After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 213 Yan Sheng Goes Abroad

Yan Sheng’s press conference was like a stone that stirred up a thousand waves, and all the media and the melon-eating crowd instantly exploded.

The ones who jumped up and down first were still Shen Yu’s fans. Just because their idol was young, simple, easy to trust others, and accidentally exposed his relationship, he was scolded by the whole Internet, and was also hanged and beaten by Yan Sheng’s fans.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Don’t even mention that it was just two celebrities announcing their dating status, even if two celebrities have been married and have children and have lived together for several years, there were still times when the fans of both still didn’t like each other. Not to mention that Shen Yu only announced his relationship unilaterally before, and the channel for announcing his relationship was not very formal. So much so that he was ridiculed by the whole Internet for throwing himself at another man, and Yan Sheng’s fans scolded him for deliberately smearing Yan Sheng’s name. He was even deliberately misinterpreted by the media as having bad intentions.

But their little prince was only a nineteen-year-old child, how could he have such manipulative scheming? Shen Yu’s fans felt extremely sorry for their little prince, and they could only post comments over and over again to argue that their Yu Yu was not that kind of person at all, there must be trolls out there who want to harm him. Regrettably, this yielded little success.

But at this time, Yan Sheng held a press conference to take all the responsibility on himself. Shen Yu’s fans, who were anxious like ants on a hot pot, finally found a breakthrough. They hurriedly pushed all the blame onto Yan Sheng, and said with conviction that Yan Sheng, a scheming old man, was really scary indeed, one one hand while seducing their innocent and pure little prince, and on the other hand smearing himself and framing Shen Yu all over the Internet. Moreover, he was also a scumbag who was promiscuous and was not at all worthy of their Yu Yu. After all, Yan Sheng was just an ordinary actor. Even if he won the best actor award twice, he was still an actor. Just like a donkey was still a donkey when led to the capital, and a sparrow would never become a phoenix. An entertainer was always an entertainer. Don’t look at how many wealthy young masters who often kept female stars, but there were definitely very few female stars who could really marry into a wealthy family. And after marrying into a wealthy family, there were even fewer female stars who could be accepted by their in-laws. But their Shen Yu was different. As we all know, Shen Yu was the Shen family’s most beloved…..adopted son.

Therefore, Yan Sheng deliberately did so many things without the knowledge of their family’s Shen Yu, it was all for the sake of being with Shen Yu justifiably. Even if he held a press conference to clarify the facts, and pretended to be affectionate and doting, the purpose was just to make Shen Yu owe him, and then let the Shen family accept him as a son-in-law. In the fantasies of Shen Yu’s fans, even the fact that Shen Yu clearly being aware that the assistant surnamed Cao was not good yet he still complained about Yan Sheng to the assistant, resulting in that assistant taking the recording and selling it to gossip magazines, and later uploading the recording to the Internet, causing the exposure of the two’s love affair had become part of Yan Sheng’s far-sighted scheming and calculations.

Shen Yu’s fans reached the climax on their own, and felt that although Yan Sheng was an old man with no great prospects, and manipulatively clinging to their pure and kind little prince, trying his best to marry into a wealthy family. But seeing that Yan Sheng was an old man who could still be a man and stand up for their little prince, these mother fans reluctantly agreed that Yan Sheng had the qualifications to pursue Shen Yu.

The arrogant attitude of Shen Yu’s fans on the Internet immediately angered Yan Sheng’s fans.

“Our Yan Sheng is an old man? A worthless entertainer? Deliberately smearing himself just to slander Shen Yu and then marry into a wealthy family? How hilarious. Not to mention how many years have passed since the Qing Dynasty had ended, there are still people who put on such a disgusting slave-like ingratiating face, kneeling down and licking the rich and powerful. But even if it was a rich and powerful family. Have a certain person’s fans forgot what your idol is like? Actually saying something like the most beloved adopted son of the Shen family. Actually shamelessly sticking gold on your face, don’t make me laugh. What’s so noble about a fake that had occupied the nest for 19 years? He has already been kicked out of the Shen family yet you have the nerve to praise his noble pedigree? Do you think this is buying a pet and buyers look at pedigree?”

“You keep saying that an entertainer is low-class. Since you think that the profession of an actor is not good, why is your fake little prince rushing to be an actor? No, your fake little prince is not worthy of being called an actor at all. How could he have the professional quality of an actor? His lines speaking ability is lacking, his acting is not good, and he even insists on using stand-ins for wire scenes and water diving scenes. Such unprofessionality, at most he is just a little star who sells his face.”

