After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 215 Army Conscription Promotion Drama

Zhou Shenxing also knew that received the ban notice. When the order arrived at the headquarters in written form, all the employees of applauded, the scene exploding in excitement.

After all, everyone remembered how that surnamed Shen hatefully tried to pull their family’s CEO Tao into the water in various ways on various occasions. A fake second-generation waste material who couldn’t act, couldn’t start a business from scratch, couldn’t do anything, and always wanted to rub off on their CEO Tao to gain popularity. It was just like having a caterpillar falling on you. Well now everything was all good, the motherland’s mother strikes with an iron fist, and daddy SARFT directly banned him from the public eye. Just say ban you, and you are banned, without even giving you a chance to cry out.

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Zhou Shenxing also felt very relieved. He himself was a man who handaggled over every cent and never forgot to take revenge on every grudge. The most important thing was that he had a great sense of professional ethics and professional honor. Shen Yu repeatedly tried to drag Tao Mu into the water to make Tao Mu carry the pot, which also affected’s positive image. This kind of behavior clearly showed that he did not take Lawyer Zhou seriously. Indirectly, the reputation of Mr. Lawyer Zhou in the industry had been affected. If Zhou Shenxing was not already officially hired by as the chief legal advisor, he was afraid that it would have directly affected the income of Mr. Lawyer Zhou.

For Lawyer Zhou, who aimed to make a lot of money as his life goal, this was simply a deep hatred. Therefore, after unilaterally declaring Shen Yu as the mortal enemy, Lawyer Zhou began to collect relevant evidence that Shen Yu smeared Tao Mu and caused huge economic losses to

The idea to send a lawyer letter to Shen Yu this time was also made by Zhou Shenxing in the name of’s chief legal advisor and pushed forward with all his strength.

“I asked someone to investigate Shen Yu’s economic situation. I found that he actually has no assets to his name. There are only less than 100,000 yuan left in his bank account. Therefore, if we only sue Shen Yu, I’m afraid we won’t get much compensation. It’s also not my intention to put Shen Yu in jail either.”

After all, Lawyer Zhou only loves money. Apart from money, he had no deep hatred for Shen Yu. Furthermore, considering the reputation and image of, Lawyer Zhou couldn’t really send him to prison. Although Shen Yu’s fans often provoked hatred. But sending a nineteen-year-old child who neither killed nor committed arsonry to prison, but was just too stupid that he could not communicate with others, was not Lawyer Zhou’s behavior either.

After all, being idiotic was not a crime.

“So it would be best to have the Shen Group come forward to pay for Shen Yu.” But this specific operation was a bit troublesome, and Lawyer Zhou still had to think about it carefully.

“…..I saw in the entertainment industry, there are a lot of fans who have crowdfunded concerts for celebrities and paid liquidated damages for their idols. It would be great if Shen Yu’s fans could stand forward and help Shen Yu raise the compensation money.” Mr. Lawyer Zhou suddenly had a whimsical thought, which was actually quite fresh.

Tao Mu chuckled and said, “Leaving this matter to you, I can rest assured. It’s for another matter that I came looking for you.”

Tao Mu was talking about the fact that a group of students from Beijing Film wanted to sign their brokerage contract to Tao Mu’s film and television company. In fact, as early as half a year ago, Wen Bao had already mentioned it at a class reunion. But at the time, everyone didn’t take it seriously. But with Tao Mu’s successive investments in “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” and “Fashion Storm”, these two TV dramas, which were not of the same genre at all, but both broke the viewing records of each time period respectively after they were broadcast, and even caused widespread influence in the society. The most important point was that whether it was the veteran actors who participated in “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” or the debut newcomers who participated in “Fashion Storm”, they have all become household stars after the TV series started.

In particular, Mr. Zhan Bin, who participated in the leading role of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, was now regarded as an idol by the entire public, from 70-year-old grandpas and grannies to 12-year-old tween boys and girls. His national popularity had risen to a level that was higher than that of the most popular idol stars nowadays. A few days ago, “Military News” and “China Daily” also mentioned the TV series “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” in the theme column of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. They felt that this TV series truly reflected the cruel and bloody history of the Second Sino-Japanese War. And Mr. Zhan Bin perfectly played the image of a revolutionary veteran of our party. His character got rid of the perfect hero stereotype, and let a real, flesh-and-blood general of the Second Sino-Japanese War appear in front of all audiences with a brand new look. Positively affirming the excellent production of this “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” drama.

