After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 193 Shen Yan’s Logic

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“Elder sister?” Shen Yu looked at Shen Yan who was standing in front of the desk crying, and called out a little hesitantly.

“You still dare to call me elder sister?” Shen Yan’s eyes were red and she looked at Shen Yu angrily: “Shen Yu, have I ever wronged you? Have I treated you badly over these many years? When others bully you, it’s me, your elder sister, who rushes to the front to protect you. For you, I even dared to talk back to mother. Now I can’t even go back to my own home, and father and elder brother halted my allowance. I have to work outside to earn money to support myself. Every day I have to squeeze on the subway like those commoners. While you, a cuckoo who occupied the nest, can live in a big villa and be your big celebrity. If not because of me, you wouldn’t have today’s life. Yet how do you treat me in the end?”

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“You actually let your fans post my black material on the Internet. Slandering me for bullying my female classmates who were prettier and more popular than me since elementary school. Causing me to be pointed at and be criticized by many people, even Zhuo Yan. You are making trouble with me over this matter. Shen Yu, I treat you as my own younger brother, have you ever treated me as your own elder sister? How can you let your fans slander me and insult me, yet refuse to come forward and speak even one sentence for me. Have you forgotten that many of the girls that I ‘bullied’ had actually bullied you. It was you who came crying and complained to me, saying that those girls excluded you and hated you. I only bullied them because I wanted to help you vent your anger. Slapping that actress before, and also scolding Tao Mu, didn’t I do that all for your sake?”

“I’ve done so many things for you, almost betraying everyone except for you, and now both father and elder brother are blaming me. Don’t you feel moved at all? Shen Yu, do you even have a heart?”

When Shen Yan recalled how she was chased and scolded by Shen Yu’s fans online, she suddenly felt very angry. The feeling was like being bitten by a kitten or puppy you raised. The anger was more from feeling like she had lost face than anything else.

Shen Yan still remembered that after seeing the hot search on the Internet, her best girlfriends called to comfort her, but they were actually laughing at her bad eyesight at having actually raised an ungrateful wretch. She also fell out with her family because of this ungrateful wretch, such that the blood related daughter of the Shen family was not even as favored as an unrelated outsider who occupied the nest.

What infuriated Shen Yan the most was that even Zhuo Yan thought she was stupid and vicious, and said that she didn’t even have half of Shen Yu’s intelligence.

This was what Shen Yan was most dissatisfied with. Over these years, without her protection, Shen Yu would have been bullied to death. How could Zhuo Yan say that she was not as smart as Shen Yu? If Zhuo Yan said she was not as kind as Shen Yu then she could shrug it off, but what right did he have to say she was not as smart as Shen Yu?

Shen Yan was furious and angered with Zhuo Yan, instantly arguing back. As a result, Zhuo Yan just glanced at her with a half-smile, and snorted coldly: “You think you are smarter and stronger than him. But now something happened, and you, the smart and powerful one, are being scolded by netizens all over the country, while that kind and weak Shen Yu can push all the faults onto you instead, all the while remaining as an innocent and good person. I am quite curious, between the two of you, just who is smarter and who is more stupid?”

“You’ve been used as a gun for so many years without knowing it, and actually think you’re smart. They call a person like you a self-styled genius.” Zhuo Yan stabbed at Shen Yan’s pride without mercy: “Actually, it doesn’t matter if you think you’re quite clever. I just think it’s funny, you’ve been fooled and used, yet you stand there happily thinking you’re so smart. I truly didn’t know you could be so stupid.”

Zhuo Yan sneered, placed his suit jacket over the crook of his arms, and said politely, “I dislike stupid and vicious women the most. Especially stupid and vicious women who don’t even know their place. Have you ever thought about how you, a true daughter of the Shen family, have brought such slander and ostracization on yourself simply for the sake of such a stupid and kind younger brother. But did your stupid and kind younger brother ever stood forward to say a word for you?”

“What do you mean?” Shen Yan’s face changed and she couldn’t help asking.

“Nothing much, really.” Zhuo Yan shrugged his shoulders: “The scandal between you two brother and sister has had such a bad influence that even the share price of the Shen Group has fallen. Your father will definitely pursue this matter, right? According to my observation, your father and your elder brother seem to treat that fake prince who occupied the nest much better. They could bear to drive you out of the Shen family and cut off your living expenses. But they are reluctant to let the fake prince suffer even a little grievance. Guess, if your dad and elder brother want to find someone to be held accountable, who will be the unlucky one?”

“You, the stupid and vicious elder sister, or your stupid and kind little brother who did nothing but only came crying to you about his grievances?”

Shen Yan fell silent. She looked at Zhuo Yan uncertainly.

Zhuo Yan sneered: “I think we should break up.”

Shen Yan’s face changed instantly: “What did you say?”

“I’m a very realistic person.” Zhuo Yan tilted his head and examined Shen Yan from head to toe, and then sneered slightly: “You’re not that pretty, and your personality isn’t very good. Your reputation has become so bad as well. The only thing you can be proud of is probably your status as the daughter of the Shen family. But looking at it now, your status as the daughter of the Shen family doesn’t seem to hold much weight in the Shen family. Not even comparable to a fake that occupied the nest. “

“In that case, why should I be with you?” Zhuo Yan raised his eyebrow and said coldly, “Because you are stupid and vicious?”

After saying these cruel words, Zhuo Yan nodded slightly at Shen Yan and left, disregarding the other’s angry screaming and cursing like a mad woman.

Shen Yan, who almost fainted from anger, was so provoked that she angrily ran to the Shen Group to find her father and brother to complain about her grievances.

