After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 196 Trick Of Injuring Oneself 

The press conference held by the Shen Group was held at 9:30 in the morning. In order to maximize publicity, the Shen family also chose Shanghai TV station for live broadcast.

On the TV screen, in front of all the media reporters, Shen Yan repented tearfully for her past mistakes. Saying that she was young at the time and did not realize how much harm her actions had caused others, that she just wanted to protect her little brother. After all, her little brother was so weak and pure, and simply didn’t know how to protect himself at all.

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Shen Yan deeply confessed her penitence at the press conference for her evil deeds when she was young. She also said she was willing to make amends for the mistakes she had made. Saying that starting today, she would spend the rest of her life doing charity. At the end of the press conference, Shen Yan also stated that Shen Yun was completely unaware of what she was doing, and that Shen Yu was innocent. Including this incident of slapping the actress that had led to much criticism by everyone, Shen Yu didn’t know at all. So she hoped everyone would not turn their anger on Shen Yu.

Just after the press conference ended, some netizens uploaded this video to Because the Shen Group held the press conference at 9:30 in the morning on a weekday, many netizens were too busy with work that they didn’t have time to pay attention to this matter. Only the students who were still on winter vacation saw the video when it was first uploaded. And these people were basically the main force in online fights.

One must admit that due to Shen Yan’s arrogance and domineering behavior before, she did provoke a lot of antis online, including women’s rights activists.

Therefore, at the beginning of the release of the video, the public opinion on the Internet was basically a swarm of abuse. There were many remarks that Shen Yan was really vicious and that Shen Yan was a disgrace to women. In addition, Shen Yu’s fans were also making waves, and they didn’t hesitate to put all the blame on Shen Yan, eager to white-wash their idol. So this led to a one-sided smear campaign on the Internet.

And these kinds of remarks reached its peak after the office workers went home from work and started to search for melons on the Internet that night. For a time, Shen Yan immediately became a sewer rat that everyone shouted at and beat at. There were even impulsive netizens who ran to the company Shen Yan worked at and poured urine on her when she exited the building after getting off work.

At the beginning, Shen Yan thought that it was acid that was poured on her, so she screamed and cried in horror. The company staff called 120 and she was sent to the hospital. The whole process was photographed by the gossip paparazzi gathered outside the company.

When the news just came out, everyone applauded. Everyone felt that Shen Yan, this vicious woman, finally received the punishment she deserved. Although it was not good to pour urine on people for no reason. But this was also considered a wicked person getting their just desserts.

However, with the passage of time, when netizens saw that in the follow-up news reports about how Shen Yan, who was still in the hospital, was weeping non-stop every day, and was diagnosed by the doctor to have suffered a fright and had a nervous breakdown. Everyone gradually began to feel a little uncomfortable.

So some netizens with unknown attributes began to leave messages on the Internet, feeling that treating a girl like this was too much. After all, Shen Yan was just a spoiled eldest young lady, even if she really did something wrong, those who should be most angry should be the victims. As for netizens and strangers, even if they were angry, they were not qualified to go to the place where Shen Yan worked to pour urine on her.

There were also rational and neutral netizens who thought that this kind of gesture was not worthy of encouragement——although this time it was urine, except for disgust, it would not cause much bodily harm. But what if it was replaced with sulfuric acid next time? A girl’s life would be ruined just like that.

Don’t you think it’s terrifying to pour things on people at every turn in order to vent your emotions, regardless of laws and security regulations? Why do all the netizens still applaud? How was their current actions different from Shen Yan who bullied others in the name of protecting Shen Yu back then? Since there was no difference, how could netizens criticize Shen Yan’s behavior from the moral high ground?

Humans all have a herd mentality and a rebellious mentality. When all the remarks slandered Shen Yan one-sidedly, most netizens also felt that Shen Yan had committed a heinous crime and should apologize with her death. But when there were too many such remarks, netizens would also feel tired of seeing such things all the time. Therefore, when some people stood forward and expressed opposite remarks, whether it was out of curiosity or other, it was easy to lead the masses——especially those young people who thought themselves unique and have independent thinking ability.