“Upstairs, you are not completely correct. Shen Yu is not a little star who sells his face. The fact that he could get to where he is today by attracting publicity and being riddled with black material. It’s clearly because of his lack of face!”

“Upstairs put it very nicely. Celebrities become famous by selling their faces, but Shen Yu’s fame relies on being shameless.”

“And Yan Sheng is not a little entertainer with no identity or background. Shen Yu’s fans probably have selective amnesia, forgetting that Yan Sheng is a member of the Yan family in Beijing. Just because the Yan family has always been low-key and works in the military and politics, they think that the Yan family are just ordinary people, right? If you really talk about family status, I’m afraid that a mere businessman like the Shen family can’t even enter the Yan family’s door. It’s funny that Shen Yu, a fake, is actually self-proclaiming himself to be of noble birth in front of Yan Sheng, the real third generation of an affluent family. As expected, the fans of Shen Yu are just like their idol, they simply don’t have any self-awareness in their hearts.”

“Actually, I wanted to say it before. Don’t you think it’s strange for those FlyNews accounts who came out and broke the news in waves that they are Yan Sheng’s real girlfriend? The people in our friend group went to the trouble of clicking in one by one to investigate. We found that some of them are actually side accounts that have just been established, but the IPs of those side accounts are quite similar, they look like water army accounts, and some FlyNews accounts look like main accounts, which seem to have nothing to do with Shen Yu. But after scrolling through the posting history we found that there is a lot of information regarding m Shen Yu…..”

As soon as this comment appeared, it was like a drop of cold water falling into the hot oil pan, and the already very hot and anxious situation suddenly pushed to another climax. Fans of Yan Sheng who were deeply inspired and netizens who eat melons who had nothing to do, immediately followed the truth revealed by the netizen and went to those FlyNews accounts which broke the news. Personally confirming what the netizen said was true.

Since then, some Yan Sheng’s fans or media reporters began to successively send out some snapshot photos, which clearly show some of Yan Sheng’s current situation when he was filming and attending gigs in the past few years. Even more frightening was that according to analysis of these snapshots, one could know that the so-called “I am Yan Sheng’s real boyfriend/girlfriend” or “Yan Sheng cheated while dating other female stars” which only broke the news with words and no pictures were actually untenable. Because according to Yan Sheng’s current situation at the time, there was simply no time to go out and fool around.

One of the most explosive discoveries involved that FlyNews side account, who claimed to be a fan of Yan Sheng and broke the news that Yan Sheng was sleeping with fans, and was finally dug up by a reporter to be a fan of Shen Yu. This time everything came to light. All kinds of signs could be summed up, it turned out that it was really Shen Yu’s fans who were smearing Yan Sheng.

Some netizens who ate melons from the beginning to the end also felt that they have seen the truth: “Didn’t I just say it! I always felt that there was something wrong with Yan Sheng’s statement. How could there be such a stupid person? Besides, Yan Sheng cherishes his reputation so much. A person who pays so much attention to his own image, and had not had any scandals after debuting for so many years, who is even a gentleman who could still be friends after breaking up with his rumored girlfriend, how could he splash dirty water and slander himself for being a promiscuous serial cheater?”

“Rather than say that Yan Sheng poured dirty water on himself to slander himself, it is better to say that a certain someone was worried that Yan Sheng’s reputation was too good. Once the relationship between the two is announced, it would be boycotted by all netizens, and even the Yan family. So, he couldn’t wait to smear Yan Sheng, so that the two of them would be on the same level, and others could only say what kind of pot goes with what kind of lid, and would not easily object to their relationship, right?”

“A second thought incurs profound fear. Now I really am suspicious that Yan Sheng was really bewitched by a certain someone. Otherwise, how could he even agree to such a thing?”

“I feel that Yan Sheng is really a good person. I’m not his fan, I’m just a passer-by with a good impression. I remember when the little star I am a fan of first made his debut and filmed with Yan Sheng. Yan Sheng took special care of him, not only teaching my little star how to move in front of the camera, and when they recorded a variety show together, he especially supported our family’s idol. So I think Yan Sheng is a good person.”

“Then what do you guys think, did Shen Yu discuss it with Yan Sheng before exposing the news of their relationship? Or did Shen Yu make his own decisions and Yan Sheng helped him take the blame?”

