After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 204 Let’s Film An Idol Drama Too

Shen Yu felt a little flattered at the classmates who suddenly surrounded him.

For well-known reasons, Shen Yu was not so popular after reporting to Yan Film Academy. Especially amongst the freshmen in the same class as him. Even if Shen Yu was dense, he could still feel that these people didn’t like him and even felt that he lowered Yan Film’s quality with his presence.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Even during military training, those classmates didn’t like to talk to him. For example, some female classmates like to get together and chat during military training breaks, but they would immediately stop talking once he passed by. Scattering away or moving to other places. It was as if he had some kind of infectious disease, even if it was just standing and breathing in the same air, they would be infected by him.

Male students were better. Although they don’t like him very much, they didn’t get up and avoid him as soon as they saw him. It was just that they only talked about the NBA, Champions League, Aion, World of Warcraft, etc. Shen Yu couldn’t understand at all. No one would take the initiative to chat about topics that Shen Yu was interested in.

Even when it was to go eat at the cafeteria, or to play ball in the campus fields, no one asked him to come with them.

Shen Yu could only stand far away from the crowd by himself. Seeing them all so lively and enjoying their university life, while only he, Shen Yu, was out of place. This feeling was actually very uncomfortable. It was as if he was separated from the rest of the world by a transparent dome. As if Shen Yu and his new classmates were not even breathing the same air.

Shen Yu, who used to always be the focus of the crowd, had never felt this way before. So neglected, so ignored, as if ostracized by the whole world.

So when Shen Yu saw his new classmates suddenly coming to talk to him, he was actually very happy. But after hearing the new classmate’s request, Shen Yu furrowed his brows helplessly.

“Tao Mu doesn’t have a good relationship with me. He hates me very much.” Shen Yu looked at everyone, hesitant to say anything, and finally said, “He won’t allow me to make a cameo appearance in “Fashion Storm”.

Of course we know you are very dislikeable.

The classmates who came to make the suggestion all quirked their lips in a sneer and said, “We aren’t asking you to make the request to Tao Mu. Isn’t your relationship with young master Luo very good? You probably don’t know that there are three investors in “Fashion Storm” in total. The investors are, Longteng Entertainment and Summer Star Entertainment. Among them, Longteng Entertainment is the property of the Luo family. You can take young master Luo’s route on making a cameo appearance in the drama.”

Shen Yu shook his head like a rattle: “No, I can’t. I’m not going.”

Just like Tao Mu didn’t want to see him, Shen Yu, who was abandoned by the Shen family, didn’t want to see Tao Mu either. He didn’t want Tao Mu to see how pathetic he was now. It would make him feel extremely embarrassed.

And Shen Yu didn’t think that someone like Tao Mu would agree to Luo Yang’s request for him to make a cameo appearance in the drama just because Longteng Entertainment was a company of the Luo family.

When filming a movie in Hong Kong before, Shen Yu even brought money into the crew. In the end, when Tao Mu plugged people in the crew, didn’t he disagree with Shen Yu’s proposal? Even the director disagreed with Shen Yu’s recommendation.

So Shen Yu didn’t think he could succeed now.

“Forget it!” The several classmates interrupted Shen Yu’s explanation impatiently, and said angrily: “If you don’t want to help, just say it, why explain so much.”

“I…..” Shen Yu bit his lip aggrieved. It was not a matter of wanting to help at all. What he couldn’t do at all, why were these people making it difficult for him.

Shen Yu was nineteen years old this year, and was 1.78 meters tall, but his limbs were well-proportioned and his bones were slender, and he had a particularly strong youthful aura. Especially in the comparison of several tall and sturdy northern classmates, he appeared even thinner and smaller.

At first glance, it looked like a group of high school students joining hands to bully an elementary school student.

“Enough!” The freshman sitting nearby couldn’t watch any longer, frowned and said, “Are your brains full of water? Tao Mu is a student of Beijing Film. That he brought Beijing Film’s students into the crew to make a cameo appearance. It’s clearly due to the intention of Beijing Film Academy. Don’t you know what the relationship between Beijing Film and our Yan Film is?”

