After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 192 Cyber War

Just when noise and clamor were blaring outside, and Shen Yu’s fans were rushing to “refute the rumor”, the recording of the variety show on Mango TV was still in progress in an orderly manner.

During lunch time, the intern assistant of Mango TV sent the boxed lunches from the program crew over. Though it was called boxed lunch, it was actually a two-table banquet specially ordered by the higher-up of the station from a five-star hotel. It was to welcome Tao Mu and Long Tianao’s arrival——in fact, the higher-up of Mango TV originally wanted to arrange the reception banquet directly at the hotel, but Tao Mu was too lazy to go to the trouble so it was moved to the VIP reception room in the station.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The several actors from “Fashion Storm” and “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” were bathed in the boss’s light and were fortunate to eat the most luxurious version of Mango TV’s boxed lunch.

The heroine of “Fashion Storm” was Liu Yunshu, the national champion of the talent show “National God and Goddess”. Previously, she was a trainee who was just signed by Summer Star Entertainment. The other cast members of “Fashion Storm” were also similar, most of whom had debuted through talent shows. Mixed with the popularity of the talent show, the number of their fans numbered in the millions. Moreover, after rounds of elimination and resurrection, the level of fan loyalty was very high, and their overall combat effectiveness was also very strong. Coupled with being able to participate in a top resource such as “Fashion Storm” right after debut, an idol drama which would also be broadcast weekly on Mango TV——

In order to promote this drama, Mango TV had been hyping up the popularity of the leading actor and actress and important supporting roles in this drama recently. Summer Star Entertainment and Longteng Entertainment have also continued to support the actors in order to cooperate with this publicity momentum. In some cases, assistants were even asked to pretend to be big fans to incite emotions among fans. The fans who were gathered through the talent show were already very passionate. Even if no one was there to fan the flames, they were still all like fighter chickens with high fighting spirit. So it could be imagined just what they were like after being organized.

This caused the several newbie actors to appear particularly high-profile for a while. The sense of presence was even stronger than the ordinary B- and C-list stars in the entertainment industry. It could be said that their limelight was at its brightest.

Because of this, Liu Yunshu had long been accustomed to being the center of attention. This time, when she came to Mango TV to record the show, Liu Yunshu also fantasized that she could become the one that attracted the most attention. Who would have thought that Liang Xiao, who played the second female lead in the drama, broke out such an explosive black material when the show just started recording.

It was not uncommon for the heroine and the second female lead of a drama/film to compete on various occasions to gain attention. Not to mention that although Liu Yunshu was the heroine of “Fashion Storm”, Liang Xiao debuted five years earlier than her, and had been very popular before. If it weren’t for the scandal accusing her of being kept as a mistress by the gossip media some time ago, and then being shelved by her former management company, with Liang Xiao’s popularity in the circle, it would be impossible for her to participate as the second female lead in “Fashion Storm”, acting as a support for a newcomer like Liu Yunshu.

But even if Liang Xiao was able to participate in “Fashion Storm” at the request of her new management company, she still had to be a supporting role to a newcomer in the drama. But outside the drama, Liang Xiao did not intend to continue to be a green leaf for Liu Yunshu’s flower. She not only bought a bunch of media articles praising her acting skills and appearance for overwhelming the newbie actress, she now even stole the limelight when recording the variety show.

Liu Yunshu’s teeth itched with hatred, and she swore in her heart that she would never let Liang Xiao, this old woman, really steal her limelight.

Liang Xiao was able to expose such an explosive black material during the shooting, but Liu Yunshu had no way of copying it. But Liu Yunshu could inform her agent and team to immediately release a FlyNews post in her tone. The content was to support Tao Mu and step on Shen Yu——

That’s right, it was to support Tao Mu.

As we all know, Shen Yu and Tao Mu had quite the grievance between them. The two debuted at the same time. One was the leading hero of a popular Xianxia drama last year, which shot him to popularity overnight. while the other acted as a stand-in for the male protagonist of this Xianxia drama. According to media statistics, the male protagonist’s most popular scenes with audiences were the beautiful action scenes in the drama. And everyone knew that the male protagonist’s fighting parts were all done by Tao Mu.

For this reason, when the “Purple Cloud” crew launched their promotion activities, they also specially released a film cut. Which was to promote Tao Mu’s various behind the scenes tidbits when he was filming on the set.

