After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 212 Flashy Operation

Directly using the video of the charity gala, inviting bigwigs from all walks of life to make a cameo appearance in “Fashion Storm” in this way, and as a result, arousing the exclamation of the media and the audience who eat melons. Tao Mu got a taste of the sweetness of this kind of publicity stunt.

Therefore, in the filming of the next part of the script, there was a plot point where the male lead chatted with some Internet entrepreneurs he met online about the ideal career goals. For this scene, Tao Mu directly invited the founders of those Internet companies invested in by Xiaoheng Capital with the hope that they could make cameo appearances on “Fashion Storm”. On the one hand, it was to add publicity to the crew and enhance the audience’s sense of immersion. On the other hand, it could also promote everyone’s company.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Some of the founders of these companies would become well-known bigwigs in the Internet industry in the next few years, and some of them would be swept away in this increasingly prosperous Internet wave, and eventually make no splash. He believed that after a few years, netizens would have different emotions when they reviewed this drama again and came across this plot scene.

The members of the production team of “Fashion Storm” could also appreciate the amusement in Tao Mu arranging this easter egg. Director Xiong Bao was inspired by this whimsical idea. Originally, he only planned to cover this scene with just a few shots. But now he actually asked the props team to temporarily set up a venue and set up a large-scale netizen meeting for entrepreneurs in the Internet industry. The Internet upstarts who were invited to the cameo originally wanted to film a few shots for the sake of their company’s investor. But they didn’t expect that Director Xiong Bao actually arranged the scene to be like a meeting of online game players. While filming, he generously expressed that everyone should treat this filming as a meeting of the Internet industry, and no matter what they want to say or what they want to do, they didn’t have to be bound by the script and could speak freely.

As for the filming part, the cameraman would find the best shots himself.

In the beginning, everyone was quite reserved and didn’t know how to begin chatting——everyone didn’t forget that there was a camera next to them, and subconsciously wanted to look in the direction of the camera. They didn’t dare to speak, for fear that they would accidentally leave a bad image in front of the camera.

Bai Sensen, who played the male leading role, stood up to take the lead. According to the lines of the script, he first introduced his project which combined fashion magazines with an online shopping platform: “…..Readers can browse fashion magazines on the APP, and we would embed links in the photos of product introductions. If readers are interested, they can directly click on the photo to jump to the online shopping platform to place an order. Cooperating with, all products will be authentic, and we will launch new products from the latest season from time to time, even catwalk outfits…..”

The male protagonist even introduced his idea of having models do live broadcasts on and to promote women’s clothing and cosmetics. And said that the amount of goods brought by this kind of promotion was quite considerable.

Ten years later, this kind of publicity mode of promoting and selling goods had already become cliche, and even some big international brands would invite anchors and internet celebs with a large number of fans to do promotion. But in 2009, this model was relatively new. When Tao Mu wrote this plot point, he did not leave it to others. To be precise, regarding all the business battles in the script, Tao Mu himself wrote the plot outline and related planning, including lines. With a large number of cases in his mind, Tao Mu’s script was worth studying from both in terms of authenticity and practicality.

The real life Internet entrepreneurs sitting under the stage listened and forgot that this was actually the shooting of an idol drama. One after another stood up to question or supplement the male protagonist’s company project, and together they began to introduce their own company projects. The atmosphere gradually became lively and professional.

Xiong Bao, who was in front of the monitor the whole time, didn’t interrupt everyone. He instructed some of the cameramen to follow all the people talking, and scan the venue together as well. In the final editing, the most meaningful speeches by the Internet entrepreneurs were selected and edited into the plot. As for the rest of the video material, Tao Mu took them over for keeping.

He was going to keep this Easter egg, and when those Internet companies rise up in a few years, he would post this video on Rub off on the heat of these bigwigs.

And after this episode was broadcast, some fashion magazines were deeply inspired and even took the initiative to approach and to discuss the creation of a fashion magazine APP and then cooperate with

That was to say, they wanted to ask the technical department of to help the fashion magazines create the APP. If readers jump to to order products from the APP of these fashion magazines, would give the fashion magazines a share of the profit. As for why the fashion magazines didn’t cooperate with those brand companies directly——it was mainly because of the lack of technical support.

