After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 186 Showing Off & To Discuss

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Tao Mu’s character was originally very rigid and stubborn, and it was after years of experience out in society that he had become much more tactful. But if something really touched a nerve, then the Yao family was the best example.

Dean Tao looked at Tao Mu’s fierce appearance, and didn’t say anymore. She could only sigh silently. They were all children raised by her, and both the palm and back of the hand was flesh. Although she liked Tao Mu, she also couldn’t bear to watch Cao Miao suffer hardship outside either.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Liu Yao still felt that something was weird about Cao Miao, so he called Da Hui and had Da Hui find out what Cao Miao had done before: “If he really violated the law, then who knows, I might be a well-meaning member of the masses.”

Dean Tao was also thinking about this matter: “It really should be investigated. If Cao Miao really did something he shouldn’t have done, he should be punished by the law. If he didn’t do anything illegal, I can also rest assured. “

Dean Tao planned to keep Cao Miao in the orphanage for a while, and let him leave when Cao Miao found a new job.

In fact, many children have left the orphanage over the years, most of them were like Cao Miao, they would not come back after they go out. There were even fewer people like Tao Mu who still thought about the children and always sent back money and things. So Dean Tao didn’t blame Cao Miao. This world was inherently difficult. Those children who have graduated from junior high school have to go out to work hard. They had no education or background, and they had to work hard to support themselves. It was not easy at all. So it was normal to not want to bear the burden of the orphanage anymore.

But because of Tao Mu’s invaluable noble character, Dean Tao didn’t want people like Cao Miao to drag him down. Now that Tao Mu had done well for himself, it was conceivable that there must be many people like Cao Miao who would rush back to hug his thighs. Dean Tao couldn’t help elsewhere, but if the children who walked out of the orphanage wanted to drag Tao Mu down, she had to think of a way.

“If nothing else can be done, then just let him stay in the orphanage as a helper.” Dean Tao thought this way: “Before, the orphanage had no money, but since Xiao Mu donated more than one million yuan to build a charitable education fund, and had Xiaoheng Capital help us manage the accounts and help us make investments, now there is a balance of more than 2 million in the orphanage account.”

“I plan to take the money and start a small business. Just open a shop at the gate of the orphanage and sell some lunch boxes. We can also deliver meals to nearby office buildings.”

As Song Ji’s signboard became more and more famous, Mr. Song was tricked by Tao Mu to take over the training school as the principal, so the restaurant here was no longer open as often. Those two helpers were also sent to the training school as apprentices by Mr. Song. Nearby neighbors and white-collar workers often complained to Dean Tao that they could no longer find a good place to eat.

Dean Tao listened to these words often, and came up with the idea to discuss with Mr. Song about recruiting a few apprentices from the training school, and let them make boxed lunches as practice cooking, and then deliver meals to the nearby office buildings.

“Cao Miao came at the right time, so let him help deliver the food. We will give him a basic salary, and give him a commission of one yuan for each takeaway. As long as he works hard, he can earn at least three or four thousand yuan a month. I asked around and heard that this is what a white-collar worker sitting in an office building would make in a month.”

Liu Yao sneered disapprovingly: “Dean Tao, your thinking is quite good. But would that kid agree?”

Liu Yao didn’t say anything else, just by looking at that kid’s dishonest eyes, he knew that he wasn’t a person who would be easily satisfied.

“Then what does he want to do?” Dean Tao asked with a smile: “He came to ask Tao Mu to take him in, and kept saying that he wanted to find a job. He also came out of the orphanage. Now the orphanage has something for him to do to make a living. The salary is also quite fair, so why wouldn’t he not want to do it?”

Liu Yao was stunned for a moment. The several people looked at each other and suddenly realized.

Dean Tao planned to use this job to block that kid’s mouth!

Dean Tao smiled slightly. She knew that she had been used to being a good person all her life, and after something like that happened before, everyone was worried that she would be soft-hearted and would be deceived.