“Aren’t you embarrassed to ask Shen Yu to call young master Luo to make such a request? Let’s not say that Longteng Entertainment is being managed by the eldest young lady of the Luo family, so young master Luo’s words won’t work at all. Even if young master Luo really does have speaking power, if Longteng Entertainment wants to plug people into the crew, why would they choose a bunch of outsiders over Longteng’s artists?” Didn’t they know that the senior sisters who had connections began to use their agency’s ability to make a cameo appearance in the drama? Just these freshmen with no connections and background, that don’t know how to act, yet their thinking sure was naive!

The several classmates who were pestering Shen Yu for favors were a little bit unable to save face because of the freshman’s words, and instantly sneered: “You speak in a high-sounding manner. Don’t you want to make a cameo appearance in “Fashion Storm”?”

“Of course I want to.” The freshman sneered, “But though I think about it, I can still tell the difference between fantasy and reality.”

“You——” The classmates who were ridiculed glared fiercely at the freshman with hatred. After evaluating the physique and fighting strength of both sides, the classmates left embarrassedly.

Shen Yu looked at the tall and buff freshman with a look of admiration and trust, and said with a bright smile: “Classmate, thank you for helping me out. What’s your name?”

The freshman frowned, rubbed his arms and said, “Can you stop smiling like a sissy?”

One second pouting and one second smiling coquettishly. In truth, the freshman was not prejudiced against Shen Yu, but he felt that Shen Yu, a guy, always pretending to be soft and weak like a little girl truly brought shame to the rest of the male sex.

Oh, right! Shen Yu had instigated his sister to bully those real little girls before. And in the end, he pushed the blame on his sister’s head instead.

Thinking about this, the freshman’s perception of Shen Yu became even worse! He felt that Shen Yu was not even as manly as a good girl! At least a good girl knows to take responsibility herself!

“Also, my name is Gu Yuzhang. Although I’m a freshman this year, and I’m not as famous as you are. But we are actually assigned to the same dormitory. So can you stop acting so condescending with your nose always in the air?” Gu Yuzheng also felt a little upset. Although he disliked Shen Yu as a person, and he didn’t want to bother with the guy. But despite living in the same dorm for so long, Shen Yu still didn’t even know who he was.

Damn, if it wasn’t because they were roommates, as if he would speak for someone like Shen Yu. It’s not like his brain was flooded with water.

Shen Yu did not expect that Gu Yuzhang had just helped him out of the siege, but turned around and scolded him instead. Immediately, his eyes reddened with grievance.

Gu Yuzhang didn’t know what was wrong with Shen Yu, instead of tearing up at those who bullied him, he teared up at him instead. Those who didn’t know better would have thought he was bullying him!

Gu Yuzhang couldn’t handle offending him but he could just avoid him, so he walked away with a dark face. The students who were good friends with Gu Yuzhang watched from the beginning to the end and also left, politely declining to have further interactions with this inexplicable fellow.

Only Shen Yu was left standing on the spot, crying nearly half the day away yet no one approached him at all. So he didn’t know if he should keep crying or not.

As a result, that night, the photo of Shen Yu crying on the campus field was posted online. Because Gu Yuzhang and his buddies were relatively close by. When Shen Yu’s fans saw this, they mistakenly thought it was Gu Yuzhang bullying their little prince and indiscriminately searched for Gu Yuzhang’s FlyNews, and left comments scolding Gu Yuzhang. The next day, they even went to Yan Film to visit Shen Yu and even wanted to fight for justice for Shen Yu.

In the end, Shen Yu was also a bizarre character. Something that could be explained in two sentences, yet he couldn’t explain it clearly at all. He just kept crying and repeatedly saying that Gu Yuzhang didn’t bully him, it was his own fault, and you must not blame classmate Gu…..

As soon as he said this, it seemed to give the impression that Gu Yuzhang was really bullying people, but wouldn’t let anyone talk about it.

Of course Shen Yu’s fans could not swallow this down. The large group of fifteen to sixteen-year-old girls immediately surrounded Gu Yuzhang and scolded Gu Yuzhang. Gu Yuzhang, a man of 1.88 meters tall, was scolded terribly by a group of little girls and didn’t even dare to talk back.