Shen Yan’s reasoning was also very strong: “…..Over so many years, have I treated him badly? Yes, I offended many people because of my extreme behavior. But who did I offend these people for? Wasn’t it for Shen Yu in the end? It was he who told me that he was bullied, so I helped him vent his anger. As a result, when things came to a head now, everyone is blaming me. Did they forget that without me, Shen Yan, how could Shen Yu have today?”

Thinking of this, Shen Yan really felt a little sad. In front of her father and brother, she muttered, “If I knew this earlier, I might as well not have switched my younger brother.”

When Shen Yu was led into the office by the secretary, he just happened to hear the last sentence Shen Yan said and immediately felt aggrieved and scared.

He didn’t know what he was doing wrong. It was clear that he did nothing, but the result was, many people on the Internet were now scolding him, and now even his own sister resented him.

“Don’t pretend to be innocent in front of me. Zhuo Yan has already pointed out to me that you have been using me for so many years, treating me as a useful gun. My head must have been full of water to be so good to you all this time. As expected of someone with no blood relation, your heart can’t be warmed even after so many years.” Shen Yan rolled her eyes at Shen Yu. She originally had a personality that fell on extreme ends, treating loved ones above and beyond while wishing death towards hated ones. In addition, Zhuo Yan’s words also contained an inciting factor. Now Shen Yan has decided that Shen Yu had no good intentions. For so many years, he had always been deliberately hiding behind her.

Shen Yu was so frightened that he almost broke out into tears. Looking at Shen Yan while trembling, and calling out weakly, “Elder sister——”

“Don’t call me elder sister, I’m not your elder sister. You’re not a child of our Shen family at all, so you don’t have the right to call me that.” Shen Yan sneered: “As for the little prince of the Shen family, are you and your fans for real? Did you guys forget your identity? You’re just a fake that occupied the nest. You should be grateful for being able to stay in our Shen family for so many years. How dare you complain that I am not good enough to you? That I am vicious and caused your reputation to take a hit? What reputation do you have? Have you forgotten how happy you felt every time you hid behind me and watched me teach those ‘bad guys’ who bullied you a lesson?”

“Sure enough, you’re a natural born cheap whore, stupid and vicious, and likes to pretend to be a good person——”

“Shen Yan! What are you saying!” Chairman Shen interrupted Shen Yan with a stern face: “Do you know how sad Xiao Yu will be when you say that. You have been good to him for so many years, treating him as your own younger brother, even talking back to your mother and moving out of the house for his sake. After so much sacrifice, just because some netizens provoked and slandered you inexplicably on the Internet, you now treat your younger brother as an enemy?”

“Dad, so you also recognize how good I have been to him for so many years?” Shen Yan retorted in dissatisfaction: “But have you seen how he treats me? I treat him so well, but he could overlook my innocence and reputation for his own sake, letting his fans smear me on the Internet. Aren’t you afraid that an ungrateful wretch like him will bring retribution to you sooner or later?”

“This person has no heart at all. He will always only think about how much grievances he has suffered, and will not consider how much others have sacrificed for him. Was Yao Wenxiao not good to him back then? After the fall of the Yao family, have you ever seen him take the initiative to call Yao Wenxiao?”

“And me, I’ve suffered so many grievances for him, and even my living expenses have been cut off by you. Has he taken the initiative to show any care towards me? Has he secretly given me even a penny? Even my mother knew to secretly give me money and food, yet he didn’t even give me a phone call. The only call he made to me was to have me fly to Hong Kong to accompany him on his birthday. I scolded Tao Mu in order to help him vent his anger. You and elder brother then escorted me back to Shanghai from Hong Kong afterwards, but he didn’t even call me to ask if I was okay, and whether I was scolded by you!”

The more Shen Yan spoke, the angrier she felt, and the clearer her thoughts became, and she turned her anger towards the Shen family father and son: “And the two of you, too. Shen Yu has been away from the Shen family for so long, but other than calling you to cry and ask if mother has forgiven him, when will he be allowed to return home, has he ever taken the initiative to ask if mother is in good health? Has he ever taken the initiative to go back to see her?”

“No matter what, he was a child who had been doted on by mother for so long. Even if he is an adopted child, even if mother hit him in a moment of anger, can’t he take the initiative to go home and see mother? Make her happy and convince her to stop blaming him?”

“Just because he was worried that he would be scolded and beaten, he was able to hide for so long. He enjoyed the resources of the Shen family and the wealth of the Shen family. His life is so good, but he always puts on a face as if he has been wronged. Thinking that he is not the biological child of the Shen family, so mother refuses to forgive him? Does he actually want mother to bow her head to him at her age and respectfully invite him back to the Shen family? “

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I didn’t, I’m not.” Shen Yu couldn’t hold back anymore, interrupted Shen Yan’s accusation tearfully, and shouted aggrievedly: “I’m not as bad as you say. Elder sister, don’t wrong me.”

Shen Yan sneered, pointed at Shen Yu and said to the Shen family father and son: “Do you see it? I said so much just now, and he only remembered that I wronged him. This kid is an ungrateful wretch.”

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  1. You know, I saw this chapter’s title and I went “*sigh* here we go again”. But besides the fact that Zhuo Yan is an as*hole, this is probably the first time that Shen Yan says something that makes sense. Shen Yu may have had no part in his fans’ actions, but damn, everytime he meets a new person he forgets about everything else, who was good to him, who defended him (as wretchedly as it was) and who loved him, and here I mean his step-mother. Not even asking after her health? She rejected him, sure, but he never had even a bit of curiosity? He just, bam! went away, and didn’t even try to fight back for affection.
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  2. If you guys think Shen Yan’s evaluation of Shen Yu’s characteristic is awestruck level. Wait for when Yao Wenxiao take turn to hold the braincell. His evaluation is so on point, to the point that Shen Yu unable to hold his white-lotus facade any longer.

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