These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 039 Fighting A Battle

Chunji opened his eyes wide and screamed.

After Lei Jin was dragged up by the person, he was pulled into the other’s arms. Lei Jin’s bare back touched the animal skin clothes on the other’s body. It turned out to be a male werebeast! His heart jumped, estimating that he would not be able to wriggle out of this matter easily.

But it had never been his style to wait for death. He was a person who adhered to the principle that even if I am afraid of losing I will not let you win so easily. If you bite me, I will knock out at least a tooth of yours in the process.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Lei Jin did not hesitate. He pushed his elbows back with force, his movements ruthless and fast, hitting the other’s chest, causing him to grunt and his hold loosen. Lei Jin took the opportunity to whip around quickly and his fist also swung out at the same time. The light in the woods was dim, and he couldn’t see the appearance of the interloper. Lei Jin also didn’t have the time to look closer either. Planning to beat the other down before stopping to talk reason, his fists and kicks rained down even more fiercely. But although the other was tall, he was surprisingly agile as well. Lei Jin didn’t even manage to touch a hair on the other, and he knew that he had met a tough opponent.

As early as the two first engaged in the fight, Chunji, seeing that the situation was not good, picked up his clothes, and ran away without leaving a trace.

Tonight, Lei Jin drank a lot of wine, and his hands and feet were originally feeling a bit weak. And add to the fact that just now Chunji had also ignited his desire but he was interrupted before he could find release. After a few exchanges his strength gradually could not support him any longer. Feeling that escape would be the best policy, he wanted to make a run for it, but he had nothing on right now, so he must run out naked. As Lei Jin fought he gradually retreated, trying to get close to his clothes and find a quick way to get out of here. But while he could take care of one end, he could not the other, and the consequence of Lei Jin’s distraction was that his left wrist was tightly grasped and an arm was wrapped around his waist again. With only his legs left that could still move freely, Lei Jin kicked out at the other in response. The other didn’t seem to expect that Lei Jin still had the strength to resist, and wobbled a bit, falling in Lei Jin’s direction, but even so his grasp on Lei Jin did not let go. 

“Hey…..!” Lei Jin exclaimed. With that figure of yours, do you plan to use me as a meat cushion?

But before he could say anything, the world seemed to spin for a while. At the moment of landing, the upper and lower positions of the two flipped. Lei Jin was held in the other’s arms and the two rolled on the grass a few times, eventually stopping with him still pressed under the other.

The other’s head rested on his shoulder, and when Lei Jin came back to his senses, the side of his hand immediately moved to hit the other.

But then he heard the man lying on top of him saying in his ear, “It’s me.”

Lei Jin took a deep breath and let it out, and then his body relaxed. He lay on the ground and said weakly, “Moya, what the hell?”

Moya half propped himself up, stared into Lei Jin’s eyes and asked, “What were you doing just now?”

Lei Jin raised his eyes to look at Moya and sneered, didn’t he see clearly just now? If he didn’t see what happened, would he have so timely stopped him? Damn it, if it wasn’t for Moya just now, he had already done a round with that Chunji, how could he be pressed down and questioned here. Lei Jin was annoyed, and when he spoke his tone held a trace of sarcasm: “I don’t know what it’s called here. But back in my world, it has too many names, having sex, making love, sleeping with each other, f**king… choose the one you like.”

“Didn’t you just meet him?”

It turned out that he really saw it right. He and Chunji were really about to do that. Just now, in a moment of distraction he had lost Lei Jin in the crowd. His elder brother was pulled aside by his uncle to discuss some matters, so he got up and came searching. Hearing someone say that he saw him and Chunji chatting and laughing together, he already had a feeling in his heart. He had followed Lei Jin’s scent in the woods to find him. Those two thought they were quite discreet but they forgot that werebeasts had keen senses. Especially as Lei Jin slept in his arms every night, he was too familiar with his scent, so how could he not find him.

But recalling the scene he saw just now, Moya still stubbornly pursued the matter.

“You can’t f**k someone you just met?” Lei Jin raised his eyebrows and asked back before continuing: “Even if you don’t know each other, it’s still possible.”

“You want to do it that much?” Moya’s voice deepened.

“That’s right, I think about it every day.” Lei Jin responded bravely and answered without fear of death.

“Then I can help you.” Moya frowned.