But being a person was all about learning life lessons and growing one’s wisdom. Dean Tao just had a good heart and was willing to see people under the best light. But she was not stupid. She also learned a lesson. So on the matter of Cao Miao, she felt that she could help Tao Mu find a solution. Since Cao Miao raised the banner of being raised in the orphanage to ask Tao Mu to help him find a job. Then Dean Tao would give Cao Miao this opportunity.

As for whether Cao Miao would accept it, it was not within the scope of Dean Tao’s consideration.

Don’t think that honest people couldn’t play word game either. She just didn’t want to be too scheming when she interacted with people. If games were to be played, wasn’t an experienced old lady in her 60s better than a young man in his 20s?

Dean Tao could suppress Cao Miao speechless just by using her identity as the orphanage dean who raised him.

Seeing the large group of people looking at her in astonishment, Dean Tao said with a smile: “Don’t always think that I am just a good person. Even if I really feel sorry for Cao Miao, I won’t put such an unstable factor by Xiao Mu’s side to hurt him.”

Before, Dean Tao really wanted Cao Miao to enter Song Ji’s training school to learn some craftsmanship. But then she thought about it again, since she herself knew that there might be some problems with Cao Miao’s character, how could she force Song Daozhen to accept this hot potato. Besides, it was not only Song Ji’s training school that could teach cooking skills, there were many cooperative related parties under Song Ji. If Cao Miao really wanted to learn cooking, he could also choose those related cooking schools. After he learned some true skills, he could then come back to Song Ji for assessment.

The reason why Dean Tao decided to let Cao Miao be responsible for delivering meals was to temper Cao Miao’s temperament. Teach him to not be so impetuous and to be more down-to-earth. If Cao Miao really changed, it would not be impossible to let Cao Miao manage the orphanage’s boxed lunch business in the future.

All parents had far-reaching plans for their beloved children. It could be said that Dean Tao really helped Cao Miao figure out his future path. If Cao Miao could do it in a down-to-earth manner, even if there was no great wealth and great prestige, it was also certain that he would live a stable middle class life.

But Cao Miao was not a down-to-earth person by nature. That night, after hearing Dean Tao’s arrangement, Cao Miao didn’t say anything, but in his heart he was very angry.

He felt that Dean Tao also looked down on him. They all came from the same orphanage. Why should Tao Mu be a big boss and a big celebrity while he could only be a food delivery boy?

But a person like Cao Miao, no matter how dissatisfied he was in his heart, would never show it on his face. Not only did he not show it, but he acted especially grateful and thanked Dean Tao profusely.

However, Dean Tao had lived 60 plus years. Even if she didn’t know how to judge people well, she was very clear on the temperaments of her children. Cao Miao left the orphanage for so long, but his temperament had not changed much.

Seeing Cao Miao like this, Dean Tao couldn’t help thinking of what Meng Qi said as a joke.

——He said that a person like Cao Miao was a little bastard with a bad bone in his body. He was naturally petty and prone to jealousy. Was it possible that he might put poison into the boxed lunches when he was delivering the meals just because he hated Tao Mu?

Dean Tao had laughed at Meng Qi’s joke. But looking at Cao Miao’s current state, Dean Tao was not sure now.

Dean Tao was a good person, but she had also seen the most greedy and despicable side of the human heart. She couldn’t guarantee what Cao Miao would do. Out of good nature, Dean Tao was unwilling to think too bad about Cao Miao. But she didn’t want to put Song Ji and Tao Mu at risk because of her momentary soft-heartedness.

“If you don’t want to deliver meals, you can stay in the shop to help with the business. I’ll leave the bill collection and accounting to you. What do you think?” Dean Tao pondered for a moment, and changed her mind.

What else could be done?

When Cao Miao returned to Beijing, he wanted to hug Tao Mu’s thigh. Unfortunately, Tao Mu ignored him, and Dean Tao also sent him off with such trivial matters. Of course Cao Miao was not happy.

