His Majesty And Ministers CH 19 Meeting The Captors

Hello everyone, my name is Jing Ye.

Never thought.

I still ended up getting kidnapped.

The man lifted Jing Ye by the collar as he jumped several times, and finally landed on a hill. Followed soon after by the two men from earlier.

As soon as their feet touched the ground, they knelt down on one knee and said, “My Lord.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Things that don’t grow a brain.” The man snorted coldly, “Not even a match for the Yuan family’s kid, Pingyue City’s face has been thrown away by you!”

Jin Jue bowed his head and said, “It’s this disciple who underestimated the enemy, my Lord, please punish this disciple.”

“As if this Lord needs you to remind me?” The more the man thought about it, the angrier he became. “If Yun Guang found out about this, wouldn’t everyone think that my disciple is not even better than that bastard Yuan Hongyan?”

Jing Ye was lying on the side, completely overwhelmed by the man’s ingenious qinggong, he could only breathe out but not breathe in, and from time to time he would cough twice.

The man calmed down his anger, turned his head and examined him carefully, and then spoke as if satisfied: “Good child, you look very well-behaved, do you know who this Lord is?”

Jing Ye paused and shook his head honestly.

“I’m an old friend of your father.” The man leaned down, his face that was full of anger just now, now showed a gentle smile, “Good child, come, call me Uncle.”

Jing Ye was stunned.

The man didn’t hear “Uncle” despite waiting for a long time, and became irritable again: “You don’t want to call me Uncle, right? Then cal me Dad!”

Jing Ye: “…..”

“Hmph.” The man raised his finger and pointed at Yuan Mo, who was thrown not far away, “Did they say something to you?” He tapped his finger in the air, and Yuan Mo instantly started vomiting blood.

Jing Ye hurriedly propped himself up, only to feel that his five internal organs were overturned: “Uncle!”

The other person’s expression became slightly better.

Jing Ye: “Uncle, ou…..”

Man: “…..”

Jing Ye leaned his upper body on a stone as wide as his body, and vomited everything up. After vomiting, he found that Jin Jue was kneeling beside him, so he pulled the other person’s sleeve and wiped the corner of his mouth, then tilted his head and continued to play dead.

Jin Jue’s face stiffened, but because of the presence of the Lord he could not explode. He could only secretly use his hands to cut off the dirty section of the sleeves.

The man said, “With such a weak body, could it be that in the future, after marrying Huan’er, you won’t even be able to enter the bridal chamber?” (TN: euphemism for sex)

Jing Ye: “…..!!”

“That’s no good.” The man’s expression sank and he strode over. Picking up Jing Ye’s collar again he said, “If you can’t handle it then we shall try once again! Before arriving at Pingyue City, you must get used to it!”

Jin and Yu also got up and followed. The man walked to Yuan Mo’s side, waved his hand, and used his qi to ease open the acupuncture points on his chest: “I’ll let you live today, go back and tell Huo Qianji’s sly disciple that the emperor is taken away by this Lord, if he wants to chase after him, he can come to Pingyue City himself.”

Yuan Mo spat out the blood clotting in his chest and turned his eyes to Jing Ye. The latter blinked slowly at him.

After the man finished speaking, he tapped on the ground with his foot and jumped north with Jing Ye in his hand.

Jing Ye’s arms windmilled and he felt that the last breath left in his body had flowed from the corner of his mouth into the air, and was waving goodbye to him.

…..Hello everyone, my name is Jing Ye.

Never thought.

I’m actually about to die this early.

Jing Ye still remembered that when he was eleven years old, his parents both went abroad to attend an academic seminar. They were worried that he and his brothers and sisters would turn their house upside down, so they decided to take their children with them.

The entire family arrived at the airport talking and laughing. He especially loved to run around and ended up making a fool of himself.

Then he went through security with his parents, got on the plane, and took off.

It was his first and last time on a plane.

He couldn’t remember many of the things that happened afterwards, but it seemed that he almost lost his life. His physical condition and the psychological shadow left after that made him want to run whenever he saw a plane.

Later, when he was in college, he liked a younger junior brother, and the other also seemed to have feelings for him too. On his birthday, the younger junior brother blindfolded him and said that he would take him to a romantic place.

