After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 207 Domineering CEO’s Little Lovely Wife & Taking Initiative To Attack

Chairman Li, with his wife and children, greeted the other guests proudly at the charity gala in the manner of a half-natal family member. And in the projection of a semicircle arc, he walked precisely to the table where the higher-ups of sat, and set up camp on the grounds that he was tired from walking and needed to sit down and rest for a while.

At this table reserved for, in addition to Meng Qi, the CEO and his husband, Boss Liu, Mr. Song and Dean Tao, who were in charge of the Song Huai Charity Fund and the Red Star Charity Education Fund, were also present. In addition, Yun Yi, who founded Skynet Technology, and Chairman Long, who was brought over by Long Tianao, were also arranged at this table.

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Second brother Li, who was temporarily suffering from camera phobia, was also very considerate, and switched the name cards of the other guests who were also arranged at this table to the table that Tao Mu had arranged for them so as to prevent the other guests having no place to sit if the Li family sat here for too long. Chairman Long had long seen through to the devious intentions of the Li family. Although he envied the Li family’s quick start, able to win over such a god of wealth with lightning speed, he wouldn’t purposely set up obstacles for them either.

Besides, the people sitting at the table previously arranged for the Li family were all the top businessmen in Beijing. The fact that Chairman Long had this opportunity to make new contacts, there was no harm at all. As for Yun Yi, he was even more amiable.

However, after learning that Yun Yi and Tao Mu were very close friends, and was also one of Li Xiaoheng’s business partners, the relationship between both sides became very harmonious. Second brother Li apologized and attentively took Yun Yi to meet and introduce him to several other business leaders. It could be regarded as helping Yun Yi make a group of new and useful contacts.

On the other side, Chairman Li, who finally met with Tao Mu’s family after all his efforts, also sat down, greeting Mr. Song and the others and pulling them into a chat with peace of mind and contentment.

“What a coincidence.” Chairman Li expressed surprise in a particularly perfunctory manner and then took the initiative to greet Mr. Song, Dean Tao, Liu Yao, and Meng Qi: “Every time I read news of CEO Tao on the Internet or in the newspaper, I always sigh. CEO Tao’s family must be really good at teaching children. So I always wanted to meet you face to face and have a chat. But I didn’t expect to meet by chance today. It can be seen that our two families have quite the affinity.”

This was really spouting nonsense with eyes wide open. Li Xiaoheng couldn’t bear to look directly and sighed silently to himself.

On Tao Mu’s side, old man Song, Liu Yao and Meng Qi also exchanged looks with each other. Dean Tao couldn’t help but humbly say: “No, No, Xiao Mu is a good boy. He can get to where he is today because he has talent, ability and is willing to endure hardships. Us elders actually did not teach him much at all.”

Old man Song also laughed and said, “Isn’t that the truth. This old man has lived quite many years, and spent it all without direction. In the end it was Xiao Mu who helped avenge my grievances.”

“Don’t say that.” Mrs. Li said with a smile, “You are too modest. We Chinese pay attention to teaching by words and deeds. Without a family like you who taught him since childhood, Xiao Mu would not be as likable as he is now. Therefore, my husband and I are very grateful to you for raising such a good child, so that Xiao Mu could become a partner with our Xiao Heng. You can rest assured that Xiao Heng will treat Xiao Mu well in the future and fulfill his duty as his partner. If Xiao Heng dares to bully Xiao Mu because he is older, we will all help Xiao Mu.”

These words were really…..Old man Song, Dean Tao, Liu Yao, and Meng Qi looked at each other. They were all talking normally, how did it suddenly turn into a meeting of in-laws?

Now they didn’t even know how to respond.

The key was that Li Xiaoheng even made a solemn promise in front of everyone, “I won’t bully Xiao Mu.”

Old man Song, Liu Yao and Meng Qi had no choice but to respond with an embarrassed but polite smile, their eyes drifting to Tao Mu, who was standing on the side without saying a word.

Tao Mu was so nervous, like a cat whose tail had been stepped on, all the hair on the back of his neck stood up. All his attention was focused on every move of Chairman Li and Mrs. Li intently. After receiving the distress signal from his parents, he immediately said, “Chairman Li, you are too serious. My cooperation with Mr. Li is very pleasant. During this cooperation period, Mr. Li taught me a lot of things and took good care of me. He is a very nice person.”

