These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 041 Werebeast With Werebeast

Moya seemed to hesitate for a moment, but nodded and said, “Come here.”

Mingya wagged his tail happily, and followed step by step. Xiya didn’t say anything when he saw this. In fact, since Lei Jin came back, Xiya didn’t say anything. He knew that nothing said was right now. After all, Lei Jin had just been with Moya. He found Lei Jin’s blanket, warmed it over the fire, and spread it under the tree by the bonfire.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

An Sen and An Luo glanced at each other and seeing the reactions of the several children, they understood in their hearts. While Roger might still be able to say a few words about such a thing, as fathers, they couldn’t say anything. However, that didn’t mean they wanted it to affect the relationship between the three children.

“Xiya, come and sit here.” An Sen patted the seat next to him and motioned to him.

Xiya didn’t know what his dad intended, so he stopped what he was doing and came over.

“Xiya, what do you think about Lei Jin?” An Sen asked after he sat down.

“I won’t let go, Dad.” Xiya thought that his dad was going to persuade him to give up, and immediately made a very serious statement.

“I didn’t say that. An Luo and I will not interfere in any of your matters. I just want to say that since you have chosen a shared wife, you must always keep calm. Even if he chooses Moya first.”

Xiya rubbed the short golden strands scattered in front of his forehead in frustration, maybe he was indeed not calm. Although he desperately told himself that there would be opportunities, he still felt uncomfortable. Why was it that Lei Jin could accept Moya but not him? He thought he had hid it well, but he was still seen through by his fathers.

“No matter what, the relationship between the three of you brothers can’t be separated because of this. This is what Dad doesn’t want to see.” An Luo continued.

“Don’t worry, Dad, to be honest, I am indeed jealous of Moya, but he’s my younger brother, and I haven’t forgotten that.” Xiya raised his head and said.

“That’s good.” An Luo nodded, slightly relieved. They could also let go of some of their worries.

On the other side, Moya carried Lei Jin behind a hidden stone in the woods. Seeing that there was no one around, Moya took off Lei Jin’s pants that he had just put on, and while still holding him in his arms, separated his legs, showing the middle.

Moya handed the medicine bowl with jade mugwort to Mingya and said, “Can you change to your human shape? Your fingers are thinner, you do it.”

There was a clear smile in Mingya’s eyes, and he nodded diligently. Taking his human form, he dipped his long slender fingers in the medicinal paste and sent it to Lei Jin’s back entrance.

Seemingly having bumped against something, it caused Lei Jin to frown and moan softly. Mingya was so startled that he retracted his fingers and glanced at Lei Jin’s face worriedly. He was afraid that Lei Jin would hit him when he suddenly woke up.

“It’s okay, he’s injured, just be lighter. He drank a lot tonight and won’t wake up so soon.” In addition to being ravished by him today, it was even more difficult for him to wake up.

Only then did Mingya relax, and he dipped the fingers coated in the medicinal paste inside and slowly spread over the inner walls.

Lei Jin’s insides were so hot, Mingya thought dazedly with his fingers buried within.

“Alright, stop thinking nonsense over there. It’s cold at night, don’t let him catch a cold.” Moya looked at his intoxicated little brother with amusement, and felt Lei Jin’s forehead. Fortunately, it held a hint of coolness, it seemed that the first time didn’t hurt him much. He heard from many werebeast friends who had already held the ritual that the females were prone to fever the first time.

“En.” Mingya nodded obediently and carefully applied the medicine for Lei Jin.

After all this was done, Moya helped Lei Jin put on his pants again. Mingya leaned over and kissed Lei Jin’s face lightly, feather light and leaving as soon as his lips touched it, so light it could hardly be felt.

When they came back, Xiya’s expression was much better, he helped wrap Lei Jin in the blanket, and then beckoned Mingya to sleep in the hammock.

“Take care of him tonight.” After Xiya said this, he turned and went to the other side of the bonfire.

“Thank you, eldest brother.” Moya said behind him.

“Hmph, don’t say it too soon. Maybe Lei Jin will like me more at that time.” Xiya turned back and smiled, but deliberately wrinkled his brows.

Moya smiled lightly.

“Tch, you sure know how to smile. Don’t act so proud. No wonder Ah Ma doted on you the most since childhood.” Xiya muttered under his breath, and stretched out his long legs on the other side of the bonfire. Laying back, he seemed to fall asleep quickly after his eyes closed.

Moya then looked down at Lei Jin, who was sleeping peacefully in his arms. This person was destined to not belong to a single one. He just hoped that the three of them would be able to keep him by their side.

“Lei Jin, stay for us.” Moya said softly.

Lei Jin naturally did not respond.

The next day the fire on the grassland had been extinguished, and the people who had moved into the caves in the woods for some time were now also ready to go home. It was a busy scene of people carrying large and small bags, moving with their families back home. Lei Jin slept sweetly for a long time, only to wake up from the sound of cluttered footsteps in the woods.

“You slept really well this time. I called you twice and you were still unmoving.” Seeing that he woke up, Roger had him go wash his face first, and handed him the roast leg of lamb that was still on the fire.

Lei Jin really had nothing to say this time, it was not as if he could shout at Roger: If it wasn’t for your good son, would I be forced to sleep till now? He won’t say this even if it killed him. When he woke up in the morning, he didn’t see even a shadow, a typical example of running away when one has eaten his fill.

“The werebeasts went to clean up the dead herd animals in the grassland early this morning.” Roger said casually.

“Oh.” Seeing that Roger was the same as usual, Lei Jin felt relieved, and lowered his head to eat the lamb leg.

Roger suddenly thought of something, grabbed the leg of lamb from Lei Jin’s mouth, and said, “I didn’t eat breakfast either. I’ll eat lamb leg, and you drink the pheasant soup from the pot.”

“You’re really weird, Roger.” Lei Jin looked at him inexplicably. Just eat it if he wanted, did he need to be in such a hurry?

If I let you eat this lamb leg, you will be the one who will suffer during the next few days. Roger rolled his eyes.

Lei Jin poured a large bowl of pheasant soup for himself, the meat was already simmered, and it melted in his mouth after a few bites.

“Roger, your cooking skills improved.” Lei Jin threw an arm over Roger’s shoulder, as he commented quite sincerely.

“I didn’t make it.” Roger smiled maliciously, poking at his weakness.

Sure enough, Lei Jin immediately fell silent.

After eating, the two of them also started to pack up. Fortunately, they didn’t bring much when they came. The two of them were more than enough to pack it all up quickly. So while their family was not the first to pack up, when they got home, it was not late either.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The whole tribe was covered with thick grass ash, and the moment people walked in, grass ash flew everywhere. As long as you opened your mouth, both your nose and mouth would be covered in it. Lei Jin and Roger choked and coughed until their throats hurt. Covering their faces with their clothes, they ran home quickly. But before reaching the door, Lei Jin was shocked by what he saw at the door of Qi Luo’s house.

Was that two werebeasts who were entangled in the doorway and kissing inextricably? This was okay too?

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  1. Honestly, I was hoping they would make LJ take that medicine that makes it possible for him to get pregnant, relieved that it wasn’t at this point, as I think it could happen sooner or later.


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