These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 040 Dealing With The Aftermath

Lei Jin saw that Moya was silent and didn’t know what he was thinking, but he could guess a little about Moya’s thoughts. After all, although Moya didn’t say anything in particular, he didn’t hide it either. He didn’t know why Moya developed such feelings for him. Although he felt that he was quite a likeable fellow, he didn’t think he reached the point where everyone would fall for him?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“In my world, if two people are attracted to each other they can sleep together, even if they don’t know each other. It’s nothing. When tonight is over, don’t take it to heart.” Lei Jin said carelessly, seeming very generous. Was there another person like him in this world? He was the one who got f*ked but ended up comforting the other. It was estimated that there would not be a second person as generous as him.

Though he acted like it was nothing, Lei Jin secretly cursed Moya’s ancestors one by one. Although it was one thing to enjoy it just now, he did not forget that it also hurt like a b*tch. But looking at Moya’s appearance, he knew that he had never done it with anyone before. He heard that such a person was likely to develop a special obsession with his first-time partner. Coupled with his original feelings, it was inevitable that the other would try to tie him down. He had a hunch that if things really got to that point, it would definitely not be fun.

“Is it really nothing?” Seeing that he didn’t care at all, still as arrogant as ever, Moya asked back with a half-smile.

“If I say it’s nothing, it’s nothing.” Lei Jin was likely just being stubborn. Even though he grimaced secretly in pain even when trying to turn over or slightly spread his legs, yet he still put up a stubborn front.

Moya turned over and a finger suddenly moved past his long legs and inserted into the back.

Lei Jin gasped in shock, and kicked out. But that movement pulled on his tender entrance, and the pain was so sharp that he could only such in air and the force of his kick could practically be ignored.

“Is it really nothing here as well?” Moya’s arms were propped on either side of his head, and he didn’t dare to really put the weight of his entire body down.

“Haven’t you had enough yet? Moya, I’ve already let you do it twice.” Lei Jin would never admit it but after Moya’s finger moved suggestively inside, he really felt a little bit scared.

The body that had just experienced an intense love-making was too sensitive to stand up to even a little provocation, and Moya seemed to have mastered all his sensitive spots, pressing his fingertip to that pleasure point in his body.

“Didn’t you say it’s nothing?” Moya teased, seeming to be in high spirits, carefully examining his reactions. As his fingertip moved, a thin layer of sweat covered Lei Jin’s forehead, but he bit the corner of his mouth stubbornly. Only those eyes, black and bright as the night sky, glared at him stubbornly.

Moya suddenly felt a wicked urge to tease him, his fingertip pressing down suddenly.

“En…..” Lei Jin couldn’t help but let out a moan from his lips, and his eyes misted over as well.

Seeing this female who had always been arrogant and stubborn showing such an expression in front of him, it was so unbelievably sexy that no male werebeast could stand it. Besides, he was buried in his body just now, and had personally tasted the pleasure to be had.

Lei Jin felt the breaths Moya exhaled on him while leaning on the side of his neck gradually becoming hot, and felt his heart jump. He looked up at Moya and was horrified by the strong burning desire in the other’s eyes, he really was going to be killed this night.

“I’ll be killed by you, Moya.” Lei Jin frowned, resisting the waves of pleasure inside his body that were only becoming stronger.

“I won’t do more.” Moya murmured, but he didn’t leave Lei Jin’s body, he just dropped layers of kisses all over his body reverently, not even letting go of his inner thighs.

This time Lei Jin came in Moya’s hand.

Moya picked up their clothes that were scattered over the grass.

“What are you doing?” Lei Jin only had time to feel his body rise up in the air, and found himself being carried in Moya’s arms in the next second.

“Be good, I’ll take you to the creek deep in the woods to wash.” Moya patted him on the back of his buttocks naturally, his movements appearing extremely elegant.

But where are you patting? Lei Jin screeched silently.

“Put me down.” He was not a woman, and did not want this kind of princess hold.

“Are you sure you can walk by yourself?” Moya’s eyes swept over his lower half meaningfully and frowned, obviously disapproving of his stubbornness at this time.

“I’ll crawl over if I have to, rather than let you carry me.” It was about the dignity of a man, and this kind of thing must not be compromised.

But when doing it just now, you didn’t stick to your integrity in the end.

Seeing him like this, Moya had no choice but to let him down.

As soon as Lei Jin touched the ground, his back throbbed, his legs felt sore and weak, and he almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, Moya didn’t dare to really let go, and quickly embraced his shoulders and supported him.

Lei Jin let out a curse. Soon the backs of the two leaning against each other gradually left.

