After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 183 Disgust

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“Mr. Tao?” Lin Rong’an had his arm around his little lover, who had just hooked up with for less than a month, and looked at Tao Mu with surprise: “Mr. Tao is out shopping with your family?”

Tao Mu nodded slightly at Lin Rong’an, and said with a cold expression, “Yes.”

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Tao Mu clearly didn’t want to talk to Lin Rong’an. But Lin Rong’an didn’t take it to heart, and looked for a topic on his own: “Mr. Tao finished filming for more than a week, right? I saw the FlyNews you posted yesterday, and it looked like you had quite a lot of fun with us Hong Kong people. In truth, what fun is there in a large group of people singing together. If Mr. Tao is interested, you could join our yacht club. They are all young talents in Hong Kong, and everyone can get together to chat and help each other in their careers.”

“Thank you, Mr. Lin, for your kindness. But there is no need.” Tao Mu smiled slightly: “I just finished filming and want to take a good rest. Besides, I’ll be back in Beijing in two days.”

Whether it was acting or, Tao Mu’s career focus was on the mainland. Hong Kong was really too small, and the most important thing was that Tao Mu was well aware of the yacht club that Lin Rong’an mentioned, but there were actually no real young talents in it. All of them were the sons of wealthy families who had no right of inheritance, and could only rely on the company dividends to eat and wait to die. Most of the topics that were usually communicated were also related to sumptuous entertainment and debauchery.

In the previous life, there was a gossip reporter who sneaked into a yacht club party and took a lot of crazy and eye-popping videos. After the scandal was exposed, instead of feeling ashamed, those people felt quite proud and even called themselves “players”.

They treat that kind of thing as a game, and even invented a lot of new ways to play the game.

The reason why Tao Mu had an impression of that yacht was because in his previous life, Shen Yu was brought into the yacht club by Lin Rong’an, and he even persuaded Shen Yu to drink several glasses of red wine with ulterior motives. Fortunately, Yan Sheng arrived in time, which ruined Lin Rong’an’s plan. Otherwise, Shen Yu would definitely have suffered a huge loss under Lin Rong’an’s hands.

Tao Mu had also been particularly disgusted with Lin Rong’an since then. But Lin Rong’an did that kind of thing to Shen Yu, so he didn’t get a good ending either. How could Yan Sheng let go of those who dared to hurt Shen Yu. With the Yan family’s background, Yan Sheng only needed to make a few phone calls. Within a month, the department stores and restaurant chains opened by the Lin family in the mainland underwent three fire inspections, and they failed each time. The suspension of business for rectification lasted for half a year.

In the end, the Lin family couldn’t hold back any longer, and pressed Lin Rong’an to apologize to Shen Yu. After apologizing, Lin Rong’an, who returned to Hong Kong again, had his third leg broken by Liang Shuwen, who had always admired Shen Yu but never dared to speak out.

He no longer needed to go to a yacht club party for the rest of his life.

Thinking of this, Tao Mu glanced meaningfully at Lin Rong’an’s lower half.

For some reason, Lin Rong’an felt a sudden chill down below, and smiled sheepishly, “Mr. Tao, what are you looking at?”

“It’s nothing.” Tao Mu looked away: “It’s getting late. I won’t delay Mr. Lin and your girlfriend’s shopping date. See you next time.”

“Hey, wait.” Don’t know what nerve in Lin Rong’an’s head twitched, he immediately stopped Tao Mu, but didn’t know what to talk about. His eyes looked around and fell on Tao Mu’s two fathers and grandfather, and he suggested, “Mr. Tao and your family should be coming to Hong Kong for the first time. You may not be familiar with the nearby shopping malls. Why don’t I be your tour guide?”

As Lin Rong’an spoke, he patted his little lover on the shoulder: “It happens that Linda is a model, and she knows a lot about these clothes and jewelry. Mr. Tao must be trying to choose gifts for relatives and friends? Why not listen to Linda’s advice?”

“There is really no need.” Tao Mu declined with a smile: “My friends are quite amiable. They will be happy with whatever I buy.”

Linda, who was standing next to Lin Rong’an, smiled slightly and said, “Young Master An is also being kind. Why does Mr. Tao push people thousands of miles away? When you go out to do business, having more friends is always a good thing.”