This was a delightful surprise. After discussing with Meng Qi and the management of the two websites, Tao Mu felt that this was a very good model of cooperation and publicity. As for the specific cooperation share in profit and other terms, it would be slowly negotiated by the teams of both parties.

Time gradually flew by and entered the end of September, and the first episode of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, which had been promoted for more than a month, finally officially launched on the evening of September 28th. Due to the strong publicity and the classic and compact plotline, the highest ratings of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” on the day it aired exceeded 5%. As soon as this data came out, it caused a shock to the whole industry.

However, the next day, the ratings for the premiere of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” failed to make the headlines in the entertainment section, because everyone was attracted by another breaking news.

At three o’clock in the morning last night, a recording was uploaded on This recording was soon linked on to Shen Yu and Yan Sheng’s FlyNews, and then, for fear of not attracting the attention of netizens, it was also linked on to the official FlyNews of “Celebrity Gossip” and several other gossip magazines. One must know that netizens who could pay attention to entertainment magazines and gossip newspapers on the Internet were basically the ones who love eating melons the most.

The recording went unnoticed at first. Until someone clicked the play button out of curiosity, and from there Shen Yu’s personal revelation of his relationship with Yan Sheng immediately had melon-eating netizens smell the scent of an annual big melon. The recording was uploaded online around three in the morning. This was the time when the body’s biological clock stayed asleep, except for some night owls who don’t sleep at night, everyone else was resting. As a result, many people did not respond immediately. Until the next morning, when the working class and the student population got up to wash and prepare to go to work and school, the recording had finally spread on the Internet.

Fans of Yan Sheng and Shen Yu were also tearing each other apart online. Yan Sheng’s fans scolded Shen Yu for being shameless and delusional. A C-list fake actually dared to fantasize that Yan Sheng was his boyfriend. He was like a toad who wanted to eat swan meat. Suffering delusions in broad daylight. So obsessed with fame he had gone crazy, actually rubbing off on their Yan Sheng’s popularity. There was even a die-hard fan of Yan Sheng who coldly and arrogantly threw out the most classic line when fans were fighting: “Who is Shen Yu, we don’t know who this is at all.”

“Third-rate stars, don’t touch our film king. We refuse to make an appointment.”

“Phony Shen, be an upright person already! It’s not enough to hurt Shen Yan, and now you want to hurt our Yan Sheng. Is this fake poisonous? Whoever treats him well will end up suffering bad luck? Are you only happy after pulling everyone down the pit?”

And Shen Yu’s fans were also scolding Yan Sheng, they believed that their little prince was a beautiful and kind white lotus. Thinking that Shen Yu was so innocent and pure, still a nineteen-year-old child, how could he be delusional. It must be that old guy Yan Sheng who seduced their little prince and then abandoned him, only then did their little prince have no choice but to confess his grievances to a friend, and as a result it got recorded and uploaded onto the Internet.

“The scumbag refuses to admit to seducing and then abandoning!”

“An old man in his thirties dating a nineteen-year-old boy who just entered college. But after the relationship was exposed he actually shamelessly slandered the nineteen-year-old boy. A certain someone’s fans sure possess good quality. Sure enough, the fans raje after their idol. Hehe!”

Of course, there were also some CP fans who were throwing a carnival. Happily leaving comments everywhere to celebrate. They kept saying that they had long thought that Yan Sheng and Shen Yu were a heavenly matched pair. Now it seemed that reality superseded fan fiction.

One was a double award winning film king who was praised by the domestic entertainment industry and had enviable box office performance; the other was a new traffic star who was riddled with infamy, collapsed image, and bad passers-by impression. The rumor that these two people actually got together also caused a carnival among the domestic gossip media.

All the entertainment media divided into two groups with the passion of earning year-end awards, and rushed to Yan Film and Yan Sheng’s mansion in Beijing, wanting to interview the two on how they view the rumors on the Internet.

But the result was, neither Shen Yu nor Yan Sheng accepted the interviews. The gossip media didn’t care either. While sending people to guard the gates of Yan Film Academy and the gates of the community where Yan Sheng lived, they also sent people to collect stone evidence according to the clues revealed in the recording by Shen Yu. There were even reporters who found the house that Yan Sheng rented for Shen Yu and went to interview the landlord.

