After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 197 “The Great Wall Of Flesh And Blood” Trailer

Netizens who ate melons and watched drama play out on every day suddenly discovered that, at some point, the homepage of quietly put a link to The title was also very simple, it was “”The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” ten-minute trailer version, September 28th National Television golden time tpot, so stay tuned.”

What the hell was “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”? Recently, the netizens who had been happily eating melon seem to vaguely recall that there was such a drama, but they did not have much of an impression. Only Tao Mu’s die-hard fans immediately thought of the war drama Tao Mu filmed during the winter vacation. More informed fans also know that Tao Mu chose the filming location of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” when he filmed the dance video that celebrated registered users of reaching past 100 million.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

My Mu’s first TV series is about to start!

With all kinds of expectations, Tao Mu’s fans clicked carefully on the link.

The first thing that appeared was a black screen, followed by the beeping sound of telegrams, and white subtitles began to appear on the black screen——

On August 13, 1937, after the Lugouqiao Incident, in order to change the direction of the Japanese army’s invasion from north to south to east to west, in order to facilitate long-term battles, the Nationalist government launched the first large-scale counterattack in Shanghai.

The sound of gunfire and fighting went from small to loud, and when the camera turned, a tragic battlefield scene appeared on the screen. The war was raging, the smoke of gunpowder was everywhere, and the soldiers hid behind the trenches to exchange fire with the enemy. The bugle sounded, the camera dove down, and all the soldiers rushed up from behind the trenches. The soldiers who were short of ammunition set up bayonets to fight with the enemy, blocking muzzles with their flesh and blood, and buying time for their comrades.

In the continuous sound of gunfire, many bodies were blown away, and the land was soaked with blood and detached limbs. The soldiers continued to charge forwards over the bodies of their comrades. This battle was extremely brutal. But no one took a step back. Although there was not a single speaking line in the whole scene, the netizens who watched the video felt the content that the film wanted to convey——

Because behind the soldiers was their homeland and defenseless common people. They couldn’t retreat at all.

The camera angle turned again, and the scene returned to the Shanghai City Concession, where there was singing and dancing and prosperity. In the luxurious banquet hall, the guests in suits and leather shoes and champagne glasses congratulated the host in unison. This day was the 60th birthday of old Mr. Su, the chairman of Shanghai Chamber of Commerce. People from the entire Shanghai business community came to celebrate. Even Japan sent people to attend the birthday banquet. However, when the Japanese appeared at the birthday banquet, the atmosphere of the whole banquet suddenly changed.

Under the compliments of the Japanese businessman who spoke in accented Chinese, everyone learned that old Mr. Su’s youngest son, Su Dingbang, who was studying abroad, was about to return to Shanghai.

The scene switched again, it was the Huangpu River and the sun was setting. The river water was surging and amidst the long ship whistle and the splashing of the river water, a young man in a white three-piece suit wearing a monocle and carrying a suitcase appeared on the top of the ship ladder.

The dusky sunset poured into the surging river, where the luxurious ship docked at a busy and bustling port. The whole world seemed to be dyed a dark golden color, with white seabirds winging past.

The camera zoomed in to give a close-up, the young man had his black hair combed back, revealing a smooth forehead and excessively handsome facial features. The thin gold chain hanging down from the monocle perched on his nose drew arcs in the air as he moved. His back was straight, and his slender figure was full of indescribable elegance and nobility. The demeanor of an elegant and noble young master of the Republic of China and the mannerisms of an old-fashioned British gentleman combined naturally on his person.

Just a single appearance and already many face fans in front of the screen let out excited screams, wanting nothing more than to lick the screen directly.

The bullet screen comments also became so dense that the video screen was completely blocked by words. It wasn’t until the next scene that the barrage decreased slightly.

Although it was just a ten minute trailer, the rhythm of the plot was very tight. The male and female protagonists and important supporting roles mediated amongst the frontal battlefield and the battlefield behind the scenes. All kinds of intrigue and scheming, the country and the world affairs, as well as romance were included in just ten minutes. Causing all the netizens to hold their breaths in anticipation, even the hairs on their arms stood on end from anxiety.