“How could it have been discussed in advance? Didn’t you listen to what Yan Sheng said at the press conference? He was completely disdainful of that assistant. After finding someone to investigate the assistant’s history of theft, he asked Shen Yu to resign him. Shen Yu quarreled with Yan Sheng and did not agree, and later complained to the assistant about Yan Sheng. The assistant took the opportunity to record the recording and sold it to the gossip magazine. Later, after being detained, he bribed an inmate who was released from prison to break the news online?”

“Compared to this, I doubt that Yan Sheng is really gay? Yan Sheng had been in a relationship a few times before, and the rumored lovers were all female stars? I never noticed that he swung for the other team as well. So why does he look like he is possessed when it comes to Shen Yu? Looking so devoted and in love with him, to the point of taking the blame for him? Could it be that Shen Yu gave Yan Sheng some kind of love potion or put him under a love spell? Like the kind played on TV?”

“I’m just curious about one thing now. The relationship between Yan Sheng and Shen Yu has been exposed to such a degree that Shen Yu has implicated Yan Sheng so badly, and made Yan Sheng look like he was possessed. Would the Yan family even agree with them being together?”

Of course the Yan family could not agree.

Don’t mention that Shen Yu was just an adopted son of the Shen family of unknown origin, and the status of the two did not match. As far as the family principles of the Yan family was concerned, Yan Sheng was not allowed to date such an artist who was riddled with black material and had corrupt moral qualities.

It was the Yan family’s tolerance limit to allow Yan Sheng to join the entertainment industry back then. Fortunately, Yan Sheng did not disappoint, and won the best actor award with his debut work. After so many years, his reputation in the circle was also very good. So the Yan family turned a blind eye to Yan Sheng’s career.

But now Yan Sheng was actually making such a fuss over a man, and even caused the Yan family to have fingers pointed at them and a topic of after meal gossip. This was simply humiliation for the Yan family, who were full of soldiers and politicians. Not to mention some time before, when Shen Yu’s fans were fighting with Yan Sheng’s fans, they even took out the copper-smelling Shen family to compare with the Yan family.

Old grudges add to new grievances, and the Yan family, who originally did not agree with Yan Sheng being an actor, immediately exploded. Yan Sheng’s parents directly found Yan Sheng’s place in Beijing, and took Yan Sheng back to the old family manor. In less than three days, they sent Yan Sheng to the US——euphemistically put, he was to go abroad for further studies.

Yan Sheng’s father also reasonably claimed that since Yan Sheng liked being an actor, then he should go to the University of Southern California for further study, at least get a master’s degree before coming back. If possible, he could also try to develop his career in Hollywood by the way, and if he could make a name for himself, it could be regarded as winning glory for the country.

One of the parties in the center of the gossip whirlpool was kicked out of the country by the Yan family. The photo of Yan Sheng being escorted directly onto the plane by several bodyguards was taken by gossip reporters who were squatting at the airport waiting for materials. It was not until Yan Sheng got on the plane that Zeng Yiheng, Yan Sheng’s agent, hurriedly stood forward and issued a statement in the name of Yan Sheng’s studio, saying that Yan Sheng was going to study abroad, and he looked forward to dedicating more exciting film works in the future.

And the Qing Dynasty historical drama that was still in the preparatory stage issued a statement that since the drama had no male leading actor it was to be temporarily suspended. Fortunately, the management team of Zeng Yiheng and Yan Sheng were not irresponsible people. Although Yan Sheng could no longer be the male leading actor, Zeng Yiheng told investors and Yan Film that they would definitely help everyone find a new male leading actor. At the same time, he also actively contacted domestic A-list actors who have a free schedule and also graduated from Yan Film.

When these actors received the invitation, their first reaction was to ask the crew to kick Shen Yu out. The lessons from the past were still in front of them, even a top star like Yan Sheng couldn’t remain immune from the bad luck brought by Shen Yu, let alone those who were not as famous as Yan Sheng.

The people in the entertainment industry were somewhat superstitious, and they could not help but feel that there was something wrong with Shen Yu, so it was best to stay away.

On Yan Film’s side, the reason why they were able to accept Shen Yu into Yan Film to study was entirely out of favor to Yan Sheng, and of course the library donated by the Shen family. But Shen Yu had just entered the school for less than two months, and he had already stirred up so much chaos. The impact was really bad. Even the students and teachers in the school began to criticize and express their dissatisfaction. They felt that Shen Yu was a piece of mouse feces that ruined the whole pot of porridge, that such a lacking person ruined the reputation of the whole Yan Film Academy.

