After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 195 To Fight For Justice

“You want to find your biological little brother?”

Zhuo Yan’s eyes that had been glued to the computer screen finally moved away to look at Shen Yan with a frown.

After leaving the Shen Group, Shen Yan eagerly returned to Zhuo Yan’s house. She wanted to share this happy news with her boyfriend.

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However, Zhuo Yan had long seen through Shen Yan’s true status in the Shen family, and was indifferent to whether she could return to the Shen family mansion or not. It was not until Shen Yan said that she wanted to find her biological younger brother, Zhuo Yan showed a trace of interest. He sneered coldly: “So what if you can find him back? Don’t forget that you switched him in the first place. He’s clearly the biological child of the Shen family, but because of you, he had been wandering outside for 19 years. Even if you did find him, even if he is kind-hearted and won’t retaliate against you, could he still be grateful to you?”

“Why do you even want to do this troublesome and redundant thing?” What was more, everyone in your Shen family is selfish and self-interest driven, even if he really was found, he might not even be willing to come back.

Shen Yan smiled slightly and said deliberately: “After all, he is the blood of our Shen family, and can’t be left outside forever. What’s more, the reason why my parents and elder brother are angry with me is because I lost my little brother when I was a child. If I can find him back, it can be considered as making up for the fault.”

After a pause, Shen Yan still couldn’t hold back, and said sheepishly: “And what those people on the Internet said is also right, Shen Yu, a fake that occupies the nest, the reason why he can rely on the Shen family with peace of mind is because the Shen family’s true youngest son hasn’t come back. I’d like to see if the real Shen Yu comes back, would a fake like him still have the face to stay in the Shen family.”

Thinking of this, Shen Yan smiled maliciously: “And the name Shen Yu was specially chosen by my father for my little brother. It has nothing to do with the fake. When I find my biological little brother back, I will suggest to my parents to give the name Shen Yu back to him.”

At that time, Shen Yu won’t even have this name, and his relationship with the Shen family would be completely cut off. Shen Yan wanted to see just how the fake Shen Yu would deal with the fallout then.

This was indeed disgusting. Zhuo Yan smiled slightly, he knew that with Shen Yan’s temperament, if she wanted to target a person, she would definitely be able to drive them crazy.

“He has been lost for nineteen years, how do you want to find him?” Zhuo Yan’s eyes flickered and he asked casually.

“If you want to untie the bell then you need the person who tied it in the first place. Of course, I must first find Shen Yu’s biological mother. If I find that woman, I will be able to find my biological little brother.” Shen Yan thought of this, and smiled happily: “And I can give the fake back to his real mother, which is really quite benevolent and righteous of me.”

Zhuo Yan’s eyes lowered slightly. He knew that Shen Yan’s intentions of bringing back her biological little brother was actually not at all good. She just wanted to continue to support a puppet to fight with Shen Yu. To her, her younger brother, who had been missing for nineteen years, was just a pawn.

The idea was actually not bad, but unfortunately, with Shen Yan’s IQ, it was unlikely that she would ever be a chess player in this life.

“Ai!” Looking at Zhuo Yan, who was in deep thought, Shen Yan pushed his shoulder and leaned over carefully: “Say, if I recommend you to my elder brother and let you work in the Shen Group, what do you think? “

“Based on you?” Zhuo Yan gave Shen Yan a sidelong glance, and sneered noncommittally: “You better take care of yourself first. You don’t need to worry about my affairs.”

“What do you mean, are you looking down on me?” Shen Yan raised her eyebrow and looked at Zhuo Yan with her arms crossed: “You think I can’t do it?”

Zhuo Yan said casually: “What do you think? The dignified eldest lady of the Shen family was used as a gun by a fake for so many years, ran away from home for him, did so many vicious things for him, and had your living expenses cut off by your father. Now that you are just allowed to go back to the Shen family, you are so grateful? I heard that the only reason you are allowed back is because of the deal you made to take the blame for that fake…..”

When Zhuo Yan spoke up to here, he didn’t say any more, just chuckled.

Shen Yan’s head hurt at these words. She stretched out her hand, grabbed a pillow and slammed it at Zhuo Yan. With a dark expression on her face, she shouted loudly: “Shen Yu, Shen Yu, Shen Yu, you really admire that fake. Then you should just go date him instead. Why get back with me?”

When Shen Yan said this, she couldn’t help but verbally jab Zhuo Yan: “Don’t forget. After returning from Hong Kong, it was you who took the initiative to find me and want to get back together. Since you think I’m useless, why do you still want to reconcile with me?”

Zhuo Yan chuckled lightly and said with deep eyes, “Do you mean, that I should go pursue that fake?”

Shen Yan’s face changed, and she blurted out, “No way.”