Well, it was a pretty rotten experience instead.

It was the largest Ferris wheel in the city, and a large lavender field was planted below it. Often, the male and female protagonists in romance films kissed each other at the highest point, promising to stay with each other in life and death. He also endured to the highest point, but when the younger junior brother smiled and moved his handsome face closer, he finally fainted to the ground with a pale face.

Now he was not the only one who had a psychological shadow.

Jing Ye dreamed about his junior brother’s face in a daze, and it was still so youthful and handsome. In fact, he really wanted to tell his junior brother, let’s get married.

“…..you can now get married.”

Jing Ye: “?”

He opened his eyes hazily, and a splash of blood red filled his vision, hurting his eyes.

When his vision gradually became clear, he saw a vermilion robe covered with plain gauze, shaking gently outside the bed curtain.

“If the father can’t have his love, then the son will take the punishment. You are really my good father.” A younger voice came from outside the bed. A little low-pitched, with a lazy tone, and a hint of disdain.

“Is this what you should say to your elders?” The other person obviously felt his painful point being trampled and his voice instantly became an octave higher, “Get married! You will attend the wedding ceremony tomorrow! Even if you can’t get out of bed! I’ll have people carry you there and finish the ceremony!”

The young man snorted coldly.

Jing Ye stared blankly at the red veil on the top of the bed, his throat moved, but he didn’t expect that it would affect his lungs, and he suddenly coughed violently.

Both of them heard the sound, and they both turned around and walked over. One of the men was the one who kidnapped him out in the woods.

The other was a young man of the same age as Jing Ye, standing beside him indolently, his head lowered slightly, revealing a stunning appearance.

His cheekbones were cut like knives, eyebrows like painted ink, and he wore a forehead band inlaid with precious stones. On his slender figure was a red brocade robe dazzling like the red clouds of sunset.

Don’t know if it was his clothes that made him stand out, or the person himself who brought out the clothes.

The young man examined him a few times, and said with disgust: “How ugly.”

Jing Ye: “…..”

The older man squinted coldly at him, and the young man sat reluctantly on the edge of the bed. He stretched out his left hand and lifted a bowl of dark concoction.

Jing Ye’s hair stood on end subconsciously, but he couldn’t speak, so he desperately scooted inwards and away from the young man.

The young man raised his eyebrows: “What? This master feeds you medicine by hand, do you think anyone could enjoy this treatment?”

Jing Ye ignored him and rolled into the bed with the back of his head facing out.

The corner of the young man’s mouth twitched, his long arm reached out and grabbed Jing Ye’s collar, pulling him over. Looking at the person in front of him with messy hair and a haggard appearance, he inexplicably felt wicked amusement.

“Wife.” He took him in his arms, spooned the medicine in his hand, and smiled maliciously, “Be good, how can you recover if you don’t drink medicine.”

The older man had already left with satisfaction. Jing Ye struggled a few times, but found that he was completely powerless to resist, so he simply kept his mouth shut and refused to drink.

The medicine flowed down his lips to his chin, and finally dripped onto the boy’s brocade robes, wetting a deep red spot.

The young man lost his patience when he saw his clothes were ruined, raised his hand and threw him back to the bed. Jing Ye felt as if he had been granted amnesty and rolled further into the bed in a daze, feeling a severe headache. In a daze, he fell asleep again.

It seemed that someone outside the bed drapes was asking something accusingly.

“Weren’t you…..drink medicine…..”


“Didn’t I tell you to feed the child medicine?”

“As soon as he drinks it, he complains that he has a headache, and I simply can’t bear to force him at all…..”

In the hospital ward, Jing Ye, who was still a little child, listened to his parents while pretending to be asleep.

Mom seemed to be crying. The slender hand reached out and gently held his little chubby hand.

Jing Ye felt a little guilty, he won’t pretend to be asleep anymore, he’ll just drink it then. He also held back onto the other’s hand, and felt that his mother’s hand……seemed to be getting bigger?

The hand stiffened.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After a long time, Jing Ye felt that something was stuck in the palm of his hand, and it was a little cold.

She must have caught a cold while taking care of him, his mother’s health was not good.

As he thought so, he finally fell asleep and thought no more.

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