Tao Mu smiled but said nothing. But Lin Rong’an slapped Linda suddenly: “What did you say? What is Mr. Tao’s identity, does he need you to teach him? Apologize to Mr. Tao right now.”

Linda was slapped in the face by Lin Rong’an in front of so many people and her whole person was stunned. She covered her flushed cheek, and her eyes immediately reddened. But she didn’t dare to cry, and could only apologize to Tao Mu aggrievedly: “I’m sorry Mr. Tao, I said the wrong thing. You are a magnanimous person, please don’t bother with me.”

Liu Yao, Meng Qi, and old man Song actually didn’t understand Cantonese, and they didn’t quite understand what Tao Mu and Lin Rong’an were talking about. They only know that Tao Mu kept rejecting the other. Then the girl said something and was slapped.

“You are a grown man, how can you be violent to a girl.” Liu Yao frowned tightly. He felt that there was really a problem with the character of this frivolous looking dandy in front of him. When he was young, he liked to fight so much, yet he never hit a woman.

“Don’t you people from Hong Kong like to talk about a gentleman’s demeanor? Is this how you act like a gentleman?”

Lin Rong’an had intentions to befriend Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng, and of course he had also investigated Tao Mu’s background. He knew the origins of Liu Yao, Meng Qi, and Mr. Song. In Lin Rong’an’s view, these three people were nothing more than a hoodlum, a gigolo and a cook.

Lin Rong’an felt contempt for people like Liu Yao. But for the sake of Tao Mu’s face, it was not good to show it. He could only explain with a smile: “It’s not a question of being a gentleman or not a gentleman. It’s that this woman’s words offended Mr. Tao. I don’t want Mr. Tao to misunderstand me because of this.”

“So you slapped the girl in front of Tao Mu.” Meng Qi raised his eyebrows and commented sharply, “What do you want to show? You want to show that you are a person who won’t stand even a speck of sand in your eyes, that you are a rich young master who gets angry when even the ones around you say the wrong word; or do you want to use this to tell Tao Mu that you are not a broad-minded person. To tell Tao Mu not to offend you?”

Lin Rong’an probably didn’t expect Meng Qi’s appearance to be gentle and soft, yet could actually speak so sharply. The smile on his face faded slightly, and he looked at Meng Qi thoughtfully.

Then he suddenly discovered that although this old man was a bit old, his facial features were quite fine and his aura was also very cultured and refined. Like celadon. When you first saw it, you wouldn’t feel especially captivated, but the closer you looked the more you couldn’t bear to look away.

It was the kind of art piece that had both cultural heritage and was finely carved. He looked like the kind of mature man with style and sophistication.

This kind of man must be very attentive and considerate in daily life, but must be very open in bed.

Meng Qi had a wealth of experience, and almost as soon as Lin Rong’an’s eyes looked at him, Meng Qi could see through what he was thinking. Instantly, he felt disgust. However, considering Liu Yao’s violent temper, Meng Qi didn’t say anything. He just patted Tao Mu on the shoulder and urged, “Let’s go.”

Tao Mu nodded and gave Lin Rong’an a warning look before leaving with his family.

Lin Rong’an looked at the backs of the family of four with interest. Linda, whose cheek was swollen after being slapped, leaned forward cautiously: “Young Master An, I spoke rashly and couldn’t see my station clearly, almost offending your friend. Please don’t be mad at me.”

“Mad?” Lin Rong’an returned to his senses, raised his eyebrows, raised a hand to touch Linda’s cheek, and said with a sympathetic smile, “How could I be angry with my baby Linda. Did I hurt you just now? I’ll make it up to you. When you go shopping and see something that catches your fancy, just swipe my card directly.”

“Really? Young Master An is so generous.” Linda smiled, and instantly the corner of her mouth twitched in pain.

Thinking of the reason why she was slapped, Linda felt unhappy. She didn’t dare to hate her bankroller, so she took out her anger at Tao Mu: “Who was that Mr. Tao? Even refusing Young Master An’s good intentions, he’s really too ignorant.”

“Ignorant?” Lin Rong’an raised his eyebrows, and subconsciously looked in the direction Tao Mu had left. He asked casually: “He is Tao Mu, the founder of, you haven’t heard of it?”

