After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 184 Returning To Beijing

“That person just now is not very good, you have to be careful with him in the future.”

After leaving, Liu Yao frowned and warned Tao Mu. He only noticed that Lin Rong’an was a petty man who beat women, and mistakenly thought that Lin Rong’an was jealous of Tao Mu being more handsome than him, more capable than him, and more attractive to women than him, so he was trying to provoke him. He didn’t think of anything more than that.

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After all, they often encounter this kind of rich second generation who were too idle and liked to make trouble at Night.

Tao Mu smiled and said, “He’s just a hedonistic son of rich parents, and just relying on the power of the Lin family to toss about in Hong Kong. We’re going back to Beijing soon. Don’t pay attention to him.”

Liu Yao heard these words and smiled, “That’s true.”

Mr. Song, who had not spoken for a long time, also smoothed out the wrinkle in his eyebrows.

The family of four strolled around the mall for a long time, buying a lot of luxury goods, cosmetics, mobile phones, laptops, and even a lot of gold accessories. According to a rough calculation, Tao Mu alone spent nearly 10 million yuan. Causing the shopping guide to be quite speechless and delighted, realizing that she had encountered quite a big customer. So her service attitude was even warmer than before.

After some shopping, the family of four returned to the hotel around 6 o’clock in the evening. Li Xiaoheng also just came back. Seeing the big bags and small bags and even the staff from the shopping mall following behind the family of four carrying more bags, he couldn’t help but chuckle.

“It looks like you guys were having a good time.” Li Xiaoheng asked with a smile, “What did you buy?”

“There are a lot of things, but most are all gifts.” Tao Mu picked and chose among the gifts, and handed a set of jade bracelets worth nearly one million, a Patek Philippe watch, as well as two game books and a long Valentino dress to Li Xiaoheng: “For you.”

“Huh?” Li Xiaoheng didn’t react for a while.

Tao Mu patiently repeated: “For your parents and younger siblings.”

Not knowing what to say, Li Xiaoheng only felt that a warm current suddenly rose from the depths of his heart, just like rolling lava, instantly burning his whole body.

He smiled and accepted Tao Mu’s gifts for his family, and asked in a warm voice, “Even my family gets gifts, but what about mine?”

“Here!” Tao Mu picked through the pile of gifts again, finding a watch and handing it to Li Xiaoheng.

Li Xiaoheng then found that Tao Mu’s gifts all had a similar characteristic. As long as it was for a man, he would give a watch or a game book depending on age and distance. For example, the gift he gave to Liu Yao and Meng Qi was a pair of men’s couple watches. The gift for Yun Yi was also a watch. The ones that were given to friends like Feng Yuan, Wen Bao, Du Kang, Chu Sui’an and Gou Rixin were all game books. Only Mr. Song’s gift was a packet of Pu’er green cakes.

The gifts for girls were more varied. For mother Li it was a jade bracelet, for little sister Li it was an extravagant evening dress, and for dean Tao it was a set of gold jewelry. Because Dean Tao worked in an orphanage and usually had contact with all kinds of naughty children. If he gave her a fragile jade bracelet, it would easily be damaged. Besides, Dean Tao would also be reluctant to wear it. The gifts for Qin Miaoru and other girls were all kinds of cosmetics, luxury accessories and designer bags.

“There’s no other way, girls’ gifts are easy to buy. Relatively speaking, the selection of gifts for men is much narrower.” Tao Mu shrugged his shoulders and answered very honestly.

Li Xiaoheng chuckled and said warmly, “Thank you for your gifts. After the contract signing ceremony is over tomorrow, we can go back to Beijing.”

Tao Mu nodded: “Then you have a good rest tonight. Tomorrow, you must be more handsome than other bosses.”

This time, Li Xiaoheng really laughed out loud.

But that night, Li Xiaoheng didn’t listen to Tao Mu’s words and rested early. Instead, he took Assistant Jiang and ran out to buy gifts. It was mainly  for Liu Yao, Meng Qi and Mr. Song. Tao Mu treated his family so carefully, not even forgetting them when he bought gifts, Li Xiaoheng felt that he couldn’t be left behind.

However, in the process of choosing gifts, Li Xiaoheng was a bit troubled. Because he really didn’t know what gift to give a man. The best choice, a watch, had already been occupied by Tao Mu in advance. Li Xiaoheng couldn’t buy a watch like Tao Mu did. So after thinking about it, Li Xiaoheng was very troubled.

Finally, he had to ask Assistant Jiang’s opinion.