Lei Jin chuckled, his free right hand slid down Moya’s back, stopping at his waist, and said, “But I prefer to be the one who enters, would you let me?”

“I’ll help you with my mouth.” Moya struggled for a while before saying.

“As far as your skills are concerned, I have to suffer your teeth every time. I don’t want my d*ck to be bitten off one day.” Lei Jin responded with contempt.

“But every time you enjoy it.” Moya pointed out the truth.

“You…..” Lei Jin choked. Indeed, the facts speak louder than words.

But what kind of person was Lei Jin? How could this matter be difficult for him to overcome? He snorted and said, “It’s better than nothing. When there is no one else, I can only make do with you.”

Moya’s dark green eyes narrowed, his tone becoming a little dangerous, and he asked, “I’m just someone you make do when you have no one else?”

“Otherwise, what do you think?” One must really applaud Lei Jin’s courageous death-defying spirit.

Moya gave him a deep look, and his answer was straightforward and decisive. He wrapped his left arm around his shoulder and his right hand grabbed his chin before lowering his head and kissing him fiercely.

Lei Jin didn’t expect Moya to kiss him without even saying a word. He was stunned for a moment, and then began panicking for no reason, struggling fiercely under Moya’s weight.

“Don’t move…..” Moya breathed harshly.

Not moving would be foolish, as if I would lie here obediently and be pressed down by you?

But Lei Jin immediately realized that he might really be a fool. Under his vigorous struggle, the bodies of the two rubbed closer and closer together, and at this moment Lei Jin still had no clothes on his body, so they were only separated by Moya’s thin layer of animal skin clothes. Lei Jin clearly felt the heat that was pressing to the inside of his thighs become more and more hot as the two bodies rubbed against each other.

Being a man as well, Lei Jin knew exactly what it was. His face darkened, and he gritted his teeth: “Stop making trouble, Moya, get off me quickly.”

Moya didn’t respond, and instead bit the cherry red on Lei Jin’s chest.

Lei Jin felt the sting from the other’s bite, and he couldn’t help but scold: “If you want to go crazy, find someone else.”

Moya was still lying on his chest, and his voice was a little hoarse as he spoke, “No one is making trouble for you.”

“Then get off me.” Lei Jin pushed his shoulder.

“Don’t you want to do it?” Moya didn’t let go, his whole body pressing down on Lei Jin.

“You’re so heavy, do you want to crush me to death?” Lei Jin frowned and grunted.

Moya licked and kissed Lei Jin’s chest, his teeth gnawing lightly on the cherry red on one side, while pinching the other with his fingertips.

“Moya… get off me…..ungh…..” Lei Jin grabbed Moya’s hair but didn’t dare to use force. Although it was basically just decoration for men, he didn’t want his decorations to no longer be symmetrical. He was afraid that Moya would accidentally bite it off. But the sudden pleasure made him arch his back upwards naturally, unintentionally pushing himself closer to Moya’s mouth.

“Hurts…..” The side that was being bitten by Moya stung painfully.

Moya heard this and immediately let go of his teeth and licked it gently with his tongue.

Lei Jin was waiting for this opportunity. He bent his knees and pressed it hard against Moya’s stomach. Moya felt the pain and subconsciously lifted his weight. Lei Jin felt the heavy weight on top of his body lightning and was about to get up.

But Moya responded quickly, grabbed Lei Jin’s ankle, pulled, and rolled him over, pressing him down again.

This time, Lei Jin was even more tragic, because this time he was pressed face down, and he couldn’t even put up a finger of resistance.

Moya began to conquer land, and dropped kisses one by one along Lei Jin’s back. It felt so good that Lei Jin’s scalp went numb, but he was still reluctant to be pressed down like this. He hated the feeling of his body being controlled by another, especially by a man who wanted to f**k him.

Not giving up, Lei Jin raised his head, trying to hit Moya’s chin.

Moya’s right hand that was originally holding Lei Jin’s waist shot forward and grasped Lei Jin’s front, beginning to move up and down.

“En…..” Lei Jin let out a moan, his body going limp on the grass, and there was nothing but panting left in him.

Moya’s hand kept moving at the front, and the tip of his tongue slowly slid down his back, until it reached the depression below Lei Jin’s waist. Lei Jin shivered at the turbid heat on his back, and both of them were breathing hard.

“Moya, stop playing…..” He was going to die. Lei Jin really started to become nervous.