How much money could a small restaurant selling boxed lunches make even if the business was booming? Cao Miao came to Tao Mu with the hopes of making a lot of money. Dean Tao and Tao Mu actually used this kind of small business to brush him off perfunctorily, how could Cao Miao be satisfied.

Not mentioning how annoyed Cao Miao was. On the other side Tao Mu, because of Dean Tao’s remarks, recalled a food delivery system that was particularly popular in later years.

After washing up, Tao Mu lay on the bed in the east room, picked up his mobile phone, and subconsciously dialed a video invitation, wanting to chat with Li Xiaoheng.

At this time, Li Xiaoheng was at home showing off the gifts Tao Mu had bought for them with a group of family members.

Mother Li looked at the very fine quality jade bracelet on her wrist, and said with a smile, “Mr. Tao has really spent too much. We haven’t even met in person, yet he actually gave us such precious gifts.”

Father Li was not in a hurry to put on the Patek Philippe watch that Tao Mu gave him, but said with a smile: “This Tao Mu is your valued partner, the one you mentioned before, right? You two shorted the international market together, and even worked with the police to establish the Skynet system, and now also partnered to build an online shopping platform. It seems you two are doing quite well for yourselves and are working together quite happily. In that case, when you have the time, invite him over for a light meal at home. Such a young talent, it is good to have more exchanges in the future.”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Little sister Li, who had just tried on the evening dress, said very excitedly: “I’m also one of Mu Mu’s brainless fans. When Mu Mu arrives, I must ask him to sign an autograph and take a photo with him.”

After speaking, she turned around again and said excitedly: “Our Mu is indeed a man who leads the fashion trend he has such good tastes. He chose this black evening dress especially to complement my skin color. And it makes me look especially thin and like I have very long legs. Ai, say, when Mu Mu comes, I wonder if he would be willing to do my makeup for me? Do you think he will agree?”

“How could he agree? Do you think you’re Guo Yaning? Our CEO Tao only does makeup for big beauties. You’re just a little beauty at best.” Little sister Li’s older twin brother seemed to be Tao Mu’s aesthetic fan. He rudely poured cold water on his little sister.

“What did you say?” Little sister Li was furious when she heard these words, and she threw herself at him.

While the two were happily fooling around, Li Xiaoheng’s cell phone suddenly rang. Looking at the video invitation above, Li Xiaoheng said subconsciously, “You guys talk slowly, I’ll go upstairs first.”

Everyone in the Li family looked at the back of Li Xiaoheng slowly going upstairs, and suddenly sat up straight. Little sister Li lowered her voice and asked mother Li: “Mu Mu bought us such an expensive gift for no reason, and eldest brother even showed it off so proudly. Do you think the two of them…..”

Little sister Li gently pressed the tips of her index fingers against each other.

Mother Li also sighed worriedly: “I don’t know either. Your eldest brother never likes to tell us about his private affairs.”

When mother Li said this, she suddenly looked at her husband and asked eagerly, “How about you go and ask?”

“What am I asking!” Chairman Li said with a stern and composed face, as if he was holding all the cards: “Find a time to invite him over for a meal, we’ll be able to observe the two ourselves.”

Have him go upstairs and ask? What if his son refused to answer, and just looked at him coldly. Then as the father he would have no face!

When everyone in the Li family heard these words, they could only look at each other.

After a long while, little sister Li’s twin, her third brother, asked embarrassedly, “Then, what if eldest brother is really with CEO Tao?”

“Then they’re together.” Before father Li and mother Li could speak, little sister Li said indifferently: “Eldest brother is gay. Even if he doesn’t date CEO Tao, he would never marry a woman. I feel that with eldest brother’s temper, that he is able to find a same-sex partner as handsome and capable as CEO Tao, he must have burn a lot of incense, okay?”

“But two men together, what about children?” Second brother Li couldn’t help scratching his head. Did that mean eldest brother would never have his own children in this life?

