These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 042 Shared Wife

Lei Jin was surprised to see the two werebeasts kissing so hard right out in public. After all, it was rare to see two grown men kissing so hard on the street where people come and go, right? And these two grown men were over two meters tall, so this visual impact was really shocking, but Lei Jin’s thinking was quite boring, at most he just wondered, wouldn’t they end up eating the dust flying all over the street? Looking at the grass ash flying everywhere, he felt very inexplicable just thinking about it. He wondered if the saliva that would flow out later would become black from inhaling in the dust, would it?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Roger didn’t need to ask to know what Lei Jin was thinking at the moment, just look at the expression on his face as he stared at the place where the lips of the two men were connected. The viewer watched without hiding, but the doers were not as calm. The two werebeasts seemed to want to show that they didn’t care and kissed harder, but this guy seemed to have become addicted to voyeuring. One of the werebeasts raised his head, and shot him a cold look.

With slightly darker blonde hair, dark blue eyes, and sculpted facial features, he was definitely a handsome guy. But his aura was comparable to a big ice brick. It was suitable for cooling on this hot day, but the temperature difference between day and night on the grassland was large. It was cold at night, and Lei Jin felt one would freeze to death sleeping together with this fellow. As he thought this, he conveniently forgot that there was also an iceberg back at home that he was quite fond of. Sleeping together every night, and so far he hadn’t frozen to death, and was still very much alive.

Lei Jin frowned, eh? Looked a little familiar, especially when he glared at him like that, but still…..he didn’t recognize this guy.

But when the person above raised his head, the person below also revealed his face. It turned out to be Qi Luo. He usually appeared quite honest and friendly and whenever he came to Roger’s house to stop by he sometimes stuttered when speaking. He didn’t expect to see such a bold side from him today.

In fact, Lei Jin didn’t know that this Qi Luo usually only stammered when he saw a female, and normally he spoke very fluently.

When Qi Lul saw the two of them, his brown skin tone flushed red with blood, “Uncle Roger, Lei Jin, you guys are back?”

The werebeast was obviously surprised when he heard their names, and especially examined Lei Jin a few times, but Roger and Lei Jin’s faces were wrapped in clothes so he probably couldn’t see anything either way.

Roger nodded without saying anything.

Lei Jin and Qi Luo could be considered familiar with each other. He grinned, wanting to praise him for his bravery in battle or something, and said, “Qi Luo, you…..” But after thinking about it, it seemed that Qi Luo was the one on the receiving end and he was unable to continue to say these words, eventually just saying vaguely, “En, quite good.”

As for what was good, that was a matter of opinion.

Qi Luo smiled stupidly, and probably didn’t understand what Lei Jin was trying to say.

“Uncle Roger, Lei Jin, I can help you carry your things home? I just came back. I saw Uncle An Sen and the others are still out on the grassland.” Qi Luo walked over clumsily. The man behind hunched his shoulders, seeming to be defeated, and came over silently to pick up the luggage for Lei Jin and Roger.

Lei Jin took a step back and said, “No need, it’s not heavy, I’ll just do it myself.”

The man didn’t even react, but with a cold face, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the bag hanging on Lei Jin’s shoulders into his own hand. Seemingly even more skilled than a robber.

“Hey…..” How could there be such a person? The way he helped was more like chasing after debt.

“Jia He, don’t be like this, it will scare Lei Jin.” Qi Luo had already taken the baggage from Roger’s hand. Seeing Jia He’s rude behavior, he couldn’t help but lecture him.

Jia He snorted coldly and didn’t answer. He threw Lei Jin’s baggage on his back and took the lead to Roger’s house.

Seeing him like this, Qi Luo hurriedly said to Lei Jin: “Although Jia He doesn’t like to talk to people, he is a very good person, so please don’t be angry with him.”

Lei Jin waved his hand, how could he be angry about such a trivial matter. Although the man named Jia He made it clear that he did not like him, he was still helping them, so he could spare some tolerance for this.

The two families were neighbors, and so they arrived home within a few steps. The doors here were not locked, but each family added two handles on the door to facilitate opening and closing the door. There was a horizontal bar in the middle and it was very convenient to close and open the door from inside as well as from outside. Just lift the door to the side, enter through the gap in the middle, and flip the door lever.

Jia He and Qi Luo put their luggage on the stone table in the yard.

Qi Luo asked again, “Uncle Roger, Lei Jin, is there anything else you need help with?”

Roger said: “No, thank you, Qi Luo, everyone just came back, you should go and clean up the house with your Ah Ma, just me and Lei Jin here are enough.”

Lei Jin also nodded.

So the two left.

“Roger, it’s also fine with werebeasts being with other werebeasts?” The two of them started cleaning the rooms first. Fortunately, when they left, they foresaw that this situation would happen. The doors and windows were closed very tightly. Although dust inevitably came in, it was not very serious, at least the condition was much better than the outside.

“If it’s too specific, I don’t know very well either, but I know from the only bit of text and graphic records of the Leopard Tribe that many years ago, this continent of Yates seemed to have experienced a long Ice Age, with a cold climate and lack of food. Females have relatively weaker bodies and died in large numbers during this period. After the Ice Age passed, the proportion of werebeasts and females in each tribe was seriously imbalanced, so there were multiple werebeasts sharing one female and two werebeasts mating together. Although the number of females in various tribes had increased a lot, they are still relatively few compared to the werebeasts, so these things are inevitable.” Roger’s explanation was tepid, and he even stopped to change the rag in the middle.

