These Werebeast Gongs Are Rogues CH 043 Utter Chaos

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Now it was just after dinner, and the whole family was enjoying the cool breeze in the courtyard. Under the courtyard wall, the flowers planted by Roger were quietly exuding fragrance. The doors were thrown wide open and people could be seen walking by and chatting while enjoying the cool breeze as well. But after Mingya asked this question, the surroundings became eerily quiet.

Lei Jin was stunned at first, this incident only happened last night, he didn’t say anything, and Moya was not the one to show off about this either, so how did Mingya know? Could it be that he was wrong, and Mingya was asking about something else? But other places were not injured, and Mingya’s eyes were staring at the space between his legs accurately.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Under such public scrutiny, Lei Jin wanted to pretend he didn’t hear it, but the truth was that he did.

Lei Jin stood up from the stool, stretched his arms, yawned, and said, “It’s so late, everyone should go to bed early, go to bed.”

Before he even took two steps, he heard Mingya shout, “Lei Jin, mmph, mmph…..” Someone seemed to be covering his mouth, but trying to hide it only made it more obvious, which meant that Mingya was not the only one who knows.

Lei Jin’s head felt heat shoot up to his head, as well as the veins throbbing on his clenched fist. He walked away without looking back.

“Ah Ma…..” Mingya rubbed his mouth. Ah Ma had held onto his mouth so tight just now that his mouth hurt.

“Little idiot, when will you grow some brains?” Roger sighed helplessly. No wonder Lei Jin always beat him up secretly. Just looking at this fellow’s confused eyes, even his own hands felt a bit itchy and wanted to give him a slap or two to wake him up.

“Ah Ma, Mingya doesn’t understand.” Mingya laid on Roger’s lap. He just wanted to take care of Lei Jin. He remembered that when he helped him apply medicine last night, it was quite swollen and even bloodshot. Don’t know if it was better now with the medicine applied, and if he wanted Mingya to help him again?

“Papa, Dad, eldest brother, Mingya, I’ll go first.” Moya turned around and chased after him. He knew that Lei Jin was probably in a rage now, but since he was responsible, he naturally had to bear it.

Lei Jin didn’t walk fast, and was quickly caught up by Moya. In fact, even if he wanted to go faster it was not possible. Although he pretended that he was fine today, how could he be fine? It was his first time and Moya was no skilled master either. Originally he wanted to just endure it, as everyone didn’t know about it. But he didn’t expect Mingya to expose the secret in just a few words.

“Lei Jin, wait a minute.” Moya held his wrist affectionately.

“Let go, Moya, or I’ll hit someone.” Lei Jin grabbed Moya’s collar. He was on the verge of exploding right now. Not only was he f**ked, the whole world now knows about it too. No wonder everyone was eating barbecue at dinner, and only he had a bowl of broth in front of him. And here he thought that he was just too sensitive.

“Don’t be angry, everyone will know about this kind of thing sooner or later.” Although there was no one around, Moya still lowered his voice and consoled him softly.

Lei Jin told himself to calm down, calm down. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Why is that the fact that I did it with you, everyone will know sooner or later?”

“In our werebeast tribe, werebeasts rely on the scents on the females to determine whether a female has a partner or not.”

“That is to say, the whole time I walked around the tribe today, everyone here already knows that I did it with you?” Lei Jin’s face darkened slightly.

“More accurately, only the werebeasts know, as females are not sensitive to the scent of their kind.” Moya explained to him in a good mood. In fact, he wished that all the people in the tribe knew that Lei Jin was already his.

“Moya, I suddenly have the urge to kill now.” Lei Jin’s hand tightened, and wanted nothing more than to strangle the person in front of him. But looking up into Moya’s eyes, into those dark green depths, which apart from calm, there was only gentle tolerance. From childhood to adulthood, he had never seen anyone look at him with such doting eyes. The eyes of the woman who gave birth to him were initially full of disgust, and then fear. His subordinates respected and depended on him, because he was the boss and must act as a pillar for them. His lovers were either fearful or greedy, afraid of the power in his hands, or wanted to get something from him. It actually took transmigrating to another world for him to find affection and tolerance aimed at him. And the most important thing was that he didn’t hate it at all. How ridiculous. He really would be killed by Moya. He could already predict it.