With someone helping to continue the conversation, the two fathers and one grandfather breathed a sigh of relief and echoed with a smile, “Xiao Mu is right. We can be assured of Mr. Li’s character. To be able to cooperate with him, we…..”

Having said that, it was obviously still a bit awkward. Mr. Song swallowed hard, and managed to find appropriate and unambiguous words: “Anyway, we trust Mr. Li’s business ethics very much.”

“That’s good, that’s good.” Chairman Li and Mrs. Li also subconsciously echoed.

As soon as the voice fell, the table suddenly fell silent. The two families stared at each other for a while in silence. The awkward atmosphere gradually spread.

Little sister Li, who had always been clever, was the first to come back to her senses. She stood up with a grin and poured wine for the elders of both families whose mouths had gone dry from talking too much.

Chairman Li’s eyes lit up, and he pretended to be solemn and said, “Pour wine for your Grandpa Song and Grandma Tao first.”

“Grandpa Song, please have a drink to moisten your throat.” Little sister Li walked up to old man Song with a bottle of wine, and said with a sweet smile: “Grandpa Song, I watch programs on FlyNews every day. The food program you recorded before really made me very hungry. I feel that brother Mu is truly very lucky being able to grow up with you since he was a child. He must have eaten a lot of delicious food.”

After that, she poured wine for Dean Tao: “Grandma Tao, you are so kind. When I look at you, I think of my own grandma. My grandma is very kind to me. Grandma always takes my side when us siblings fight over the remote control because I’m the only girl in our family.” As they say, rare means precious.

The non-precious boys of the Li family looked at their little sister at the same time, and felt their hearts being stabbed with knives again.

Next, without the instructions of Chairman Li, little sister Li poured wine for the two uncles Liu Yao and Meng Qi: “I have heard about Night’s name for a long time, and I wanted to go with my classmates before. But there are staff watching, and underage people are not allowed to enter. Uncle Yao, Uncle Qi, if I report your names in the future, can they let me in?”

Liu Yao had always been a casual guy. Hearing this, he just laughed and said: “The bar does not allow minors to enter, that is to comply with the relevant regulations. But you are CEO Li’s younger sister, so for you it is definitely fine. Just say hello in advance.”

Meng Qi had been worried that the Li family would not accept his identity. Seeing the Li family’s performance at the moment, he was slightly relieved.

The charity gala was still in progress, and Tao Mu and Li Xiaoheng were the organizers, so they couldn’t stay away for too long.

Mrs. Li waved her hand very understandingly and said, “Go and do your thing. Us elders will have a good chat.”

Old man Song was also worried that Tao Mu staying here would delay his proper business and followed suit, “Go ahead. It’ll be alright.”

Tao Mu nodded and went to receive other guests who came to attend the charity gala together with Li Xiaoheng.

Mrs. Li looked at the backs of the two children leaving together, and said with real sincerity, “These two children are really a good match.”

Old man Song pondered slightly. It didn’t matter when they hadn’t met before. But since the parents of both sides have now met, in fact, Mr. Song had a lot to say to the Li family. It was just that there were many people at the charity gala, and many words were hard to say in this kind of venue.

“Don’t know if you two have time. You can come and visit Song Ji when you do.”

Chairman Li and Mrs. Li felt their interest being peaked, and immediately smiled and said, “Since it is Mr. Song’s invitation, then we shall respectfully accept.”

On the other side, Li Xiaoheng looked at Tao Mu, who was calm on the surface, but in reality he was still holding his breath, and persuaded warmly: “Don’t worry. My parents like your family very much. We are actually worried that you guys will not like our Li family, and will only try to find ways to fight for your approval. There will be no trouble at all.”

Tao Mu squinted at Li Xiaoheng: “Why didn’t you tell me in advance?” He could then be more prepared.

Li Xiaoheng smiled wryly: “I didn’t expect my parents to be so anxious. But I can understand it. At my age, I’m already close to hitting my thirties. No matter how tactful it is described, it can’t hide the fact that I’m an old bachelor.”