Under normal circumstances, there would be no intersection between actors and martial arts stand-ins. But the situation of Shen Yu and Tao Mu was different. One of the two was a well-loved son of a wealthy family, while the other was a self-made business wiz. The most important thing was that since Shen Yu’s debut, he had been constantly cueing and @-ing Tao Mu. Mentioning Tao Mu on various occasions in a manner very much like he was “giving out charity”. He kept talking about Tao Mu as his best friend, but what made everyone ponder the most was that every time Shen Yu mentioned Tao Mu, it would definitely bring all kinds of abuse, insults and troubles to Tao Mu.

Under such circumstances, Tao Mu’s attitude towards Shen Yu could be imagined.

Therefore, when Liu Yunshu heard Liang Xiao’s revelations, she thought of how to gain popularity, and by the way, to please Tao Mu, their crew’s investor.

Liu Yunshu’s approach also inspired several other actors in “Fashion Storm”. So before the variety show was even finished filming, the actors who participated in the recording of the variety show released FlyNews posts one after another.

National Goddess Liu Yunshu: “I didn’t expect Sister Liang Xiao to encounter such a terrible thing. A certain little prince really didn’t have the prince’s life but got the prince’s disease. If people say a few words to him out of politeness, he would misunderstand you as wanting to seduce him. It’s not enough to slap a girl in the face, but also to smear her name all over the Internet. This is just plain sexist.”

National Goddess Liu Yunshu: “This can’t help but remind me that when a certain someone was filming in Hong Kong, he also had his sister fly over to yell at my idol. Fortunately, my idol’s gender is a self-made man at the age of 19. Otherwise, the slanderous news accusing him of being kept by a bankroller would be flying all over the place as well!”

National Goddess 3rd place runner-up Bai Sensen: “@Miss Liang is a very gentle and talented senior. When she filmed “Fashion Storm” with us before, because we had no shooting experience, @Miss Liang also patiently taught us how to film and how to pose in front of the camera. I don’t believe she is the kind of person that is being spoken about online.”

National Goddess 2nd place runner-up Zhang Wanwan: “The water in our circle is indeed really deep. I really didn’t expect a boy who looks so pure and clean to speculate about a girl so viciously in private. I’m so scared, I hope I won’t have to film with a certain someone in this life. Otherwise I would have to worry about whether I would be misunderstood as trying to seduce him. [vomiting].jpg”

The contestants who could participate in the talent show “National God and Goddess” and enter the top ten in the country were all young people. The oldest was only twenty-five years old. Because they were young, their words were quite simple and straightforward and said whatever they wanted, not thinking about the consequences, and not thinking that there would be any consequences in just posting a few comments on the Internet.

But in the eyes of Shen Yu’s fans, this was undoubtedly the iron-clad proof that Tao Mu was deliberately smearing Shen Yu, and was even ganging up against Shen Yu.

Loving Yu In This Life: “I really can’t stand it. Some people have such a dark mind. Don’t we know what kind of person our little prince is like? Just a few words from an old woman and you smear our little prince? That Liang Xiao was obviously the mistress who is being kept by a bankroller. Since you dare to do it, why don’t you dare to admit it? When the media first broke the news, you didn’t come out to clarify, but now you come out and say that you were wronged. It’s clearly because our Yu Yu became popular with the movie “Jianghu”, so you came out to rub off on his popularity.”

Dying For Yu: “I really don’t understand why that Tao Mu always have to make trouble for our Yu Yu. Did he forget how our Yu Yu took care of him back then when he was just a mere martial arts stand-in? Now that you gain success you turn face and won’t recognize people. Sure enough, orphans without parents are cold-hearted and cold-blooded.”

Yu Yu Is The Best: “I heard that the children who grew up in the orphanage have mental illnesses because they lack parental love and care. Maybe that Tao Mu is jealous of our Yu Yu’s happy family and loving parents while he was abandoned by his own parents. That’s why he always targets our family Yu Yu everywhere.”

Excellent Yu Yu: “I’ve really had enough. Just because our Yu Yu is kind, he has to suffer such slander? Tao Mu smeared the image of our little prince everywhere because he has the advantage of If it wasn’t for our little prince’s data, I don’t even want to log in to It’s so unfair.”

At the beginning,’s melon-eating netizens and Tao Mu’s fans were happily eating melons. No one thought that after such a scandal broke out, Shen Yu’s fans didn’t try to refute the rumors about their idol, but instead tried to drag Tao Mu into the water, continuously accusing Tao Mu of deliberately smearing Shen Yu about the whole thing.

Of course Tao Mu’s fans could not let this go.

“Is there a mistake? It’s obviously your idol who maliciously speculated on a girl, slapped her in the face, and hired the water army to smear her name. Our CEO Tao did not even do anything alright? And still our CEO Tao is forced to be involved. Oh, I get it now. Our CEO Tao is actually Shen Yu’s biological father, right? So no matter what mistakes Shen Yu makes, it’s our CEO Tao’s fault. After all, it’s the fault of the parents for not teaching their children right.”

