After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 180 Blindly Blowing Rainbow Farts

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Singing, taking pictures, and recording short videos, Tao Mu also selected some photos and videos to upload to after obtaining everyone’s consent.

It must be said, Tao Mu’s photography skills were really good. Under the dim lighting, Tao Mu was still able to take advantage of all kinds of light and shadows to photograph them with a special flavor. One of them was a photo of Fang Ruoti sitting on a high stool with her legs crossed and her head bowed while singing. Tao Mu instructed everyone to use the flashlight that comes with their mobile phone to help with lighting, while choosing an angle to take pictures. The final result was similar to the nostalgic black-and-white photo, with the light and shadows playing off against each other, it actually gave people a heart-pounding visual experience.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

There was also a photo of Cheng Yi leaning on the sofa and singing. It was a simple side photo, but it conveyed a unique appeal no matter how one looked at it.

“It is the scent of a married man.” Liang Xia patted Cheng Yi’s shoulder and laughed. Everyone knew that Cheng Yi just got married last year, and his wife was gentle and virtuous. Knowing that Cheng Yi was a singer and wanted to protect his throat, she would make all kinds of tasty special soup good for the throat for Cheng Yi every day. Indeed, Cheng Yi lived quite a comfortable, nourishing life.

The specific proof being that less than a year after marriage, his weight increased linearly. He had transformed from an idol-level heavenly king to a singer that relied on only skill at a rocket-like speed.

“It turns out that your industry’s standard for classifying professional singers and idol singers is actually based on weight.” Tao Mu’s eyes were glued to Cheng Yi, his eyes looking him up and down, and he touched his chin thoughtfully: “Then it seems that I have no way to become a professional singer.”

“You can’t even become an idol singer.” Cheng Yi couldn’t resist it anymore, and exploded: “We in the singer world do not accept people who could manage to make singing in tune poisonous.”

This comment was really powerful and quite innovative. The bigwigs sitting in the private room were caught off guard and burst into laughter.

Liang Xia’s hand crooked, and half a bottle of beer was spilled on Gu Rongtian, causing her to turn around and apologize again and again. Gu Rongtian waved his hand to show that he didn’t mind, wiped it with a tissue, and went to the bathroom to clean up.

Tao Mu, who received 100,000 points of damage to his HP level, was not happy. But CEO Tao refused to say anything. CEO Tao just shredly invited everyone to sing for him: “Then let’s hear how the most famous teacher Cheng Yi in the music world of Hong Kong sings.”

Then Tao Mu personally picked a song——a famous song of Liang Xia’s for Cheng Yi to sing.

Cheng Yi was probably having too much fun too, and was not afraid of CEO Tao’s provocation. Picking up the microphone, he began to sing, and even adjusted his voice into a female singing voice. This was something he had never shown in public.

All the celebrities clapped their hands and applauded. No one paid attention to the video that Tao Mu was recording with his mobile phone secretly. Moreover, CEO Tao not only recorded the video, but also posted the video to And considerately attached the title——

“The version you have never heard of before. Brother Cheng Yi’s singing is so beautiful. [Dog Head].JPG”

Knowing that Tao Mu went out to play with the bigwigs in Hong Kong, and was having a lot of fun. The netizens and fans of the bigwigs all gathered under Tao Mu’s FlyNews, eagerly waiting for Tao Mu to update FlyNews from time to time. The photos of Fang Ruoti, Cheng Yi and others that Tao Mu uploaded before really stunned everyone. Many netizens praised Tao Mu’s photography skills while drooling over the photos and right-clicking to save.

The most important thing was that Tao Mu was very good at playing. After uploading beautifully aesthetic photos that were enough to be used as album cover photos or promotional posters to, he would also upload some funny pictures and clips of the celebrities holding up their mobile phones to help with the lighting.

They were able to witness the bigwigs who were at least A-list superstars, under the command of Tao Mu, scramble with the lighting. There were even some who stood on chairs, laid on the sofa, or squatted on the ground without any regard for their image. Netizens were surprised to find that these celebrities, who usually seem mysterious and aloof, could actually play like this in private, and were so approachable.

It practically attracted new fans like bees to a honeypot.

Especially after Tao Mu uploaded Cheng Yi’s female version of the song, Cheng Yi’s fans went crazy. It could be seen from the title of Cheng Yi’s God of Versatile Singing that Cheng Yi’s voice was actually very versatile with a wide range, all kinds of high, low, and midrange packed power. But before that, no one had heard Cheng Yi sing in a female voice.

Who knew that Cheng Yi’s female singing voice could be so stunning as well. The singing was low and slightly hoarse, full of a slow, lazy charm, as if it was a woman who had experienced vicissitudes and seen past the superficial was slowly reminiscing about her life.

