After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 194 To Decide

If you ask entertainment artists, especially idol artists, what were they most afraid of? An opponent exposing your black material was just secondary. Of course, the most fearful thing was when a big fan turned anti and then exposed your black material.

Because when your opponent slandered you, no one would believe it, but if a big fan turned anti, it would affect not only passers-by, but other fans as well.

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Now Shen Yu was facing this embarrassing situation.

Facing Shen Yan’s continuous accusations, Shen Yu couldn’t say a word. He was not the kind of person who was quick-witted in the first place. Even if he knew that what Shen Yan said was wrong, that she was clearly distorting his meaning and he was not that kind of person at all, Shen Yu still didn’t know how to refute it.

Fortunately, at the critical moment, Shen Shiyuan and Shen Chen were still on Shen Yu’s side.

“Enough.” Chairman Shen sternly lectured his daughter with disappointment: “It’s clear that you acted arrogantly yourself, bullying the weak everywhere based on the background of the Shen family. Now that it has been exposed, you actually dare to put all the blame on Xiao Yu. Did he force you to bully others, force you to slap people, and abuse others like an uneducated hoodlum?”

Shen Yan retorted unhappily: “But I——”

“No but.” Chairman Shen interrupted Shen Yan with a displeased expression: “There are many ways to help a person vent their anger. You can reason with them, communicate with the parents of the other party, or even notify the school about the bullying and the school would punish them. Which rule stipulates that as the eldest lady of the Shen family, you must slap people in the face in order to vent your anger for your little brother? “

“Xiao Yu has a soft temper and always obeys his family. You are so much older than him as his elder sister. Do you expect him to teach you how to be a person and how to take care of matters?” Chairman Shen was extremely disappointed with Shen Yan. He was not only disappointed by his daughter’s vicious words and deeds, bullying the weak. He was more disappointed that it was Shen Yan who had clearly done those things, but refused to take responsibility for her actions.

Even now when those scandals have been exposed by the media. Shen Yan still didn’t think about her own faults, and instead tried to put all the blame on others. Could it be that she thought if she could put all the blame on Shen Yu, she would then be innocent?

Chairman Shen shook his head silently: “Don’t take your anger out on your family because of the actions of outsiders. Don’t think that if you shy away from your responsibility, everything can be regarded as not having happened. You hit people and scolded people yourself. So many people have seen it, you can’t shirk your responsibility.”

Shen Yan was very dissatisfied and opened her mouth to argue when Chairman Shen continued to say: “Besides, the top priority is not to turn over the old accounts and find someone to be held accountable. I will have the Shen Group hold a press conference, and you will apologize to all the media and the public at the press conference. You must sincerely apologize and express that you know your actions were wrong. But you were young back then, and your thinking was too extreme, you just wanted to vent the anger for your younger brother, and didn’t think too much about it.”

At least that way, Shen Yan could still leave the impression of an elder sister who dotes on her younger brother.

Even the state sentencing would consider the motive for committing the crime. Bullying the weak based on the family background of the Shen family vs. treating others in extreme ways in order to protect her younger brother, although the behavior was the same, but in the eyes of the public, there was an essential difference.

Of course, Chairman Shen also had to admit that he had been busy with work for so many years and had indeed neglected the education of his own children. He should also apologize to the public for this.

“But, Dad, it’s not fair——” Shen Yan was extremely aggrieved. It was clear that she did those things for Shen Yu’s sake. Why was it now that Shen Yu could get out of this muddy water unscathed, but she had to bear all the responsibilities.

“The overall situation is the most important.” Chairman Shen taught his daughter earnestly. Without waiting for Shen Yan to speak, he continued: “How about this. After this matter, you will move back home. You are not very suitable for working outside. Other than causing trouble there is not much use. I will arrange home tutors and etiquette teachers to teach you what to do and what not to do as a daughter of an affluent family. You can also stay at home and accompany your mother. On weekends, just like Xiao Yu, you can go outside to attend charity events.”

Shen Yan’s eyes lit up and she asked instantly, “What about my living expenses?”

Chairman Shen was noncommittal: “Didn’t you say that your mother secretly sent you money behind our backs? In this case, you don’t need living expenses.”

