After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 208 To Flourish & Quarreling

The charity gala was quite successful, with a total of 127.41 million donations raised that night. In addition, netizens who have been watching the live broadcast on also enjoyed an audio-visual feast performed by superstars.

After the charity gala, the administrative department of sorted out the list of donations made by all the guests overnight and sent it to the official account of the “Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund” established by And solemnly declared on the official FlyNews, every expenditure and income on the account would be listed in detail to ensure that netizens could check the flow of funds at any time. At the same time, the “Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund” had also opened a number of donation channels to accept donations from people from all walks of life.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The first expenditure of the “Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund” was officially announced. It would send all the Second Sino-Japanese war veterans to the capital to watch the military parade before the National Day, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the motherland. Including reimbursement of travel expenses and accommodation expenses, as well as monthly subsidies according to the statistical list of war veterans.

Because it was a special fund and every income and expenditure would be disclosed to the public, netizens who were willing to donate did not have to worry about the risk of the funds being withheld or misappropriated.

As a result, after announced the bank account under the official FlyNews of the charity gala and the “Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund”, donations from all walks of life trickled in. Within 24 hours, together with the charity gala donations, the total donations raised in the official account of the Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund directly exceeded 200 million.

Although this amount of money was still a drop in the bucket for all the war veterans in the country. But every netizen who participated in the fundraising believed that the money would be fully used for the veterans. It could also let those seniors who have fought hard for the motherland in those difficult years and were now aging to feel the sincere hearts of the younger generations.

On the third day after the end of the charity gala, it was another Saturday. With the broadcast of “Fashion Storm” at ten o’clock in the evening, even the audience who did not watch the live broadcast of the charity gala knew about it.

In the beginning, many viewers who were not so up to date on news were just curious about the big-name stars from the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong appearing in the TV series, as well as the entrepreneurs whose images often appeared on the covers of financial magazines. Most of these viewers were in their 40s and 50s. They didn’t usually surf the Internet very much, or they didn’t have the habit of surfing the Internet at all. They didn’t know the various wind and storm that FlyNews had stirred on the Internet, and they were not even familiar with the name FlyNews. They just felt that this idol drama was quite amazing to find so many extra actors who looked like famous stars and prominent entrepreneurs——until now, they didn’t realize that these big-name stars and entrepreneurs appearing in the drama were all actual appearances.

It wasn’t until their children who watched TV with them couldn’t help screaming and then informing them about Tao Mu’s whimsical decision, did these older viewers know that those people were real.

The charity gala in the drama was real, so was the Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund, and even the war drama the male protagonist complimented on when he went to greet the handsome young CEO would be coming soon.

“Aiya aiya, you said that this young man who doesn’t look much older than you is really a CEO? Isn’t he an actor?”

“He’s an actor, and he’s also a CEO.” Tao Mu’s die-hard fans saw a chance, and immediately introduced their idol to their parents.

Under normal circumstances, parents did not approve of their children chasing celebrities. After all, the student’s job was to study. If you have the time to chase celebrities, why not do two more sets of practice papers. It was better than wasting time on outsiders who they may never even have contact with in their whole lives.

Therefore, when children were chasing after idols, most of them hid it from their parents, afraid their parents didn’t think their idols were good role models. But Tao Mu’s situation was obviously different. At the age of 19, he was already worth tens of billions of dollars. No matter what kind of parent and what kind of standards they had, this was definitely a young and promising role model for their children.

So Tao Mu’s fans could finally introduce their idol to their parents. Some even turned on their computers and showed their parents the video of the charity gala.

Many parents who never surfed the Internet have finally determined that the charity gala that appeared in the TV series was the one that had been publicized in the newspapers in recent days. Some parents who never paid attention to entertainment gossip patiently understood the whole process, and the elders who had been sighing at comrade Xiao Tao’s flashy operation were instantly moved by the atmosphere of the charity gala.

So after the broadcast of this week’s “Fashion Storm” episode that night, the bank account of the Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund received many new donations one after another. The names of Tao Mu and also inadvertently entered the hearts of middle-aged and elderly viewers who never surf the Internet.