“Now, shouldn’t you let go of this young master?” The little fox struggled under Mingya’s claws, his beautiful big tail was squeezed painfully in the little werebeast’s grasp. If the fur on his tail fell off, he would not forgive this little werebeast.

“Who told you to make a sound just now.” Mingya lazily raised his front paw and released his tail that was pressed underneath.

“Hey, this young master did it for your own good. There is really no reward for kindness. Didn’t you say that the female is yours, and all day long in front of this young master, calling him ‘Mingya’s female’.” The little fox pulled his tail in front of him and began to count his fur, one, two, three, four… many times did he count last time? Four hundred and three or four hundred and four?

“But he doesn’t like Mingya.” Mingya lay on the ground sullenly. Ah Ma said that Lei Jin only regarded Mingya as a little brother, and would not like to be Mingya’s female.

“How do you know he doesn’t like you? I think he treats you well.” Forget it, no more counting, his head hurt, every time he counted, he could never count accurately. He’ll try again later.

“Last time Mingya touched him, he slapped Mingya, but when second brother went in, he didn’t even hit second brother. Even though Lei Jin was clearly discovered by Mingya first, and brought back by Mingya.”

Today after a nap, he went out to find Lei Jin and happened to see him and Chunji going into the woods, so he followed, only to see both Lei Jin and Chunji getting undressed. He was a male werebeast, Ah Ma said he shouldn’t peek at naked females. Although he really wanted to see Lei Jin, he still closed his eyes obediently. Later, when he heard something strange, he opened his eyes and saw Lei Jin and Chunji hugging each other, and then second brother came over, and then second brother and Lei Jin were hugging together. He could only watch from the side, he knew that if Lei Jin found out that he was there, Lei Jin would definitely be angry at him, so he stepped on the little fox to keep him from making a sound.

“What’s wrong with you, Mingya?” The little fox poked him tentatively with a paw.

Mingya held his big head with both paws and lay there motionless.

“I don’t know, Mingya feels very uncomfortable here.” Mingya pointed to the position of his chest.

“Since you know it’s uncomfortable, why didn’t you go over just now?” The little fox looked at him with slanted eyes, these male werebeasts were really troublesome.

“Mingya doesn’t want Lei Jin to be angry with Mingya.” Mingya got up, walked to the place where Lei Jin had lied just now, rubbed his head against it, and said, “It’s Lei Jin’s scent, and Mingya has tasted it, too. He got angry with Mingya last time, but he caught fish for Mingya to eat. But now he doesn’t want Mingya anymore, he only wants second brother.”

Mingya lowered his head, big tears dripping from his big blue eyes and disappearing into the grass.

“Hey, don’t cry, this young master is not good at coaxing people.” The little fox jumped up and down anxiously.

“I’m not crying, I just feel uncomfortable.” Mingya raised his paws and wiped his face.


“Elder brother, why are you here?” Mingya looked at Xiya who suddenly appeared.

“I just arrived.” Xiya came over, looked down at him, bending down and touching his head, “My dear little brother, what’s wrong?”

The little fox was about to say something, but Mingya held him down. He forgot that even if the little fox spoke, Xiya wouldn’t be able to understand anyway.

“I’m looking for Lei Jin.”

“Have you found him then?” Xiya didn’t point it out. In fact, he was also present just now. He was just a little later than Moya. When Lei Jin disappeared, how could he discuss things with his uncle at ease? If Moya could find him by scent, how could he not find him as well? But even if he saw the two entangled with his own eyes, what could he do? He knew that although Lei Jin was reluctant, he still accepted Moya, but if it was him it would be a different situation?

If he even got too close to the other, he would avoid him, let alone something like this.

But it didn’t matter, one day, Lei Jin would also be his, so he would not give up.

“I haven’t found him yet.” Because Mingya lied to his eldest brother, he lowered his head and dared not look at him.

“Let’s go, go back, maybe Lei Jin has already gone back to sleep.” How could Xiya not know what he was thinking.

“En.” Mingya agreed.

“Yeah right, more likely that your second brother and your female are still in the stream.”

Mingya glared at him.

The little fox innocently brushed the tufts of bright red fur on his ears, and consciously jumped onto Mingya’s back. Ha, with someone to carry him, of course he wouldn’t walk by himself.

When they went back, Moya and Lei Jin were indeed not back yet.

Because the two were battling it out again in the stream.

Regardless of the pain below, Lei Jin insisted against letting Moya do it, but he was not as strong as Moya in the first place, and he had drunk alcohol and been f**ked, so the situation was obvious.

In the end, Moya pressed him against the shore, put his fingers in, and cleaned his insides for him.

