After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 201 Shen Yan’s Fighting Power

Tao Mu looked at Luo Yang, whose temperament and mannerisms were the same as before, and nodded casually.

Speaking of which, the two haven’t met since he schemed for Luo Yang’s leg to be broken by Chairman Luo. Looking at how Luo Yang was jumping up and down now——

“Has your leg recovered?” Tao Mu asked politely.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

For some reason, Luo Yang’s recovered right leg subconciously took a step back. For some reason he felt an inexplicable pain in the calf bone: “It’s completely healed.”

Luo Yang paused and said, “Xiao Yu has transferred to Yan Film, did you know?”

Before he even finished speaking, Luo Yang began to regret bringing it up. Anyone who paid even a little attention to entertainment gossip knew about Tao Mu’s frosty relationship with Shen Yu. He was clearly lifting the pot that couldn’t be opened. (TN: touching upon a sore topic)

“But it doesn’t count as a transfer. Although Xiao Yu has made a few dramas and films, he is not professionally trained, nor does he have much acting experience. Yan Film didn’t accept Xiao Yu’s transfer application at first. Yan Sheng acted as a go-between and the Shen Group also promised to donate a library to Yan Film. Only then did Yan Film agree. But after Xiao Yu transferred his student status to Yan Film, he has to start as a freshman.” This way it could be considered to sound better.

“Actually, Xiao Yu originally wanted to transfer to the Shanghai Theatre Academy. It’s a pity that Shen Yan, that vicious woman, made a fuss, and Mrs. Shen also asked had her natal family put pressure on the Shanghai Theatre Academy. Chairman Shen probably didn’t want to upset the whole family for the sake of Xiao Yu, so Xiao Yu was sent to Yan Film.”

“It’s truly hateful, that vicious Shen Yan actually incited Mrs. Shen to go to the company to make a fuss because of this matter, and caused Mrs. Shen to force Chairman Shen to take back the apartment in Pudong District that he gave to Xiao Yu. By the way, even the film and television company that Chairman Shen gave to Xiao Yu was also snatched away by Shen Yan. Saying something like since Xiao Yu wants to devote himself to studying, there is no need to waste the resources of the film and television company. And dragging Xiao Yu to the bank to cancel the credit card that His elder brother gave to Xiao Yu. Only leaving 50,000 yuan for Xiao Yu’s living expenses every month.”

“I don’t know what Chairman Shen and Shen Chen are thinking, but they even let Xiao Yu report to the school and live in the dormitory. Say, Xiao Yu is a celebrity at least, aren’t they being too much, acting like this——”

“Okay, enough.” Luo Xi interrupted her stupid little brother’s complaints impatiently: “Shen Yu is not a child of the Shen family, so what right does he have to spend the money of the Shen family. Not to mention that while Shen Yu was still enjoying the resources of the Shen family, he allowed his fans to pour dirty water on Shen Yan, ruining Shen Yan’s reputation, and forcing her to take the blame for him. Although Shen Yan is a bad apple as well, if Shen Yu had the slightest gratitude, there is absolutely no way he could do such an ungrateful thing. I can’t believe you are speaking up for him so confidently.”

“Is 50,000 yuan a month too little for living expenses? Do you know how much an ordinary white-collar worker who just graduated earns in a month in Beijing? What’s wrong with living in a dormitory? There are so many college students all over the world who enroll every year. Aren’t they living in dormitories all the same? When you studied abroad in the past, and when Mr. Li studied abroad, didnt you both also live in a dormitory? Mr. Tao started from scratch, and his net worth is now tens of billions. But he still lives in Beijing Film’s dormitory. Why Is it that when it’s his turn, he is too noble to live in a dormitory, and by forcing him to live in a dormitory he is being wronged?”

“Living in a dormitory helps to cultivate the team spirit and social skills of the freshmen. Shen Yu is a person who does not understand social cues, and Chairman Shen having him live in the dormitory is for the purpose of helping him to adapt to the new school, new environment and new classmates as soon as possible. When Shen Yan went to college, didn’t she also live in the dormitory? Fine, let’s take ten thousand steps back, even if Shen Yu really didn’t want to live in the dormitory. The Shen family gave him 50,000 yuan per month for living expenses, which is enough for him to rent a place near Yan Film, right?”