There were also some entertainment reporters who focused on the person who uploaded the recording. Everyone originally thought that the person who uploaded the recording must be Shen Yu or Yan Sheng’s opponent, but it turned out that the person who uploaded the recording was actually Shen Yu’s newly hired assistant. And the assistant had now been detained on charges of theft.

Shen Yu hired a person with a history of theft as an assistant, and then this person uploaded Shen Yu’s recording to the Internet? This operation was really too flashy, and the netizens who ate melons were shocked once again.

Yan Sheng’s fans directly deduced that all this was directed and acted by Shen Yu. It was Shen Yu who deliberately broke the news and deliberately smeared Yan Sheng’s name. As for why Shen Yu did this? Some people analyzed that Shen Yu was trying to rub off on Yan Sheng’s popularity and have his name be tied with Yan Sheng’s, or he was trying to deliberately frame Yan Sheng. Because Yan Sheng’s previous relationship scandals were all female celebrities. It was conceivable that Yan Sheng was not gay at all. Since he was not gay, how could he date Shen Yu? Besides, even if Yan Sheng was gay, he wouldn’t have such bad eyesight as to like someone like Shen Yu, right?

Yan Sheng’s fans disliked Shen Yu’s moral conduct very much. It was not so much that they didn’t want to believe that Yan Sheng was gay, but they couldn’t accept Yan Sheng being in a relationship with someone like Shen Yu at all. Of course, even if the object of the scandal with Yan Sheng was a female star, Yan Sheng’s fans would still tear the other apart.

Some extreme fans immediately rushed to Shen Yu’s FlyNews and left comments cursing him out. While saying that Shen Yu was a shameless slut and maliciously smearing Yan Sheng, at the same time accusing Shen Yu of being riddled with black material and was not worthy of Yan Sheng.

Shen Yu, who had been silent for a long time, finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and refuted Yan Sheng’s fans on FlyNews. Crying and saying that he didn’t deliberately discredit Yan Sheng, that they were truly dating.

Some of Yan Film’s students also stood forward, saying that it was through Yan Sheng’s mediation that Shen Yu could enter Yan Film. They also broke the news that Yan Sheng intended to make a TV series to support Shen Yu. It could be regarded as a roundabout confirmation that Yan Sheng and Shen Yu were indeed in a relationship.

As for whether it was dating or playing around, then who knows. But no matter what kind of relationship it was, at present, it seemed that it was not accepted by the fans of the two.

Just at this juncture, a lot of recordings broke out on the Internet. Similar to Shen Yu’s revelations, they all confessed that they were Yan Sheng’s real boyfriend or girlfriend. Saying that Yan Sheng pretended to be a gentleman in front of the media and fans, but he was actually a scumbag. Some people also broke the news in the audio that Yan Sheng was still in a physical relationship with other men and women while dating them. Some people even broke the news that Yan Sheng slept with fans in the name of Yan Sheng’s fans.

Some media reporters followed the clues of these revelations, and were surprised to find that the timeline of those revelations actually matched Yan Sheng’s itinerary. Some media even compared the timelines, and found that the time when some broke the news turned out to be the times when Yan Sheng was dating several other female stars.

It could be considered stone evidence that Yan Sheng was a serial cheater.

This time, the hornet’s nest was truly stabbed, and Yan Sheng’s image of a good man he had worked so hard for many years to maintain immediately crumbled into pieces. Large numbers of fans left, and some fans even turned anti. They never thought that Yan Sheng was actually such a person.

Overnight, Yan Sheng was almost beaten into a street rat. And even till now, Yan Sheng had never come forward to give a proper explanation for the matter.

Many people thought that this was because Yan Sheng had a guilty conscience. Shen Yu’s fans were the most vocal, wandering everywhere on the Internet, dragging passers-by like gossipy old wives and trying to explain that their family’s Shen Yu was wronged. It was the old guy Yan Sheng who bullied their family’s Shen Yu, knowing that their family’s Shen Yu was pure and kind, so he deliberately seduced him. As a result, Yan Sheng was indeed a scumbag who was promiscuous and a serial cheater. Later, Shen Yu’s fans even began to step on Yan Sheng’s deeds. Trying their best to convince netizens that Yan Sheng’s two film king awards were not won fairly. That Yan Sheng’s acting skills were actually not that good at all, and were just blown up by the media.