“Okay, let’s go apply some more medicine.” Moya pulled his hand down, intertwined their fingers, and kissed their joined hands lightly with his lips.

“Mental.” Lei Jin glared at him, snatched his back, and wiped it on his pants twice.

“It really doesn’t hurt there?” Moya lowered his head, chuckled lowly in his ear, and wandering hands crawled down to Lei Jin’s behind.

“Moya, why don’t you just die early?” Lei Jin threw a punch, and Moya took a step back nimbly.

Lei Jin didn’t hope to hit him either, just to keep him away.

Just as he was about to turn around, Moya bent his knees and grabbed Lei Jin by the waist, carrying him on his shoulders by the waist.

Lei Jin felt a moment of dizziness in front of his eyes, and when he came back to his senses, he was already on Moya’s shoulders, his legs were tightly bound, and Moya’s hard shoulders were digging against his stomach, which made him feel quite uncomfortable. Of course, this was not the reason why he felt so awful. The main reason was the fact that he was being carried like a sack of potatoes.

Don’t know if it was because of being upside down, the blood went straight to the head, anr Lei Jin slapped Moya’s back, sayin g fiercely: “Moya, you let me down.”

“Don’t be stubborn, let’s go apply the medicine soon.” Did he think he didn’t notice? He still had difficulty walking, so the effect of last night’s medicine should be over.

“Stubborn your head. Let me down now.” Lei Jin tried to straighten his waist, trying to flip down by himself.

Moya casually raised his hand and pressed heavily on Lei Jin’s waist, and the soreness that hadn’t disappeared since last night weakened any strength he mustered up.

“En…..sneak attack from behind, you villain.”

“I think it’s alright.” Lei Jin couldn’t see Moya’s expression, he only heard him suppress a laugh, and even his shoulders seemed to shake twice.

Seemingly picking up on something, Lei Jin raised his head and looked in the direction he came from. Xiya was standing at the corner with his violet eyes half-drooping. Seeing him look over, he flashed a very bright smile. With his golden hair, it was especially dazzling. He seemed to have said something to him silently, but Lei Jin didn’t know lip language.

Moya carried Lei Jin, went back to the room, took the cloth towel and medicine bowl, and went directly to the stream.

“How long are you going to carry me?” Sure enough, the man’s body was too hard, especially that of a male werebeast. Lei Jin slapped Moya until his hand hurt, but Moya didn’t seem to feel it at all. His stomach kept knocking upside down on his shoulders, and he felt like throwing up.

“Okay, here we are.” Moya let him down.

When Lei Jin came down, he jumped three feet away immediately, distanced himself from Moya, glared at him and said, “Give me the medicine, I’ll do it myself, you don’t need to bother.” Although he didn’t know what the green paste in the medicine bowl was, intuition let him know where to apply it.

“Okay, here.” Moya agreed readily, reaching out and handing it over.

Why was he so agreeable this time? Lei Jin couldn’t believe it. But thinking that Moya wouldn’t be able to play any tricks, Lei Jin stretched out his hand to take it. Only for Moya to take advantage of this and pull him into his arms, where he bowed his head and kissed him deeply, the nimble tongue sliding in without hesitation, and entangling his own, with the occasional bite and lick thrown in…..

When the kiss was over, Lei Jin’s lips stung painfully.

Lei Jin licked his lower lip, and it seemed the skin there was broken. He frowned angrily: “Moya, are you a dog? Why would you bite someone at every turn.”

Moya didn’t know what was wrong with him either. When he wasn’t with Lei Jin, he could hold back a little bit, but since he broke his abstinence last night, there really never a moment he did not think of him. Even while cleaning up the grassland today he was absent-minded, thinking about what Lei Jin was doing at home now, and as a result almost fell into a hidden pothole on the grassland.