After all, he must give an explanation to the outside world.

Shen Yan rolled her eyes, although she was still a little dissatisfied, she knew when to stop while she was ahead.

Shen Yan glanced at Shen Yu. Sure enough, Zhuo Yan was right. This little bastard was using her as a gun. Now that she refuses to stand up for Shen Yu, she wanted to see just what Shen Yu would do in the future.

Shen Yan sneered secretly. Don’t think this was over. Dad asked her to take all the responsibilities, mainly to give an explanation to the public. After all, it was she who hit and scolded people personally. But the words she just said, her father and elder brother had definitely also taken them to heart.

Otherwise, how could they let her move back to the Shen family mansion in the name of educating her?

And that Zhuo Yan, she has now returned to the Shen family, and has become the eldest lady of the Shen family again. She wanted to see if Zhuo Yan would break up with her now!

Shen Yan, who was like an explosive cannon just now, was finally appeased. Chairman Shen rubbed his aching temples and asked Shen Yu, “Why are you here?”

Shen Yu was a bit apprehensive. For some reason, he felt that his father and elder brother seemed to have changed after hearing the words of his elder sister.

Seeing Shen Yu’s hesitant expression, Chairman Shen patted Shen Yu’s shoulder and comforted him gently: “Your elder sister has such a temper. Just ignore her, it will be fine in a few days.”

Hearing this, Shen Yu glanced at Shen Yan hesitantly. Shen Yan sneered and turned her head to the side.

Shen Yu’s eyes dimmed and he spoke helplessly: “Elder sister is still angry with me. It’s all my fault, and I couldn’t stop my fans from hurting elder sister in time. But I was also scolded by netizens. So I didn’t dare to go online this whole time.”

The implication was that he did not intentionally ignore the fact that his fans were scolding Shen Yan, nor did he intentionally not prevent his fans from pouring all the dirty water on Shen Yan’s head for his image. He just didn’t see it.

Chairman Shen smiled slightly and didn’t intend to continue this topic anymore. He asked warmly: “Don’t pay attention to the comments on the Internet. First, let’s speak about what you are doing here?”

Shen Yu suddenly came back to his senses, and then he remembered the purpose of his coming to the Shen Group. Instantly, he relayed how many endorsers wanted to tear up their contracts with him when they saw that he was riddled with scandals, yet asked him to pay liquidated damages.

Sure enough, everyone will seize the opportunity to attack a person when he loses power or influence.

Chairman Shen sneered secretly and wrote down the names of these several endorsers. Even if they had to pay liquidated damages, the fact that they dared to throw stones when the Shen family was in trouble, the Shen family would not let these people go.

And it’s not just these endorsers who want to breach the contract. Because the public’s opposition was too fierce, Shen Yu, the promotion ambassador of the Lost Children’s Gene Bank, obviously could no longer keep his position. Otherwise, there was no way for him to explain to the Shen Group. In addition, considering that Shen Yu’s reputation had become tarnished recently, Chairman Shen had intentions to keep Shen Yu low-key for now.

“If you can’t accept endorsements, then you can’t accept endorsements. You can just stay in school and study hard. On rest days, under the arrangement of the company, you can go out to do charity work and try to change your image in the eyes of the public.” Chairman Shen frowned and said: “I saw the news on the Internet that you were so busy filming that you didn’t even do your homework, and failed a few final exams. This is not acceptable.”

Speaking of this matter, Shen Yu also had his own thoughts. Instantly, he looked at Chairman Shen hesitatingly.

Chairman Shen asked patiently, “What’s the matter? What do you want to say to Dad?”

“I don’t want to study at Shanghai University anymore.” Shen Yu said hesitantly: “I think it’s good to be an actor. But my acting skills are too poor, which obviously doesn’t help my career. So I want to transfer to a film academy to study.”

Chairman Shen raised his eyebrows: “Why, do you have an idea?”

 “En.” Shen Yu nodded, Tao Mu’s stunning performance in Hong Kong appeared inexplicably in his mind, and he said firmly: “I’ll go to Beijing Film Academy to study acting and drama.”

