Sect Leader Is Under Great Pressure CH 069 I Am Who I Am, Which Is The True Self

A day later, Feng Qingxiu’s Flying Peak had an extra helper.

Guan Yuli greeted Taiyi Peak’s disciples amiably, and helped to arrange all the miscellaneous chores, including the daily salary payment of the spiritual demons, the purchase of various materials, and making progress plans for control…..

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Almost instantly, Feng Qingxiu’s time was freed up and now only needed to discuss runes with Taiyi Peak’s disciples, and was quite stunned for a while.

At this time, there were already many Taiyi Peak disciples and elders who surrounded him regardless of age——Taiyi Peak was not divided by seniority or age, but only by their level of runic formation mastery. So even if one was an elder, if their level of runic mastery was not as high as the other, then they would also ask the other for advice. Even if the age difference was hundreds of years.

According to rumors, Taiyi Peak’s senior brother who was in Seclusion was the representative of the Rune Formation School who had exceeded the ninth level. He was a treasure of Taiyi Peak, the lightning rune formation he created could shake heaven and earth. Other than the Sect Leader, he was the only one who could create runic arrays by himself. Up and down Taiyi Peak, everyone was applying for an elder rank for him, which was truly terrifying indeed.

Feng Qingxiu, in comparison, was much more lacking. Although his rune arrays had much potential, his foundation was much poorer. His directionality was very good, but his hands-on ability was his shortcoming. To improve this, Shizun encouraged him to study with these disciples whenever he had free time.

“That Senior Brother Guan…..” Feng Qingxiu asked with puzzlement.

“It’s alright, you are hampered by chores every day and don’t have time to explain the new runes to us.” Taiyi Peak’s disciple explained to him, “So we asked Madam Guan to come and help, anyway, he is able to take care of the Qingnu Peak’s affairs in just an hour. With him here, you don’t have to worry about anything.”

As soon as this disciple finished speaking he was immediately stabbed into a hedgehog by bamboo needles and couldn’t move at all, his appearance extremely scary.

His junior brother next to him gave him a contemptuous look: “At least wait for him to leave before calling him Madam.”

You Jia shrugged his shoulders on the side and sat on the blue stone beside him, carefully sharpening his sword with a small stone. In contrast, he had a lot of free time. The reason he followed over was to see if there were any bigger news scoops. He was You Jia, the man who hogs the front page after all.

With a slight smile, Yimeng Qingnu walked up to the handsome young man, and told him him about the recent events on Qingnu Peak, as well as handed over a small, thoughtful gift.

A certain Taiyi Peak elder on the side looked at them and couldn’t help but whisper: “The two of them are just like Yimeng Ruge and Bai Liu back then.”

“Yeah, one manages the outside and one manages the inside, Qingdi Peak was so good back then.” An elder next to him also sighed slightly, as if he was caught in a memory, “It’s a pity. Now Yimeng Ruge was a great parent and taught his child well, but Bai Liu is the very example of a doting parent ruining their child!”

“Speaking of which, Yimeng Qingnu is very much like the Peak Master Ruge of the past. If anything happens…..bah, thinking nonsense after getting old.”

Feng Qingxiu smiled and said, “Elders seem to be very familiar with Qingdi Peak.”

“In those days, Yimeng Ruge and Bai Liu’s skills were not low-level at all. Bai Liu was conservative in nature, and had a very high talent for meridian acupuncture. The treatment he favored was mainly based on harmony and nourishment. Yimeng Ruge was much bolder. After hearing the Sect Leader mention surgical practices, he used hundreds of years to invent many spells that handled excision, repair and suture that had extremely good effects. Qingnu inherited most of his medical skills and spells and carried them forward.” An elder said casually, “That was when Qingdi Peak was at its strongest, and the pill and poison veins were suppressed a lot by them. If Yimeng Ruge was the one who survived, Qingdi Peak definitely would not become like it is now.”

“Don’t mention the past anymore, it’s all over, one should not talk about the right and wrong of the dead.” Someone reminded.

“Okay, let’s not mention it, but this time the expedition taking the route to Yuntian Domain is already set in stone. Will we be bypassing that area from back then?” Someone next to him asked.

“Definitely not, the Jiutian Abyss there is full of soil, after hundreds of years, there should be siltation in the river, and there will be more Yunfu Dao Seeds.” An elder said with satisfaction, “After a dozen more years, the price of dragon ink will definitely drop.”

“That’s right, if you have a cup of this soil, you can make more than 6,000 Yunfu Dao Seeds. Should we plant more grass and go to Yushou Peak to find a dragon-blooded spiritual demon to raise?”

“Don’t bother, we are not the opponents of Shennong Peak when it comes to planting, and besides, do we lack that bit of money?” A senior brother said dismissively, “If you have time to spare, why don’t you work out the Jiujiao program in Jiuzhuo Spell. By the way…..Senior Brother Feng——there is a theory in our calculation book, but we have not been able to prove it. I want to ask you, on this diagram…..”

Feng Qingxiu knew that these questions were not actually asked of him, but of his Shizun, at least the ones he could not answer, so he wrote them down very seriously.

Shizun was always very thorough in his explanations, and he could always be able to integrate it even more when discussing with these senior brothers.

After another round of educational debate, Feng Qingxiu returned to Zhaoyue Peak with his list of questions.

All the way over, he ended up becoming dusty so went to take a bath before going to see Shizun.

