After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 209 To Persuade & Revelations

“What’s this situation?” When Zeng Yiheng came into the house with takeout, he happened to meet Shen Yu running out with a bitter face, even bumping him in the shoulder. Didn’t even say sorry.

It didn’t fit the character of a little white lotus!

Zeng Yiheng placed the takeaway on the table, pointed back at the door, raised his eyebrows and asked, “How did you provoke this ancestor?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yan Sheng pressed his temples, and shook his head wearily: “Because of that assistant, he argued with me. Accusing me for not trusting him. Not even telling him and just going ahead and investigating the people around him?”

Yan Sheng had been busy preparing for the TV series recently. The new assistant that suddenly appeared by Shen Yu’s side was investigated by a private investigator hired by Zeng Yiheng. Hearing these words, he immediately sneered: “The people around him? He actually has the face to say this. With his IQ, I’m afraid he doesn’t even know whether the people around him are human or ghosts?”

“Besides, the two of them have only known each other for a few days? Not even knowing the other’s background, just chatting a few words, and now they are close friends? He doesn’t even know what’s going on, yet he dares to hire the other as his personal assistant? Does he believe that he is very kind and warm-hearted?”

Zeng Yiheng scoffed at Shen Yu’s thinking: “The way I see it, he really doesn’t know how high the sky is!”

“Isn’t it just listening to someone casually say a couple good things and flattering him a bit, it’s like he swallowed the waters of oblivion, and can’t even tell the difference between east and west, north and south. He thinks that no one can see through to him, does he?” Why did Shen Yu so hastily place an unknown person next to him as an assistant? Wasn’t it just because Cao Miao said a few bad words about Tao Mu in front of Shen Yu and let him find his self-esteem!

“But I didn’t expect that he would quarrel with you because of this matter. Didn’t you tell him what that surnamed Cao had done before?” With this kind of poisonous snake and ungrateful wolf beside him, wasn’t Shen Yu afraid of being bitten by Cao Miao one day?

Yan Sheng wiped his face and shook his head very tiredly: “I told him. But he still thinks I don’t respect him and don’t trust him.” As for Cao Miao’s character, and whether he was appropriate to stay by his side as an assistant, the two haven’t even had time to discuss this!

Zeng Yiheng snorted coldly: “Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The two of you can quarrel all you like, but don’t drag the crew down. Shen Yu broke out a lot of scandals during the release of “Jianghu”, which caused the movie box office to avalanche in the middle of the film release. This matter is not over yet. The lessons from the past are still in front of us, and those investors are very dissatisfied with your decision to insist on inviting Shen Yu into the crew. You are the one who guaranteed that Shen Yu would never cause trouble this time and that he will definitely come back completely anew.”

When Zeng Yiheng said this, he patted Yan Sheng’s shoulder: “The character Fucha Fu Heng is talented in both the literary and martial arts, and has a lot of fighting scenes in the script. You can’t use a stand-in this time. You remember to let Shen Yu accept martial arts instruction in advance. I heard the investors say that if Shen Yu’s performance does not meet their expectations after the filming begins, they will rather replace him temporarily, or delete all of Shen Yu’s scenes during post-production. Lest he drags the whole crew down by just himself.”

“As your agent, I don’t want you to be dragged down by Shen Yu. So, if you don’t plan to give up Shen Yu completely, remember to urge him to prepare.”

Zeng Yiheng took the takeaway boxes out of the bags and opened them one by one. He went to the kitchen to pick up the tableware and said with emotion: “Speaking of which, he is exposed to the script a few months in advance and receives training. If he still can’t perform at the same level as other actors after starting the filming, then he can’t blame other investors for clamoring to replace him, right?”

Yan Sheng was silent.

Zeng Yiheng’s heart moved, and he couldn’t help but ask: “Say, is the reason why that ancestor is quarreling with you because he is still angry that you broke your promise and didn’t make him the male protagonist?”

Yan Sheng reluctantly psyched himself up and helped explain for Shen Yu: “No. Xiao Yu is not that kind of a person. In fact, I am also wrong in this matter. I didn’t communicate with him before investigating Cao Miao. If it were me, I would get angry too.”

The best trait of Yan Sheng was that he was good at empathy. Put nicely, he was a man with self-discipline, grace, and was a gentleman. But if you look at it from another angle, he was indecisive and not resolute.

