After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 191 Program Recording

With the bait of FlyNews open screen promotion tool, Mango TV quickly agreed to Tao Mu’s request to bring the “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” crew to the variety show for promotion.

Tao Mu then called Director Zhou Hong to discuss the candidates for participating in the variety show.

Director Zhou Hong was immediately stunned, and his first reaction was not to recommend candidates to Tao Mu, but: “I won’t go.”

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On the other end of the phone, Zhou Hong shook his head like a rattle, completely forgetting that Tao Mu couldn’t even see his movements at all: “Those variety shows are attended by young ones in their twenties, and they have to play games. I’m already in my forties, I don’t want to go.”

“It’s just a promotional activity. You should sacrifice for art.” Tao Mu persuaded Director Zhou.

Director Zhou gritted his teeth and did not give in: “I can sacrifice everything else for art. But if I sacrifice this for art, when it spreads, my colleagues will all laugh at me. No, no, I definitely won’t go.”

So Tao Mu said, “Then can you help me persuade the other teachers?”

Zhou Hong immediately said: “It’s basically not possible. How about you just take Zhang Mengcheng and Hu Ning over there. They are both in their twenties, so they should be able to play.”

Attending a variety show, yet the male and female protagonists won’t show up, just the investor coming forward with a group of small supporting characters. Was this appropriate?

Tao Mu didn’t give up, and pulled all the actors of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” into a FlyNews chat group. As soon as he mentioned going on a variety show, the veteran actors headed by Zhan Bin immediately asked for leave, and pretended to be sick. No one would come forward.

Zhan Bin also said reasonably: “We are all heading towards our fifties. How can we jump around like twenty-somethings on TV. This is absolutely not possible. You young people should go. It just so happens that you young people can also take the chance to gain more publicity. I’ve also heard that Mango TV’s variety shows are very popular. My son watches it every weekend.”

The several other veteran actors agreed. Zhang Mengcheng and Hu Ning however, really wanted to go, but they were too embarrassed to say anything and just obediently typed, “Following the orders of the crew.”

And so Tao Mu had no choice but to take the male No. 2 and female No. 3 from “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, as well as several important characters from “Fashion Storm” to record the show.

Because everyone’s itinerary was different, the tentative plan was that everyone would meet at Mango TV on the day of the recording.

The program was to be recorded on August 7th and broadcast on August 24th. The launch time of “Fashion Storm” would then be at ten o’clock in the evening on August 24th, after the end of the variety show.

The schedule was clearly arranged and with nothing wrong at all.

It could indeed be seen that Mango TV indeed really valued promoting “Fashion Storm” and its own variety show.

When Tao Mu was still in the entertainment industry in his last life, he visited southern Hunan many times. But this was the first time in this life. Afraid that Tao Mu would get lost in an unfamiliar city, Long Tianao volunteered to come with Tao Mu——this dude also planned to participate in the recording of the show. However, Long Tianao won’t go on the stage, he was to be part of the melon-eating audience below.

The kind that was responsible for clapping, stomping, screaming and laughing.

“I’ve already called my friends in Hunan. After recording the show, we’ll eat some good food in Hunan for a few days before leaving. There are so many delicious foods in Hunan!”

An assistant from Mango TV held a colorful pick-up sign and stood at the pick-up port with great excitement.

On the pick-up sign was the Mango TV logo and the icon, Tao Mu could see it at a glance.

“Hello Mu, I mean Mr. Tao, I’m Qiao Nan, an intern assistant at Mango TV, you can just call me Xiao Qiao.” Qiao Nan, who came to pick them up at the airport, couldn’t hold back and almost revealed her fan characteristic.

Long Tianao stood beside Tao Mu and joked with a smile, “You are actually called Xiao Qiao, so do you have a sister called Da Qiao?” (TN: famous sister duo from the late Eastern Han dynasty of China)

“Hello, Sister Xiao Qiao, my name is Long Tianao, courtesy name Gongjin.”

Qiao Nan smiled at Long Tianao but did not bother to pay attention to this slick second-generation rich kid.

The nanny car first took Tao Mu and Long Tianao to the hotel to place their luggage. And then sent them to the TV station.

The several other artists who needed to record the show arrived early and were applying makeup in the backstage dressing room.

Seeing Tao Mu and Long Tianao, all the artists stood up one after another to greet their boss and investor.

In fact, it was not just them, even the higher ups of Mango TV and the person in charge of the program group who got wind of their arrival came over. After all, Tao Mu and Long Tianao were not just mere actor/investor.

A higher-up of Mango TV said with a smile that he would like to invite everyone to a meal after the recording of the program, which can be considered as a welcoming meal for everyone. He also very humbly expressed his hopes that everyone would attend it.

No need to mention the people in the program group. Because it was the first time to collaborate, the director personally came over to discuss the script with Tao Mu. He was particularly thoughtful and said that if there were any questions about any part, he could communicate with them, and they would delete all the questions that could not be asked as well as the uninteresting parts of the show according to Tao Mu’s wishes.

Tao Mu came to record the show to promote his TV series. Of course, he understood that the more popular the variety show, the better the publicity effect. Moreover, Tao Mu had experienced various variety shows that could be hellish in later years, so in comparison, these lukewarm variety shows were not a problem at all.