Many middle-aged and elderly viewers who have never surfed the Internet even spontaneously began to collect information about Tao Mu. At first, they just browsed Tao Mu’s related content on major entertainment newspapers and weekly magazines. Later, they asked the young colleagues in the office about Tao Mu. These audiences in their 40s and 50s were also seniors in their respective industries and fields. Under normal circumstances, there was a generation gap with young colleagues who have just entered the workplace, and normally couldn’t talk and chat together at all.

It was rare for everyone to have a common topic. Those young colleagues, whether it was out of the mentality to please their higher-ups, or they felt that it was fun to introduce their idol to an elder, they all relayed everything they knew and did not hold anything back. Some people even took the initiative to take out their mobile phones to log in to and to share gossip and videos with the old higher-ups and seniors.

Only then did these older middle-aged and elderly viewers realize that it was not that they had never heard of Tao Mu. Previously, the news of Sheng’an Group and Song Ji had stirred up quite a lot of uproar. Naturally, those who pay attention to news broadcasts and current affair hotspots have heard of it. It was just that they couldn’t match the name with the person for a while.

So these parental audiences also knew Tao Mu’s life experience, and even more that Tao Mu was an orphan, but he was a good and filial child. Full of love and righteousness, and knew gratitude and thanksgiving. So without Tao Mu himself knowing, he actually gained a batch of true and honest parental fans.

At the same time, this group of parental fans understood that it turned out that you could watch news, TV dramas and even stock analysis policy explanations on the Internet. And it was much faster and more comprehensive than the TV and newspapers. One just needed to download a few apps on the smartphone? And that’s app also supported group chat and online video chat. It was even easier than just simply making a call on the phone!

Most of these higher-ups and elders were getting advanced in age and were less able to accept new things. Therefore, although many people knew that smartphones had appeared, they were too lazy to replace their old phones with new ones. They felt that smartphones were all just bells and whistles and not as durable as their old phones. Unlike the old phones they use which could last for more than half a month on a single charge.

It now appeared that smartphones also had their benefits. As a result, a considerable number of middle-aged and elderly consumers who were not lacking in money and have received brainwashing now included the purchase of smartphones as their daily expenses.

And because there was an advertisement for a domestic smartphone directly on the, many consumers who did not know much about smartphones also subconsciously accepted the brainwashing of the website advertisements and bought this brand of smartphones.

When the mobile phone manufacturers who were sitting at home and minding their own business, learned that sales have increased inexplicably, and the age group of consumers was also between forty and sixty years old. No matter how they looked at it, it was very strange indeed. So they asked major physical stores and shopping mall counters to conduct market research, and only then did they learn that the increase in sales was actually due to the advertisements on

This ad was not paid in vain! The mobile phone manufacturer was immediately happy, and immediately called Meng Qi to express his gratitude, and then donated a sum of money to the Second Sino-Japanese War Veterans Charity Fund. Then took advantage of this opportunity and the heat to hype it on the Internet. Launching another wave of purchase benefits and discounts before the National Day holiday, which slightly stimulated consumers who were still waiting and hesitating to buy immediately.

After the news spread, industry colleagues were all amazed. Even and themselves did not expect that things could end up like this. However, it was conceivable that the advertising sponsorship fee of would rise again in the next quarter. Well-informed industry insiders once again affirmed FlyNews’s publicity power. There were also many colleagues in the advertising industry who did case analysis on this matter. It was a pity that no matter how they analyzed the case they could only conclude that was uniquely endowed by nature, and just happened to catch the heat of the charity fund and the National Day holiday week.

There were even people who came to a conclusion on this matter based on the cliché that good people were rewarded with good things.

Just when and Tao Mu’s career were flourishing, Yan Sheng and Shen Yu also ushered in their first relationship crisis after their relationship was established.

And the fuse of this crisis turned out to be Cao Miao, a complete and unrelated outsider.