“Your current body can’t bear this. If you don’t clean it up, you will get sick.” Lei Jin’s body had not been changed yet, and those fluids could not be left in his body.

Moya said it seriously, but Lei Jin was so mad that he nearly wanted to faint to death, lest Moya could anger him some more.

Tonight, his body’s endurance was completely spent, but Lei Jin still used his inhuman stubbornness to maintain the only trace of sobriety.

But in truth, unbeknownst to Lei Jin, those who should know have already known, and those who shouldn’t know would immediately know soon.

Moya helped Lei Jin clean up, and the two got dressed.

Moya then helped Lei Jin back, and when they reached the edge of the forest, Lei Jin waved away Moya’s supporting hand and straightened his back.

But it was really painful, Lei Jin gritted his teeth, and walked forward slowly, seemingly leisurely. Fortunately, the time they spent messing around was long enough, the people in the forest clearing had already dispersed, and even the bonfire had been extinguished, and the soil was buried over it, leaving only a few wisps of smoke, drifting in the wind. The closer he was to the tribe’s tents, the more he could hear the sound of rustling in the woods from time to time.

These familiar sounds made Lei Jin pause, and recalling that he and Moya were up to the same business just now, his face changed slightly. The male werebeasts were too busy during the past few days ago. It was estimated that with the catastrophe being over now, they finally had the mind for such things. Just as Roger said, these werebeasts were indeed sometimes little different from beasts.

Did that mean hr should be grateful to Moya for being able to hold back just now and let him go after two rounds? Lei Jin frowned fiercely, not forgetting to warn Moya next to him to stay away from him.

When they arrived back, no one in the family had gone to bed yet. Even the little guy who had been sleeping at every turn recently was wide awake and huddled by the bonfire.

Seeing Lei Jin coming back, Mingya’s eyes flickered, but he still ran over and threw himself into Lei Jin’s arms.

“Lei Jin, you’re back?”

Lei Jin staggered a step and almost fell to the ground, but fortunately Moya supported him subtly from behind.

Ah, his old waist was about to break, Lei Jin rubbed his waist inadvertently with his left hand, and used his right hand to touch Mingya, who was lying on his lap, and said, “Why haven’t you gone to sleep yet?”

“Mingya was waiting for you to come back and sleep together.” Mingya looked up at him.

“Okay, I’m back, you can go to sleep now.” With his situation tonight, he even had difficulty walking, how could he sleep in a hammock? If people knew, it would be quicker to just kill him.

“Aren’t you going to sleep with Mingya?” As he thought, Lei Jin really didn’t like Mingya anymore.

“I want to sleep under the tree tonight.” With full patience, Lei Jin brought Mingya to Roger’s side, took a deep breath, and slowly sat down by the trunk of the tree.

Roger glanced at him with an indecipherable look.

Lei Jin immediately exploded and asked, “What, Roger? Why are you looking at me like that?” A typical example of a guilty conscience, revealing everything with just his reaction.

Roger looked away, threw the firewood in his hand into the bonfire, and said, “It’s nothing, you drank a lot of wine tonight?”

“I didn’t drink too much.” Lei Jin eased up slightly.

“That’s good, since everyone is back, let’s go to bed separately.” Roger brushed away the soil on his hands and stood up. The tree hole was quite spacious for females, but not for werebeasts, so An Sen and An Luo didn’t follow and remained by the campfire.

As soon as Lei Jin sat down, he felt an overwhelming sense of exhaustion. Leaning against the tree trunk, he fell asleep by the warm bonfire very quickly.

“Papa.” Moya stopped Roger.

Roger took a deep breath, wanted to say something, opened his mouth, but swallowed it back again.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Turning around and entering the tree hole, he threw out a handful of jade mugwort after a while, but the small white flowers on the top had been removed in advance.

Moya mashed the jade mugwort’s stems and leaves, found a small pottery bowl, and picked up Lei Jin, who was already asleep, carrying him towards the depths of the forest. Mingya followed, grabbed the corner of Moya’s clothes, and probed carefully, “Second brother, let me help too?”

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  1. Oh what’s happening??? Where you taking him huh Moya?

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  2. I’m really enjoying this story and I wasn’t too affected by the negative comments, but this final scene really made me uncomfortable, I’m sad that they’re going to completely change his body without his consent and he won’t know anything from what I’m seeing, and it’ll be late when he gets pregnant, fuck, had everything to be such a good story, já you know how Lei Jin acts with everything weird and being called a woman and they’re still going to force him to drink it, aren’t you afraid of him trying to abort if he gets pregnant?


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