After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 185 As If I Would Be Afraid Of Him?

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The large group of people all went into the courtyard. Cao Miao followed behind with an embarrassed expression. Just as he was about to step through the threshold, old man Song, who was walking at the front with Tao Mu’s support, suddenly turned his head: “Did you not hear what Tao Mu said? This is a private residence, and you are not welcome.”

Tao Mu was not a person who could keep his temper in check since he was a child. Back then when Cao Miao said such things to him, the child Tao Mu couldn’t swallow it down, walking around with a belly full of anger and looking for someone to vent on. Resulting in him beating up all the hooligans in the nearby alleys. When in the kitchen cutting vegetables, the kitchen knife was also chopped loudly. Old man Song knew that something was wrong with his cub, so he secretly asked Feng Yuan to inquire about it, and only then did he know that Cao Miao, this little bastard, had done such an ungrateful thing.

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Old man Song still remembered that every time Tao Mu brought food from Song Ji back to the orphanage, it was that kid who grabbed the food the fastest and ate the most. He even came to find him behind Tao Mu’s back, pretentiously asking to become a disciple of Song Ji, and saying that he was willing to support him in his retirement. With a swipe of his eyes, Mr. Song knew that this child was a bad apple. Besides, that kid was clumsy and didn’t have this talent.

Mr. Song did not agree at that time. Cao Miao also begged him not to tell Tao Mu about this, saying that he was worried that Tao Mu would get angry and would beat him, and would not give him food in the future. Mr. Song didn’t like Cao Miao’s sneaky character. In fact, if he really asked Tao Mu to help him honestly, even if old man Song didn’t like Cao Miao, for the sake of Tao Mu’s face, he at least could let Cao Miao be an apprentice at Song Ji and learn the craftsmanship honestly.

Too bad Cao Miao had his own petty thoughts and couldn’t trust Tao Mu. Naturally Mr. Song would not be polite either and treat it as business. No talent was no talent.

Afterwards, old man Song also laughed at Tao Mu’s bad eyes. After all these years of bringing him delicious food, he was afraid that it all went to the dogs. Tao Mu was even quite upset with him. In the end, everything followed as he predicted.

Back then, everyone was a child, and there were good and bad, justices and grievances. Anyway, Tao Mu didn’t suffer, so Mr. Song didn’t want to quibble over the matter. But now Tao Mu was his own grandson, and also their direct disciple of Song Ji. In terms of feelings and reason, old man Song must protect him and vent that old grievance for their little cub!

Cao Miao did not expect that Song Daozhen, this old bastard, still had such a nasty temper after so many years. He still remembered that when he saw Tao Mu having a good relationship with Song Ji, every day there was delicious food and drink, and he could even bring some back, he also wanted to become the old man’s student. He also offered to give the old man who was a stranger to him elderly support. But the result was that the stinky old man was very arrogant, and even scolded him very badly. Not only did he not agree to accept him as a disciple, he even informed Tao Mu. Don’t know what this old bastard said, such that Tao Mubfound him and beat him up very severely.

Now that beating had really hurt! Cao Miao swore at that time that he would be better than Tao Mu in the future. Make a lot of money by himself, eat whatever he want, wear whatever he want, and never look at other people’s faces just for a bite of food.

So when he left the orphanage after graduating from junior high school, he really wanted to work hard and make a career for himself in society. But he didn’t expect that this society was not that easy. He had no education and no background. He had some cleverness but couldn’t bear hardships. Relying on ingratiating himself to a contractor, he thought he could make some money. Who knew that the contractor was reported for stealing materials at the construction site, and someone was sent to investigate. Because the evidence was solid, the contractor and a group of construction workers were all convicted, almost even implicating him.

Cao Miao fled the construction site that evening. While waiting for the train at the train station, he saw Tao Mu’s news on the big screen. Only then did he know that after just a few years, Tao Mu not only got admitted to a prestigious university and became a celebrity, but also created a website by himself and was now worth billions of dollars.

Cao Miao was immediately envious and jealous. He felt that God was too unfair. They were both orphans, but Tao Mu was not only handsome, he also had the brains, and had always been liked by adults since he was a child. Even if he was returned to the orphanage by his adoptive parents, he was able to coax his neighbors with sweet words, and he never lacked for good things since he was a child.