In the end, the other students couldn’t stand it any longer, and in three to two sentences explained the matter clearly.

Only then did those little girls know that they had wronged Gu Yuzhang. But because of Gu Yuzhang’s bad attitude towards Shen Yu, the little girls didn’t apologize. Gu Yuzhang also did not have the mood to listen to their apology either. Just after Shen Yu’s fans left, he stopped Shen Yu and yelled fiercely: “Shen Yu, are you sick in the head? You remember this for me, if I meddle in your business in the future, I will change my surname to follow yours!”

Shen Yu also felt particularly wronged. He clearly didn’t do anything, and he tried to explain that Gu Yuzhang did not bully him. It was just that others didn’t believe him. Why was Gu Yuzhang so angry with him?

Gu Yuzhang was unable to communicate with Shen Yu at all, and left with a dark face.

After Shen Yu’s fans returned home, they logged into the fan group and explained the reasons why Shen Yu cried. The large group of brainless fans figured out the truth and immediately could not swallow it down. They all focked to the official FlyNews of “Fashion Storm” and director Xiong Bao’s personal FlyNews, and left messages to recommend Shen Yu.

The words inside and outside were “our little prince is so handsome, give him a role”, “our Yu Yu is like the little prince who stepped right out of the pages of a manga, I hope Director Xiong will pay attention to him”, “Can Director Xiong invite our Yu Yu to make a cameo appearance in the drama, our Yu is very popular, and it will definitely make “Fashion Storm” higher in ratings”, “Without Yu Yu, any idol drama will not be complete. After all, our Yu Yu’s slender, elegant and noble image is the standard for idol drama male protagonists”, “Isn’t the lead actor of “Fashion Storm” just too ugly? He is old and ugly, and can’t compare with the delicate facial features of our little prince. The filmmaker might as well consider our Yu instead”…..

Some people especially @ Tao Mu, accusing Tao Mu not to be too stingy, even if it’s for the quality of the idol drama, he should not exclude such excellent actors as Shen Yu from joining the crew!

These remarks really nauseated Tao Mu’s fans who were always squatting in FlyNews waiting for food.

“The image of the hero of an idol drama? Which idol drama’s hero is such a vicious, irresponsible cuckoo who occupies the nest? Is the filter of Shen Yu’s fans too thick? Your fake little prince’s image is already broken, alright?”

“Is Shen Yu good-looking? Why don’t I think so? Maybe the face reflects the heart, I feel that Shen Yu looks particularly vicious.”

“Don’t come and pester our Mu! Can you Shen Yu fans have some face? Since debut, you have been rubbing off on our CEO Tao for publicity and hype. Can’t we not make appointments, idiots?”

The male protagonist of “Fashion Storm” was called Bai Sensen, who was a contract trainee of Summer Star Entertainment. Later, he was recommended by the company to debut on the talent show “National God and Goddess”. Because of his handsome appearance and sunny temperament, and his humorous conversational skills, he was very popular with girls. At the end of the talent show, he only lost to Liu Yunshu by a thousand votes and became the third runner-up in the country.

Later, he participated in the leading role of the idol drama “Fashion Storm”, and became one of the most popular male idols among girls in the country overnight. This time, he was innocently minding his own business, but out of nowhere he got scolded by Shen Yu’s fans as old and ugly.

Of course, the fans of Bai Sensen couldn’t swallow this down. As everyone knows, the cohesion of the fans from talent shows was relatively strong, and because of the constant catfights during the talent show, the fighting power of the fans was also particularly impressive. And because Bai Sensen became popular overnight and was supported by the company, this group of fans had the ambition that their idols could soon be promoted to A-list.

In other words, Bai Sensen’s fans dared to even fight with ordinary B-list stars, not to mention C-list little stars like Shen Yu who barely made two film works and have a lot of black material.

The effect of these two fans duking it out was no different from Mars hitting the earth. During the period, there were fans of Tao Mu, fans of other actresses in the crew joining in (because of Liang Xiao’s revelation, the actresses in the crew were all aware of Shen Yu, a male star who only knew to bully girls). Shen Yu’s fans were outnumbered, and even Shen Yu’s support club was flooded with criticisms. In the end, they could only surrender with a white flag.