And also in the report, the students of Beijing Film who played minor roles were briefly mentioned. They felt that they were the example of outstanding students cultivated by Beijing Film Academy. Students who study hard, pay attention to practice, and put more energy on the film work itself. Instead of attracting people’s attention through various hype and grandstanding. Whether actors or stars, they must seek truth from facts, speak with their works, and bring positive guidance to the majority of netizens and audiences.

Although the essence of the quotation in this part was to complain, that the majority of people who eat melon couldn’t focus on more positive publicity activities, but were attracted by those gossip and scandals, this kind of ideological level was really a bit low. But for the Beijing Film students, the fact that their performances could be positively exemplified by newspapers such as “Military News” and “China Daily” was something to celebrate in itself. Even the Beijing Film Academy felt honored.

All in all, Beijing Film’s students also saw Tao Mu’s ability in film and television production with their own eyes. Not only could he produce high-quality critically acclaimed TV dramas, but he could also take into account the viewership ratings. The most important thing was that while taking into account the ratings, he could also increase the popularity of the actors and stars. And could even have the official departments recognize them.

Considering that Tao Mu’s film and television company was backed by and Xiaoheng Capital, and its publicity channels and capital strength were very strong, the students of Beijing Film couldn’t think of any other film and television company or talent company in the industry that could compete with Tao Mu’s.

So before it was just a topic of chatting at the dinner table, but now it was worth serious consideration. It was just that those classmates didn’t know Tao Mu very well. They silently rejected Tao Mu before, but now they were too embarrassed to take the initiative. They could only secretly find the three roommates who had a good relationship with Tao Mu, and wanted to ask them to help them connect with Tao Mu.

Wen Bao had long planned to sign with Tao Mu’s company. He himself admired Tao Mu’s acting skills, and he was also relatively clear about his own career path. He just wanted to be an actor, not a star. So after participating in the crew of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, Wen Bao made up his mind and signed the brokerage contract directly. This decision had also been recognized and approved by the entire Wen family. After all, with the relationship between the Wen family and old Mr. Song, Wen Bao signing with Tao Mu’s film and television company put them more at ease.

Similar to Wen Bao’s thinking, Du Kang also signed the contract directly. Du Kang’s personality determined that he was not the kind of person who had a particularly strong career plan. He belonged to the type that lived day by day and walked step by step. Otherwise, in the previous life, he would not have gone from an actor to a comedian and finally took the road of director behind the scenes. However, with Tao Mu watching out for him in this life, Du Kang’s career path would obviously be smoother than in his previous life.

Compared with these two roommates, Chu Sui’an originally had other arrangements. But seeing that his three roommates were all in the same film and television company, he didn’t want to toss about and go through the trouble. Chu Sui’an thought it through very well, in any case, with Tao Mu’s capital and connections, even if the company didn’t make any more dramas, Tao Mu could still introduce them to other crews. And he could also rest assured about signing with Tao Mu’s company. At least none of those unpleasant things that usually occurred in the industry would happen. Even if they didn’t want to participate in the wine and dinner parties, with Tao Mu in front of them, they could refuse without any worries.

Chu Sui’an was quite mischievous in front of his friends, but he was actually very introverted outside. He really hated the sociable atmosphere where all kinds of strangers got together and touted each other. Now that he signed with Tao Mu’s film and television company, from the boss to his colleagues, the working atmosphere was very comfortable indeed. It was estimated that he would not be like in the previous life, actually developing social phobia in the end.

As for the other classmates’ thinking, the three roommates also called Tao Mu to tell him. Tao Mu was busy with other things before and forgot about the whole thing. This time, when Luo Xi mentioned the celebration of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, only then did Tao Mu remember it. So he called Mr. Lawyer Zhou and asked about the brokerage contract——due to different closeness, and different potentials, Tao Mu obviously couldn’t sign the same contract he signed with Wen Bao and the others with the other classmates as well.

On this point, Tao Mu was particularly able to distinguish between insiders and outsiders. That was why sometimes even his Xiao Qi Dad laughed at Tao Mu, who was really not suitable for company management and was too nepotist. All those he could trust were his own family. In this case, it was really difficult for a newcomer to come forward. He also suggested that Tao Mu could adopt the professional manager system.