“A certain someone’s fans have been immersed in the illusion that a certain someone is a prince. Have they forgotten that a certain someone is not a real prince, but a cuckoo who has occupied the nest for 19 years. A cuckoo cannot become a prince. How dare you talk about a happy family and loving parents? I really want to vomit. I really want to see after the Shen family finds their biological child, a certain someone would still dare to shamelessly pretend to be a prince in front of the real prince!”

“The Shen family is also really weird. They hold the fake son as a treasure in the palm of their hand, and don’t care about their real son. The daughter they raised is stupid and vicious. Just because of jealousy and playfulness, she replaced her own little brother and even concealed it for nineteen years. With this kind of family education, it is estimated that Chairman Shen and CEO Shen are not good people at all.”

Some netizens defended the Shen family: “Don’t say that. Didn’t the Shen family establish a gene bank for lost children to find their own son? This can be considered a sincere and good act. We can scold Shen Yu and Shen Yan, but there’s no need to cross the line and bring in the whole family, right?”

“Upstairs, you are the real Silly White Sweet. Do you really think that the Shen family created a gene bank for lost children to find their own son? If the Shen family really cared about their own son, they would not let Shen Yu be the spokesperson. Let the cuckoo who occupied the nest for 19 years, the fake son who enjoyed all the glory and wealth, be the promotion ambassador of the gene bank that was established to find their real son? Have they ever considered what their real son would think? It is obviously all for show, alright? I think the Shen family’s gene bank is not of much use at all. It is not at all as capable of preventing abduction and trafficking as the Skynet system and Xiaoheng Capital teamed up with the Ministry of Public Security to create.”

“That’s true. I live in Beijing. Since the implementation of the Skynet system on the streets, security has indeed improved a lot. Last month, the Ministry of Public Security announced the urban crime rate, and the crime rate in Beijing has dropped by 10% compared with six months ago. Case solving rate has also increased.”

“Sure enough, CEO Tao and Xiaoheng Capital are the entrepreneurs who are sincere and practical. The Shen Group is just putting on appearances. After all, people who could raise children like Shen Yan and Shen Yu are likely not very good people themselves.”

The topic trailed off to the Shen Group’s putting on appearances and the Shen family’s education.

The scandal exposed by Liang Xiao was too explosive, and the reputations of Shen Yu and Shen Yan fell to the bottom again. And due to Liu Yunshu’s previous FlyNews post that lamented that Shen Yan’s indiscriminate smearing of actresses was very sexist, this matter also attracted some feminists. There were also netizens who left messages under Liu Yunshu’s FlyNews, emotionally expressing the various embarrassing situations they encountered while working in the workplace. For example, saleswomen would always encounter all kinds of difficulties and even some implied suggestive hints at the wine table. Some people also said that because they had good looks and liked to put on make up and dress up, they would be slandered behind their backs and called slut or vixen.

Many female netizens lamented that this society was too malicious towards women. And it was often women who had the greatest malice towards women.

As a result, the topic trailed off again and again, and the issue that had originally started from the gossip in the entertainment industry suddenly rose to the social issue of equality between men and women. Even experts and scholars joined the discussion.

Shen Yu’s fans probably didn’t expect the whole thing to become so big and immediately panicked. All the while trying to find ways to expose the black materials of various fellow artists, trying to confuse the public and divert the attention away from Shen Yu.

Some of Shen Yu’s fans also hated Shen Yan because of this, believing that everything was caused by Shen Yan. It was Shen Yan who suffered a paranoia attack and thought that Liang Xiao wanted to seduce Shen Yu and slapped her in the face. It was also Shen Yan who insulted Tao Mu on the set in Hong Kong, which caused Tao Mu to hate Shen Yu.

All the vicious things were clearly done by Shen Yan, and it was Shen Yan who used Shen Yu’s name to vent her eldest young lady’s temper, but in the end, all the consequences had to be borne by Shen Yu. It was too unfair.

Because of this, some brainless fans ran to Shen Yan’s FlyNews and left many curses and nasty comments, calling out Shen Yan as the culprit. She was the vicious one yet she implicated their little prince, so she should just go ahead and die.

However it was too late. Because this scandal was too big, it had a bad impact on Shen Yu’s image. Several brands that signed Shen Yu’s endorsement because they were attracted by Shen Yu’s elegant and noble prince image instantly regretted their decision. They all went to Shen Yu with the contract, not only to break the contract, but also to demand compensation from Shen Yu for breaking the contract.

