After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 206 Charity Gala & First Meeting With The Li Family Elders

“Of course I am willing.” Shen Yu agreed without thinking when he heard Yan Sheng’s invitation. Then, hesitantly and embarrassed, he said: “However, my management team has issued a statement, saying that I will study hard during school and will not accept scripts or other gigs.”

He hadn’t even finished the first month of school, yet he suddenly took on a role in Yan Sheng’s drama. If outsiders know about this, would they complain that he went back on his words?

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“It’s okay.” Yan Sheng smiled warmly: “We can move your shooting to weekends and winter vacation.”

Immediately afterwards, Yan Sheng patiently explained to Shen Yu: “This is a historical drama. It tells the story of Emperor Qianlong’s trip to the south under disguise. So many of our scenes have to be filmed on location. The role you will play is Fucha Fu Heng..…”

Shen Yu quietly listened to Yan Sheng’s character introduction.

Although it was a historical drama, from Yan Sheng’s attitude, it seemed that this drama was to be shot as a serious drama. After all, Yan Sheng had returned to TV series as a movie star, and he couldn’t make a soap opera no matter what. Otherwise, he himself couldn’t accept it, let alone the audience and fans.

Therefore, Yan Sheng required that the acting skills of all the crew members must be online. Other actors were easy to handle as Yan Sheng would ensure strict requirements when casting roles. Only Shen Yu posed some difficulty, Yan Sheng was reluctant to delete Shen Yu’s scenes, and also wanted to support him to make a comeback, so he could only have Shen Yu become familiar with the script a few months in advance, and exercise his acting skills and lines speaking skills. Especially for the lines, the script must be memorized first.

“I will work hard with you…..” Yan Sheng said patiently.

In order to avoid the leak of the script, Yan Sheng also planned to rent a place off-campus for Shen Yu, lest there was an accident as there were too many people in the dormitory.

Shen Yu had always had a soft personality and no opinion of his own. Whatever Yan Sheng said, he agreed. He didn’t even express his dissatisfaction of his main lead becoming a supporting role. He was just very happy to be able to film with his big brother Yan again.

“Big brother Yan, you can rest assured.” Shen Yu patted his chest and assured, “I will definitely work hard this time.”

In the dorm room, several other roommates listened to Shen Yu’s voice as he spoke on the phone and exchanged looks. After Shen Yu hung up the phone, someone couldn’t help but ask, “Shen Yu, are you going to film again?”

“Is it Senior brother Yan Sheng’s drama? Senior brother Yan Sheng is going to make a TV series?”

Shen Yu hesitated for a while before answering: “Yes. But this matter has not been announced to the public, so don’t spread it around. Remember to keep it secret. And the crew won’t start working so quickly, at least until the winter vacation. It’s still in the preparation stage.”

After a pause, Shen Yu couldn’t help but ask: “Do you know who Fucha Fu Heng is?”

Without waiting for the others to answer, Gu Yuzhang replied coldly: “Make good use of online search!”

Shen Yu was treated coldly and slumped back in front of the computer. Sure enough, he went to search for the historical figure, Fucha Fu Heng.

The others looked at each other, and couldn’t help but elbow Gu Yuzhang. Someone took advantage of Shen Yu going to the bathroom and whispered, “Don’t be like this. If you ease the relationship now, when the filming of film king Yan’s crew starts, we may be able to get a few good roles through him.”

“Everyone here is a roommate, don’t make the relationship so stiff.”

Gu Yuzhang said coldly: “If Yan Sheng is the kind of person who only looks at relationships, not abilities, and can easily give a good role to a freshman, then the way I see it, there’s no need to be a part of his crew. It definitely won’t be able to film anything good.”

“You——” Gu Yuzhang’s roommate was speechless. He could only angrily mess up Gu Yuzhang’s hair: “You are really a stinky and stubborn rock. Say, with that personality of yours, how will you be able to make it in the entertainment circle in the future!”

Gu Yuzhang didn’t say a word, and continued to read his textbook and study hard.

While Yan Sheng was closely preparing the crew, the charity gala co-hosted by and several other organizers also started smoothly.

The official starting time of the charity gala was 8:00 pm on September 9th. From seven o’clock, guests have already begun to arrive one after another. The red carpet was crowded with fans and entertainment and financial media. They were surprised to find that the red carpet of this charity gala was actually comparable to the most influential awards ceremony in China. And in the second half of the red carpet walk, all the bigwigs appeared on the red carpet. Several financial media, who were surrounded by fans, were surprised to find that almost all the top 50 entrepreneurs on the rich list had arrived.

Even the chairman of Fengxing Group, elder Mr. Li, who had a strong sense of presence recently, also came with his wife and children.

Li Xiaoheng looked expressionlessly at the Li family members who looked like they were out for a family trip. Chairman Li glanced at his son in disgust, and looked at Tao Mu with a smile on his face. With an amiable and kindly expression, he said with a smile, “I’ve heard about CEO Tao for a long time. Seeing you today, CEO Tao is indeed really a young and promising talent.”

Tao Mu stretched out his hand, feeling inexplicably guilty, and shook Chairman Li’s hand. Thanking him with a smile.

Standing next to Mrs. Li, holding her mother’s hand, and wearing that Valentino evening gown, the Li family little sister excitedly waved at Tao Mu: “Mu Mu, Mu Mu, I’m your die-hard fan~”

Tao Mu expressed his thanks again. And then invited everyone from the Li family to enter the hall. Even leading the way in person.