“But…..” Luo Yang frowned in dissatisfaction, trying his best to defend Shen Yu: “That’s different. Xiao Yu just feels a bit sad, he feels like he was kicked out of Shanghai by the Shen family and sent thousands of miles away to Beijing. This is not the place where he grew up, and even his eating habits are different. In an unfamiliar place all by himself, he is just a little sad.”

“The way I see it, he’s just had it too smooth up until now, acting spoiled at the littlest things. Whose child hasn’t gone to college far away from home. Right after you graduated from high school, our dad sent you abroad. Did you feel like you were being kicked out? Besides,” Luo Xi sneered: “Shen Yu is also nineteen years old this year, right? According to our country’s law, when a citizen turns eighteen, their parents will no longer be obliged to support them. Even if the Shen family really doesn’t want to raise an outsider like him, that’s normal. After all, Chairman Shen and Mrs. Shen are not Shen Yu’s biological parents.”

After this merciless round of sarcasm, Luo Yang was left speechless with no words to argue back. He could only rub his nose sheepishly.

Luo Xi glared at Luo Yang, turned her head to look at Tao Mu, who had been silent all this time, and said with a warm smile: “Mr. Tao is a magnanimous gentleman, please don’t blame my idiot little brother. His mouth has no filter, and his head is also unclear. Easily bewitched by certain people who only look pitiful on the surface.”

Tao Mu smiled slightly, and finally spoke a second time after Luo Yang entered the door: “Ms. Luo, don’t worry too much. Everyone has their own preferences for making friends. Although I hate the Shen family, I’m not so stingy that I don’t allow others to make friends with the Shen family.”

In contrast, Tao Mu was more surprised by Shen Yan’s fighting ability. As expected of the daughter of the Shen family. Just casually making a fuss, she was actually able to do something that Tao Mu hadn’t done in ten years in his previous life——she actually succeeded in making the Shen family father and son take back most of the benefits given to Shen Yu.

In an instant, Tao Mu didn’t know whether to lament Shen Yan’s outstanding combat effectiveness, or to pity himself for being so incompetent even as a vicious cannon fodder in his previous life. certainly. Shen Yan’s fighting strength and her influence in front of the Shen family’s father and son also proved one thing indirectly. That was, he indeed really had no status in the Shen family in his previous life.

Not only did he have no name on the household registration book, but more importantly, in the hearts of the Shen family, no one regarded him as a member of their own.

But what made Tao Mu ponder more was the way the Shen family’s father and son handled things——

“When making friends, one must also look carefully at how the other conducts themselves.” Noticing Tao Mu’s thoughtfulness, Luo Xi smiled and said directly: “Even if the other person has no ability or background, at least they can’t be too bad-natured. A person like Shen Yu who pretends to be weak, pitiful, innocent and kind on the surface, but in fact he is cold and selfish, without the slightest empathy. He does not know how to be grateful. Take his attitude towards Shen Yan and the Shen family as an example. Even though Shen Yan is vicious, she at least did her best to treat Shen Yu well. On the contrary, Shen Yu, who believes himself to be innocent and kind, actually has so many complaints towards his adoptive family who treated him so kindly just because of such trivial matters as living expenses and living in a dormitory——”

Luo Yang couldn’t help interrupting Luo Xi’s words: “Don’t misunderstand Xiao Yu. He never complained that the Shen family treated him badly.”

“Even if he didn’t say it directly, he at least thought so subconsciously. Otherwise, how could you, a complete pig head, be attentive enough to pick up on these trivial matters? And even ran over and complained in front of Mr. Tao?” Luo Xi glared at Luo Yang: “Also, why are you hanging out with Shen Yu again? Did you forget why Dad beat you in the first place?”

Hearing what Luo Xi said, Luo Yang instantly felt a dull pain in his calf again, and his expression changed slightly: “You don’t need to bother with my affairs. You just take care of yourself. Let me tell you, I went shopping with my girlfriend two days ago, and I saw brother-in-law visiting the lingerie store with another woman. I was so angry that I rushed over on the spot and punched him in the face. He didn’t dare to tell you when he went back, did he?”

Looking at Luo Xi’s slightly stunned expression, Luo Yang snorted: “You don’t know at all, do you? How many days since you last saw him?”

“Let me tell you, don’t be too busy working all day. You should pay attention to your own husband. Lest that little gigolo cheated on you, and you aren’t even aware!”

