After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 211 Yan Sheng’s Response

Zeng Yiheng went to the bathroom to wash his face, and felt that his response just now was really stupid.

“I clearly could have denied that we have no knowledge of Shen Yu’s remarks, and everything was just Shen Yu’s one-sided remarks! “Celebrity Gossip” has no conclusive evidence at all. Your reputation in the circle has always been very good, and it is very rare that your name is connected in conjunction with other artists. Shen Yu on the other hand, is neck deep in scandals, and even if both sides confront each other, people would not believe what Shen Yu said…..”

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As long as it was people with normal brains they would think these words were Shen Yu wanting to gain popularity through Yan Sheng. So Zeng Yiheng didn’t have to do anything at all. However, Zeng Yiheng agreed to the proposal of the editor-in-chief of “Celebrity Gossip” to write an IOU on the phone just now. To give a hush money of 10 million yuan for no reason, it was obvious that he had a guilty conscience.

Zeng Yiheng scratched his hair in annoyance, and his carefully groomed hairstyle turned into a chicken nest: “This was my work mistake. Don’t worry, I will handle this matter well. It will definitely not implicate you.”

Yan Sheng remained silent with a gloomy face.

Because of the IOU, Zeng Yiheng and the editor-in-chief of “Celebrity Gossip” agreed to meet in an hour. At this juncture, Zeng Yiheng was too lazy to guess what Yan Sheng was thinking. He quickly called Yan Sheng’s management team and asked everyone to log in to FlyNews for a video conference.

It’s a pity that when the editor-in-chief of “Celebrity Gossip” called, Zeng Yiheng forgot to make a recording. At this moment, he could only try to recall the information that he exposed during the communication process, which would put Yan Sheng on the passive in this public relations crisis. At this point, Zeng Yiheng had no choice but to find ways to make various remedies.

Yan Sheng sat on the side, silently watching Zeng Yiheng and the rest of the team busying themselves. Suddenly he said, “Say, what do you guys think Xiao Yu said when he made the revelation?”

“Everything that should be said and shouldn’t be said!” Zeng Yiheng was practically about to explode. On the one hand, he was ashamed of his incompetent behavior in dealing with contingencies when he answered the phone, and on the other hand, he was angry with Shen Yu——if this ancestor hadn’t been blabbing nonsense outside, he wouldn’t be in such a mess.

“Say, just what was he thinking?” Zeng Yiheng couldn’t figure out Shen Yu’s brain circuit: “He is only nineteen years old this year, and he is also taking the idol route. Although he is being scolded in the circle now. But anti-popularity is also popularity. As long as there is traffic and popularity, he will have the opportunity to make a comeback. But if embroiled in a gay scandal, he will not be able to make a comeback in his life.”

Putting aside the domestic circle. Even in Hollywood, which was known for its “open atmosphere” and “non-discrimination”, even if it was a smashing global superstar, if the media revealed that he had a sexual orientation that was different from the major public, his acting career would immediately hit a wall. The producer had to consider the image of the artist, and the investor had to consider the audience’s acceptance, and would no longer easily cast him in the protagonist role with an A-level contract.

Although China passed the “Same-sex Marriage Law” a few years ago, under the subtle influence of thousands of years of social atmosphere, people still felt that same-sex orientation was alien. Although Yan Sheng was an A-list superstar, there were also a few artists with the same status as Yan Sheng in the domestic entertainment industry. And among those slightly inferior to Yan Sheng, there were even a few juniors who were eager to replace him.

Gigs, endorsements, filming, the careers of male stars were relatively longer than that of female stars. A 30-year-old actor could play a 20-year-old tender schoolboy, or he could play a 40-year-old charming uncle. This meant that all those standing on the top of the pyramid, the career needs of male stars often overlapped, and the competition for resources would only become more intense.

That Yan Sheng was able to get to where he was today, in addition to talent, there was also the element of hard work by the entire team. It took everyone working together for seven to eight years to make Yan Sheng gain a firm foothold and a place in the circle. But once Yan Sheng got embroiled in this deadly scandal, all his opponents would swarm over in an instant. Just like a great white shark smelling blood, they would tear Yan Sheng into pieces.

And once Yan Sheng was implicated, Shen Yu’s future interests would not be guaranteed either. Because Zeng Yiheng believed that in this circle, apart from their “love fool” film king Yan, no one would act so heartfelt towards Shen Yu.

So Zeng Yiheng couldn’t figure out at all whether that ancestor was really too idle, so he could only stir up such a big pot of trouble out of boredom.

Yan Sheng looked coldly at his childhood friend’s angry expression, but he was very calm in his heart. He should have been as angry as Zeng Yiheng, but now, Yan Sheng felt that he was very calm. He just wanted to hear how Shen Yu broke the news.

“What time is it now, you still have the heart to pay attention to these details?” Zeng Yiheng couldn’t believe it: “Shouldn’t you be anxious about how to solve this matter?”

“Even if you want to do crisis public relations, you must first understand what Xiao Yu said. At least you must know yourself and the enemy.” Yan Sheng calmly patted his childhood friend’s shoulder. Not only was he not anxious, he even comforted the other: “Don’t worry too much. So what if you got tricked by “Celebrity Gossip”? Xiao Yu and I, he doesn’t have a girlfriend and I am unmarried. Everyone is single and young. Even if we are really together, we didn’t break any law.”

“Are you crazy?” Zeng Yiheng looked at Yan Sheng with red eyes: “Do you know what you’re talking about?”