However, “Fashion Storm” exploded in popularity because of this round of fighting. The highest viewing rate exceeded 4.5%, and the most important thing was that all the crew members——mainly the actors who have participated in the fan war before, no matter new or old, all had their names made known to the netizens.

And a truth that the industry knows was that fame equals purchasing power. So even though “Fashion Storm” had barely aired a few episodes, even the young actors who played the male No. 5 and the female No. 6 in the drama have received invitations for endorsements and gigs. Not to mention the hero and heroine and Liang Xiao, the female No. 2, who were now so jaw-dropping popular.

Even the distributors of other countries began to actively contact the crew and wanted to negotiate overseas distribution of the drama.

Tao Mu made a lot of money in this wave, and for the first time felt that Shen Yu was not so annoying. He couldn’t help but sigh——sure enough, all grievances and resentment could bow in front of money!

On the other side, the news that Shen Yu got torn a new one by several other fan groups also reached the ears of those who cared about him. For example, Yan Sheng, who had been busy filming in other places, or Luo Yang, who had no ability but really wanted to help Shen Yu. It even reached the ears of young master Lin, who had just been transferred to the Beijing branch of the Lin Group.

Luo Yang and Yan Sheng felt distressed about what happened to Shen Yu, they couldn’t bear to see Shen Yu being ridiculed, but they also couldn’t insert Shen Yu into the “Fashion Storm” crew either.

——Yan Sheng had no good relations with Tao Mu, Luo Yang was afraid that Mr. Luo would really throw him into the army, and was currently pretending to be a good boy. He was so cowardly that he didn’t even dare to mention it in front of his sister. In the end, they could only find another way——

They decided to make an idol drama as well, with Shen Yu as the male lead. And Yan Sheng also had another idea, that was, to help Yan Film’s students. Firstly, it was because of the competitiveness between Yan Film and Beijing Film at work. Recently, Tao Mu had been in the limelight, and as a result even Beijing Film had a bigger presence in the circle, and seemed to faintly suppress Yan Film’s momentum. This was what Yan Sheng, the leader of Yan Film present students and graduates, didn’t want to see.

Secondly, if Yan Sheng could invest an idol drama to support Yan Film’s students, the relationship between them and Shen Yu should also be eased if only for his sake. At least they wouldn’t ostracize Shen Yu so blatantly. Yan Sheng knew that his actions of helping Shen Yu to enter Yan Film through the back door really made many classmates uncomfortable. Even in the school, there were teachers who were quite critical. But Yan Sheng couldn’t help it, he couldn’t just watch Shen Yu drop out of school, right?

Therefore, by shooting an idol drama to support his fellow schoolmates, it could be considered as a gesture of goodwill to Yan Film. He believed that Yan Film Academy could also see his sincerity.

Last but not least, Yan Sheng was also affected by Tao Mu. Tao Mu had just entered his sophomore year, and it had been less than a year since his debut. Not only was his acting skills as good as his, but he was also a genius in investing. Industry people who have been in the entertainment industry for a long time know that although the profession of an actor looked glamorous, as if all the stars shone down upon you. But in fact, in the food chain of the industry, actors were often at the bottom and had the least right to speak. Whether it was a director, a producer or an investor, they were more powerful than an actor. Yan Sheng made his debut at the age of 20, and had won many awards for so many years, but if one really talked about speaking power, he might not be as good as the employees sent by the management.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

After all, Yan Sheng came from the Yan family, although he usually behaved in a gentle and approachable manner. But in fact, his desire to control was no more lacking than others. In the past, Yan Sheng only wanted to improve his acting skills, so he didn’t think so much. He didn’t want to be distracted either. But now inspired by Tao Mu, Yan Sheng felt that even if he didn’t go behind the scenes himself, he really should develop other aspects.

It was not like he could let a kid who had only debuted for a year to monopolize the limelight.

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  1. Ok, SY has a lot of problems, but I seriously pitty him… He was ‘made’ like this by author and Shen family. I have a feeling that he would be able to have a good relationship with our MuMu if not for Shen family…
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