Fans of Cheng Yi and netizens of greatly enjoyed the treat to their auditory senses. Comments under Tao Mu’s FlyNews were posted frequently, directly praising Cheng Yi.

Tao Mu secretly read the comments while continuing to provoke Cheng Yi and have him continue to sing. Cheng Yi was not on guard, and sure enough, he sang one song after another. In the end, he even deliberately tried to mimic other people’s voices. For example, Cheng Yi also sang Zhou Yanqing’s famous song “A Deep Love”. He deliberately mimicked Zhou Yanqing’s voice, and managed quite a vivid and accurate copy. If it weren’t for the slight jerkiness in certain parts, which exposed the clues, everyone couldn’t believe that this was actually sung by Cheng Yi and would have absolutely thought it was the original song.

This time, even other bigwigs were a little shocked, let alone netizens who were waiting to eat melons. However, they were also stoked by Cheng Yi, and also began to run to the front to pick songs.

Cheng Yi, who sang four or five songs in succession, put down the microphone, poured a glass of water to moisten his throat, and threw a glance in Tao Mu’s direction. There was quite the demeanor of an expert sage from outside the secular world showing off his skills in immortality to an immature boy. That aura, it was really full of self-satisfaction indeed.

But then, Cheng Yi answered a phone call——it was from Cheng Yi’s wife. After answering the call, Cheng Yi’s expression changed suddenly. He screeched and jumped on Tao Mu: “You actually posted the video of me singing just now on the Internet!”

In the morning, Tao Mu took the two reporters from to record videos at Zhou Yanqing’s concert. Then at 8 o’clock in the evening, he uploaded all the videos to as fan benefits.

Cheng Yi’s wife also knew about this, so she specially stayed in front of the computer, waiting to watch her husband’s video. Then she saw some netizens on saying that the video of Cheng Yi singing was posted on FlyNews by Tao Mu. Cheng Yi’s wife followed the guidance of netizens to find it on, and watched the video of her husband’s ever-changing singing voice with great interest.

In the end, she couldn’t resist it anymore, and while laughing, she called Cheng Yi to break the news. Lest her husband was still foolishly singing non-stop. Bu Cheng Yi’s wife also admitted on the phone that her husband was especially handsome when singing seriously and handling all kinds of voices with such ease.

After that, even Cheng Yi’s agent called and praised Cheng Yi for doing a good job. Especially in terms of publicity. And while he was at it, he also praised Tao Mu’s ability to make headlines. After the video of Cheng Yi singing was popularly searched by netizens, the Hong Kong gossip tabloids who had been following the real-time trends of FlyNews Entertainment also reprinted the news. After catching this wave of popularity, they also pushed Cheng Yi up on to the entertainment headlines.

Cheng Yi’s management company was also preparing to catch this heat wave and promote Cheng Yi’s concert tour that would take place in half a year. Cheng Yi completely did not expect this follow-up development.

Tao Mu was jokingly strangled by Cheng Yi, but still had a fearless expression on his face: “Brother Cheng is indeed the God of Versatile Singing, you have really broadened my horizons today.”

The bigwigs who were singing and chatting finally realized. Recently, Fang Ruoti, the glamorous goddess who was developing in the direction of a teenage Internet addict, was also playing FlyNews with her mobile phone. Hearing Cheng Yi’s outburst, she shook her mobile phone at Cheng Yi in a particularly leisurely manner: “Cheng Yi, not bad. Who knew just doing some karaoking could also make headlines on hot searches.”

However, the God of Versatile Singing did not want to be on the hot search in this way. Although Cheng Yi’s weight had made him completely leave the path of being an idol singer, Cheng Yi’s idol baggage was still present. And Cheng Yi’s image for so many years had always been known to the outside world as aloof and professional. Now suddenly, netizens discovered that he had a flashy jokester side. Cheng Yi was a little embarrassed.

However, when Cheng Yi took Fang Ruoti’s phone and carefully read the comments from netizens, he felt that this change was actually acceptable. Cheng Yi also felt that was very interesting and even consulted with Tao Mu about how to register an account on

Tao Mu informed him step by step. However, he pointed out thoughtfully: “The advantage of registering an account on is that you can interact with netizens in a timely manner and gather popularity in the shortest time. However, there is also a downside, that is, there are a lot of antis and trolls on the Internet. And they are especially mean and poisonous, deliberately reversing black and white and insulting you. Sometimes it could also affect your mood.”

Fang Ruoti nodded in agreement: “Tao Mu is right. He was scolded by antis himself very badly. He was also deliberately slandered by antis saying that he was taking drugs.”