“I know!” Yan Sheng replied clearly: “It has already happened. If Xiao Yu’s words are really exposed by the media, even if we unilaterally try to refute it, some people would still continue to believe Shen Yu’s words. At that time, some people would go track down our previous whereabouts. After all, the two of us have been together for nearly a year. After being together for so long, it is very likely that some intimate photos would have been taken by netizens. If the paparazzi dug up the iron proof that we were together, then our previous public relations statement would become a joke. At that time, in the eyes of the public, I would also become a scumbag who had no sense of responsibility.”

Of course Zeng Yiheng knew this hidden danger. But the most urgent task at the moment was to was to solve this matter and there was no other way than to refute this: “It’s not like you can admit to it publicly?”

“What’s wrong with admitting to it?” Yan Sheng raised his eyebrows and spoke the jaw-dropping words: “Don’t forget, sometimes, a lie repeated a thousand times can become the truth. A truth repeated a thousand times can also become a lie.”

Zeng Yiheng was stunned for a moment, and vaguely seemed to figure out what Yan Sheng was intending: “You mean…..”

Yan Sheng smiled slightly. When it comes to the career that was the love of his life, even Mr. Film King, who was shrouded in the halo of the plot, managed to recover a bit of brain cell in a rare moment of clarity: “So I need to know what Xiao Yu said?”

Zeng Yiheng thought about it and said, “The editor-in-chief of “Celebrity Gossip” said that he has a recording. To show his sincerity, I think he should pass a copy to us.”

Before he finished speaking, Zeng Yiheng already picked up his mobile phone and called the editor-in-chief of “Celebrity Gossip”. A few minutes later, Zeng Yiheng opened the mailbox, only to hear the system prompt sound, and sure enough there was a new email lying quietly inside.

Zeng Yiheng opened the file, and clicked on the audio attachment. Yan Sheng walked to the computer and sat down, pressing the play button himself. He quietly listened to Shen Yu’s complaints. In order to protect his informant’s identity, the editor-in-chief of “Celebrity Gossip” only intercepted part of the content of Shen Yu’s revelations.

After Yan Sheng listened to the recording, he personally called Shen Yu. Shen Yu was still giving Yan Sheng the cold shoulder. Feeling that Yan Sheng didn’t trust him, he deliberately didn’t answer the phone. Zeng Yiheng used his mobile phone to call Shen Yu, and after being hung up, he sent a message while cursing. He said simply and crudely: “”Celebrity Gossip” just called and asked Yan Sheng to give them 10 million in hush fees. The reason is that you broke the news and said you were dating Yan Sheng?”

Shen Yu panicked. He hurriedly called back the phone, tearfully defending himself: “Impossible. I just complained to Cao Miao, how could I go to the media on purpose to break the news. How could you wrong me so injustly?”

Only then did Zeng Yiheng know the source of the recording: “It turned out to be that bastard Cao Miao! I knew he was unreliable.”

But compared to Cao Miao, the fact that Shen Yu could reveal such private matters to the other even though he knew that Cao Miao’s character was flawed…..Zeng Yiheng had to wonder whether Shen Yu really didn’t expect Cao Miao to betray him, or had ulterior motives.

But the main point was, even if Shen Yu deliberately exposed his relationship with Yan Sheng, what benefits would he get?

In a flash of realization, Zeng Yiheng thought a lot. But Yan Sheng had already taken his cell phone: “Come back soon. We need to discuss crisis public relations.”

“Big brother Yan——” Before Shen Yu, who was crying on the phone, could continue any further, Yan Sheng had already hung up the phone.

Then, Yan Sheng said to Zeng Yiheng: “Tell the copywriter to sort out the recording and make a few more versions. Combined with my previous itinerary, find a few people to break the news on the Internet, and just accuse me for seducing and then abandoning. Also, in order to promote my previous films, didn’t we also stir up fake scandals with a few actresses? Have the studio contact the media we have good relations with, and also publish some articles.”

Zeng Yiheng was stunned, and hesitantly said: “But…..wouldn’t this affect your image? And would they believe it?”

“Believe it or not. As soon as “Celebrity Gossip” breaks the news, we will cooperate with the media to promote it. The bigger the commotion the better.”

Yan Sheng gave a small smile to his childhood friend, “Don’t forget, in the entertainment industry, the truth is never the most important thing. Those fans and audiences only care what the truth looks like in their eyes.”

“Then on Shen Yu’s matter…..” Zeng Yiheng hesitated for a moment, then said, “How to deal with it?”

“Deal with it as it should be dealt with.” Yan Sheng smiled slightly, his deep eyes as gentle as spring water: “We are dating after all. If Xiao Yu really wants to make this relationship public, of course I will listen to him.”

After receiving Yan Sheng’s call, Shen Yu, who hurried back, happened to hear the last sentence, and immediately jumped into Yan Sheng’s arms: “Big brother Yan, I’m sorry, I caused you trouble again. I shouldn’t believe Cao Miao. I didn’t think he was such a bad person and that he would betray me. Why would he do that?”

“We don’t need to try to figure out what the bad guys think.” Yan Sheng patted Shen Yu’s shoulder, raised Shen Yu’s chin and asked, “What about you? Do you want to announce our relationship?”

Shen Yu hesitated for a moment, then nodded.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Yan Sheng smiled warmly. Bent his finger, and scraped the tip of Shen Yu’s nose: “I listen to you.”

For some reason, Zeng Yiheng felt a little cold when he saw Yan Sheng comforting Shen Yu in a warm voice.

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