After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 203 Cameo-ing Together

“You’re going to play a domineering CEO?”

After going home in the evening, Tao Mu told Li Xiaoheng the minor episode that happened when he visited the set today. Li Xiaoheng couldn’t help but ask, “What kind of domineering CEO? Will there be a kabedon?”

“Just like ‘Woman, you caught my attention’?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“You seem to know a lot about it!” Tao Mu looked helplessly at Mr. Li, who started acting inexplicably: “Would you like to do a cameo too?”

“When I was leaving, I saw my mother and my sister watching a drama. I overheard a sentence or two.” Li Xiaoheng paused and explained with a smile, “So I still have a bit of an impression.”

“You went home today?” Hearing this, Tao Mu said a little unnaturally, “If I knew I wouldn’t have called you over for dinner. Why didn’t you tell me?” Because Tao Mu’s new place was being renovated, Tao Mu still lived in the small apartment that Mr. Song prepared for him. Mainly because it was close to Beijing Film.

However, the apartment was too small, so there was no place for Li Xiaoheng to stay as well. Therefore, Li Xiaoheng would go back to another apartment in the same residential area to rest every night after dinner. Tao Mu was accustomed to Li Xiaoheng’s schedule, but he didn’t think of Li Xiaoheng going to his parents’ home. If he had known earlier, he wouldn’t have made that call, and he would have saved Li Xiaoheng from making the trip from the east to the west of the city.

“My mother heard the two of us talking on the phone, and immediately kicked her eldest son out of the house.” Li Xiaoheng smiled warmly: “Besides, we still have work to discuss, aren’t we going to discuss how to organize the charity gala?”

When it comes to work, Tao Mu didn’t bother to pay attention to his once-in-a-century shyness anymore. He jumped straight to the point: “I think this proposal is very good. Not only can it raise more money for the Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund, but it can also maximize the corporate image. As well as cater to the National Day celebrations…..”

When two bosses who were essentially workaholics got talking about work, time flew by very fast. When Tao Mu came back to his senses, it was already four o’clock the next morning.

Tao Mu patted his forehead, got up and said, “Are you going to sleep or have breakfast?”

Li Xiaoheng went to take a cold shower and said with a smile, “Let’s have breakfast. Don’t you have to report back to school today?”

Beijing Film stipulates that students must report back to school on August 30th, and sophomore students were also responsible for the orientation work. Although Tao Mu was not a student union cadre, but as an influential figure of the 2008 class, acting department, he must be there on time.

For breakfast, it was a pot of small wonton made by Tao Mu himself. It was the kind of small wonton that was picked up gently with chopsticks, for fear that the stuffing would break out. The soup was filled with seaweed, coriander and mustard, and a pinch of dried shrimps to give it an extra flavor.

The two domineering CEOs ate two big bowls of wonton soup, sweat beading on the tip of their nose from the heat. After eating, they felt refreshed from the inside to the outside.

Mr. Tao, who had a ton of idol baggage, sorted out his personal image, and then pulled two large suitcases——the suitcases were filled with gifts that Tao Mu bought for everyone when he was filming in Hong Kong.

Tao Mu, who temporarily acted as Santa Claus, was warmly welcomed by the whole class. When Tao Mu distributed the gifts to everyone, Du Kang, on behalf of everyone, asked Tao Mu hesitantly, “…..Are you really going to play a domineering CEO of an idol drama?”

Tao Mu was stunned: “How did you know?” It hadn’t even been twenty-four hours since he got the script, okay?

“The official FlyNews of “Fashion Storm” has made the announcement, alright?” Someone in the crowd responded quickly. Relying on the fact that no one could pick him out among the crowd of people, the voice continued to ask: “Tao Mu, CEO Tao, Mu Mu, is your crew still lacking in cameos? Special appearances are also fine! Is the kind that is a university student, majoring in professional acting, possessing good acting skills, and also specializing in being handsome and adorable acceptable?”

“No way? You guys actually want to act in idol dramas?” Tao Mu didn’t expect everyone to know so soon. And felt a little embarrassed all of a sudden.

However, ​​these classmates strongly requesting cameo appearances really broke Tao Mu’s usual mindset. He always thought that the students of Beijing Film were all actors with a special artsy style, and planned to go the artist route wholeheartedly.

“I’m doing it to promote my company. I really have no choice. I will just be making a few cameo appearances. Even so I was worried that if our teachers knew about it, they would disagree!” That was why he asked to schedule his filming parts for weekends and evenings.