The first people who couldn’t stand to see this were Yan Sheng’s friends and colleagues in the circle. Especially those old veteran actors in Hong Kong who participated in the filming of “Black and White” together. As well as the actors of the movie “Jianghu”, they all saw with their own eyes how Yan Sheng took care of Shen Yu. And how Shen Yu stuck to Yan Sheng on the set gum.

And from the perspective of the two people’s social behavior, Yan Sheng was humble and liked to help newcomers. He was also a box office guarantee in the eyes of investors and producers, and he was diligent and hardworking when filming, never acting like a diva, and also cooperated very well with the director and other actors. His personal relationships were also well maintained. Even the extras felt that Yan Sheng was a low-key person, and was a rare super star who kept to his words and deeds in front of the camera and outside the camera. Unlike some people, who had one face in front of the media and fans, and another face behind the scenes and don’t even treat the group extras and assistants as human beings.

Shen Yu’s reputation was diametrically opposite. Artists who have worked with him, especially female stars, have a very poor perception of Shen Yu. It wasn’t long before the news that Shen Yu instigated Shen Yan to bully Liang Xiao had been exposed, and all netizens still remembered how Shen Yu bullied others. There were even feminists who have launched various boycotts against Shen Yu, and even the movie “Jianghu” had been implicated.

After a comparison between the two, and recalling the fact that Yan Sheng got embroiled in so many scandals after Shen Yu unilaterally broke the news of their relationship. Anyone with a discerning eye would know that someone must be deliberately smearing Yan Sheng’s reputation. As for whether it was Yan Sheng’s opponent or Shen Yu himself, it was unknown.

However, from the point of view of vested interests, a star who everyone scolded before after breaking the news turned around and became a victim…..

Because of their status, the celebrities who spoke for Yan Sheng did not make irresponsible guesses. They just expressed that the Yan Sheng they know could not be that kind of person at all. Moreover, the so-called revelations on the Internet were just a recording, and the so-called stone evidence were just stories compiled according to Yan Sheng’s itinerary. No pictures, no truth, not even a photoshop photo. Wasn’t this revelation too carelessly made? And as we all know, the itinerary of celebrities was open to the public. The fans know it, their opponents know it, the organizer knows it. The people who don’t know it were actually in the few.

Most ordinary people had a herd mentality. Before, they had been yelling at Yan Sheng along the rhythm being led on the Internet, but now after hearing so many celebrities speak for Yan Sheng, they became much more rational and started to discuss whether someone was deliberately smearing Yan Sheng in this matter.

Yan Sheng’s die-hard fans were suppressed by online entertainment and couldn’t raise their heads for a while. They had watched Yan Sheng’s fans leaving in large numbers, but they couldn’t change anything. At this moment, public opinion was finally a little different. Whether it was the truth or not, these fans immediately aimed their guns at Shen Yu, and with a unified approach, forcibly claimed that these revelations must be true.

Shen Yu had deliberately smeared Yan Sheng.

As for why it was not Yan Sheng being intentionally smeared by his opponents while the waters were murky, mainly because Yan Sheng’s diehard fans know that the gmfans of Yan Sheng’s opponents were many. It was hard to beat the four fists with two fists after all.

Therefore, Shen Yu, who was the easier target, was scolded miserably on the Internet. There were even Yan Sheng’s extreme fans who wanted to rush into the school to give Shen Yu a good lesson. Fortunately, this was stopped in time by Yan Sheng’s management team.

Of course, Shen Yu couldn’t take the blame for something he didn’t do. He tearfully explained that he didn’t deliberately frame Yan Sheng, and he didn’t know where the leaks on the Internet came from. Some netizens and media reporters asked Shen Yu about the fact that Shen Yu’s assistant took the initiative to break the news online.

Facing everyone’s questioning, Shen Yu’s brain was already tied up in knots and tangles, and his mind was completely blank. He could only subconsciously defend: “That Cao Miao and Tao Mu are from the same orphanage…..”

After learning that the assistant Cao Miao uploaded the recording and was detained for theft, the media reporters did not investigate the assistant further. Instead, the focus was on Yan Sheng and Shen Yu. But now, Shen Yu actually broke the news that this assistant and Tao Mu came from an orphanage.