Li Xiaoheng silently followed behind Tao Mu. From a distance, it really looked like a family traveling together. The picture was very harmonious indeed.

Tao Mu led Chairman Li and his family to their seats. Chairman Li casually glanced at the name cards on the table and said with a smile, “Actually, I feel that I can sit with Mr. Meng from Xiaoheng Capital is also one of the organizers of this charity gala. As family members of CEO Li, of course we have to sit at the organizer’s table.”

“And the truth is that my second son has a slight camera phobia. The seats Mr. Tao arranged for us are too close to the front, and the camera will sweep over from time to time. It will cause my second son’s nervousness. If it becomes serious, it might even cause him to go into sudden shock.”

Second brother Li, who never knew he had camera phobia, glanced at his biological father expressionlessly. Then nodded and agreed: “Yes, I have camera phobia. I can’t sit here. And I feel that Mr. Meng from is very approachable and makes people feel like they are out in the spring breeze. I might be more relaxed sitting there.”

Li Xiaoheng looked at the Li family who were spurting nonsense with very serious expressions, and couldn’t help but recall the fear of being continuously stabbed in the heart by Chairman Li back then.

Tao Mu was worried that the Li family would say something unpleasant when in contact with his Yao Dad and Xiao Qi Dad. That was why the seats were lined up like this on purpose. Unexpectedly, Chairman Li did not express any objection to the seating arrangement at that time but now, when he arrived at the scene, he suddenly found fault with the seating.

Tao Mu was a little nervous in his heart, but didn’t show it on his face. He nodded with a polite smile: “No problem. I’ll communicate with CEO Meng to swap the seatings.”


Chairman Li and Mrs. Li looked at each other and couldn’t help but suggest again: “There’s no need to exchange seats with Mr. Meng. It’s us who took the liberty to make the request, so don’t trouble Mr. Meng.” What if the in-laws got the impression that they were purposely stirring up trouble?

Although Tao Mu didn’t show it, everyone in the Li family could sense that Tao Mu was a little nervous. As early as when Li Xiaoheng half hid half revealed their relationship, the Li family had already hired a private detective to investigate Tao Mu’s background and experience. So they know a lot about Tao Mu’s past.

They didn’t feel that Tao Mu’s family were people to be looked down on. They just felt very sorry that Tao Mu had encountered so many ups and downs at such a young age. But the key was that despite so many difficulties, he could still start his own business from scratch and managed build up such a large business by himself. It could be seen that this child was indeed a genius, and was also one who valued family and righteousness.

The so-called business marriage alliance of two families of the same status meant that after two people were together, they could create more benefits by joining the strengths of both families. Moreover, the two people were familiar with each other and would have more common language. Even if there was no passionate love, at least they could be life partners who respected each other. For example, Chairman Li and Mrs. Li met on a blind date. And after so many years, the couple did not feel that their lives were any worse because of this.

However, the cooperation between Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng had already confirmed this in all aspects. Therefore, the Li family valued Tao Mu more than family background which was just the icing on the cake. After all, Tao Mu was a business partner and life partner recognized by Li Xiaoheng. Therefore, even if just out of respect and trust for their son, the Li family would not do anything that was not in line with social etiquette.

However, it seemed that Li Xiaoheng did not explain clearly to Tao Mu. And Tao Mu, being blinded by his concern, didn’t take this into consideration.

But this was better, at least it let the Li family see clearly that Tao Mu was indeed a good child who attached great importance to family. As we all know, children from unhappy families were either very cold, indifferent or even hostile to the concept of family, or they would cherish the family very much after they have their own family. Judging from Tao Mu’s reaction, he was obviously the latter.

This was a good thing. At least it could prove that after Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng get married, they would cherish their small family very much and would not be easily tempted by the outside world.

Chairman Li and Mrs. Li were very satisfied with Tao Mu’s reaction. Mrs. Li even held Tao Mu’s hand and patted the back of it comfortingly, and said kindly, “Don’t worry. We just want to chat with your family. Speaking of which, this is the first time our two families have met. You say, my dear child, I asked Xiao Heng to invite you over for dinner at home so many times, why do you always refuse? Are you worried that we are not easy to get along with?”

Mrs. Li glanced at her eldest son and stabbed a knife without hesitation: “Then you misunderstood. Compared with Xiao Heng, his father and I are actually very easy to get along with. Out of the many people in our family, Xiao Heng is actually the hardest to get along with.”

Second brother Li and the Li family twins heard these words and nodded like chickens pecking at the rice next to them.

Li Xiaoheng, who was the most unfriendly in the whole family, silently glanced at his father, mother, and siblings, and decided that it would be best to go home and take a paternity test!

Tao Mu didn’t expect Mrs. Li to act like this, and was stunned and caught off guard.

At this moment, Long Tianao and Luo Xi also brought their families over. Mrs. Li patted Tao Mu on the back and stood beside Tao Mu with the attitude of a family elder. Smiling, she said, “Xiao Mu, as the host, why don’t you introduce us?”

Chairman Luo glanced at the Li family parents in confusion, frowned and asked, “What’s there to introduce? You don’t know me, or I don’t know you? Why bother Xiao Tao to do this?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Only Long Tianao knew the inside story. Seeing how the elders of the Li family were so eager and proud to tell the whole world, he couldn’t help but feel happy for Tao Mu. Chairman Long of Summer Star Entertainment glanced at Long Tianao with a melancholy gaze, and recalled that this kid had mentioned about introducing a boyfriend for his cousin. No wonder there was no news later, it turned out that they were too late and were cut off by the Li family.

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