At least Zeng Yiheng, who grew up with Yan Sheng since childhood, saw through these insincere words at a glance.

“I’m not familiar with Shen Yu. I don’t know what he is like, and I don’t care. But you are with him day and night, you know best whether he has such thoughts or not.” Zeng Yiheng sat down and started peeling shrimp. While peeling, he complained: “I just think that for Shen Yu, regardless of the objections of the investors and the director, you pushed him to be the second male lead, regardless of whether it was from the standpoint of a boyfriend or anything else, you already did your best. Yet in the end, he fought with you because of an outsider. As your good buddy, I don’t think it’s worth it. “

“I used to think that even if he was full of stinky problems, at least he can bring joy to you. For men, isn’t dating just to make oneself happy? No one jumps into dating just to suffer difficulties. How much have you done for him, yet what has he done for you? Things like feelings are also mutual. There can’t be only one party working hard and the other always standing still, or even pulling your back leg, right?”

Zeng Yiheng looked at Yan Sheng’s increasingly gloomy face, and shrugged his shoulders: “Forget it, let’s not talk about this anymore. Don’t make such a dark expression. Come and eat something. We have to work overtime and stay up late tonight.”

“In a few days, we will also have to go to Yan Film to pick people. You, a senior who had graduated for many years, have to go back to the school to show your face and accept the crazy worship of the junior brothers and sisters. Remember to put on a few more facial masks to maintain your face. Don’t let your juniors be disappointed with your face.”

After saying this, Zeng Yiheng still mentioned Shen Yu again: “A few days ago, you asked me to investigate Shen Yu’s assistant, and Uncle and Aunt Yan found out. They asked me about Shen Yu. Curious why I investigated Shen Yu’s assistant out of the blue?”

Yan Sheng’s heart jumped, and he looked at Zeng Yiheng subconsciously.

Zeng Yiheng said: “I didn’t tell them that the two of you are dating. But I think that Uncle and Aunt Yan must be suspicious. You also know the ability of the Yan family in the capital. You have done so many things for Shen Yu and even rented a place for him to live. I’m afraid it won’t be kept secret for long. With Shen Yu’s current reputation and status, guess what Uncle and Aunt Yan would do if they found out?”

The most important thing was that Shen Yu had repeatedly shown his lacking character and disposition. What would the Yan family think of Shen Yu?

Yan Sheng’s heart sank even more.

Zeng Yiheng asked again: “And what about the assistant?”

Yan Sheng was silent for a while, hesitating.

Zeng Yiheng said: “I’m warning you! That person surnamed Cao is not a good person at all. At first glance, I can tell he is a fellow who forgets righteousness at the sight of profit. This kind of person would do anything for money. With him by Shen Yu’s side, and Shen Yu is so close to you, I can’t guarantee that one day, your opponents would not start to check your black materials with Shen Yu as the opening——”

Yan Sheng chuckled and interrupted Zeng Yiheng: “What black material could I have?”

“Yes. You have been upright since your debut, and you didn’t bother to step on others either. You, film king Yan, are righteous and upright. But don’t forget, your relationship with Shen Yu is your biggest black material.”

Homosexuality, if not careful one’s acting career could go up in flames. What was more, sometimes, what the opponents wanted was not necessarily black material but business secrets.

Yan Sheng’s heart jumped. The originally unconvinced mindset changed immediately.

Zeng Yiheng persuaded: “Besides, with Shen Yu’s muddle headed personality, putting such a poisonous snake beside him, can you even be at ease?”

Zeng Yiheng was right. Shen Yu’s personality was too simple, he couldn’t see through the essence of people, and he couldn’t distinguish the good intentions and malicious intentions of others. And possessed no defense against those around him. That Cao Miao was clearly an ungrateful and ruthless profiteer. Even the good brothers who grew up with him refused to give him the time of day. You could imagine how bad this person was. With Shen Yu keeping this kind of person by his side, it was like putting a time bomb right next to them. He himself was barefoot and so was not afraid to wear shoes. But Zeng Yiheng was afraid that he would drag Yan Sheng down!

Yan Sheng pondered for a while, and finally did not dare to bet on his life’s career. Hesitantly, he finally made up his mind: “Then call the police!”

Zeng Yiheng smiled slightly, and said with great relief, “That’s right.” He knew that even if his good brother was blinded temporarily, he was not one to have no principles just for some tail.