“I will accompany you to finish today.” Moya officially announced in a very solemn tone.

“You try it and see.” Lei Jin said through gritted teeth.

“Since you said so, then I won’t hold back.”


Moya turned him over and directly blocked his next words.

Lei Jin was kissed forcefully and demandingly by Moya, unable to breathe, and his head that had been slightly muddled ftkm drinking began to feel dizzy. He never thought that one day he would be pressed under another man like this, but he was unable to resist, his blood surging in his veins, everything in front of him going hazy.

Moya didn’t speak, just fanned the flames with the sensitive spots on Lei Jin’s chest. The tingling all over his body was unbearable, Lei Jin’s desire was completely ignited, and he couldn’t help twisting a bit under the other’s solid weight.

“En…..” He groaned, but he still managed to hold onto a trace of rationality and tried to avoid Moya.

But Moya had already begun to forget everything else, the hand on Lei Jin’s waist grasped more forcefully, the tip of his tongue teased provocatively, licking down his chest, and finally swallowing Lei Jin’s member. The technique was still not very skilled, but put in much effort and care. The feeling of wetness and high heat did not let Lei Jin keep his rationality for long, and soon his back arched, and he couldn’t help releasing into Moya’s mouth.

His limp body fell back heavily on the grass, and he could no longer find any strength left in him.

“Moya, I will be killed by you sooner or later…..” After finding relief, Lei Jin put one arm over his eyes and said in a hoarse voice.

Moya spit the cloudy liquid from his mouth into his hands, and easily parted Lei Jin’s weak legs, revealing his entrance where he dipped his fingertips covered in the liquid and rubbed gently.

The moment those fingers touched there, Lei Jin’s body froze. He managed to find a bit of strength left, and said in startlement: “That’s enough, no more, Moya.”

“No.” Moya refused. He forced himself to be patient. This was Lei Jin’s first time, so he had to be gentle, but he really couldn’t bear it anymore.

In the next quarter of an hour, Moya’s index finger was inserted straight in with Lei Jin’s body fluids.

The strange feeling of something foreign invading his body made Lei Jin twist uncomfortably, trying to get rid of it.

Moya’s breathing became heavier and heavier, his finger went deeper inside Lei Jin, rubbed against the walls, and was soon followed by a second and a third, until Lei Jin’s entrance could fit in three fingers.

Moya quickly ripped off his clothes, held up Lei Jin’s waist, and knelt between his legs. Lei Jin’s lower half was completely exposed to Moya’s eyes. Lei Jin rarely blushed but he couldn’t help but redden now. He kicked and scolded: “Moya, go die…..”

“Bear with me a bit…..” As soon as Moya finished speaking, his waist sank down heavily, aiming at Lei Jin’s fluttering hole and pushing in hard. But that place was too tight, and Moya’s member was too big, and it only went in a little bit before getting stuck, and both of them were suffering.

Lei Jin only felt a pulling pain at the back, and he couldn’t help looking down at the place where the two connected. It didn’t matter when he didn’t see it, but now that he did see it, the sight almost scared him out of his mind. He endured the pain and scolded: “F**k off, Moya, it’s too big, how could it fit inside?”

Moya was also uncomfortable, but it was also his first time, and he didn’t know what to do. He really wanted to just thrust right in but knew that Lei Jin would not be able to take it.

“Then what should I do?” Moya humbly asked for advice.

“Pull it out.” Lei Jin shouted with wide eyes.

“No.” Moya shook his head, he knew that once he let go, Lei Jin would not let him inside again.

“You better let go.” Lei Jin put strength in his legs on Moya’s shoulders, kicked Moya away, and retreated, ignoring the pain below, and got up to run.

But before he even ran a few steps, Moya, who chased up to him, threw himself over and pressed him down onto the grass again. Moya lifted Lei Jin’s waist from behind and pulled it back, making Lei Jin half-kneel on the ground, with his butt upturned. Grinding his member on the outside of Lei Jin’s little hole, he was about to thrust inside again.

Lei Jin knew that he couldn’t escape today. Rather than dying from pain, he might as well tell Moya what to do so that neither of them would suffer, so he shouted, “Hold on, you should at least lubricate it.”

“How to lubricate?” It was a pity that there was no jade mugwort here. He had tried to lubricate it just now with Lei Jin’s body fluids but it still didn’t seem to work.

