These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 038 Catching In The Act Of Adultery

Of the wild herd, some died, some were wounded, and most of the rest began to gradually dissipate. Only wailing sounds could be heard on the grassland. The fire had not been extinguished, and there was still smoke and scorching air waves, but none of this affected everyone’s joy and celebratory mood because they had successfully saved their homeland. Some werebeasts had already returned to convey the good news. When Lei Jin and Roger returned to the woods, before they could even see who they were, countless people embraced them in turn, each with a sincere smile of gratitude on their faces. Fortunately, they were all females, and there was no chance for anyone to take advantage of anyone. The werebeasts present were just smiling and watching on the side, very sensibly not joining in.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Lei Jin, it’s all thanks to you for coming up with such a good solution…..”

“This time Lei Jin and Roger have majorly helped the tribe out…..”

“Lei Jin, our home is saved…..”

Lei Jin accepted it all with a smile, without any intention of being humble at all. It was likely that the word self-esteem did not exist in Lei Jin’s dictionary at all.

Just as he raised his hand and about to say something, someone shouted, “Lei Jin is really the most beautiful and intelligent female of our tribe.”

“That’s right…..”

“That’s right…..”

Many people followed suit.

The corners of Lei Jin’s lips that had been proudly upturned instantly twitched twice, smile stiffening. Uh, could he reply with no thanks? He did not want this title at all, whoever wants it can go ahead and take it.

In the evening, the people of the tribe found a huge open space in the woods, lit a huge bonfire, and set up their prey. All the families who originally moved to the caves came out with their partners and children, the atmosphere of the whole tribe filled with great joy.

Because there were still lingering fires that had not been extinguished, a few werebeasts were left to guard the place where the fire ring burnt, while the rest came back, bringing with them the fruit wine that the tribe had saved over these many years.

As the tribe leader, An Bu first announced to everyone that this disaster was completely overcome, and also thanked Lei Jin and Roger for helping the tribe a lot this time, taking the lead and drinking a bowl of wine in toast.

Lei Jin and Roger sat together, feeling the kind and grateful eyes of everyone, smiled and clinked their bowls with the people next to them. These were not the same wooden bowls used at home, but pottery bowls, reddish-brown in color and carved with simple patterns such as small fish and leaves and not crudely made at all. Lei Jin’s worries about whether he would get a mouthful of earthy taste was soon negated.

The fruit wine held a trace of fruity sweetness, and it was not unpleasant to drink at all, but it did not taste much like wine.

The grass in the forest would become a bit wet at night, but everyone didn’t care much, and they all sat on the ground. Of course, the tribe leader and a few others had a bonfire set up for them alone. The people sitting there were all werebeasts, including elders respected by the tribe and some young and especially brave werebeasts.

Roger and Lei Jin were also invited over in a rare occurrence. Roger was reluctant to go at first, but An Sen said that it would be better to go and sit for a bit. After all, there were many other people waiting. So Roger came over and after drinking two cups of wine, he used the excuse that he was dizzy to excuse himself. An Sen and An Luo were also very cooperative, and quickly said that Roger was a light drinker and that they wanted to take him back to rest.

Most of the people in the tribe knew how much An Sen and An Luo doted on their female, and they were not surprised, so they all laughed and told them to hurry back and rest, Roger had indeed tired himself out during the past few days.

On the other hand, An Bu didn’t say a word, but his eyes looked straight at Roger. Roger was half leaning in An Luo’s arms, his eyelids drooping, looking quite drowsy and seemingly unaware at all.

Seeing that the situation was not right, Lei Jin hurried to brighten up the atmosphere. He was used to this kind of thing a lot at the wine table before, and it was a piece of cake for him.

Fortunately, An Bu didn’t have any intention of making things difficult either. Before everyone noticed anything strange, he laughed heartily and said: “Since you’re tired, go back to rest. Isn’t Lei Jin here? Today our hero is not the only one.”

Lei Jin smiled generously, accepted the praise, and said, “Roger, go back and rest, I’ll drink your wine for you.” But secretly he frowned in confusion, wondering just what kind of grievances were accumulated between Roger and An Bu. An Bu’s attitude seemed alright, but looking at Roger, it seemed like he was determined to ignore the matter all together. He really was a bad-tempered guy. Lei Jin, this bad-tempered fellow, still had the mind to laugh at another even more bad-tempered fellow.