Zeng Yiheng and Yan Sheng finalized Cao Miao’s fate in a few words. On the other side, Shen Yu, who ran out of Yan Sheng’s house angrily, also felt that his brain was tied in messy knots.

He did not expect that Cao Miao, who appeared diligent, loyal and honest in front of him, would actually be a thief. This made him look particularly stupid in front of Yan Sheng. And it especially put him on the passive.

Shen Yu was very angry, and immediately took out his phone and called Cao Miao out, ready to question Cao Miao in person.

Cao Miao did not expect that Shen Yu’s movements would be so fast. It seemed that although the Shen family claimed to ignore this son, they still doted on Shen Yu secretly. This proved that he did not place a losing bet.

“I know you must look down on me.” Cao Miao smiled bitterly, his eyes turning red: “But you young masters who were born with golden spoons in your mouths don’t understand at all. An orphan with no parents, no education or background, just how much difficulties do those who have left their hometowns encounter when they go out to work?”

“I was only fourteen years old when I graduated from junior high school. I didn’t even have an ID card. No serious workplace wanted me at all. I could only do some odd jobs here and there. I went to the construction site to move bricks and worked as a manual laborer for others. Many of the people in the same batch who came out to work were willing to become thieves. I could just grit my teeth and hold on. Even if I, Cao Miao, have no ability or prospects in this life, I would never do anything against the law.”

“But you don’t know the people on the construction site at all. Not only do they bully newcomers, they all form gangs. If you want to continue working there and not be bullied you have to recognize a leader. The foreman I followed at the time ganged up with his fellows from hometown to steal the building materials. And forced me to be on the lookout. If I didn’t do it, they would beat me and kick me out of the construction site. What could I do?”

As Cao Miao spoke, he showed Shen Yu his hands covered in old wounds, showed him his skinny body, and told him about the injustice and misfortune he had encountered out in society over these many years. What almost being tricked into pyramid schemes, what couldn’t afford to rent a house and had to sleep under a bridge, what couldn’t afford to eat and digging in trash cans…..With red eyes, he spoke in a choked up tone: “I know I have no ability, I shouldn’t have done that, but is this something I can choose?”

Shen Yu didn’t expect that Cao Miao had encountered so much suffering, and his eyes immediately reddened: “I’m sorry…..”

Shen Yu said hesitantly, “I didn’t expect this. Big brother Yan told me.”

Cao Miao’s ears moved, and he looked at Shen Yu with snot and tears: “What big brother Yan?”

“It’s Yan Sheng.” In a panic, Shen Yu subconsciously defended: “He told me everything about you. But I think big brother Yan was also deceived. I didn’t expect you to have such an unfortunate experience.”

“You hired me as an assistant, why did Yan Sheng ask a private detective to investigate?” Cao Miao immediately realized that something was wrong.

Shen Yu was not prepared, and said subconsciously, “Because Yan Sheng is my boyfriend!”

Cao Miao was shocked. He really didn’t expect such a revelation. At that moment, he was no longer in a hurry to explain his innocence to Shen Yu. Instead, he tried his best to ask Shen Yu about his relationship with Yan Sheng. At the same time, while Shen Yu was not paying attention, he silently turned on his phone to record.

Shen Yu felt inexplicably guilty, and because of their jobs as actors, his relationship with Yan Sheng had always been kept secret. Although Shen Yu had some regrets, he also understood this approach. But he didn’t expect that in front of Cao Miao today, he would accidentally leak such sensitive information.

Although he knew that he should not talk about his affairs with Yan Sheng in front of outsiders. But Shen Yu thought about it, Cao Miao was not an outsider either. This was his assistant! So he explained how he and Yan Sheng got together. While talking, he began to complain, feeling that Yan Sheng was not as concerned about him now as he used to be.

“Say, could it be that he doesn’t like me anymore?”

Cao Miao suppressed his excitement and comforted Shen Yu perfunctorily. After the two separated, Cao Miao immediately went into an Internet cafe and began to search for the phone numbers of major gossip magazines.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

He also realized it. With the relationship between Yan Sheng and Shen Yu, Yan Sheng would definitely not let a bad guy with a junior high school diploma and a history of theft stay beside Shen Yu as an assistant. Shen Yu was also a person without any assertiveness. If Yan Sheng insisted, he was afraid that Shen Yu would eventually fire him.

So Cao Miao simply and directly exposed the hottest gossip to the paparazzi. This way, he would at least make some money!

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