Tao Mu also knew that he had this problem, but he had experienced betrayal in his last life. Even the best company system needed people to manage it. Tao Mu didn’t want to work hard outside, only for someone to trip him up in the inner courtyard. So he would rather hand over the company to his own people than to an outsider he didn’t trust.

Fortunately, the family Tao Mu could trust were each worth ten talented people. Even Zhou Shenxing, who looked unreliable, used to specialize in economic law, company law, and commercial lawsuits. But after joining, he also conquered the brokerage contract in time. Not only was he able to make more money, he also became more valued by Tao Mu.

Zhou Shenxing originally thought that Tao Mu called him to talk about Shen Yu, but Tao Mu didn’t mention him at all, and instead talked about a lot of matters related to brokerage contracts.

After hanging up the phone, the stingy Lawyer Zhou couldn’t help but sigh that CEO Tao deserved to be CEO Tao, no wonder he was able to create such a big family business at the age of nineteen. Look how open-minded he was, not even bothering to pay attention to those little fleas and caterpillars. Unlike him, who would feel uncomfortable all over unless he took revenge after suffering a loss.

As Lawyer Zhou sighed with emotion, he went to serve himself another large plate of shrimp.

The next morning, Tao Mu went to see old Mr. Luo with a basket of flowers and fruits.

Old Mr. Luo had just finished the operation. Although he was lying on the hospital bed, he looked very healthy. He also spoke with great enthusiasm. He shook Tao Mu’s hand and praised Tao Mu, saying that the TV series “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” was too well made.

“Two episodes a day is too slow. I am completely hooked that I can’t sleep at night. I heard Luo Xi say that you have the complete drama episode in your hand. Is it possible that I can get a copy?”

Tao Mu said: “Of course this is no problem.”

Without Tao Mu’s instructions, old Mr. Luo said directly: “Don’t worry. I’ll only watch it myself. I definitely won’t leak the TV series. Those old fellas are also anxious to see what happens next, wanting to contact you but aren’t able to…..”

Tao Mu didn’t know who the old fellas that old Mr. Luo mentioned, but before he could ask, he heard old Mr. Luo ask: “By the way, do you know how to make military movies? Not like “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”, but something more advanced, a TV series that depicts special forces?”

Tao Mu: “?”

Old Mr. Luo looked at Tao Mu’s confused expression and said with a smile: “I’ll speak directly. They’re all my old comrades in arms. Hasn’t the conscription period just ended. The quality of the recruits are not so satisfactory. In fact, in the past two years, the effect of army conscription has not been very good. Today’s young people are not willing to join the army, they all like to go to college. In fact, we also like to have college students as soldiers. But few college students want to be in the army!”

Old Mr. Luo came from the army, and even if he later retired from the army and changed his career, he still had contact with his former comrades in arms. This time, old Mr. Luo fell ill and was hospitalized, and those old comrades in arms came to see him. When chatting, they brought up the army conscription. Among them, an old comrade-in-arms mentioned that the drama “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” was filmed very well, which made people feel particularly empathetic and wanted nothing more than to go back to that era again and fight for the motherland.

Sitting on the side, Luo Xi, who was cutting apples for these uncles, casually interjected, saying that they could ask Tao Mu to make a special forces film, with a little hot-blood and youthful excitement. A film that could make those college students want to be a soldier after watching it.

When old Mr. Luo’s old comrades heard this, they seemed to also have some similar thoughts. It was just that they were not familiar with Tao Mu, and they didn’t know how much Tao Mu could do. So they asked old Mr. Luo to feel out Tao Mu’s attitude. If Tao Mu also had this intention, both sides could make contact.

Tao Mu really didn’t expect that visiting old Mr. Luo would result in the task of producing an army conscription promotion drama. But it was also a really good opportunity. However, some things have to be said ahead.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“Mr. Luo, it is my honor that you are willing to trust me and give me such an important task. But I am still a student. Even if I really want to film, I have to wait until the winter vacation. And the script is also an issue.”

Old Mr. Luo nodded: “I understand all this. I just wanted to tell you and let you know about it. If you are interested, you can contact them. So, just prepare first. Anyway, this year’s conscription period has just passed, and next year’s is still early!”

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