“When I’m dead, then you can leave.” Moya said calmly, but Lei Jin instantly raised his head in shock.

Now that he saw him, he wanted to hold him in his arms all the time. Every time he recalled how he tossed and moaned under him last night, he couldn’t hold himself back at all. This person didn’t have to do anything yet his desire and enthusiasm was aroused nevertheless.

Lei Jin always said that he would be killed by him, but wasn’t he also the same? He no longer even dared to think about what he would do if Lei Jin really left. He really couldn’t let go of this person in his life.

“Alright, don’t be angry anymore, I’m wrong, I’ll give you the medicine, apply it after taking a bath, don’t let it touch the water.” Moya apologized obediently after taking enough benefits. He didn’t dare to challenge his own reason and self-control right now.

“Tch, let me f**k you next time, and when done, I’ll apologize to you.” Lei Jin wanted to deliberately forget everything just now. He continued: “It’s not as if werebeasts can’t be on the bottom. I saw it today. Since it’s okay between werebeasts, that means I can also press you down.”

Just as Moya was about to say something, Lei Jin stopped him and declared, “It’s only fair.”

Moya raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “You probably don’t know yet, pressing down a werebeast is determined by strength, whoever has the greatest strength will be on top so as long as you can defeat me, I will take off my clothes and obediently lie down for you.” The last sentence, Moya whispered seductively in Lei Jin’s ear.

“This rule is too shameless.” Lei Jin said with a frown, ignoring the heat that spread from his earlobe.

Moya smiled and declined to comment. In truth, he felt that it couldn’t be more fair.

It was a weird feeling applying the medicine to himself. Moya consciously moved further away from Lei Jin to take a bath. Xiya and Mingya hadn’t come back yet, but Lei Jin was afraid that they would come back at the wrong moment, so he hid in the tall grass on the shore, separating his legs and applying medicine. It was still painful at first, but soon it felt a little cool.

The crow felt very happy. Although there were many friends in the jungle, he still missed this family. He finally came back after a day and night of flying, and moved into its friend’s nest after some pestering. Immediately afterwards he came to this family to report.

“Ai? Caw caw, I just left for a few days and he is already eaten?” The crow thumped the ground with regret, “At the most important moment, I was actually not there! I strongly demand that the original scene be replayed, I want to watch.”

“You’re peeking here again.” As soon as Mingya came over, he heard the crow’s voice, and pounced unceremoniously.

Lei Jin was startled, and as a result his finger stabbed directly in. The pain made him grit his teeth and suck in the cold air.

“Lei Jin, what are you doing?” Mingya blushed when he saw Lei Jin’s fingers still stuck there, and bowed his head shyly, but did not forget to look his fill.

After holding back his anger for such a long time, Lei Jin finally found the source. He raised his legs and put on his pants.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Mingya turned and ran away, begging for mercy while running: “Lei Jin, I don’t dare anymore, next time I won’t ask you again if it still hurts, okay?” Ah Ma had already told him that this kind of thing should be said in private, not in front of many people.

“Stop right there.” Lei Jin felt that he had lost face today, so he had to catch Mingya and give him a good beating.

“Caw caw caw, fighting, fighting.” The crow fluttered its wings on top of Mingya’s head, cheering him on.

“Wait for this young master.” The little fox followed behind, scurrying about.

How could utter chaos even describe what was playing out now.

“It seems that his strength is recovering well.” Xiya smiled.

“En,” Moya also finished washing up.

“Can I look forward to it being my turn next time?”

“As much as I’d love to say no, but as long as he can stay.”

The night was a good one tonight.

It seemed that he had become quite immature. In this simple world, there was no need for intrigue, there was no power struggle, and he was a little afraid that he would really adapt to life here.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Lei Jin, are you tired?” Mingya saw him lying still on the grass. He leaned over and said, “Lei Jin, you’re angry, Mingya will let you hit me.” He put his head in Lei Jin’s palm.

Live his days well day by day, until the day he leaves.

From tomorrow onwards, Lei Jin was determined to understand this world well.

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