“That fake already has Yan Sheng. He is a big movie star, and from the Yan family. You are just a project manager, what advantage do you have against Yan Sheng?” Shen Yan looked at Zhuo Yan’s overly handsome face, and said unconvincingly: “Only I don’t look that on you for your mediocre family background. Let me tell you, you should treat me better, my parents and my elder brother don’t know that I’m in a relationship with you. If they know, they might not even allow it, you know?”

Zhuo Yan hooked a corner of his mouth upwards and said meaningfully: “That’s why I said that fake is smarter than you. You see how that fake could reel in a big movie star with a affluent family background, while you, the daughter of the Shen family, can only follow a mere project manager like me. What a loss on your part.”

Shen Yan choked, and couldn’t help but look away, mumbling, “It’s not like I look down on you for being just a project manager…..”

“And don’t think that I suffered a loss for taking the blame this time.” Shen Yan snorted coldly with her chin up again, “My dad and my elder brother just asked me to apologize at the press conference and take the responsibility. As for whether or not I play tricks behind their backs, it’s not like they know.”

As Shen Yan spoke, she laid proudly against Zhuo Yan’s chest, reached out to touch Zhuo Yan’s face, and said coquettishly, “Husband, your wife has been bullied. Are you willing to help her vent her anger?”

Zhuo Yan stretched out his hand to block Shen Yan’s hand, and said with a lack of interest: “Your Shen family’s family affairs, you solve it yourself. I am just an outsider, no point in getting involved.”

“What do you mean ‘your Shen family’?” Shen Yan reached out to hold Zhuo Yan’s hand and clasped their fingers together: “Let me remind you, that fake is not part of our Shen family. Instead, it’s you, if you treat me nicely, maybe you’ll really become part of the Shen family.”

Zhuo Yan raised his eyebrow and didn’t even bother to speak. It was clear that he didn’t believe that Shen Yan had any speaking rights in the Shen family.

Shen Yan gritted her teeth in hatred and love at Zhuo Yan’s casual and sexy appearance. And said angrily: “Just you wait, I will definitely speak with my dad and let you join the Shen Group.”

Zhuo Yan didn’t respond, but instead said, “You want to get your real younger brother back just so he could fight Shen Yu. But what benefit does that have for you?”

After a pause, Zhuo Yan added: “Other than after your father’s death, there is another person to split the family inheritance with you?”

Shen Yan tapped Zhuo Yan’s nose with her finger and snorted: “And you say you don’t care about the Shen family? You’ve already thought so far ahead about dividing the family inheritance?”

Mentioning this, Shen Yan sighed helplessly: “You don’t know the situation of our family. Except for my elder brother, the inheritance we can get is limited. I am a girl, and it is estimated that my father will only give me a dowry for when I get married in the future. I can get a dividend every year, but don’t even think about the company’s shares. It is estimated that even if that real little brother of mine comes back, his situation will be similar.”

When Shen Yan mentioned this, her tone became uncaring: “It’s not my share anyway. I don’t care.”

“How unfair.” Zhuo Yan shook his head: “You are the children of the Shen family, and have the same inheritance rights by the law. The Qing Dynasty abolished the primogeniture system, yet your family still continues to play this game?”

Shen Yan frowned uncomfortably, and couldn’t help but explain: “Don’t say that, in fact, my elder brother is also very kind to me.”

“The type of kindness that means cutting your living expenses so casually?” Zhuo Yan casualty added a knife: “The economic base determines the superstructure. The reason why you obey your father and your elder brother is not because of how good they are to you. It’s because when they decide to treat you badly, you simply can’t bear the consequences.”

Zhuo Yan reached out and rubbed Shen Yan’s head, as if touching a pet, and gently persuaded: “As far as your family is concerned, I advise you not to fight against Shen Yu. It’s clear that your father and your elder brother care more about that fake. If you do things behind their backs, in case they find out and become really furious, you might not even be able to keep your dowry.”

When Shen Yan heard these words, her heart sank, and she retorted with disagreement: “Impossible. After all, I am a child of the Shen family.”

“Oh, really?” Zhuo Yan reached out and knocked a knuckle on the laptop. The screen displayed the announcement of the Shen Group’s decision to hold a press conference at 9:30 tomorrow morning: “A child who is specially there to take the blame?”

Shen Yan’s expression became very ugly.

Zhuo Yan said with emotion: “Fortunately, this fake little prince will soon go to Beijing to study. By the way, he is going to attend Beijing Film, right? But I remember that Beijing Film’s teaching quality is very high, and their requirements for students are also very strict. The school will start in September soon, but your brother took no exams, and his reputation in the entertainment industry is not very good either. How will he get accepted?”

“My dad and my elder brother told us that we don’t need to worry about this matter. They will handle it.” When Shen Yan said this, she couldn’t help thinking that the other person she hated the most was also studying in Beijing Film, and she couldn’t help but snort coldly: “But it’s just a school for cultivating actors. How strict can it be. It’s no big deal, just donate a library or something. What things can’t be done when one has money these days?”

