After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 200 Follow-up 

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Probably because Li Xiaoheng’s attitude was too calm and natural, after the reporters exchanged looks with each other, they didn’t feel that there was anything wrong. The reporter from FlyNews Entertainment also helped the two CEOs to save face: “…..So you actually used this method to name the website, so CEO Li, you and our CEO Tao are really bad with names, huh?”

Our CEO Tao?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

CEO Li, who was sitting on stage at the press conference, glanced at the employees of their family’s CEO Tao, and smiled gently: “Well, it’s not really because we are bad at names, we just wanted to show the outside world the cooperative sincerity of Xiaoheng Capital and in this way.”

In fact, in terms of business cooperation, if two companies cooperate to establish a new company, usually the new company would be named after the two companies. This was especially the case with joint ventures between Chinese companies and foreign companies. This way of naming was very common in the business world. It was just that there were relatively few companies named after the surnames of the bosses of both parties.

The media in the audience thought about it and felt that the names of,,, and did not look like online shopping platforms no matter how you looked at them. After thinking about it carefully, it turned out that was indeed a more appropriate name.

Not only did it sound catchy, the meaning was also very auspicious, and it could also announce to the outside world the two major shareholders of and Xiaoheng Capital through their names, forming a three-pronged publicity model. The moment people saw the name, they would immediately think of the three companies. If one thought about it further, one could even think of the Li family’s Fengxing Group.

Thinking about it this way, the decision to name it was indeed a beneficial and cost-effective way of publicity.

Li Xiaoheng was a pure student of the sciences, of course he didn’t know the way of thinking of students of the liberal arts. Under the deliberate guidance of the reporters from FlyNews Entertainment Department, the group of media reporters quickly thought up a variety of business secrets to explain’s naming process that even Li Xiaoheng himself did not know.

So after the press conference, when Li Xiaoheng asked his assistant to search for relevant comments on the Internet, what he saw was that all major financial media praised’s naming process as a beneficial and cost-effective publicity method. Even the gossip entertainment media that reprinted various reports after the press conference put the focus of the gossip on the two diamond bachelor domineering CEOs. Of course, some daring gossip media were inspired to subtly post gossip about the capital’s Li family. In the end, based on Li Xiaoheng’s experience of starting his own business at a young age, they concluded that the eldest son of the Li family was excluded from the family and that there was even a grudge between the Li family’s father and son.

The ancients say that the imperial family consists of no father and son. Now it seemed that in the face of huge interests, the rich and powerful also did not possess familial affection!

Li Xiaoheng looked at the name of this gossip newspaper and found that it was actually a Hong Kong tabloid. Sure enough, the paparazzi of Hong Kong dared to say anything!

After the press conference, uploaded the first part of the Second Sino-Japanese War documentary “The Veterans Does Not Die”, titled “No Sichuan, No Army” in a timely manner, with conducting real-time promotion.

Many netizens——to be precise, Tao Mu’s die-hard fans, after watching the press conference of, some of them went to to buy, buy, buy, while the others went to to watch the documentary.

Thanks to’s nearly 200 million registered users,’s transaction volume exceeded 100 million yuan within 24 hours of its launch. A large portion of these trade orders were contributed by incoming students and freshmen. Tao Mu drew on the promotion methods of online shopping platforms ten years in the future, and directly launched a school opening gift package during the promotion period of the school season. It contained various stationery books and learning materials for all grades, all kinds of daily necessities that freshmen should buy before reporting to college, and even included a novice cosmetic bag in conjunction with fashion magazines and some affordable and easy-to-use cosmetic brands. While ensuring that all cosmetics were genuine, students could also enjoy the best prices.

Of course, there were people who were not interested in buying, buying, buying. After seeing the top link on the homepage of, they moved the mouse and clicked into the documentary video. As a result, the number of views to “No Sichuan, No Army” also exceeded 10 million within 24 hours.

However, it was the “Dialogue 1937” call for essays organized by that pushed the influence of this documentary on the Second Sino-Japanese War to the whole network.

In 2009, the purchasing power of 10,000 yuan was still very impressive. Even in some 18th-tier small counties, the annual salary of an ordinary employee may not even reach 10,000 yuan.

So under this hefty monetary reward, the netizens who were still on were immediately tempted. Students in elementary, middle and high school took this essay writing activity as a composition essay. College students, graduate students and even doctoral students took this essay writing activity as their graduation thesis and research report. Photographers and other industry professionals all posted relevant photos and videos on the Internet, and even office workers and retired civil servants participated in the call for essays in the form of writing memoirs.

The year 2009 was originally the 60th anniversary of the founding of China, and the official government also attached great importance to this year’s National Day activities. For example, the military parade that had been rehearsed for a long time. However, in addition to this, the official government had also tried to carry out other forms of promotion as well. So that more people, especially young people, could understand the history of their motherland.

Meng Qi, on behalf of, took the initiative to contact the officials, and proposed the tourism activity of “Veterans watching the military parade plus a three-day tour of the capital”, which especially echoed the official intentions.