As Li Xiaoheng’s assistant, Jiang Zhe usually handled things like giving gifts. As early as when Li Xiaoheng was pulling him to the mall, Assistant Jiang had already cleverly sent a FlyNews to the work group of the secretary’s office. Brainstorming ideas, and then handing the phone to CEO Li.

Mr. Li peeked at the FlyNews group for a long time, and finally decided to give Liu Yao and Meng Qi an RV, so that they could travel in the future if they want; give the old man and Dean Tao massage chairs, so that these two elderly could enjoy a relaxing massage whenever they wanted. As for the gift for Tao Mu, Mr. Li thought and thought, and finally bought a bunch of underwear.

When Tao Mu received the gift, he was speechless.

He threw the panties directly on Li Xiaoheng, got into the bed and fell asleep on his own.

Li Xiaoheng flicked his big tail all the way, went to wash up, and then got into the bed. After some diligent practice of kissing skills, the two fell asleep hugging each other.

It was a peaceful night.

The next day, Li Xiaoheng indeed dressed himself well, and he even wore the watch Tao Mu gave him to the contract signing ceremony. Before leaving, he also asked Tao Mu to change into the underwear he gave him.

Tao Mu rolled his eyes in annoyance, and replied stubbornly, “I won’t wear it!” Tao Mu didn’t have the habit of putting on new underwear that had not been washed.

Li Xiaoheng didn’t mind either. Hearing this, he placed a pair of his clean underwear on the pillow. Then went off to work with a big tail waving behind him.

Only Tao Mu was left lying on the bed and secretly scolding: “Too indecent.”

The preparations for the contract signing ceremony took a long time, but when the actual day arrived, including the interaction with the media, it was over in less than two hours.

Li Xiaoheng’s scheduled flight from Hong Kong to Beijing took off at 12:30 noon and arrived in Beijing at 3:40 pm. And there was actually no delay!

The group went directly from the VIP channel to the parking lot, and when they came out, they were glad to find that the sky outside was still a bright blue.

“It’s really not easy!”

It was August, and Beijing had entered the season when autumn was at its height but the weather was absolutely not pleasant at all. The wind and sand blowing from Inner Mongolia would always be dusty, and a sandstorm would blow over from time to time.

In this case, that they could actually see the blue sky, it was even smaller than the chance of winning the lottery.

Considering that the old man Song was advanced in years, the courtyard house was the first place the group returned to. As soon as the car entered the alley, all the neighbors nearby heard it.

When the car drove to the gate of the courtyard, Dean Tao and Feng Yuan were already waiting at the gate.

When everyone got out of the car, Feng Yuan, the little stammer, rushed forward eagerly, hugged Tao Mu and said loudly, “Brother, brother Mu, I, I miss you.”

Tao Mu touched Feng Yuan’s crew cut head and felt the hard hair poking his palms: “Brother also misses you too. I brought back your gift. We’ll look at it later when we enter the house.”

Qin Miaoru and Gou Rixin, who lived in the courtyard, ran out in a rush, helping to move things in, and the atmosphere suddenly became very lively.

Tao Mu walked up to Dean Tao and greeted her with a smile: “Dean, I’m back.”

“Ai, ai, it’s good to come back, it’s good to come back.” Dean Tao looked at the young man who was now a year older and looked even more handsome and hearty, and felt her eyes mist over.

“Before your birthday, Mr. Li came back to pick up people, and he wanted me to follow him. But I couldn’t put aside my worries for the children in the orphanage, so I didn’t come. You don’t blame me, do you?”

“How could I!” Tao Mu said with a smile: “I know you miss me.”

Speaking of this, Tao Mu suddenly remembered: “I also bought gifts for the children in the orphanage.” It was when they went to Disney, he had bought a lot of Disney souvenirs, which were just perfect for the young children.

Dean Tao smiled slightly. She just knew that though Tao Mu said he didn’t like children and hated naughty children the most. In truth, he also thought about the children in the orphanage. Even when he went out to film, he did not forget about buying gifts for the children.

The children who followed Dean Tao and Feng Yuan to pick them up at the gate of the courtyard instantly cheered in delight.

Children’s voices were immature and high when excited. It gave Tao Mu a headache, so he quickly said, “Don’t make any noise, wait for the Dean to divide the gifts amongst you.”

Just as he was talking, he suddenly saw a thin, short young man squeezing in from behind and greeting Tao Mu with a smile: “Brother Mu, long time no see.”

Looking at that very familiar face, the smile on Tao Mu’s face suddenly disappeared.

Tao Mu’s personality was not the kind of approachable, gentle and amiable personality. Even when he suppressed his nature when interacting with sophistication with others, there were still many people who were afraid of him. So one could imagine how fiery Tao Mu’s temper was.