“How much does a library cost?” Zhuo Yan asked casually, “I remember you complained to me before that your father had already given a luxury apartment in Pudong District to that fake when he left the Shen family manor. And also opened a film and television company in his name. Now, in order to let him transfer schools, a library will also be donated? When he goes to the capital to study, in order to make his life more convenient, will the Shen family also have to buy a mansion for him in the capital to live in?”

“How much dowry can your family prepare for you when you get married?” Zhuo Yan paused, and asked with malice: “Or, I should ask, are the benefits you, the real daughter of the Shen family, get now more than that fake has gotten?”

Shen Yan’s expression changed dramatically. After thinking about it, she was not able to be reconciled, and picked up her purse, “I’m going to go back home for a bit.”

The door opening and closing sounded in his ears. Zhuo Yan sat cross-legged on the sofa, searching the Internet for gossip about the Shen siblings.

——When Shen Yu’s birth secret was exposed, Shen Yan refused to let her family find her real younger brother for the sake of Shen Yu’s status in the Shen family, and she even left home because of this. At that time, everyone praised the affection between the two siblings. Shen Yu’s fans also left messages on the Internet saying things like affection from giving birth is not as strong as affection from raising since childhood. Elder sister is the best sister in the world. The topic “Society owes me a sister” became very hot in major forums.

Who would have thought that in less than a year, this pair of siblings would turn against each other and make such a public scene? Back then, she refused to let her family find her real younger brother, swearing that she had only one little brother in this life, Shen Yu, but now she actually wanted to personally find her real younger brother.

Zhuo Yan was very clear on Shen Yan’s disposition. Knowing that her original intention of looking for her real little brother was definitely not to atone for her sins. At best, it was just a matter of pride.

——Thinking that she was the salvation of others, only to find out that the person she protected and pitied actually had a higher status in the family than her, and would get more benefits. While she had to sacrifice her own reputation and interests for that person’s reputation and future.

For those who had always lived in their own self-made fantasy, the most painful thing for them was probably the moment when the illusion was broken and was forced to recognize reality.

Zhuo Yan chuckled lightly. Slowly opening the document file, he typed down the things that Shen Yan complained to him, especially the stories about how Shen Yu was ‘bullied’ by many people since he was a child, and then went to his sister to help him out in tears. The tone exactly replicated a classmate who could no longer hold back and had to break the news to gain justice for Sgen Yan who was wronged.

Shen Yan was right. Even if she was stupid and vicious, her heart towards Shen Yu had always been sincere. She had done so many evil things for Shen Yu, and it was not right that the person who sat back and enjoyed the benefits got to become the victim.

The Shen family father and son were selfish and interest driven, refusing to stand up for their own daughter. But as her boyfriend, he couldn’t sit idly by. No matter what, he should let everyone know the truth.

At the end of the post, Zhuo Yan also expressed indignantly——

“Even if Shen Yan is guilty of committing a crime against the whole world, the only one she has not wronged is Shen Yu. But in the end, Shen Yu, for the sake of his own image and reputation, allowed his fans to insult Shen Yan, and spread Shen Yan’s black material everywhere on the Internet. Don’t say that Shen Yan’s actions have nothing to do with Shen Yu. If it wasn’t to help Shen Yu vent his anger, Shen Yan would never have done so many evil things. Even if Shen Yan’s nature is vicious, Shen Yu is the main reason why she wielded a knife at the innocent and weak in the first place.”

“But how does Shen Yu treat this sister who had done all kinds of evil things for him, and even left home for his sake? He was indifferent to the abuse his fans committed, indifferent to the cyber violence his fans enacted, and yet he asked Shen Yan to stand up and take the blame for everything. While he could remain his innocent and pure self——now even squandering the money of the Shen family to study at Beijing Film.”

“After laying low for two years and waiting for his scandals to be washed away, he is yet another new and fresh idol.”

“Unless they were possessed, I really can’t think of why Chairman Shen and CEO Shen, as Shen Yan’s biological father and brother, would disregard the wishes of Mrs. Shen and Shen Yan and insist on pampering a cuckoo that occupied the nest for nineteen years.”

“I just want to say that naivety and cruelty, innocence and cowardice are often separated by just a thin line. A truly kind person would never sacrifice the reputation of others to show his innocence, nor would he have the heart to sacrifice his sister and afterwards, use her family’s money to decorate his future and life.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After writing this long post, Zhuo Yan edited and checked it over, and then clicked Save.

He planned to wait until tomorrow after the press conference of the Shen Group was held before sending out this post.

All to help his girlfriend vent her anger.

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  1. … For those who had always lived in their own self-made fantasy, the most painful thing for them was probably the moment when the illusion was broken and was forced to recognize reality….

    The Forc- *cough* *cough* premonition is strong with this paragraph ~ This method really is the bane of Shen Yu’s existence.

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