There was a hot spring of living water behind their house. A small pool emerges from the spring, its temperature gradually dropping and becoming a shallow stream that flows to the foot of the mountain. It was his Shizun who specially pointed him there when he saw him bathing in cold water last time.

Although he was a little flattered at the beginning, after getting used to it, Feng Qingxiu now only felt that being doted on by Shizun was indeed wonderful.

Holding a bath towel around his waist, Feng Qingxiu walked towards the pool from the back door.

Only to be stunned in place.

His Shizun was lying in the pool water, his long hair was loose, and beads of condensation fell from his shoulders, revealing an elegant and beautiful collarbone and slender and strong arms. He was taking a bath while turning the water into rune symbols one after another.

His fingers were very beautiful, with rays of light emitting from the fingertips from time to time, falling to the surface of the water, and turning the surface into waves one after another.

For a while, the colorful lights reflected his ethereal face like the moon, like a god.

After a while, Shizun raised his head, revealing a tiny drop of water between his brows, almost blinding his eyes blind.

“Xiao Qing, you aren’t going to take a bath? Why are you in a daze?” Shizun tilted his head and asked him.

Feng Xiaoqing was at a loss for a moment, and suddenly blurted in a panic: “Shizun, you, you are so beautiful.”

“Oh,” Shizun nodded slightly and said, “Xiao Qing too, now come down.”

Feng Xiaoqing was even more shocked.

“Is there a problem?” Ji Yunlai asked him strangely.

“No, no problem.” Feng Xiaoqing walked into the pool stiffly, and accidentally fell into the water. After a bit of splashing, he got up and curled up in the corner like a quail.

“How have you been recently?” Sect Leader Ji poured a handful of water on his shoulders and asked leisurely.

Just now, he was studying the heavenly deduction, and got stuck at a key point. Just as he was puzzling it out, he walked to the pool inadvertently, so he simply came down for a soak.

Although the body of Human Immortal was immune to all kinds of poisons and did not collect and mortal dust and dirt, Ji Yunlai, whose memory of living in this world was only 16 years, didn’t think there was any problem in relaxing occasionally. In his previous life, he also liked to visit hot springs.

“Everything’s fine, the Flying Peak is also fine.” Feng Qingxiu said in a low voice, looking at the water in front of him.

“What about cultivation?” Ji Yunlai glanced at him and found that his cultivation level was already in the middle stage of Golden Core Formation, and he couldn’t help frowning slightly, “Your speed is too fast.”

“This disciple will definitely work harder to control the speed.” Feng Qingxiu said in a low voice.

He had already tried his best to control the flow of spiritual energy, and he could even control the small meridians, but since he began to practice the spiritual method given to him by Shizun, his cultivation speed was comparable to that of the fire eagle. If he even dared to relax his guard for a night, his cultivation level would rush towards the Nascent Soul Stage, the kind that would ignore any obstacles, it was simply terrifying.

“You can absorb all the residual thoughts and soul remnants and turn it into your own cultivation base…..” Ji Yunlai approached him, stretched out his hand to draw down the meridians of his shoulder one by one, and carefully inspected his disciple’s body. He found that along two meridians there were extremely small seas of energy, and the energy pulses were like vortexes that automatically absorbed the surrounding spiritual energy and soul remnants. He couldn’t help frowning, “It’s indeed a problem.”

After thinking for a while, he picked up a strand of extremely thin long hair from his shoulders, and after cutting it off, the long hair automatically coiled into a thin braid with a touch of red at the tips, and wrapped it on his disciple’s wrist.

Once again, he touched the two meridians, and he found that only spiritual energy was absorbed, and there was no trace of soul remnants, which was exactly in line with his inference.

He had a celestial demon seal at the tips of his hair, which was the nemesis of all spirits and souls.

Nodding with satisfaction, he instructed his disciple: “With this on, you won’t have to worry about your cultivation level rising too fast in the future.”

But he didn’t hear his disciple’s reply. He raised his head and saw that his disciple’s skin was as red as a lobster, and had a tiny grievous expression on his face as if he was about to cry.

Suddenly, in a moment of wicked amusement, Ji Yunlai lifted the other’s chin lightly, straightened his upper body from the water, and looked down at him: “What’s the matter, are you afraid that I will eat you?”

His disciple was stiff all over, and then he saw the tip of his nose twitch, and red drops fell from his nostrils.

“Young people are too full of heat.” As if he had played enough, Ji Yunlai patted his disciple’s head as if nothing had happened, turned around and walked out of the pool. Flicking his fingertips, the water droplets dissipated, and a new set of robes climbed up automatically over body, “Come find me after washing.”

Really, wasn’t it just taking a bath, they were both men, what was there to be scared of.

His disciple was just no fun!

Ji Yunlai thought with boredom, pushed the door and entered his residence.

After a long while, Feng Qingxiu, who was still in the water, let out a sigh of relief, rushed back to his room after washing, and recited the heart-purifying mantra a hundred times in his head.

But it still felt like there was an invisible fire that couldn’t be put out.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw his own shadow swaying drunkenly on the wall, and slapped it angrily.

Almost smashing the wall in the process.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )


Mini Skit: A long time later, Xiao Qing realized that the shadow was not some kind of demonic thought, but the deepest expression of his heart…..

The next chapter is the side story of the Qingdi Peak a hundred years ago, BE and dark, skip if you can’t handle it!

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