At this moment, when his smile faded away, and when those phoenix eyes stared coldly at you, an invisible coercive energy seemed to seep out from his body, deterring the person and causing him to hesitate for a while, and then smile even more tentatively: “Brother Mu don’t remember me anymore? I’m Cao Miao.”

Of course Tao Mu remembered him. Not only did they know each other, Tao Mu also clearly remembered how in the previous life he stole his diary and posted it on the Internet. It was simply unforgettable!

The corner of Tao Mu’s mouth twitched, and he smiled coldly: “Of course I remember. Isn’t this brother Cao! Didn’t you say that you have left the orphanage? Told us not to pester you or drag you down. What’s the matter? After so many years of tossing about you still haven’t struck it rich, now you are thinking of coming back and hugging a big thigh?”

Cao Miao was actually two years older than Tao Mu. However, because Tao Mu had always had a tyrannical personality since he was a child, fighting fiercely and possessing a fierce temper, the children in the orphanage were used to calling Tao Mu big brother. Cao Miao was no exception. In order to have a good meal and nice clothing, he had been following behind Tao Mu as a sidekick since he was a child.

Later, Cao Miao graduated from junior high school and went to work directly without attending high school. Since then, any contact with the orphanage had been cut off. In fact, after Cao Miao left the orphanage, Tao Mu was quite worried about him, afraid that he would be bullied out in society. So he once took Feng Yuan to find him. As a result, Cao Miao probably thought that he could now make money, and he was an adult, so he behaved very arrogantly in front of Tao Mu. Inviting Tao Mu and Feng Yuan to eat street-side kebabs, his words and attitude all holding a trace of one who was now the boss. He also told Tao Mu that he didn’t want to be known that he came out of the orphanage, and told Tao Mu not to bother him in the future.

Tao Mu’s temper was unsurprisingly ignited, and he flipped the table on the spot, leaving angrily with Feng Yuan.

After Tao Mu returned to the Shen family in his previous life, this Cao Miao went to find him. Crying and saying that he had no education and background, and it was very difficult to get ahead in society. Although Tao Mu’s temper was explosive, he was more nostalgic. Remembering the relationship between the two in the orphanage, he let Cao Miao be his assistant.

Tao Mu was never defensive against his own people. As a result, Cao Miao took advantage of Tao Mu’s trust in him, stole Tao Mu’s diary, and slandered Tao Mu, saying that he sold himself in Night before. That his behavior and mannerisms were all learned from the popular gigolos in the nightclub.

These revelations were true and false, and Tao Mu couldn’t explain them clearly after they were posted on the Internet. During that time, he was very badly attacked by netizens. However, Cao Miao was sent away by Shen Yu’s admirer with 100,000 yuan for helping Shen Yu.

Just 100,000 yuan was not even half of what Cao Miao earned in a year with Tao Mu. Yet he betrayed him for just 100,000 yuan.

At that time, Tao Mu was very busy trying to delete the black material on the Internet. There was no time to pay attention to Cao Miao. When he was finally able to breathe, he realized that Feng Yuan had found Cao Miao secretly and maimed him.

Shen Yu’s admirers jumped onto this matter and helped Cao Miao with the lawsuit, but they refused to accept Tao Mu’s reconciliation. In the end, Feng Yuan was sentenced to seven years.

Seeing Tao Mu’s murderous appearance now, Cao Miao’s legs went weak with fright. Back then he was too young and ignorant. He didn’t know to leave himself a retreat route and room to maneuver in the future. Mainly because he didn’t expect Tao Mu to be able to do so well. Now that he wanted to turn back and hug his thighs, he was afraid Tao Mu still remembered how he drove away Tao Mu back then.

Sure enough, when Tao Mu saw him, he didn’t let him say a second sentence. He leaned over and patted him on the shoulder, and said with a particularly sarcastic tone: “It’s too late. Back then, you ignored me, today I have no eyes for you. I have a golden thigh, but I won’t give it to you to hug. So go back to wherever it is you came from.”

Cao Miao’s heart became anxious, he could only smile ingratiatingly and say, “Brother Mu, I——”

“Piss off!”

Tao Mu waved his hand and said to Feng Yuan and the others, “What are you doing standing still? Keep moving the things. Don’t you want your gifts?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The children of the orphanage looked at each other, but still swarmed over. They didn’t want to talk to Cao Miao. Back in the orphanage, he only knew to flatter brother Mu and snatch away any of the belongings they have that he took a fancy to. Now he wanted to come back and continue snatching things from them? Bah!

Dean Tao watched the children’s reactions with clear eyes and also silently shook her head.

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