Netizens were thrown into an uproar again. Shen Yu’s fans who were beaten down and powerless to fight back also seemed to have caught a life-saving rope, and immediately rushed to Tao Mu’s FlyNews to denounce Tao Mu’s viciousness.

Some media reporters followed Cao Miao’s line to investigate, and were surprised to find that when the recording was uploaded, Cao Miao had already been detained. In other words, the recording uploaded on was not actually uploaded by Cao Miao himself. Connecting this to the fact that was Tao Mu’s website, the imagination of netizens came into play again.

Tao Mu had already asked his Yao Dad to investigate the whole thing as soon as he saw the news on the Internet.’s PR team was also prepared for what to do if Shen Yu splashed this basin of dirty water on his head.

However, before’s public relations team came out to make a statement, Yan Sheng, who had been silent, came forward.

Yan Sheng held a press conference. At the press conference, Yan Sheng personally admitted the fact that he was dating Shen Yu. In addition, Yan Sheng even admitted that the recordings and articles that smeared him were made by himself and had nothing to do with others. It had nothing to do with Shen Yu, let alone Tao Mu.

He even declared at the press conference: “Dating is a matter involving just the two of us. I hope that everyone will not spread the issue to others or involve innocent people. In fact, we already know Cao Miao’s background in the beginning. As I am in a relationship with Shen Yu, I couldn’t let a stranger who we don’t know anything about become Shen Yu’s assistant. So when I found out that Cao Miao had a history of theft, I took the initiative to call the police.”

“Cao Miao sold the recording to a gossip magazine at a price of 100,000 yuan. It was dealt with by my management team. After Cao Miao was detained, in order to retaliate against me, he bribed his inmate to log in to his FlyNews during his detention and then uploaded that recording to the Internet. This matter only involves me, Shen Yu and that assistant, the three of us. It has nothing to do with outsiders.”

It had to be said that “Celebrity Gossip”, which was completely silent during the whole process of breaking the news, was indeed a business partner with very professional ethics and business ethics. After receiving the 10 million hush fee, “Celebrity Gossip” really handed over the complete recording to Zeng Yiheng, and even after the recording was exposed again, “Celebrity Gossip” did not throw stones down the well. However, follow-up reports were still made. After all, “Celebrity Gossip” was also an entertainment media, so it was impossible not to follow such an explosive scoop.

Now that Yan Sheng took the initiative to expose this part, instantly some reporters got excited.

“Mr. Yan, you mean that you have investigated Shen Yu’s assistant, so have you told Shen Yu the results of the investigation?”

Yan Sheng replied, “Yes.”

“In other words, when Shen Yu knew that his assistant had a history of theft and his character was unreliable, he still found his assistant to confess his grievances. Then he was recorded by the assistant, who first sold it to magazines, and later posted it online?”

Yan Sheng replied, “Yes.”

The reporters in the audience were even more excited: “That is to say, Shen Yu is subjectively intentional, and wants to reveal the news that you are together?”

Yan Sheng was silent for a moment, then said, “This matter is my fault too. When two people are dating, there is no need to hide it. However, because of my concerns about my image and career development, I have been hiding it from the outside world. I admit, this is very irresponsible of me. My fault is the biggest for letting things develop to this point. Shen Yu is only a nineteen-year-old child and he couldn’t have thought of that much. I can understand all of his thoughts.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Here, I want to apologize to everyone. Because of the two of us, so many netizens have seen so many bad things. It also made my friends, fans, and people who care about me sad and worried about me. It’s me who didn’t consider things through.”

“Here, I would like to thank my friends and fans who have always believed in me. Thank you for your support. In the coming days, if possible, I will continue to dedicate more wonderful film works to repay everyone.”

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    Really, can SY own up to his own responsibility for once? Not run around pass the buck to someone else and forcing them to fix his problem for him.

    The way I see it, the reason SY fail in relationships(be it romantic, friendship, family etc.) is because SY is so self-entitled he believe that when establish relationship, other party is under obligation to wait on his hand and foot while his only role in the relationship is to take and take and never give. He will only remember you when you can gain him benefit and will forget you in a second after he finish using you.

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