Because it was expressly stipulated in the contract that if an artist became embroiled in a major scandal because of his own image, he must compensate the brand for the loss.

Shen Yu had just debuted for a little over a year, how much money could he have saved? Of course he couldn’t afford to pay so much compensation. In desperation, Shen Yu could only go to the Shen Group to ask his father and brother for help.

The Shen Group had not had a good time recently. Because Shen Yu and Shen Yan kept getting embroiled in negative news one after another, many netizens did not like the Shen family who raised this sibling pair. For example, the Liang Xiao scandal this time had also negatively affected the Shen Group and was boycotted by many feminists and female consumers.

Netizens who had previously expressed dissatisfaction with Shen Yu’s role as an ambassador for the gene bank also attacked again. The old issue became reiterated, demanding the Shen family to remove Shen Yu from his position as spokesperson.

The most important thing was that the Shen family broke out various negative news one after another, which affected the company’s stock price and the image of the group. Many shareholders also expressed their dissatisfaction with the Shen family. Some shareholders initiated a general meeting of shareholders, demanding that the Shen family father and son pair must give an explanation to the shareholders.

Yao Shengan, who had been secretly waiting for his chance for revenge also did not miss out on fanning the flames in the background. Thanks to the Shen family and Tao Mu, Yao Shengan lost the Sheng’an Group he founded from scratch, and was expelled from the board of directors. Tao Mu and Xiaoheng Capital were far away in Beijing, and Yao Shengan could not reach them. Besides, his fight with Tao Mu was made clear from the start and Yao Sheng’an was not one who could not admit defeat. In addition, he was indeed in the wrong in the issue regarding the Song family, so Yao Shengan didn’t have that much hatred for Tao Mu.

Who he really hated was the Shen family who, in the name of an ally, stuck a knife in his back.

It must be said that Yao Shengan was an ambitious and ruthless fellow, and as many enemies as he had made, he had as many friends. Now that Yao Shengan was retired at home, he spent his free time studying his Yao family dishes by himself, while also actively waiting for the opportunity to make a comeback.

And now, Yao Shengan saw his chance in the trouble that Shen Yu and Shen Yan had stirred up. Back then, the Shen Group took advantage of the situation to rob him, and used his eldest son-in-law to embroil the Yao family in a waste oil scandal, which became Yao Shengan’s most fatal blow.

Yao Shengan had remained grateful for the great kindness and virtue of the Shen family all this time, so he had been paying attention to every move of the Shen family since. This time Shen Yu and Shen Yan’s scandal affected the share price of the Shen Group, and Yao Shengan’s hand was behind it. Not only that, but Yao Shengan urged the shareholders of the Shen Group to hold a shareholders’ meeting, demanding that the Shen family father and son pair must give an explanation.

Did any of this look familiar?

Yao Shengan returned the method used to bring him down right back to the Shen family, and even wanted Yao Wenxiao to use the power of Yuxiao Media to expose other scandals of Shen Yu and Shen Yan on the Internet. After all, the two families were old family friends. If Shen Yu was as stupid as he looked on the outside, then Shen Yan was as vicious as she looked on the outside. Since she was in elementary school, she used her strong background to bully her female classmates who were prettier and more popular than her in school. This distasteful habit had not changed even after graduating from college.

Yao Shengan had been paying attention to the Internet since he lost to Tao Mu’s in a public opinion war. He knew that school bullying, women’s rights and other issues were very popular online. He also knew that these things were the easiest to incite quarrels online.

And as long as the cyber war remained hot, just a little bit movement from his part and the fire would spread to the real media. The father and son pair, Shen Shiyuan and Shen Chen, were shrewd and deeply scheming, Yao Shengan couldn’t guarantee that the father and son pair would take the bait. But thanks to the pig-raising education of the Shen family to avoid infighting amongst the siblings, the rest of the Shen family could be described as quite the dumb piece of wood. If one wanted to stir up trouble, their weaknesses could be grabbed without much effort. In addition, Shen Yu’s fans still wanted to pour dirty water on Shen Yan’s head in order to refute the rumors for Shen Yu.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Therefore, Yao Shengan hired a water army to pretend to be Shen Yu’s fans, and exposed Shen Yan’s black material on the entire Internet.

So when Shen Yu went to the Shen Group to ask his father and brother for help, he saw Shen Yan, who was also in the chairman’s office, crying about how Shen Yu was an ungrateful little brother.

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    Like idol, like fans. SY always tried to throw Xiao Mu under the bus every time the unexpected consequences of his action caught up to him and he didn’t want to take responsibility for it. It happened so many times, of course his fans that see him as their god would start to believe it’s what they should do when SY encounter any problems. 😩

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