At this time, Zhuo Yan’s carefully concocted post from “a classmate who can’t bear it and no longer needs to bear it” appeared at just the right juncture.

Zhuo Yan’s post took a sensational route. The netizens who have been excitedly eating melons on the Internet also happen to be mostly young people who were easily instigated. It was conceivable what kind of public opinion impact this post would have on the Internet when it was read through by netizens and shared like crazy.

The voices that were scolding Shen Yan on the Internet finally had their place again. Before, they stood on the moral high ground to accuse Shen Yan of evil deeds, and they were echoed by many people. How refreshing it felt to criticize others on the Internet! It let some people who were actually timid and servile in real life suddenly find a sense of existence. It was as if they were sitting on the seat of judgment and could control the fate of others.

It was a pity that the good times didn’t last long. After the extreme behavior of crazy netizens who followed Shen Yan to pour urine on her was made known, many rational and neutral netizens began to stand up and express different positions. They were too embarrassed to keep scolding a young woman who had been so humiliated and even had a nervous breakdown.

It was just that some words stuck in the throat must be spoken or else they would feel uncomfortable all over. Now that there was breaking news from an “informed classmate unhappy with the injustice”, these righteous keyboard warriors finally found the opportunity to exert their power again, and swarmed under Shen Yu’s FlyNews, and began to comment on Shen Yu’s behavior.

——Taking the money of the Shen family, enjoying the resources of the Shen family, yet letting the women of the Shen family take the blame for him. That “informed classmate” is right, this kind of person is not truly naive and straightforward, but selfish and cruel. He is not at all innocent, but someone who chose to stand on the sidelines, cowardly enjoying the pleasant feeling of being protected.

The most important thing is that after all the scandals came to light, this self-proclaimed kind and timid person could still hide behind Shen Yan while letting his fans splash Shen Yan with dirty water, and let this “elder sister” bear all the infamy for him.

Shen Yu, simply put, was an ‘exquisite profiteer’.

The Internet warriors who learned a new term in the post uploaded by “Informed Classmate” couldn’t wait to stick this label on Shen Yu’s forehead.

As Zhuo Yan expected, while the matter was causing a stir on the Internet, Beijing Film, which was mentioned in the post that “will receive a new library”, also stood forward.

Beijing Film posted a FlyNews on its official account on, expressing with a serious attitude that Beijing Film Academy had always been strict in the selection of students. Candidates need to pass the art examination and the college entrance examination. After passing all exams, only then could one become a student of Beijing Film. Beijing Film’s school-running philosophy had always been “to take art education as the main focus, and insist on cultivating elite talents in drama, film and television art for the country”. Therefore, Beijing Film did not accept transfer applications from ordinary colleges and universities and students who have no acting skills.

If a student really wanted to join the big family at Beijing Film, he could choose to take the art exam in February next year. If the art exam was passed and their grades were also up to standard, Beijing Film would then welcome all students who were interested in becoming actors to come for further study.

The statement was full of righteousness and integrity. And at the end of the statement, Beijing Film also emphasized that so far, no one had applied for transfer to Beijing Film in the name of “donating a new library”. So they hope that the majority of netizens would not believe in rumors and spread rumors, and instead base everything on facts.

As soon as this statement came out, it was like a drop of cold water falling into a hot oil pan, adding another wave of discussion to the already boiling Internet. A netizen from Shanghai University broke the news that Shen Yu’s student status had been transferred a few days ago. And judging from the various articles released by Shen Yu’s management team before, Shen Yu did have plans to transfer to an acting school for further study. Wen Shijin, his agent, also clearly stated in the article that Shen Yu would concentrate on studying, improve his acting skills, and strive to return as his best self after transferring to another school.

But now, in the face of Beijing Film’s righteous statement, everyone now knows that Beijing Film would definitely not accept a “transfer student from an ordinary college without any acting foundation” like Shen Yu. So the question now is, which acting school  does Shen Yu plan to attend?

Is it the Shanghai Theatre Academy? Or Yan Film and Television Academy? Anyway, no matter which school he went to, it was estimated that he would not be able to escape the label of “seeing money as one’s life”.

“How is it, has your anger been vented?”