As a result, the students and actors who came out of Yan Film were put on the passive, and they often had to endure the ridicule of other actors and film academy students in the circle towards their own alma mater——and this was especially the case with Yan Film’s old opponent, Beijing Film.

Yan Film couldn’t immediately expel Shen Yu because they at least had some shame. But it did carry out a disciplinary action of putting him on school probation. This was the conclusion that the school came to together after the staff meeting. They believed that Shen Yu must be taught a profound lesson, so that he would understand that students should focus on studying instead. Don’t always come up with some nonsense just for hype and popularity. How dare he even negatively affect Yan Film’s precious student.

On the other side, the innocent and negatively affected Yan family also felt their tempers unable to cool. In order to quell the turmoil, the Yan family sent Yan Sheng abroad for further study as quickly as possible. But this did not mean that the Yan family could let go of the culprit, Shen Yu.

But as many netizens have said, Shen Yu was only nineteen years old this year, so he was barely an adult. Even if the Yan family was angry, they wouldn’t quibble with a nineteen-year-old child. Besides, Yan Sheng was sent abroad now, and all the media reporters had turned their attention to Shen Yu. If the Yan family targeted Shen Yu at this time, it would attract the attention of the outside world. Therefore, Shen Yu must not be touched. But this anger must be vented——otherwise they would be suffocated to death holding it in.

Everyone in the Yan family was infuriated, and in the end they could only focus on the Shen Group. There was an old saying in China called “the fault of not raising the child right is on the parent”. The Shen family was able to raise such an adopted son who was greedy, selfish, did not understand the overall situation and did not possess any sense of responsibility. It could be seen that his family education was not very good. The Yan family couldn’t quibble with a child who had no brains, but they could seek justice with his parents.

No matter how well-connected the Shen Group was in Shanghai, it was just a private enterprise. With the background of the Yan family, especially old Mr. Yan’s connections. If he wanted to make things difficult for a private enterprise, he didn’t even have to waste much effort. He didn’t even need to make the request on his own; all he needed to do was urge all localities to strictly control the qualifications of private companies, especially regarding processes such as land bidding for real estate, construction qualifications, and loan review. All of this was enough for the Shen Group to suffer.

So overnight, the Shen family father and son were stunned to find that no matter what the company did, everything began to not go smoothly. Shanghai, their base camp, was fine, but outside Shanghai, especially in the provinces and cities where Beijing and the Yan family have a relatively large voice, no matter which process they were always being reviewed. There were often higher-level departments visiting even the construction site, coming down to check safety operations, etc., as well as fire inspections in shopping malls, sanitation management and food safety in hotels…..All in all, none of the businesses under the Shen Group went smoothly.

The most serious thing was, of course, that the loans from banks could not be approved.

The father and son of the Shen family knew very well that this was because the matter of Shen Yu angered the Yan family. So they must hurry and try to get the Yan family’s forgiveness.

For the first time in their lives, the father and son of the Shen family also felt that Shen Yu was really too unthoughtful. Eating the Shen family’s and using the Shen family’s, yet not thinking about how to repay the Shen family, and using Shen Yan as a gun everywhere, not to mention, now his actions actually affected the business of the Shen family.

As punishment, Shen Chen once again cut off Shen Yu’s living expenses.

Shen Yu didn’t expect things to develop like this at all. And was instantly dumbfounded.

He didn’t know why it became like this. He just accidentally revealed his relationship with Yan Sheng to his assistant. He didn’t know that Cao Miao would go so far as to actually record and expose the news. Should this be blamed on him too? And the smearing and slandering that Yan Sheng encountered were not done by him at all. Why did everyone scold him? So what if his relationship with Yan Sheng was exposed? Could it be that he, Shen Yu, was so shameful that he had to be kept a secret, and even the fact that he was dating must be kept hidden?

Now that Yan Sheng had gone abroad, he didn’t even meet with him before he left. He was also kicked out of the crew by Yan Sheng’s agent, and his school also issued him a major demerit punishment, and his father and brother were also resentful of him. Even cutting off his living expenses. Shen Yu didn’t know why it became like this.