Roger lifted his eyelids slightly and looked at Lei Jin, motioning him to go together. There were still some werebeasts here and he couldn’t let Lei Jin stay here alone. No matter how strong he was, he would only suffer from losses when going up against this lot. After all, he himself was a living example.

It just so happened that Xiya and Moya had finished their work and also came over. Only then did Roger feel relieved. He was very confident in his two sons. With them there, they would never allow anyone to take advantage of Lei Jin.

Moya and Xiya pulled Lei Jin to sit between them, and immediately someone handed over the wine jar from the side. Xiya took three bowls and poured a full bowl for himself and Moya. But when it was Lei’s turn, Xiya poured only half a bowl before stopping. The people close to them could see it clearly and immediately booed, saying: “No good, no good, Xiya, that’s not fair, although Lei Jin is a female, but today he is the hero of our tribe. How can you be so stingy.”

Lei Jin didn’t want to be looked down upon. Besides, he had also drunk this fruit wine, which was little better than fruit juice. He had drunk all kinds of spirits before so he felt like he could handle this fruit wine easily. He took the wine jar and poured it full, smiled at the crowd, and drank it in one breath. He then wiped the corners of his mouth, and turned the bowl over, signaling that there was not a drop left.

“Sure enough, Lei Jin is very straightforward. Like everyone said, he is not the same as the females in the tribe.”

“Since Lei Jin has done it, us werebeasts can’t back down either.”

As everyone spoke, they also took turns to toast their bowl of wine. Lei Jin did not refuse a single one either as he was feeling very happy today. He had been here for so long, but he was just regarded as a so-called female and couldn’t do anything at all, nor did he have a clue on how to find his way back. Although he didn’t show it on the surface, he actually felt quite frustrated in his heart.

“Drink less, this fruit wine will be intoxicating if you drink too much.” Seeing that he had already drunk a lot tonight, Moya leaned into Lei Jin’s ear and whispered, the hot and humid breath causing Lei Jin’s body to unconsciously tremble.

However, he was not afraid of death, even shifting closer a few inches, the corners of his lips curving up roguishly. He chuckled lightly and said, “If I’m drunk, wouldn’t you just have the perfect opportunity to press me down?”

“You’re drunk, Lei Jin.” Embers flashed in Moya’s eyes, but he only replied coldly.

“Didn’t you always want to f**k me?” Lei Jin whispered, licking the corner of his lips with his tongue. His hand, in a position where no one could see, climbed up to Moya’s waist, where he squeezed in a teasing and suggestive manner. He had never lacked flirting skills. He knew what parts could quickly arouse people’s desire. As for Moya’s skills, at most, he was just a gifted novice in comparison.

That was why he hated the feeling of being controlled by Moya every time. Sobthis time he wanted to see what Moya would do in this situation.

Sure enough, Moya’s whole body immediately stiffened, and his breathing began to be a little disordered.

Lei Jin smirked silently. He really was too easy, he felt no sense of accomplishment at all.

Withdrawing his hand, he continued to drink with everyone, and did not forget to warn Moya: “I’m happy today, don’t stop me, I know when to stop.”

This time Moya didn’t say any more, and Lei Jin didn’t bother with him either. Xiya smiled and took the initiative to fill Lei Jin’s bowl with wine.

In the middle, the tribe’s people started to sing and dance, but Lei Jin couldn’t understand what they were singing. He originally wanted to just continue drinking but was forcefully pulled up to join in. He indeed did not know how to dance but with so many people, Lei Jin could get away with just jumping occasionally.

Suddenly, a pair of hands climbed up Lei Jin’s waist. Lei Jin originally thought he was imagining it, because it seemed that he really had drunk too much today, and his mind was a little muddled. Besides, there were many females around him. It made no sense that females would take advantage of females, right? However, following the movements of his body, the hands would from time to time brush lightly against Lei Jin’s body. Only then did Lei Jin take a closer look. It was a female with blonde hair and blue eyes. His features were very soft and hisblips were full and rosy. He was indeed a beauty, but he looked a bit familiar. Lei Jin suddenly recalled that when he and Roger had just come out of the woods, his hands had brushed against his body. At that time he had even wondered about this strange female.