“That was Tao Mu?” Linda was surprised.

Now many young people in Hong Kong played FlyNews, Linda considered herself very fashionable, and of course she also followed the trend. She just didn’t expect that the CEO of was not only young, but also so handsome——Linda had thought he was just Lin Rong’an’s latest target.

If she had known that that was Tao Mu…..

Linda thought of the relevant information she had seen on the Internet, and couldn’t help but think that with Tao Mu’s talent and ability, it was normal that he would feel contempt for Lin Rong’an’s hedonistic ways.

“Tao Mu is so handsome. The real person is much more handsome than the photo. He is handsome, rich, and talented. No wonder he has so many fans.” She really didn’t expect Tao Mu’s appearance in reality to be so much more good-looking than photos and videos. Under the visual impact, she almost even turned into a Tao Mu fan.

Lin Rong’an looked at Linda in surprise: “You know him well? Then why didn’t you recognize him just now?”

Linda blushed. She dared not say that she just regarded Tao Mu as a gold-digger like herself, and all she could think about was how to compete with this new rival, and didn’t take a closer look at his appearance. Besides, Tao Mu spoke Cantonese very well. Linda had the preconceived thought that Tao Mu was also from Hong Kong. She even pondered when such a top-notch stunner that attracted both men and women appeared in the gold-hunting circle of Hong Kong without her knowledge.

But this could also be blamed on Lin Rong’an. Who asked Lin Rong’an to take the initiative to introduce Tao Mu to the yacht club as soon as he saw Tao Mu. Linda’s mind already had preconceived notions, and she thought that Lin Rong’an was trying to trick Tao Mu into a yacht club party. How could she have thought that Lin Rong’an sincerely wanted to invite Tao Mu into the yacht club to be a “player” and not a “plaything”.

“I don’t think Tao Mu will agree.” Linda said this, and looked at Lin Rong’an cautiously: “As actors, they all care about their image and reputation. The yacht parties are so chaotic, Tao Mu probably won’t go to them.”

“Oh, chaotic?” Lin Rong’an glanced at Linda with a half-smile, “I thought you had a good time.”

The smile on Linda’s face froze, and she couldn’t help changing the subject: “I heard that Tao Mu is an orphan. He was abandoned by his parents and grew up in an orphanage. If his parents knew that their son is so handsome and capable, I wonder just how much regret they must feel for abandoning him in the first place?”

“What do you want to say?” Lin Rong’an sneered: “Tao Mu is an orphan, but he was able to create when he just started college. At the age of nineteen, he is worth more than one billion US dollars. I am the third son of the Lin family, but I am not as good as him in every aspect. So it’s normal for him to look down on me?”

“How can that be?” Linda’s expression changed, and she carefully flattered Lin Rong’an: “I just want to say that based on Tao Mu’s experience, he would definitely be very wary of outsiders. So even if he behaves a little coldly, it is normal.”

Lin Rong’an looked at Linda ambiguously. Seeing that Linda’s face was turning pale, he asked playfully, “Didn’t you just say that Tao Mu was an ignorant guy. Why did you change your tune in such a short time?”

“You wouldn’t happen to be interested in him now, would you? You want to dump me and climb another high branch?”

“Young Master An, you really know how to joke.” Linda could barely keep up her smile. She could only try to explain: “How could I be interested in Tao Mu? He is only nineteen years old, and he is younger than me. And he is so cold, and at first glance, he is not a fun person at all. How could he compare to Young Master An’s gentleness. I only like you.”

Lin Rong’an sneered but didn’t bother to make it difficult for Linda anymore. He just asked suddenly: “If a person who normally treats others amiably is cold and indifferent in front of you and refuses to even say a word. What would be the reason?”

Linda didn’t know why Lin Rong’an asked such a question, so she could only answer casually, “Then I’m sure it’s out of dislike.”

Dislike? Disgust? Or contempt?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lin Rong’an squeezed his fingers thoughtfully and felt a bit unhappy.

On behalf of the Lin family, Third Young Master Lin took the initiative to throw out an olive branch, yet not only did the other refuse to take it he even avoided him as much as he could. Just how much disgust does he have towards him?

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