“My parents are worried about my marriage. When I used to be busy with work and did not date at all, they were worried. Now learning that I found such a young and capable partner. And most importantly he is also so handsome and has a really likable personality with fans that can circle the entire Beijing city. They are afraid we won’t be able to last, afraid that you will dump me when you meet other boys and girls with better personalities and looks. In addition, when my parents had me bring you home for dinner, you refused again and again. They are even more worried that I will not be able to bring you home and will die alone in the future. So they could only take matters into their own hands.”

Speaking of this, Li Xiaoheng scratched Tao Mu’s palm pitifully: “Do you think I’m useless too?”

“What are you doing!” Tao Mu subconsciously clenched his hand into a fist and looked around. Although the nearby lights were still dim, the camera was still running. Tao Mu was worried that others would see it: “We’re at work, so don’t make trouble, okay?”

“Then you must give me a word to ease my worries!” Li Xiaoheng said aggrievedly: “You wouldn’t really happen to dislike an old man like me who is boring and doesn’t understand romance, would you?”

“Enough already!” Tao Mu rolled his eyes helplessly. He didn’t say a word, so this person became even more addicted to acting, it seems: “You like acting so much, do you want me to arrange a role for you in “Fashion Storm”?”

Li Xiaoheng raised his eyebrows with a smile: “The domineering CEO’s little lovely wife?”

Domineering CEO Tao glanced at his little lovely wife, who was 1.87 meters tall, with wide shoulders, narrow waist, long legs, and eight-pack abs. And could only sigh helplessly: “Okay, okay. I will be responsible for you. So can you let me go now?”

“You’re so perfunctory.” Little lovely wife Li let go of his big pig’s hoof, and couldn’t help pinching the back of their CEO Tao’s neck: “Remember to be nice to me. I already belong to you.”

Having already arranged all the guests properly, Long Tianao, who came to inform Tao Mu that the charity gala could officially start, just happen to hear this, and the expression on his face instantly became indescribable.

He really didn’t expect that such a dignified and majestic domineering CEO Li Xiaoheng would be the one on the bottom.

Long Tianao’s misunderstanding was visible at a glance, but CEO Li was too lazy to explain himself. With a particular black belly, he looked at Tao Mu with an expression of “our family Tao Mu is the master”.

CEO Tao was too lazy to pay attention to their CEO Li, who was becoming more and more playful, and said to Long Tianao, “Tell the host, it’s time to start.”

At 8 o’clock in the evening, the charity gala jointly organized by, Xiaoheng Capital, Longteng Entertainment and Summer Star Entertainment officially started. The content of the entire charity gala would be broadcast live by Therefore, including the guest list and the final charity fundraising information, it was necessary to disclose it all to the public. And after the charity gala, the whereabouts of all donations would also be announced online.

Because the charity gala also invited A-list superstars from the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong to be performers, many netizens, especially fans, immediately followed and watched the live broadcast of the gala.

In Yan Film’s dormitory building, Shen Yu, who had always been following Tao Mu’s movements, also watched the live broadcast on the computer for a while. Seeing this, several other roommates in the same dormitory couldn’t help but sigh: “No wonder I admire Tao Mu the most. He is not much older than us, but he is already doing big things. If I am ever able to reach Tao Mu’s height, I will be very satisfied.”

Gu Yuzhang, who had been immersed in his studies, also agreed: “Tao Mu is indeed very amazing.”

Hearing these words, Shen Yu, who was watching the live broadcast with interest, suddenly lost his interest. He turned off the computer and went out for a walk.

Autumn nights were cool, and it was completely dark outside. Shen Yu had been to Beijing before, but every time he went out, he was accompanied by assistants and bodyguards, so he didn’t need to identify the direction himself. This time Shen Yu went to Beijing, Shen Yan cut off his agent and assistants. Only Shen Yu was left. So at night he didn’t dare to go out and just walked around the campus field. Sitting sadly under the stars.

Suddenly, a delighted voice came from the side: “Shen Yu? Is it really you? Oh my god, I actually met the real person. I knew that my hard work would not be in vain. I especially like your performance in “Purple Cloud”.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Yu turned his head and looked at the young man in the night, dressed simply and with a very simple and honest aura, and asked: “Are you…..also a student of Yan Film?”

“I’m not.” The young man shook his head and said bluntly, “My name is Cao Miao, and I’m your fan. I’ve been here for a long time, just to see you. Can you sign an autograph for me?”

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