“You…..” Lei Jin was dizzy from anger. Did he even have to teach a man how to eat him up? Why was his life so tragic?

Lei Jin struggled twice, and was about to crawl forward again, but Moya quickly restrained him. With Lei Jin’s buttocks shaking in front of him, Moya suddenly seemed to become enlightened. He raised his hands to separate Lei Jin’s buttocks, revealing the little hole in the middle, and stuck out his tongue, tentatively licking it twice, watching as Lei Jin’s little hole fluttered in shock.

“En…..f**k off, Moya.” Lei Jin didn’t expect him to do this, and exclaimed in surprise, unexpectedly feeling pleasure from that sensitive place.

No way, he still couldn’t do it, Lei Jin instinctively wanted to kick the other, but taking the place of Moya’s tongue was his scorching member which rushed in aggressively from behind.


Moya had endured for a long time, and when he came in, feeling the heat and tightness in Lei Jin’s body, he couldn’t help but thrust heavily, with no regular rhythm at all. Lei Jin was pushed forward by his movements, and the cold grass rubbed against his knees, but even so it couldn’t put out the heat behind him.

Lei Jin gasped in pain, cursing the other while gasping for breath. He never knew that it hurt so much to be on the bottom. His body felt like it was literally torn in half, but he clearly remembered that the people who slept with him in the past enjoyed it very much. In the end was it because Moya’s technique was too bad, or was he just not suitable to be on the receiving end?

But Moya felt the opposite. He had finally entered this body, and the feeling was even more addictive than he imagined. There was nothing that made him more excited and satisfied than thrusting freely in this body.

Suddenly touching a spot, Lei Jin groaned, and reflexively clamped down on Moya from behind. Moya knew instinctively that this was the place, and he began to hit that spot inside of Lei Jin with precision.

Lei Jin’s legs went weak, but Moya held him up tighter, and the two connected even deeper together.

Pain mixed with paralyzing pleasure surged upwards, and the body that had always been used to pleasure unconsciously moved with the other’s movements. Lei Jin didn’t have time to curse the other anymore. He was defeated by Moya’s continuous collision. Every time he inserted and pulled out, there was a sloppy sound of wetness, and the two lovers’ erotic gasps echoed in the woods.

Don’t know how long it took, but Lei Jin felt a sudden heat gushing inside. Moya’s desire was finally released, and a continuous stream of heat was sprayed on his sensitive inner walls. Lei Jin’s member, who was originally half-soft from the pain, only to become hard again from the pleasure, also found relief. The white stickiness from the two dripped down Lei Jin’s thigh.

Lei Jin let out a wry chuckle, he did not expect that one day he would also find release from behind.

But before he could think about it for long, Moya became erect inside him again.

“Moya, get out the f**k out of there.” Just once nearly killed him.

“Let me do it again.” Moya sucked on Lei Jin’s earlobe, and turned Lei Jin over while thrusting in deep.

The body fluids inside Lei Jin’s little hole was squeezed out and flowed on the grass.

An uncontrollable pleasure surged in his body, and Lei Jin hugged Moya fiercely, nails scraping Moya’s back painfully, but his hips only pushed in deeper.

After several rounds, Lei Jin was almost killed by Moya. After that, he really had no strength at all. His arms and legs spread carelessly on the grass, and he grimaced in pain when any movement accidentally tugged on that swollen entrance.

“It’s really my luck that you didn’t f**k me to death.” Lei Jin looked up, only a little bit of the starry sky could be seen through the leaves.

“I won’t let you die.” Moya lay beside Lei Jin, his voice husky, but it didn’t lessen the seriousness in his words at all.

Lei Jin snorted and said: “I didn’t expect an ice block to be able say sweet words. But what men say in bed is generally not credible. What I used to say in bed sounded much sweeter than yours. But words aren’t complete. After that, you should say ‘I am not willing to let you die, I will make you feel so good, you’ll see heaven’.”

“I’m serious.” Moya looked directly at him with a very solemn expression.

Lei Jin felt something tug in his heart, it felt a little weird, and he looked away uncomfortably, not wanting to see Moya’s eyes at the moment.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You don’t believe me?” asked Moya.

“Does it matter if I believe it? Sooner or later I’ll be leaving.”

“Can’t you stay?” Moya’s voice held a trace of pleading.

“No.” Lei Jin answered quite decisively.

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