“And you call yourself a child of the Li family. You can’t even calculate such a simple economic account.” Little sister Li rolled her eyes at him, and said naturally, “Tao Mu and eldest brother do business together. Their shorting of the crude oil market has earned them tens of billions of dollars. Not to mention the Skynet system and online shopping platform, even the Fengxing Group has benefited. The company’s shareholders practically worship Tao Mu as the god of wealth, put him on a pedestal and pay incense three times a day.”

As little sister Li said, she drew a “basin” shape in the air with a particularly starry-eyed expression: “My Mu is now a cornucopia. How many people are crying and shouting that they want to marry their daughters to him. You have to admit that other than giving birth to children, what can’t my Mu accomplish.”

“You can think of it this way.” Little sister Li clapped her hands and gestured with her left hand: “My Mu partnered with eldest brother to do business, and has earned tens of billions of dollars at once. When the two of them were still shorting the international financial market I heard that Xiaoheng Capital’s monthly profit in the overseas investment department could reach at least one billion. How much does finding a surrogate cost abroad?”

Little sister Li’s right hand stuck out two fingers: “It’s only 200,000 dollars. 200,000 dollars for one child, 400,000 dollars for two children, 600,000 dollars for three children. As long as you have money, what need is there to be afraid of not being able to have children?”

“Besides, what’s so good about children? What else could they do besides crying and making trouble? Do you think everyone is like our parents? Giving birth to so many children even if they had to pay fines and lose their jobs? I think if eldest brother can be together with my Mu, even if he’s a DINK in this lifetime, it’s really not so bad. I remember that my Mu don’t seem to like children. Looking at eldest brother, he probably doesn’t like children either. Then the two of them are simply a match made in heaven.”

Father Li and mother Li, who were ridiculed by their daughter, looked at little sister Li at the same time, their eyes deep and grievous: “Twenty thousand yuan, do you have any dissatisfaction with us, your parents?”

When the twins, little sister Li and third brother Li, were born, because their births exceeded the One Child Policy, the Li family paid 20,000 yuan just for the fine. At that time, the monthly salary of ordinary workers was just a little over 100 yuan. One could imagine the heavy price that father Li and mother Li paid to give birth to these two children.

Little sister Li’s expression froze, and she immediately said with an ingratiating smile: “No, no. If it wasn’t for father and mother’s persistence, how could third brother and I have appeared in this world. And even be able to live so well. I just want to say that mother and father really had foresight and gave birth to so many children. Even if eldest brother does not have children in the future, there are still people in our Li family who are willing to have children. Right, second brother?”

Second brother Li, whose birth was also fined, raised his eyebrows. He then saw mother Li turn her head and asked him worriedly, “One thousand yuan, when will you find a girlfriend?”

Second brother Li looked at his mother expressionlessly: “I’m only twenty-two years old. I’m not in a hurry to find someone. And Mom, could you stop calling me by my nickname?”

——Second brother Li’s birth caused father and mother Li to be fined 1,000 yuan when he was born, so his nickname was 1,000 yuan.

Father Li and mother Li, who dared not urge their eldest to get married and have children, could only pin all their hopes on their second child: “Then you must hurry up and find a girlfriend. Look at your classmates and friends, they all found girlfriends when they were in college. Only you didn’t find one. You wouldn’t happen to be like your eldest brother, would you?”

“I’m not, I don’t. I’m just busy with my studies and have no time to find a girlfriend.” Second brother Li denied with exasperation. Don’t know why his parents were so anxious. Did they think it was that easy for him to graduate with a high grade at Cambridge? Actually saying something like looking for a girlfriend. If he could go to bed at 3am every night then he was already quite fortunate, okay?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Why must he be urged to marry by his family when he was only twenty-two, when his eldest brother was twenty-six and could take his sweet time dating?

Second brother Li rolled his eyes helplessly and slumped on the sofa without any care for his image. #planting mushrooms#.

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