When Luo Yang said this, he felt angry again. Rolling up his sleeves and cursing, jumping to his feet and planning to go to his brother-in-law to settle accounts.

In Luo Yang’s heart, no matter how disagreeable jis relationship was with Luo Xi, they were still family. That little gigolo dared to cheat behind his sister’s back, did he really think that no one in their Luo family would support his elder sister, right?

“Enough!” Luo Xi felt a headache coming on caused by Luo Yang’s noisiness, and spoke with a dark expression: “Don’t go and get into a fight with your brother-in-law again. You don’t need to worry about my affairs. I will handle it myself. As for you, if you dare to get involved with that surnamed Shen again, I will tell Dad. Dad will send you to the army at that time. Don’t blame your big sister for not warning you. ” 

Since Luo Yang’s scandal broke out, Chairman Luo broke his leg in a fit of rage, and he was forced to spend more than half a year recuperating in the hospital. Whereas Luo Xi cooperated with Tao Mu to make Longteng Entertainment even more prosperous. Even in connection with several other important projects of the Luo Group, Luo Xi also showed very high business talent and management skills, and even when dealing with other shareholders of the board of directors she was also capable of carrying things out with ease, her speech and demeanor both quite worthy of praise.

With such contrast, Chairman Luo also seemed to have tacitly acknowledged that his son really did not have the ability to manage the company and began to slowly prefer to cultivate his daughter instead. Even repeating several times that he wanted to send Luo Yang to the army for training——

In the words of Chairman Luo, the most regretful decision he made in his life was to send Luo Yang to study abroad. He had thought that his son would inherit the family business, so he wanted to give him an elite education. As a result, after four years, Luo Yang hadn’t learned any skills at all abroad, was not even able to speak English well, and instead only learned the playful style of the hedonistic rich, such as dabbling in eating, drinking, gambling, playing little stars and models, speed racing——

Every time Chairman Luo thought of this, his entire person was filled with regret. So he made up his mind that if Luo Yang dared to cause trouble again, he would immediately throw him into the army.

Luo Yang knew that his father had always been one to keep his word, and so during this time he also pretended to be good and obedient at home. But he had grown tired of staying home for so long, and was incited to hold a party by his friends. It also happened that Shen Yu had just arrived in Beijing, and he also wanted to introduce his friends to Shen Yu. But because he was afraid that Shen Yu would be uncomfortable, he wanted to invite two artists from the company who were good at socializing to accompany Shen Yu. And at the same time they could also help Shen Yu to familiarize himself with the atmosphere of the entertainment circle in Beijing.

As a result, no matter who he called they all refused, expressing timidly that this was an order from CEO Luo Xi. Luo Yang instantly exploded, feeling that Luo Xi was deliberately making trouble for him, trying to make him lose face. Only then did he angrily storm over to Longteng Entertainment to have a chat with Luo Xi. Who knew that he barely even said a few words, only to find himself scolded speechless by Luo Xi.

——And also seeing Tao Mu!

 Luo Yang looked at Tao Mu with mixed feelings. Just a year ago, this person was still just an insignificant nobody, with no name and had no background in H Town. But in just one year, this person had transformed into a business genius worth tens of billions of dollars. He also became Li Xiaoheng’s most important business partner. And now his name was even known to the highest circle of power in the country.

Chairman Luo often sighed at home, saying that Tao Mu, as a child of the poor, was forced to grow up early. He also commented that Tao Mu was originally not just a fish in a pond, but a dragon that soars up to the skies when encountering a gust of wind. After saying this he would then scold him for not growing eyes, that he only made friends with hoodlums and was unable to make friends with a proper person. He and Li Xiaoheng grew up in the same neighborhood. After graduating from high school, they both went abroad to study together. But the result was that their friendship drifted further and further. Same with Tao Mu. As the saying went, don’t bully the poor because you never know if the poor kid you bullied won’t gain success one day. Unfortunately, Luo Yang did exactly that.

Chairman Luo felt that the reason why Luo Yang became like this was because his position was not firm, and he was corroded by the sugar-coated cannonballs of imperialism. He should be trained in the army to get rid of his stinky habits. Chairman Luo felt that he had come to terms with reality, and no longer had hopes that Luo Yang could be a useful person to society, he only hoped that he would at least not grow into a crooked tree.