At about four minutes in, Su Dingbang, played by Tao Mu, appeared again. In the scene, Su Dingbang, who was captured and held in the torture prison, watched his comrades being tortured by the Japanese. Under the great fear and panic, his revolutionary resolve was shaken, which happened to be discovered by a comrade. The dying underground party member finally opened his mouth to surrender, but after the Japanese released him from the torture rack, he threw himself on Su Dingbang, attempting to kill him.

Tao Mu once relied on this scene to completely conquer many veteran actors who participated in the filming. At this moment, with the excellent post-editing and accompanied by a suspenseful soundtrack, Tao Mu and the other actors performed explosively, which greatly infected the audience in front of the screen.

Whether it was the strong contrast of the underground party member pretending to surrender only to suddenly try to assassinate Su Dingbang, or the vivid image of Su Dingbang’s face turning purple when he was strangled by the throat, and his cowardice after escaping from death, or even the arrogance of the Japanese soldiers who put on compassionate and sympathetic faces but were cruel and disdainful, it all shook the netizens in front of the computer, breaking out in enthusiastic applause.

At this moment, netizens suddenly remembered that Tao Mu played a cannon fodder villain in this TV series. A villain who originally had lofty ambitions, but displayed cowardice in the face of cruel reality.

When Tao Mu took over the role, Tao Mu’s fans objected fiercely. They thought this kind of villainous role was too unpleasant, and if not careful, might arouse the disgust of the audience. The anger towards the character might even spill over to the actor.

However, at this moment, when netizens saw this scene in the film, many people suddenly felt that they could understand Su Dingbang’s choice.

When the country was in peril, every Chinese person wanted to join the revolution to save the nation. However, not everyone could become a revolutionary hero. In the process of participating in the revolution, cowardly surrendering because of threats of bodily harm might be shameful, but it was also pitiful.

——It was a pitiful thing that in those turbulent times, young people who should have enjoyed a stable life had no choice but to take the road where their lives were hanging by a thread.

The video continued, and the next few minutes were all scene fragments of the male protagonist’s participation in the revolution and interaction with all parties. The male protagonist was an officer of the Communist Party at the Whampoa Military Academy. During the Songhu Battle, he also joined the frontal battlefield as a representative of the Communist Party. Later, he was able to do work behind enemy lines. Although the screenwriter had not personally experienced that era, the script was clearly well researched. The whole plot connected logically. The post-editing also added an extra intensity. Netizens only felt that in the blink of an eye, the ten-minute trailer was almost over.

At this time, Su Dingbang, played by Tao Mu, appeared in front of the camera again.

——It must be said that the director and the production team really took great pains to please Tao Mu, the investor, and also to promote better publicity and attract more young people to watch the TV series. A small cannon fodder character who appeared in less than three episodes actually appeared three times in the trailer.

Of course, the reason why Zhou Hong allowed a large number of Su Dingbang’s clips to be included in the trailer was because Tao Mu’s acting skills were indeed stunning.

If Su Dingbang’s image was that of an elegant and noble young master who was full of splendor and full of a gentleman’s demeanor when he first appeared on the screen, someone who wanted to use his talent and hard work to contribute his own strength to the turbulent motherland, then at the end of the film, Su Dingbang had become an addict whose ambitions and dreams were shattered, only relying on drugs to numb himself every day. Seeing that Su Dingbang, who had become completely unrecognizable, finally committing suicide by swallowing opium, all netizens fell silent.

At the end of the video, the male protagonist who finally survived the Anti-Japanese War to see the establishment of New China was already gray-haired. He led a similarly gray-haired heroine and their children and grandchildren to visit the tombs of the martyrs’ cemetery.

The sky was a perfect blue, there were no clouds, and the doves of peace winged by. In the eyes of the aged male protagonist, memories of him once fighting on the front and behind the scenes flickered by. The camera also swept over the names on the martyr’s monument one by one.

Accompanied by the melodious soundtrack, the camera angle gradually rose, flying across the sky, across the jungle, across the beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland——

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The reason why we enjoy our current peace and prosperity is because in those difficult years, countless revolutionary heroes shed their blood and built the most unbreakable Great Wall of the Chinese nation with their flesh and blood.

The world is bright, and the heroic spirit does not die.

Now this peace and prosperity is finally as you hoped for.

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