He was clearly two years older than Tao Mu, but he had to pinch his nose and call Tao Mu big brother. When Tao Mu was in a good mood, he gave them food and clothing, as if beckoning cats and dogs. If he was in a bad mood, it was a beating. Cao Miao had been unconvinced since childhood. But he couldn’t beat Tao Mu, and he was greedy for Tao Mu’s good things, so he could only follow Tao Mu as a sidekick.

But he didn’t want to be Tao Mu’s sidekick all his life. When he left the orphanage after graduating from junior high school, his most urgent wish was to get rid of Tao Mu. Get rid of the shadow of being just a sidekick. That’s why when Tao Mu and Feng Yuan traveled across most of Beijing City to find him, he put on a rich man’s attitude, treated Tao Mu to eat, and deliberately used words to humiliate him.

Tao Mu was indeed angered, and flipped the table on the spot. He also got punched by the several brothers he found.

Seeing the backs of Tao Mu and Feng Yuan leaving in a pathetic manner, Cao Miao felt that he had finally avenged the grievances from back then and could now raise his head. He also vowed to do better, climb to a height that Tao Mu, that little bastard, could not even reach. To be a big boss.

But Cao Miao did not expect that before he even made something of himself in society, Tao Mu was already several steps ahead of him. Relying on his good looks, he was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy and became a celebrity. Then he created Cao Miao also played FlyNews. He thought this website was really fun. But he never thought that this website was actually created by Tao Mu.

Moreover, Tao Mu not only founded, he also learned to trade stocks. He heard of the current crisis in the stock market, and that the stock market was not doing well, many people have lost money. But Tao Mu made a lot of money and became a partner of a multinational financial company. Only big bosses and big stars surrounded him and he actually even brought down the Sheng’an Group himself.

It was only when Cao Miao saw this news that he realized that the old man he looked down upon since he was a child had such an impressive background. Just that shabby signboard of Song Ji, could actually be worth hundreds of millions yuan? But the key was that such a valuable signboard that was worth several hundred million, the old man actually gave it to Tao Mu?

Cao Miao couldn’t believe it when he searched Tao Mu’s news online. Was such an impressive person really the orphan he had known since they were children? But the facts were there, and Cao Miao couldn’t help but believe it.

After thinking about it, Cao Miao could only blame Tao Mu for having a better life than him. Because Tao Mu was handsome, he was admitted to a prestigious film university. Because he was admitted to university, he created, and speculated in stocks.

If it were him, if he had the opportunity to go to university, Cao Miao might not do worse than Tao Mu.

Thinking of this, Cao Miao not only hated Tao Mu, but also hated Song Daozhen who refused to accept him as his apprentice. He even hated Dean Tao. Because Dean Tao let Tao Mu go to high school, but she didn’t let him go.

He came out to work right after graduating from junior high school!

Everyone was a child of the orphanage, so why should they be treated differently? Was it because Cao Miao was not as popular as Tao Mu?

Cao Miao felt indignant. But he also knew that he didn’t have the confidence to compete with Tao Mu ever since they were still children. So after thinking about it, Cao Miao finally decided to pack up and go to Tao Mu.

Cao Miao had imagined that he would be humiliated when he bowed his head to Tao Mu. He guessed that Tao Mu would sneer at him, predicted that Feng Yuan might stop Tao Mu from taking him in to avenge what happened in the past. But Cao Miao was confident that he knew Tao Mu very well, and he felt that with Tao Mu’s temper, he would eventually accept him back.

It was no big deal, just losing some face, but in today’s society, how much was face worth?

However, what Cao Miao didn’t expect was that even though he had prepared himself to be humiliated by Tao Mu. When Tao Mu saw him again, he would be so heartless. Completely disregarding their friendship from back then, not even letting him say a second sentence, and simply just kicked him away?

That old bastard even fanned the flames, adding fuel to the fire!

“Dean Tao…..” Cao Miao took a deep breath and looked at Dean Tao eagerly: “Please help me ask for forgiveness. I really know I was wrong. I came back this time hoping Brother Mu can take me in——”

“You, you are not allowed to, to call brother Mu! Is brother, brother Mu something you deserve to call?” Feng Yuan stepped in front of Dean Tao and interrupted Cao Miao’s words. He glared at Cao Miao and said, “Go away!”

“What’s going on? Who is this person?” Liu Yao asked impatiently.

When Cao Miao left the orphanage, Tao Mu hadn’t gone to work at Night. Therefore, Liu Yao and Meng Qi did not know about this issue at all.