After hearing this so often, even Luo Yang felt that he and Tao Mu were not from the same world. So when he saw Tao Mu, Luo Yang’s first reaction was to bring up Shen Yu. He didn’t even know why he did it.

It seemed that only by doing so could he prove that he and Tao Mu were from the same world. He was also not inferior to Tao Mu.

Tao Mu obviously did not know of Young Master Luo’s rich mental activity. But even if he knew, Tao Mu could only comment on one thing——they really were not from the same world. He had stopped being cannon fodder for more than a year, trying his best to live in the real world. While Luo Yang, who was likely affected by the plot halo radiation, was joyfully living out a dog-blood idol drama.

Tao Mu only picked up on the fact that Shen Yu had already come to Beijing. After walking out of Longteng Entertainment’s office building, Tao Mu made a call to Long Tianao. Going straight to the point, he asked: “I heard that Shen Yu came to Beijing. Have you met him?”

“What, Shen Yu came to Beijing?” Long Tianao was on the set of “Fashion Storm”, overseeing the filming crew as an investor. And by the way, leading the staff of Summer Star Entertainment to secretly learn the skills from the experts. Hearing Tao Mu’s words, he was particularly surprised: “No, he really transferred to Beijing Film? Didn’t Beijing Film say they won’t accept this young master?”

“It’s not Beijing Film. He transferred his student status to Yan Film to start his freshman year again.” Tao Mu explained: “I just came out of Longteng Entertainment and heard Luo Yang mention it.”

“Oh.” Long Tianao took a drag from a cigarette: “I’ve been very busy recently. And we haven’t been in touch for a long time.”

To be exact, after the defeat of the Yao family, and the fact that Shen Yu didn’t even give Yao Wenxiao a single phone call was revealed, Long Tianao directly blocked Shen Yu’s number.

Long Tianao knew that he was not a good person, and the friends that surrounded him were just casual drinking friends. It was fine to laugh and play together, but when something happened, they were not ones he could rely on, and to put it bluntly, even if they wanted to help, they just didn’t have the ability to help.

But whether they were reliable or not, whether they could help out or not was one thing, but the fact that you don’t even make a phone call or offer help out, now that was another thing.

Long Tianao knew that even when Yao Wenxiao was down on his luck, he still thought of Shen Yu and helped Shen Yu vent any grievances. The scandal that Liang Xiao was kept as a mistress was caused by Yao Wenxiao’s instigation of the water navy. Later, he also came all the way to Hong Kong to celebrate Shen Yu’s birthday. But in the end, how did Shen Yu treat Yao Wenxiao?

Long Tianao just felt very cold. He originally thought that Shen Yu was quite a unique little thing, different from the vulgar masses, from those superficial b*tches he knew before.

As a result, he was indeed quite unique, but f**k was he a no good rotten apple!

Long Tianao finally reacted: “No, wait, what were you doing in Longteng Entertainment? I say Tao Mu, what is the relationship between the two of us, how come you don’t come to me when you have something good? What business talk did you have with that cunning woman Luo Xi behind my back?”

“It’s not business related. I just wanted to discuss  with Ms. Luo about donating all the proceeds from “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” to the Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund.” Tao Mu explained the situation succinctly.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

On the other end of the phone, Long Tianao was immediately excited: “I want to donate too! I say, that documentary of yours is really touching. A grown man like me nearly even cried when I saw it. Made me really want to do something for those veterans.”

Tao Mu smiled warmly: “That’s fine. Let me know how much you want to donate.”

“Ai!” Long Tianao suddenly had a thought: “Why don’t we hold a charity gala?”

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    … “But…..” Luo Yang frowned in dissatisfaction, trying his best to defend Shen Yu: “That’s different…

    Gosh, this part. No wonder he hit it off with Shen Yu so well. Not everyone can accept this attitude of ‘Other people have no rights doing xxx because Shen Yu believe they shouldn’t. But Shen Yu himself has all the rights to do xxx because it is ✨different✨.

    …also proved one thing indirectly. That was, he indeed really had no status in the Shen family in his previous life….

    It’s also prove that they has no rights be in your life this time too. Dump them, Xiao Mu. Return them to the place where they belong, which is a trash can of course.

    …but in fact he is cold and selfish, without the slightest empathy. He does not know how to be grateful….

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