When it comes to Beijing Film, everyone first thought of Tao Mu who was studying there.

The Shen family father and son looked at Shen Yu strangely. Shen Chen, who had not spoken much, said, “You wanting to go study at Beijing Film, is it for Tao Mu?”

Shen Yu hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, “Yes.”

However, the capital city’s waters were deep and murky, even for the Shen Group, it was not at all easy in the capital. Chairman Shen was worried that after Shen Yu went to the capital, and if something happened, their family would be too far away to do anything.

Chairman Shen frowned slightly, and was about to speak, when he saw Shen Chen say sternly: “But Beijing Film stipulates that students are not allowed to take part in filming before the third year. Have you thought about it? If you really enter Beijing Film, you can’t take on filming for at least a year.”

“I have thought it through.” Shen Yu nodded firmly. After a pause, he added, “Even if there is such a regulation, you can still act in the winter and summer vacations. That’s what Tao Mu did.”

Shen Chen didn’t say anything more, just nodded and said, “Since you’ve already made up your mind, of course Dad and I will support you. Then prepare yourself and report to Beijing Film when school starts in September.”

Shen Chen never thought about whether Beijing Film would accept Shen Yu as a student or not. In his view, as long as it was a problem that money could solve, it was not a problem at all.

 And it was also a good thing for Shen Yu to go to the capital to study. Firstly, with Shen Yu’s current reputation and image, his image among the people was really bad right now. The father and son of the Shen family originally wanted to have Shen Yu temporarily withdraw from everyone’s attention and let these negative news cool down. Shen Yu’s decision to go to Beijing Film to study happened to be the best reason——in order to hone his acting skills, he was willing to leave the screen and the camera and concentrate on his studies.

Secondly was the depth and murkiness of the waters in the capital. If they could take advantage of Shen Yu’s opportunity to study in the capital, they could get to know some of the affluent families in the capital. The Shen family might then be able to extend their sphere of influence to the capital. This was also a good thing.

In truth, when the Luo Group came to Shanghai to bid, the Shen family had this opportunity. It was a pity that something went wrong at that time. He wondered if Shen Yu would be able to get in touch with the young master of the Luo family this time when he goes to study in the capital.

Shen Yan looked coldly at her father and brother’s care towards the fake prince, and curled her lips in disapproval. Suddenly she thought of those remarks on the Internet——

If the real Shen family’s youngest son appeared, she wondered if this counterfeit would still act so righteous.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

But Shen Yan didn’t intend to stop Shen Yu from going to the capital to study. Zhuo Yan was right, father and elder brother treated Shen Yu very well. With the fake prince Shen Yu around, Shen Yan would never be able to have speaking rights in the Shen family. Unless——

Shen Yan’s thoughts turned, she could find the real Shen family child. In front of her parents and elder brother, the merit could make up for the crime.

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  1. *Sigh* poor Xiao Mu, in this life he avoid Shen Yu like a plague. He’s never fight Shen Yu first, only retaliate when Shen Yu causing him troubles. Gosh, some time, for the shake of his family’s safety, he even willing to bear the harm Shen Yu inflict on him silently without fight back. But this Shen Yu just not stop targeting our boy at all! When Xiao Mu politely decline to befriend with him, Shen Yu dismiss him and insist that actually our Xiao Mu want to be his friend because Shen Yu ‘himself’ think so. When our Xiao Mu act tougher to make his point clearer, Shen Yu then cry and accused our Xiao Mu for bully him. When Li Xiaoheng reason with him that what he did is not the way to make friend, he also cry and accused Li Xiaoheng for bully him too. It is so toxic and there is no way out, so double the toxic. So what if he ‘purely’ and ‘innocently’ want to be friend? His method really did harm other party. Not once, not twice, but many many times! He himself even acknowledged that he bring trouble to other party. But he still won’t stop! Because for him it doesn’t matter what other party think, the only think that matter is what he ‘want’. He prioritise his own desire more than other party’s well being. So he can continue hypnotise himself and insist that everything he does, he does it for kindness. But for me, I already see through his delusional, and know that his actions are not stem from kindness at all.

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