Because he was not satisfied with the lukewarm and conservativeness of the show, Tao Mu even gave the program crew some ideas and slightly changed a few game parts.

All of Tao Mu’s experience came from the classic games played in the most popular variety shows in later years. After several suggestions, the members of the program crew were full of enthusiasm. If it weren’t for Tao Mu’s impressive personal net worth, it was estimated that they would have wanted to hire him as a consultant on the spot.

In order to support his own TV series, Tao Mu gave the most attention catching roles of the entire game to the hero and heroine of “Fashion Storm” and the supporting characters of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”.

However, what everyone didn’t expect was that after the show started, the first person to attract the audience’s attention actually turned out to be the female No. 2 in “Fashion Storm”——Liang Xiao, who played the male protagonist’s ex-girlfriend in the drama.

It all started with the “Truth or Dare” activity during the game session.

According to the rules of the game, the host would make all the guests form a circle to play the game. Losers could choose Truth or Dare. When it came to Liang Xiao, she chose Truth.

The host asked her what had left the most impression on her during filming.

According to one’s inertia of thinking, the average actor would definitely answer with some interesting tidbits from during the shooting, which could also be regarded as promoting the TV series.

But Liang Xiao didn’t go that way. She took the microphone and said with great emotion: “…..The thing that left the most impression during filming is that rich people can really do whatever they want.”

Then she mentioned that when she was shooting another drama before, she was slapped twice in front of the whole crew by the family member of the actor who played the second male lead in the crew for no reason.

“The actor was actually not very experienced. He just joined the entertainment circle for fun with the backing of his wealthy family. He was not only unprofessional, he also liked to bully newcomers who have no background. When his sister came to the crew to visit the set, just because she saw me speaking with him, she accused me of trying to seduce him then slapped me twice without a word.”

This revelation was completely out of the blue. The audience sitting below was in an uproar.

The several hosts looked at each other in dismay, the director shouted something in the headset, and the scene recorder frantically raised the teleprompter below, the intention of prompting the several hosts to guide the topic a little deeper obvious.

The female host stepped forward and hugged Liang Xiao comfortingly.

In fact, the grudge between Liang Xiao and Shen Yu was basically known to everyone in the industry. Well-informed people even know that the reason why Liang Xiao was exposed to the scandal of having a bankroller some time ago was also caused by the actions of Shen Yu’s friends behind the scenes. But outsiders and the audience in front of the TV didn’t know!

The host got the instructions from the director, and could only continue to ask along the topic: “Oh my God, isn’t this too much? Who was it? Can you tell us?”

“What can’t be told?” Liang Xiao took a deep breath and continued: “It’s the movie “Jianghu” that is currently being released. I played the second female lead in it. In fact, I debuted when I was twenty years old and I have been in the entertainment industry for so many years, but I have never offended anyone. In that movie, I somehow offended Shen Yu and his sister who insisted I tried to seduce him. They also found the media and the online water army to slander me by saying that I was being kept by a bankroller. Actually this is not true at all. My boyfriend and I are in a normal relationship. Just because he was divorced before, they actually bought the water army to report that I was being kept by a married man. It’s too ridiculous.”

“Anyone who goes to find out the truth will know what’s going on. But just because the Shen family is big and affluent, my management company doesn’t dare to clarify the truth for me. And won’t allow me to clarify it myself. After that incident, I was directly shelved by the company. Fortunately, my contract with the company only had less than half a year left. After half a year, I did not renew the contract, and I signed to Summer Star Entertainment instead with the help of my boyfriend.”

When Liang Xiao said this, her eyes reddened slightly. Speaking in a choked, aggrieved tone: “It’s been so long. I don’t really want to quibble about it any longer. After all, the Shen family is so powerful. But isn’t this movie popular recently? There are people on the Internet who are rhythmically slandering me by calling me a mistress and being supported by a bankroller? Really, this kind of accusation towards a girl is really too vicious. I truly couldn’t stand it any longer.”

“So, including now, I really feel that being an actor in this circle is really too difficult if you don’t have any background. It’s not a question of whether people believe what you say. It’s just that you don’t have the opportunity to say anything at all. “

“This incident has had a huge impact on me.” Liang Xiao choked and said, “”Jianghu” was the first movie I filmed. Before that, my career and my image have always been very good. There were also scripts that asked me to be the heroine. But after the scandal broke, there was no script to ask me to be the heroine again. All the roles offered to me were villainous female supporting characters, or characters like mistresses.”

“I feel very aggrieved. Why do you slander me for something I haven’t done? Just because I spoke to you in the crew and showed goodwill towards you in the crew, I have to suffer this kind of retribution?”

Probably because Liang Xiao’s revelations were too explosive, and before the people in the program team could even block the news, there were already audiences under the stage who did not comply with the shooting regulations and posted the scene just now on the Internet.

The show was recorded on Monday, normal business hours. But because it was during the summer vacation, there were still many students who were not in class and were surfing the Internet at home.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The news that the audience broke online was quickly noticed by netizens. In addition, it was now the time for the movie “Jianghu” to be released. Yan Sheng, Shen Yu and others have been promoting it all over the place. So with the addition of various factors, within two hours, this news was on the top of’s hot search.

Shen Yu’s fans, who were rejoicing that their little prince had finally successfully transformed into a movie star, instantly panicked.

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