In a hospital in Shanghai, Zhuo Yan carried his laptop to visit his girlfriend who was still in the hospital for observation because of neurasthenia. He expressed considerately: “If you feel better, you should discharge yourself as soon as possible. In order to help you vent your anger, I disrupted the plans of your father and elder brother. Now who knows where that fake little prince’s school status will land. If you’re okay, go home quickly, lest your father take his anger out on you.”

Shen Yan looked at the comments and articles that scolded Shen Yu on the Internet, and finally felt vindicated. But when she looked at Zhuo Yan, she still complained, “But aren’t you too ruthless? You actually hired someone to pour urine on me without telling me in advance. Do you know that I was scared to death at the time? I really thought someone was going to pour sulfuric acid on me!”

“If I told you in advance, your reaction would not be so realistic.” Zhuo Yan chuckled and said meaningfully: “How could there be such a wonderful performance.”

“That’s true.” Shen Yan felt happy when she thought of that white lotus Shen Yu getting his just desserts. She said happily: “So this is the trick of injuring oneself? Guess that fake will never think that I could be so cruel to myself, right?”

“No, that’s not right, it should be: who knew that you could be so cruel to me, right?” Shen Yan glanced unhappily at Zhuo Yan: “You actually had someone pour urine on me. Do you know that I almost puked myself sick. Wanting nothing more than to take a bath eight times a day.”

Zhuo Yan smiled but said nothing.

Shen Yan looked at Zhuo Yan, who was standing on the side and refused to come over, and snorted, “What are you doing so far away from me? I’ve cleaned myself up already. Do you still despise me?”

Zhuo Yan avoided answering and just asked, “What do you want to do next?”

Shen Yan curled her lips upwards in a good mood: “Of course I want to be a well-behaved and obedient daughter. Together with my mother, I will find my real little brother back.”

Although she kept saying that she wanted to find him back, in fact Shen Yan didn’t take this little brother who had been missing for nineteen years seriously. This person had the blood of the Shen family, and naturally he also inherited the coldness of the Shen family. She doted on Shen Yu so much back then, but once she found out that Shen Yu’s existence was not in her own interests, didn’t she also fall out with him.

Excessive pursuit of self-interest was the nature of the Shen family. So Shen Yan didn’t have any hope for this little brother who had been missing for nineteen years. As for whether he was grateful to her for finding him back, or wanted to kill her. Shen Yan didn’t really care.

It was just a child raised outside. Even if he had the blood of the Shen family, and even wanted to snatch the family inheritance of the Shen family to compensate for his many years of displacement, he was still just a child raised in an ordinary household. The education and environment he had contact with while growing up was definitely not as good as what the Shen family could receive. Therefore, even if he had ambition, he might not be able to win against Shen Chen.

And as long as the Shen family was still in the hands of father Shen and Shen Chen, Shen Yan didn’t have to worry about her treatment.

As for the stray who came back from outside, Shen Yan concluded that if her real little brother knew that he was the real Shen family son, he would definitely come running back eagerly, eager to get the approval of his family.

And that’s what Shen Yan wanted.

Whether it was just pretense at complying, or cooperation of interests, as long as there was a need, joining forces was still a possibility.

Shen Yan believed that at least until Shen Yu was completely kicked out of the Shen family, she didn’t have to worry about whether her real little brother would turn on her. As for whether her good eldest brother with a deep scheming mind and strong monopolistic desire could tolerate an ambitious younger brother after Shen Yu was completely expelled from the Shen family, that was none of her business.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

If he wanted to survive in the Shen family and get the benefits that belong to him. It was not a simple change of surname, or just relying on the blood of the Shen family flowing in his veins.

In ancient times, imperial princes also knew that seizing the throne was a path of bloodshed. She could only hope that little brother of hers could be smarter.

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  1. I love how this idiot keeps talking about the superiority of the “Shen family education” when that is glorified cattle raising. Neither Shen Yan nor Shen Yu are educated in academics or propriety. I normally don’t judge anyone based on their education because several factors can come into play; but if you want to evaluate others comparing some kind of ~elite family education to normal people, then you better have the proof to back it up.


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