“Multiple werebeasts sharing a female, that is, a common wife?” Lei Jin was squatting and wiping the legs of the table, and suspecting that he had heard it wrong, repeated with wide eyes.

“You can also say it’s polyandry.” Roger glanced at Lei Jin and added another sentence in a manner that seemed as if it had nothing to do with him.

After wiping the cabinet by the bedside, he kicked Lei Jin, who was still squatting there: “Move to the side, you’re in the way.” He walked to the window and began to clean the window sill.

“Then you too…..” Lei Jin didn’t finish his words.

Roger replied, “Exactly.”

“I always thought you were…..” Lei Jin almost blurted out, but he reacted immediately and stopped abruptly.

“What?” Rojer didn’t intend to let him go and asked back.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” Lei Jin quickly put on a big, bright smile. If Roger knew, with his temper, he would definitely fight with him, although he certainly couldn’t beat him.

“You better not think about anything weird,” Roger warned him, turning to continue cleaning his windowsill.

But the moment Roger turned around, the smile on Lei Jin’s face disappeared, and his eyes suddenly became sharp. So those three had this in mind, a shared wife, huh?

He did it with Moya last night. Although he couldn’t resist, one reason he didn’t fight too fiercely was because he wanted to indulge in the pleasure. The second reason was that he really had feelings for Moya, but the third reason in his heart was that he felt that if he had a relationship with Moya, the other two should know to retreat, after all it was not like they could steal their brother’s lover, right? Dealing with one Moya was better than dealing with three predatory werebeasts, right? But what was the situation now? There was actually the practice of sharing a wife?

In their dreams! You want to be my man, see if I agree or not! If I don’t agree, don’t even think about ever succeeding.

“Be careful with my desk legs, I just made them last year.” Seeing Lei Jin’s head down and rubbing fiercely as if off the surface of the desk, Roger couldn’t help but remind.

“Roger, you’re so stingy.”

Roger sighed in his heart, Lei Jin, I will slowly tell you one by one, what will your final choice be?

“By the way, who was that Jia He just now? He looks familiar.” Lei Jin changed the subject.

“Jia Nuo’s older twin brother.” Roger answered as a matter of course.

“Uh, Roger, can I ask, that…..who is Jia Nuo?”

Roger gave him a strange look. And here had recently heard that Jia Nuo declaring to the whole tribe that sooner or later he would snatch Xiya back from Lei Jin’s hands. But it turned out that this fellow didn’t even know who he was. This situation was so hilarious that Roger even wanted to laugh ot loud himself.

“Is he famous or something?” Lei Jin asked when he saw that Roger wanted to laugh but was trying hard to suppress himself. He had always forgotten about the little shrimps that had nothing to do with him, so as not to waste his brain cells at all.

“Not famous, just the admirer that you helped Xiya deal with on hunting day.”

“No wonder, he was practically shooting eye knives at me, it’s all Xiya’s fault.” How he regretted it now. Lei Jin patted his pants and stood up.

This guy really had no self-consciousness. Roger cast him a contemptuous look. It was estimated that the reason Jia He disliked Lei Jin, at most, was due to Qi Luo’s relationship. Even he could see that Qi Luo had a vague affection for Lei Jin, which was the kind that werebeasts had for females. But Lei Jin probably just ignored it.

“Jia He and Qi Luo are likely to become a pair.” Roger reminded him to keep a proper distance from Qi Luo.

“Everyone is quite open-minded here.” Completely not on the same brainwave at all.

“Everyone is used to it. After all, this kind of thing is not just particular to the Leopard Trihe. There are obviously not enough females, but that doesn’t mean those werebeasts who don’t have a partner have to rely on their right hand to solve their needs for a lifetime, right?” Roger gave up and continued with the topic Lei Jin brought up.

“True.” Lei Jin replaced the dirty water and poured a basin of clean water in.

After cleaning both houses they put the items back where they were.

The pots and pans in the kitchen were wiped anew, and An Sen and the others also came back. This time they brought back a lot of prey, but they were all baked with little skin and furless, the appearance not at all pleasant.

These prey were not in a hurry to be dealt with. The several people except Mingya took big buckets and instructed them to enter the house. Then they changed into their animal forms and flew out.

Lei Jin stood in front of the window, and not long after, he saw many werebeasts flying over, buckets of water pouring down on the streets, roofs, and courtyards. At first, layers of dust were stirred up, flying up all over the sky. However, as the amount of water increased, the grass ashes were quickly washed away, and the water falling from the eaves was black, as if a heavy rain had just occurred, and the world soon became brighter. Blackish, sooty trails were left behind, however.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But they came back and washed it again, and the grass ash flowed into the creek in front of the house, and was quickly carried away.

After dinner, Lei Jin felt a headache developing. Where would he sleep tonight? Mingya looked at him with concern, and asked, “Lei Jin, do you still hurt there?”

Everyone’s eyes swept over.

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