Of course, those antis were worse off than Tao Mu. As soon as and Xiaoheng Capital’s legal team came out, those antis ended up being forced to apologize, losing some money, and getting beaten up——when their parents knew that they weren’t studying hard but were instead secretly going online to engage in some kind of fan-anti war, to the point their grades slipped and even got a call from’s lawyers, those parents served their kid a double beating in a fit of rage.

Cheng Yi heard this, and subconsciously searched for Tao Mu’s name on the Internet. Then he found his horizons being broadened——

As expected of being praised by the industry media as “a man who could set off a bloody storm in the entertainment industry”. The intensity of this fan-anti war was no less than the street melee fans of several heavenly kings engaged in.

Cheng Yi glanced at the words of the antis who liked to reverse black and white, and flip truth and lies, and then followed the search bar to find Tao Mu’s FlyNews, and looked at the real-time comments below. Suddenly, he frowned.

“Who is this Shen Yu? Why are his fans leaving comments under Tao Mu’s FlyNews, complaining that we didn’t bring him with us?”

When all the celebrities heard these words, they came over in unison. And found that the mood in FlyNews, which was originally fun and happy, with all fans hahaha, had suddenly slipped in a few whose styles were not normal.

“Am I the only one who noticed that Yan Sheng and Shen Yu were not among the stars interacting with Tao Mu?”

“Not only are Yan Sheng and Shen Yu missing for dinner and karaoke, after all, neither of them are in Hong Kong. But why was there no sign of the two of them in the interview videos? All the actors in the cast of “Black and White” were there, only Yan Sheng and Shen Yu were missing. Is Tao Mu deliberately ostracizing them?”

Zhou Yanqing and Fang Ruoti frowned subtly: “Shen Yu is an actor in the cast of “Black and White”. The young master of the Shen family.”

As for Yan Sheng, there was no need to introduce him. Everyone knew of the two time film king actor.

With that being said, everyone now understood what was going on. After all, the news of Shen Yu’s fake car accident had spread all over Hong Kong. They didn’t match the name to the person before, but now that they did, everyone knew that Tao Mu and Shen Yu have a bad relationship.

But this Shen Yu’s fans were also a bizarre species. Knowing that the relationship between the two was not good, how could they go to Tao Mu’s FlyNews and ask this kind of question? And even scolding him with the tenacity of a dog with a bone. Even if many of Tao Mu’s fans and passers-by netizens explained below that Yan Sheng and Shen Yu were not in Hong Kong it still didn’t matter, these fans could cover their ears and shout loudly that Tao Mu was bullying their little prince. They scolded Tao Mu for being petty and deliberately ignoring Shen Yu, just because he was afraid that Shen Yu would get along with the bigwigs. As it continued, it even developed into a paranoia that was deliberately suppressing Shen Yu. Otherwise, why was only negative news about Shen Yu reported and never positive news.

Seeing this, all the celebrities were very speechless. They really couldn’t figure out where Shen Yu’s fans even came from. Cheng Yi originally wanted to register on to play, but when he saw these unreasonable fans, he was immediately scared away. He didn’t know if he would not be affected if he was trolled like this.

Tao Mu himself was very calm. He also sent a FlyNews post in a particularly leisurely manner: “Out of sight, out of mind, I just won’t play with them!”

Just after this FlyNews was posted, fans left comments below in seconds. Even blindly blowing rainbow farts and saying things like, “Our Mu is just so talented. This FlyNews is so concise, but full of emotions, and even sounds catchy. It even rhymes.”

There were also a lot of fans commenting below who agreed that Tao Mu’s literary attainments were particularly high. How high was it? That was definitely the level of just planting two jujube trees in front of the door, and being able to win the prize!

The celebrities who were still thinking that Shen Yu’s fans were unreliable just now stopped talking. They stared at each other speechlessly.

It turned out that it was not that Shen Yu’s fans have a problem, but that the style of mainland fans was just this way.

——This was not just on the level of blindly blowing rainbow farts. Instead, this is widening the eyes and using them as filters, sincerely and truly believing that their idol was just that supreme and stunning.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Cheng Yi, who was still hesitating just now, immediately registered a account without fear. As a top-tier music producer in Hong Kong, Cheng Yi wrote and composed many of his songs by himself. Therefore, Cheng Yi believed that his literary attainments were better than Tao Mu’s.

Since Tao Mu could become a cultured person who could win awards by just planting two jujube trees under the blowing of rainbow farts by his fans. Then he could at least get a Nobel Prize in Literature?

Wasn’t it just blowing rainbow farts and trolling, who was afraid of who!

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