So old man Song explained the backstory in a succinct manner. Liu Yao’s eyebrows were instantly twisted into a knot: “F**k, it turned out to be an ungrateful white-eyed wolf. Seeing Tao Mu doing well for himself so you came back to hug his thighs. F**k off, our little cub is not lacking in sycophants. Go back to wherever it is you came from. I warn you, this is a private residence. If you take one step further, I will call the police to arrest you!”

Liu Yao was originally just talking casually, but Cao Miao’s face changed immediately. He indeed took two steps back sheepishly, looking at Dean Tao pitifully: “Dean, please help me.”

Dean Tao looked at Cao Miao, then at Tao Mu, but didn’t say anything in the end.

The human heart was made of flesh. Although Dean Tao also felt bad that Cao Miao did not have it easy over these years, she felt more distressed for Tao Mu. She knew very well how much suffering Tao Mu had endured over the years and how difficult it was to get to where he was today.

Cao Miao was brought up by her. She knew that Cao Miao had a bad personality since he was a child. The entertainment industry was so complicated, and with Cao Miao’s temperament, if he followed Tao Mu, he was sure to cause trouble. As for FlyNews, only top students who had graduated from key universities were hired, so it was useless for Cao Miao to go.

Therefore, Dean Tao’s intention was to discuss with Mr. Song about sending him to Song Ji’s training school as an apprentice. If he learned a craft, he would be able to support himself in the future.

But in front of so many people, it was not easy for Dean Tao to explain anything further. After all, Tao Mu and the others had just returned, and they didn’t even drink a sip of water yet.

As Dean Tao thought this, she could only persuade: “Cao Miao, you go back to the orphanage first. Tao Mu and the others have just returned, and we can talk about it later.”

Dean Tao originally wanted to take things steady. Who knew that because of this little delay, Cao Miao also directed his hatred towards Dean Tao. He felt that Dean Tao was a petty person who flattered those higher than her and stepped on those lower and just didn’t want to speak for him.

But Cao Miao didn’t show it on his face, he just smiled at Dean Tao and waved to Tao Mu, and then went back sheepishly.

Liu Yao looked at Cao Miao’s back, frowned and said, “There is something wrong with this kid.”

“When he heard that I was going to call the police, he was just like the mouse hearing the cat. Did you see how he was so frightened that his face turned white.”

“I say, this kid didn’t do something bad outside and sneaked back, right?”

When Dean Tao heard this, her heart tightened: “Then, what should we do now?”

“It’s nothing. Seeing that he dares to return to Beijing to ask Tao Mu ti take him in, even if he committed a crime, it shouldn’t be a big deal. At most, just a petty thief.” Meng Qi said casually, “But this kid’s character is not good, and if he stays by Tao Mu’s side there can only be trouble. I think it’s better to just forget about it.”

The people present were all Tao Mu’s friends, and no one would think of an outsider over him. Meng Qi’s words were naturally spoken to Dean Tao.

Dean Tao knew it well, and immediately smiled: “I think so too. So my plan was to send him to Song Ji’s training school as an apprentice. Let him learn some craftsmanship.”

“That can’t work either.” This time, it was Mr. Song who objected: “This kid has bad conduct. Moreover he is unwilling to endure hardship. He can’t be Song Ji’s apprentice.”

Don’t look at Song Ji’s chef training school only accepting apprenticeships, but in fact, Mr. Song’s recruitment was even more strict now than in the past. All apprentices had come from major chef schools and were only admitted after a series of assessments. Not only did they have to learn Song Ji’s cooking skills, but also had to learn the Song family genealogy and traditions, hotel management and foreign languages. It could be said that it was completely an elite mode of cultivation.

For a person like Cao Miao, even if he was admitted, Mr. Song was still worried that this mouse poop would ruin a pot of good porridge. How could he let Dean Tao ruin Song Ji’s name with just a few words.

Dean Tao’s face became hot, and she said worriedly: “I also know that Cao Miao’s character is not very good. But he still came from the orphanage, and now he has returned hoping Tao Mu might take him in. If Tao Mu ignores him, I am also afraid that he would go out and talk slanderous nonsense. It will affect Tao Mu’s reputation.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I’m not afraid.” Tao Mu said lightly, “You can’t condone the bad guy just because he might do bad things. I work hard outside to live a good life and to be able to protect the family I care about. Not to let villains follow suit in enjoying the benefits.”

“If he is honest, I wouldn’t be bothered to pay attention to him. If he dared to stir things up in front of me…..” Tao Mu raised his eyebrows and sneered fiercely: “As if I would be afraid of him?”

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