He sobbed as he called Yan Sheng’s phone, but Yan Sheng didn’t answer the phone at all. He called Zeng Yiheng, but Zeng Yiheng, who had been annoyed with him for a long time, of course refused to help him find Yan Sheng. Yan Sheng was kicked out of the country by the Yan family with a forceful attitude, leaving such a mess behind, all of which Zeng Yiheng and the management team had to deal with in the aftermath. Zeng Yiheng now had to contact the media to clean up Yan Sheng’s public relations, and he had to contact Yan Sheng’s fans to think about how to maintain those fans. He was also busy with finding a male leading actor for the crew and making preparations for the start of filming. He was so busy that even sleeping, eating and going to the toilet had become luxuries. Where was there any energy left to deal with the culprit Shen Yu?

Shen Yu couldn’t get through to Zeng Yiheng’s phone, and even his roommates threw stones at him. They were disdainful of how Shen Yu was always crying in the dorm room, and drove Shen Yu out of the dorm room in the middle of the night, forcing him to go outside to cry.

Shen Yu could only cry all the way out of the school, but did not know where to go. There wasn’t even a reporter at the gate.

Shen Yu squatted at the gate of the school full of grievances, buried his head in his arms and cried bitterly. As he was crying, he heard someone chuckling over his head: “Yo, why are you crying like this?”

Shen Yu’s eyes were red and swollen, he raised his head with tears in his eyes, and sniffed in surprise, “Third brother Lin?”

Third young master Lin looked down condescendingly at the pitiful little thing who ran out to the school gates to cry non-stop, and hooked up the corners of his mouth in interest: “No one cares about you?”

Shen Yu complained aggrievedly: “They kicked me out.”

“That’s really cruel of them.” Lin Rong’an tilted his head. It must be said that no matter how bad Shen Yu’s character and moral conduct was, his looks were still really good. Under the moonlight, the crying appearance of the delicate and slender, beautiful young man, made him look as if he was being shrouded in a layer of soft light. Seeing this, Lin Rong’an’s interest was greatly increased, and he invited meaningfully: “Since you have nowhere to go. Why don’t you go out and play with me?”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Yu took a breath and asked suspiciously, “Go where?”

The corners of Lin Rong’an mouth curved upwards playfully: “Of course it’s… the most fun place.”

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  1. Thanks for the chapter. Na that was crazy. I didn’t think they would just ship him out like that. Shen yu has to learn at some point in this story to bear responsibility for some things. This all started because he couldn’t shut his mouth and believed someone he had already been warned about. If he could just reason a little he would look for a place to sit down and let this blow over and stop acting like a fire has been lit under his ass but no he must go and cause trouble somewhere.

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  2. Annddd the stupid little cabbage rolls over on to another pig… *sigh*

    At this point I’m seriously sad for him. And thinks this plot halo is not so much as an armour for SY but rather a sort of mental handicap, something that constant hamstrung his thinking faculties…

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  3. Since there’s already comments calling SY out on his problematic behaviour. And it is so accurately, I have nothing to add more. So I will focus on calling out SC and his father instead.

    Back then when SC came back from summer camp and, without an influence from SY’s protagonist halo, he was able to see clearly that SY’s core attitude was very illogical and even harmful. But since the one getting harmed are not them, instead of correct SY’s attitude, SC and father choose to not doing anything and let SY be, because it make SY’s halo more effective that way. Do they really thought that things will always go their way? As business men, they should know better than everyone else that even with meticulous plan, there is still no guarantee that the project will be 100% successful without any unexpected events. So don’t even talk about something they can’t even perceived nor controlled like a protagonist halo.

    I know it is nearly impossible to persuade self-centered person to change themselves and be concerned about other people more. Because self-centered person really don’t want to endure hardship of taking responsibility for one’s own action, therefore they will refuse to change their attitude. And when one does not want to change themself, no matter how much efforts others put in to help correct them will only end up being in vain. But Shen father-son duo can still work around it though. Although their can’t change SY’s nature, at least they can be more stern when SY went to far. With this, even if he still unable to be less self-absorbed and be more considerated to others, at least SY will learn to be seriously worried of falling out of favor with Shen family and lose all his own benefits therefore doesn’t dare to go around using his self-absorbed attitude to stir up trouble so casually. (I know the motivation is still very messed up. But for the sake of his victims being saved from even a few traumatic events, it’s better this or nothing at all. T-T) Unfortunately, between saving other people form trauma and their own profits, we all know what this trash father-son duo will choose. So, here we are.

    All in all, this mess can be considered as Shen father-son duo’s retribution. Now taste what all the victims had to go through. Karma is a b*tch and I’m proud of her.

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