“You are too modest!” Chu Sui’an said with a smile: “Who doesn’t know that the ratings of the premiere of “Fashion Storm” broke 3.5%, which directly set the ratings record of the weekly broadcast ten o’clock slot in the evening. Moreover, the rhythm of this drama is tight and the plot is well fleshed out, so although it is under the banner of idol drama, it is not the kind of shoddy idol drama that is normally churned out. I think with your OCD personality, it is impossible to allow a shoddy idol drama to be launched, right?”

“Don’t waste time anymore!” Wen Bao stood on tiptoe and hooked an arm around Tao Mu’s neck directly: “As good brothers, just say it directly, if you eat meat, will you give us brothers some soup?”

Immediately, some female classmates raised their paws in the crowd and reminded: “And us sisters!”

Seeing that everyone really wanted to make a cameo in the idol drama, and were not just joking around. Tao Mu also thought about it earnestly and asked hesitantly, “If you want to make a cameo appearance, it is no problem with me. The key is whether our teacher will agree to it? Don’t let them think that I have influenced you guys negatively.”

Abandoning a perfectly good professional actor path, a perfectly good artist career, and instead each and every one ran off to act in idol dramas or something.

Tao Mu could almost imagine how angry their teachers would be when they found out about this.

Many students were also a little worried about the school’s reaction. But for so-called young people, especially young actors, who haven’t imagined that when they were in their 20’s, they could star in an idol drama that swept the country, and then become an overnight sensation, the most popular idol in the eyes of all young people.

It was a pity that as soon as you enter Beijing Film, the shadows were as deep as the sea, and from then on idol dreams became a thing of the past. In view of Beijing Film’s teaching philosophy over the years, if they apply to the school themselves, it was estimated that no matter how finely written the application was, the school would not let them go out to shoot idol dramas. But Tao Mu was different!

Tao Mu was not only an actor, but also an investor. The script he invested in, if he invited his classmates to make a cameo due to lack of manpower, there would be no problem at all. After all, Tao Mu invested in “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” and brought them all in for minor roles. With this precedent, the students felt that the teachers would definitely not refuse Tao Mu’s request. And “Fashion Storm” had just aired two episodes, and good word of mouth had already come out. It was estimated that the school would take this into account and should not refuse.

The group of classmates handed over the pre-written application for filming to Tao Mu, and said eagerly, “We all depend on you.”

Tao Mu: “…..” What do you mean you all depend on me?!

After receiving the thick stack of application forms, Tao Mu weakly wiped his face. He had no choice but to bite the bullet and go to the teacher’s office of the acting department.

Despite having not been seen personally for an entire summer vacation, Tao Mu was still the man who caused a blood storm in the entertainment industry. The teachers of the acting department looked at Tao Mu’s handsome face that often appeared on entertainment headlines, and joked: “It’s just your first day back to school and you already came to find your teacher, Mr. Tao must have a motive, right?”

“Professor, please don’t tease me.” Tao Mu pretended to smile shyly, before presenting the prepared gifts one by one.

The male teachers received watches and the female teachers received bracelets or necklaces. They were all classic models of international brands. For ordinary students, this kind of gift was definitely a luxury. But for a CEO who was worth nearly several billions, it was considered polite and affectionate.

The teachers did not refuse, and accepted Tao Mu’s gift with a smile, asking, “Tell me, what are you doing here?”

Tao Mu didn’t waste time, and directly explained the thoughts and ideas of the students who wanted to make a cameo appearance on the crew of “Fashion Storm”. Of course, he also utilized some techniques when saying this. Briefly passing over the subjective needs of his classmates and mainly mentioning that he had just invested in an idol drama and has no experience. And so right now he couldn’t find young actors of the right age, the right image, and more importantly, the acting skills. So he had no choice but to ask his classmates for help.

Director Huang of the Acting Department looked at Tao Mu with a half-smile. Of course, he also paid attention to the idol drama that his student invested in. For dramas of that level, the fact that it managed to break the ratings record of 3.5% was enough to prove everything.

Since the quality of the script had passed the test, the production team of the crew had passed the test, and the TV series was also produced by one of their students. If their children wanted to scratch their acting itch, then as teachers they had nothing to say.

The outside world always says that Beijing Film cannot produce idols, maybe this time was Beijing Film’s chance to prove itself.