In fact, the government was also paying attention to Although was established not long ago, it held the 11/11 military uniform photo activity, established a charity fund for orphans and elderly, helped the Shen Group to promote the Gene Bank For Lost Children, and even later co-founded Skynet System with Xiaoheng Capital, Skynet Technologies, and the Ministry of Public Security. Promoting positive energy with a positive attitude.

Including the idea of “inviting veterans to the capital to watch the military parade”, as well as the Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund jointly established with Xiaoheng Capital, it was also very awesome indeed. It could be said that in the eyes of the government, had become the kind of native emerging enterprises in China most worthy of publicity and praise.

As had won the government’s favor, it had also been taken care of by various policies in its normal operation and management. This was also an important reason why Meng Qi strongly supported Tao Mu’s various ideas.

It was now late August, and there was only a little more than a month left before the National Day. They were actually on a very tight schedule. Since the government felt that the idea of ​​”inviting veterans to celebrate with the whole country” was a good idea, they immediately reported this idea upwards. In the end, it even reached the very top. Senior official No. 1 made the final decision in person, and even personally said that “ is one of China’s own websites, which can guide young people and promote positive energy. It is an excellent example of a national emerging enterprise”.

When the news traveled back to, the entire headquarters exploded in excitement. Even the programmers in the technical department didn’t code any more, floating out of the technical department in a state of dizziness one by one, all jokingly insisting Mr. Meng to give everyone a raise, as a way of universal rejoicing.

What could Meng Qi do? Of course, it was to happily allow a salary increase for all staff, directly issuing three months’ worth of monthly salary as a bonus.

At the same time, Tao Mu was at Longteng Entertainment’s headquarters, discussing with Luo Xi about donating all the proceeds from “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” to the Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund.

“Mr. Tao has been working with us for so long. But I think this is the first time you have come to the office building of Longteng Entertainment?” Luo Xi walked out from behind the desk, invited Tao Mu to sit on the sofa, and asked with a smile, “Coffee or tea?”

“Water will do.” Tao Mu finally finished a lot of things on his agenda, and wanted to get a good night’s sleep tonight. So he didn’t want to drink coffee or tea.

Luo Xi smiled and had the secretary pour the mineral water before saying: “Mr. Tao is a rare visitor. I see that you have been very busy recently. I wonder if there is a chance for us, Longteng Entertainment, to continue to deepen cooperation with FlyNews?”

Tao Mu drank half a glass of mineral water and said casually, “Haven’t we been working together all this time?”

“I’m talking about cooperation outside the entertainment industry.” Luo Xi smiled and said meaningfully: “For example, you and Xiaoheng Capital created the online shopping platform The response has been very good. I wonder if you are interested in joining Longteng Entertainment in cooperating to create an online celebrity merchandise trading platform?”

“To tell you the truth, we have a lot of contracted artists under Longteng Entertainment. Among them, there are many A- and B-list stars. But you also know that our mainland stars, in regards to merchandise sales, have not been doing very well. Except for some merchandise sold when singers hold concerts and release new albums, the rest of the time we simply are unable to tap the purchasing power of fans. The merchandise sales of some A- and B-list stars are not even as good as those artists who gain popularity through variety talent shows.”

However, the specific hosting activities of such talent shows were all managed by Luo Xi found that did better than their entertainment companies in this area.

“I heard that Mr. Tao sent people to South Korea to study in order to make the weekly drama “Fashion Storm”. I have to admit that South Korea’s fan economy and idol culture have always been better than our domestic ones. So I just wanted to ask Mr. Tao, are you interested in joining forces and digging into the domestic fan economy?”

Tao Mu glanced at Luo Xi without any surprise, and smiled warmly: “Ms. Luo has quite a unique idea.”

“As they say, wealth moves the heart.” Luo Xi smiled slightly, and added: “By the way, I wonder why Mr. Tao came over today?”

“It’s for the profit sharing of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”.” Tao Mu went straight to the point, directly explaining his plans to set up a charity fund for war veterans from the donation.

As CEO Li expected, after hearing Tao Mu’s idea, Luo Xi didn’t even think about it at all, and said directly: “This idea is very good, and I very much support Mr. Tao’s decision.”

After a pause, Luo Xi said with a slight teasing manner: “ is an outstanding national emerging enterprise hand-picked by the No. 1 senior official. As a partner of, Longteng Entertainment must of course keep up. To be honest, my father called me specially after learning about this, and wanted to invite you to be a guest at home and by the way discuss some matters. The Luo Group also wants to donate a sum of money to the Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund.”

Tao Mu immediately smiled and said, “I remember that Chairman Luo is a retired soldier. He would definitely have more special feelings for those people in that period of history.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Luo Xi smiled, and was about to say something when the door of the office was pushed open with a bang, and someone shouted angrily, “Luo Xi, what right do you have to restrict the company’s artists from going to my party——”

Before he could finish speaking, Luo Yang, who rushed in angrily, saw Tao Mu sitting on the sofa and instantly had a stunned expression: “Tao, Tao Mu, why are you here?”

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