——The matter had to start from the chance encounter between Cao Miao and Shen Yu that night.

Anyone who was familiar with Cao Miao knows that although Cao Miao had an honest face and looked trustworthy and honest, in fact, he had quite a cunning tongue, and was especially sly. To use Tao Mu’s evaluation of him to describe, that is, the most suitable job for Cao Miao was probably multi-level marketing.

On the other hand, Shen Yu was relatively simple and pure. And did not possess so many twists and turns in his thought process.

Cao Miao approached Shen Yu with a purpose, and of course he wanted to win Shen Yu’s favor at the beginning. Therefore, when Cao Miao was chatting with Shen Yu, he revealed his identity very frankly——he was from the same orphanage as Tao Mu. And out of reluctance he was also once forced to serve as Tao Mu’s toady and sycophant. Because Tao Mu had been a domineering person since childhood. He was the orphanage tyrant and often bullied other children. Cao Miao said that he actually disliked Tao Mu’s behavior, so he never contacted Tao Mu after leaving the orphanage.

Until some time ago, Cao Miao saw related news about Tao Mu in the newspaper and knew that Tao Mu had set up his own company and became a big boss. Whereas he didn’t do so well out in society, so he wanted to bite the bullet and come back and hug his thigh.

As a result, Tao Mu didn’t have eyes for him at all.

“Actually, I don’t blame him. People like us who just graduated from junior high school and immediately went out to work in society, without education or background, are discriminated against everywhere. He is now a big boss, and his employees must be industry elites, even interns must be graduates of major universities. I only have a junior high school diploma, and I am not qualified to even be his driver.” Cao Miao said self-deprecatingly: “It is too normal for him to look down on me.”

“How can he be like this?” Shen Yu couldn’t believe it: “Even if your education is not good, you both grew up together. How can he treat you like this?”

What a waste for those media reporters to flatter Tao Mu, saying that he was filial and loyal. It seemed that it was all just an act made for others to see. In reality, Tao Mu turned out to be a ruthless person who refused to support even the good brothers who grew up with him.

Shen Yu didn’t expect Tao Mu to be such a person, and was really angry. He felt very unjust for Cao Miao.

It must be said that Cao Miao was very observant. After all, he had been out in society for so many years, and was used to interacting with all sorts of people. Most importantly, what Cao Miao told Shen Yu was the truth. It was just that in some details, the concept was secretly changed. For a greenhouse flower like Shen Yu, there was no way to tell what was true or false.

So as the two chatted further, Shen Yu inexplicably agreed to hire Cao Miao to be his assistant. Anyway, when Shen Yu came to Beijing, Shen Yan resigned his agent and assistants. Now that Shen Yu wanted to film, he also needed an assistant to take care of him.

This matter was quickly known by Yan Sheng. The fact that there was an unidentified assistant who inexplicably appeared beside his lover. According to Yan Sheng’s habit, of course, it was necessary to investigate Cao Miao’s background.

As a result, this investigation revealed the past experiences of Cao Miao in which he stole materials on the construction site together with the foreman, and fled overnight after being discovered and reported by the developer. He also found out that Cao Miao was someone who had a habit of aiming too high, even though he clearly could barely get by, he arrogantly refused the work that Dean Tao had arranged for him. He even found out the truth about Cao Miao and Tao Mu’s friendship turning bad.

Yan Sheng felt that there was something wrong with Cao Miao’s character. Tao Mu was right to ignore this person. So he also wanted to persuade Shen Yu to not leave this calamity by his side.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

As a result, don’t know what wrong medicine Shen Yu took, but he started a quarrel with Yan Sheng because of Cao Miao. Saying that Yan Sheng just didn’t trust him and looked down on him, so he disapproved even when he just wanted to hire an assistant.

“Do you also think that I’m not as good as Tao Mu? Do you think that Tao Mu can live better and better with his own abilities, but I can only be stupid enough to be deceived and scolded by others? That’s why you didn’t even tell me and secretly investigated Cao Miao behind my back? Do you not trust me at all?”

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