The beauty in front of Lei Jin saw that he finally looked over, and with a dimple on one cheek he smiled: “Lei Jin, I am Chunji.”

“Oh. Chunji, hello.” Lei Jin still couldn’t figure out his intention, so he greeted him politely.

Chunji chuckled, leaned closer to him, exhaled and said, “Don’t be so polite. Haven’t you heard my name?” He thought that Xiya and the others had already preached in his ear about him.

“Oh? Are you so famous?” Lei Jin asked back with a smile.

In fact, Lei Jin really didn’t know, but it didn’t mean that other people in the tribe didn’t know. This Chunji was a famous beauty in the tribe, but he was not originally from the Leopard Tribe. As for which tribe he came from, nobody knew and he did not mention it either. He was picked up in the depths of the grassland by the werebeasts of the Leopard Tribe when they went out to hunt. The werebeasts in the tribe were originally quite happy to pick up this beautiful female, and they all scrambled to win his favor. Knowing that this Chunji was homeless they even built a house for him, and those werebeasts who wanted to pursue him would come to help him from time to time, bringing him their own prey. But after a few years, they gradually found that this Chunji would not refuse anyone who came. According to rumors, he maintained relationships with several werebeasts, but refused to hold mating ceremonies. Some people say that he even had relationships with some females. In short, there were all kinds of rumors. With this bad reputation spreading out, fewer people came to his door. Many families used him to educate their own children as a typical negative model.

At this time, seeing him and Lei Jin chatting and laughing, some people began to frown.

“I’m very famous, do you want to try?” Chunji’s eyes glanced at the forest next to them with meaning. Others might not see it, but he knew at a glance that this Lei Jin had not had his body changed and also had not been with any werebeasts. Don’t ask why, it’s a secret. He was very interested in this Lei Jin. He had a seductive appearance, and also possessed a rare cleverness. He found that he even managed to hunt prey alone in the woods during these past few days. His movements were agile and he seemed to be very good at cooking as well. He truly was perfect. Now he only wondered what he was like in bed, he really wanted to try it out with him.

Lei Jin suddenly realized the other’s intention and also regained a bit of sobriety. It seemed like he had met a fellow comrade. He estimated that this Chunji, if living in his world, would also be considered a bisexual.

This was indeed in line with Lei Jin’s preference. The two hit it off, and when their eyes met there was immediately an air of lingering ambiguity. They were both experienced casanovas, and knew exactly what the other was like with just a glance.

The two danced to the edge of the crowd, and soon reached the edge of the open space. Seeing that no one was paying attention to them, the two ducked into the woods, and fearing that they would be discovered if they stayed too close to the crowd, they went deeper into the woods. The surroundings became quiet, and the voices of everyone gradually faded away.

The two were of similar height, and very soon they embraced each other, gnawing and sucking each other’s mouth, taking turns untying each other’s clothes. Experience had its benefits, and clothes were taken off quickly. The two soon became naked, stroking and teasing each other with their hands, and setting fire everywhere.

Chunji was kissed out of breath by Lei Jin, and when his mouth was finally let go, he said, “I didn’t expect…..that your skills would be so good, I thought you had never done it with anyone…..”

Lei Jin had drunk a lot of wine, and now the fire in his heart was ignited. He pressed Chunji under him, pulled his hands up over his head and pressed them down, saying with a seductive smile: “Whether it’s good or not, you have to wait for me to go in before you know.”

Chunji was obviously a playboy as well. He raised his legs and hooked them around Lei Jin’s waist. Not to be outdone, he replied, “Don’t just talk about it, show it to me.”

Lei Jin immediately felt a rush of heat rushing downwards, and he scolded playfully: “You minx.”

And immediately began doing the preparations.

Chunji soon grew impatient and urged, “Hurry up.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As soon as Lei Jin heard this, he felt that this Chunji was definitely to his taste, and he straightened up and prepared to thrust in.

Suddenly, a pair of strong arms stretched out from behind and pulled Lei Jin up by the waist.

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  1. Interrupted the man, I wanted to read this scene, Lei Jin, Anything you say your men can only fuck you if they let you fuck them, everybody wins.

    (Positive thinking of what I wanted to happen, but from the comments of those who read everything, it won’t be like that…)


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