“For the students in the acting department, whether they have studied well or not, it all depends on their performance in front of the camera. So if it does not delay their studies, we also hope that the students will have more opportunities to act in front of the camera.” Director Huang expressed tactfully: “Freshman and sophomore students have classes to attend, but from junior year onwards, your senior brothers and sisters can take on acting roles. You can go and have a look, if there is a suitable role, and if you haven’t found an actor, you can also let them try.”

Tao Mu was enlightened, and saluted with a smile: “Yes, sir.”

The news spread that Tao Mu himself will be making a cameo appearance as a domineering CEO in “Fashion Storm”, and that he also planned to invite a group of Beijing Film students to the crew to make cameo appearances as well.

Yan Film next door was the first to react. While laughing at Beijing Film, this old antique, also couldn’t help but to dive into idol dramas, at the same time they were also filled with envy and hate at the many opportunities Beijing Film’s students were privy to. After all, “Fashion Storm” had been praised by the fashion industry, the advertising industry and the film and television industry because of its excellent production and high-level sponsors since its inception. The 3.5% viewership rating of the first episode even better reflected the nature of this weekly drama’s overnight popularity.

On August 31st, when the third and fourth episodes were broadcast during the students’ return to school, the highest viewership rate exceeded 3.7%, which once again confirmed that the audience of this drama was not limited to students, but a full-scale explosion of all age groups. The market survey data released by the TV station later also directly confirmed that the audience of this idol drama actually included all students and white-collar wage earners between the ages of 18 and 35.

And as the plot unfolded, the sales of various international brands that appeared in the TV series also began to increase. Such an idol drama so successful at promoting sales once again attracted the attention of the fashion industry and the advertising industry. It was said that some advertising companies have begun to study this idol drama as a classic case.

And according to rumors, in order to promote the charity gala, Mr. Tao of FlyNews planned to invite some business people and bosses to make cameo appearances in the drama——that was, to put the real guests of the charity gala into the TV series for cameo appearances. Although this rumor had not been confirmed. However, some gossip reporters took photos of the “Fashion Storm” production team going to’s upcoming charity gala venue for rehearsal.

It was conceivable that if you could play a cameo role in this idol drama, you would not only have a chance to become popular overnight, but you might even make connections with some big bosses in the business circle.

After the rumors spread, many artists took the initiative to contact the “Fashion Storm” crew and tactfully expressed that they could make a cameo appearance. Even the entertainment media broke out a lot of pictures of big names in the crew, giving Beijing Film students tips in filming. It made Yan Film’s students, who had never liked Beijing Film very much, terribly envious.

In addition to envy, some people thought of their school’s freshman Shen Yu, who was sent over by the son of the Luo Group when school started.

As everyone knows, there was a film and television company under the Luo Group called Longteng Entertainment. And Longteng Entertainment, wasn’t it another investor in “Fashion Storm”?

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Thinking of this, Yan Film’s students took the initiative to find Shen Yu, and asked him to ask young master Luo if he could also let Yan Film’s students make cameo appearances.

“It’s an unspoken rule in the entertainment industry for investors to plug people into the crew. Since Tao Mu can put Beijing Film students into the crew, the young master Luo should also have speaking rights in the crew, right? You have such a good relationship with young master Luo, if you make the request, young master Luo would not refuse, right?”

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    1. Stuffing actors in the crew are probably mostly people who was affected by that green and white fish who periodically stuffed himself into films with money. But, there are also reasonable people with sufficient IQ and common sense who understood that casting needs test, and with test, there are requirements. However, connection and favors can be used. Not as a free pass, but as an opportunity. Actors usually used their image, the company resources and their experience to attract offers. Other than that, they could also use connection, for example, when filming before, MuMu caught the eye of of another director, and this director is a friend of the director of the film he’s currently in. Actors, directors, etc. usually have their own friends and circle, and their friendship can be a bridge in which they can recommend young potentials, for serious ones, whether the potentials can get the chance or not depends on their skill and image, but without the chance to know potential actors (literally or to consider), they might not even consider them.


  1. … this kind of a favor seeking is a bit too far fetched no matter how you view it xD If that friend of his was at least capable worker his family’s buisness but he’s just another leech


  2. I’m just worried because TM and LXH are workaholics why are not getting enough sleep. Money is good but you’re already rich, no reason to risk your health. Plus, TM is an actor, his face is his biggest weapon; if he ends up looking like a haggard man at age 35 because he doesn’t get enough rest, how will he compensate his fans?


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