice was so pleasant sounding, there was no reason why his singing would be unpleasant.

“I don’t believe it.” Fang Ruoti was wearing a white T-shirt and slim jeans today, her long wavy hair was combed into a small bun, and her face was painted with fashionable nude makeup which Tao Mu popularized, and looked just like a 20-year-old girl. Looking not at all like her true age. As a result, her behavior and style had also become much more girlish as well. She grabbed Tao Mu’s arm and shouted, insisting Tao Mu sing two songs for her. She also said that if Tao Mu dared to lie, she would post it on the Internet for all netizens to criticize Tao Mu.

In the end, when everyone entered the private room and heard Tao Mu singing for the first time, everyone regretted it——

“How could you sing such a beautiful song like this!” Fang Ruoti looked at Tao Mu in disbelief.

Tao Mu sang Zhou Yanqing’s famous song “A Deep Love”. It must be said, Tao Mu’s voice was really smooth and pleasant sounding with the crisp drawl of the Beijing dialect, but also included a slightly gentle and soft nuance towards the end of syllables, which sounded both sexy and cynically insolent. When Fang Ruoti and Tao Mu acted against each other, she was often seduced by Tao Mu’s voice when he spoke his lines. So she firmly didn’t believe that Tao Mu’s singing was not good.

It was a pity that the facts were all there, and the iron evidence was like a mountain. The objective truth was not based on Fang Ruoti’s subjective will. Even the other big names in the box looked at Tao Mu in shock. They couldn’t believe Tao Mu’s singing was so demonic——

You say he’s out of tune, but his tone was actually very accurate. You say that he’s not out of tune, but when heard by the ears, it felt like what Tao Mu sang was not the same song as the original song. Having said that, if it weren’t for the professional singers and record producers among the big names here, they really wouldn’t be able to hear that Tao Mu’s tone was actually this precise.

“But after getting used to it, I think it’s pretty fun. I can’t stop listening.” Cheng Yi, who was hailed as the “God of Versatile Singing” by Hong Kong media, touched his chin and commented very seriously: “I think you should be quite suitable for singing original songs.”

“Is brother Cheng saying this sincerely?” Tao Mu looked at Cheng Yi eagerly.

Cheng Yi, who had no defense against Tao Mu, nodded, and saw Tao Mu smirk like a thief, and even say solemnly: “Then I can rest assured. I have decided, when registered users of reach 200 million, I will also send out a benefit for everyone. I’ll sing a song for everyone. I wont forget to tell netizens and fans in advance that this was a decision made with the encouragement of brother Cheng.”

Cheng Yi’s smile froze instantly. Thinking back to the two songs Tao Mu just sang, Cheng Yi really didn’t know, what were the tempers of mainland netizens like?

But even if they have a bad temper, they shouldn’t go as far as buy a plane ticket to Hong Kong just to ask him to settle accounts.

Thinking of this, Cheng Yi no longer worried.

Zhou Yanqing glanced at Cheng Yi, who was in self-denial, and couldn’t help reminding: “Ah Yi, you have plans to go to the mainland for a concert tour next year.”

Cheng Yi: “…..” Is it too late if I regret it now.

Of course it was too late! Tao Mu, this black-hearted and ruthless fellow, had already taken out his mobile phone and sent a FlyNews post. And also attached a selfie and uploaded it to FlyNews. Especially tagging the top-tier music producer in Hong Kong, who was praised by the media as the God of Versatile Singing, letting everyone know that he was praised by Mr. Cheng Yi for his singing voice——

“Having dinner with the bigwigs. Brother Cheng said that my singing is very fun, and couldn’t stop listening to it. I feel that I now have hope to enter the Chinese music scene!”

Then, Tao Mu happily announced his decision to sing a song to celebrate when’s registered users exceeded 200 million.

The melon eating netizens and fans didn’t know the truth, and they all lined up to like Tao Mu’s FlyNews, and expressed their great expectations.

——They also recalled the dance video uploaded by Tao Mu when Tao Mu’s registered users on exceeded 100 million. Red against white snow, peerless elegance. To describe it in one artsy sentence, it absolutely stunned the years and gentled time.

“Looking forward to our Mu Mu’s singing. Our Mu has a good voice, good looks, and good dancing skills. So our Mu’s singing must be very good as well.”

“Even Cheng Yi praised our Mu Mu and said that he could enter the music world. Cheng Yi is one of the biggest music producers in Hong Kong. Each of his albums sells more than one million. I especially like Cheng Yi’s songs. I also believe in the music god’s judgement.”

“I’m so envious that Mu Mu could eat and sing with so many celebrities. Out Mu is so popular and likeable.”

I’m not! I didn’t! Stop talking nonsense!

Cheng Yi and Tao Mu knew each other only for a day. He never thought that Tao Mu, as the founder of, could be so shameless. Taking advantage of the fact that he didn’t have a account and spreading such rumors.

“Brother Cheng, don’t be so humble.” Tao Mu patted Cheng Yi on the shoulder: “With your character, even if you register a FlyNews account, could you still expose me?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Cheng Yi choked and had nothing to say in response. He could only hug his shaking three views and persuade Tao Mu to think carefully: “…..I’m afraid that after you finish singing,’s registered users will not be able to reach 300 million.”

“That won’t happen.” Tao Mu was very straightforward and looked at Cheng Yi with confidence: “I’m going to ask brother Cheng to be my single’s producer.”

With a ‘crack’, big music god Cheng’s shaky three views were completely shattered.

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