Source Of Calamity/祸水

By Shu Qi/蜀七

Raw Link: Here

In his previous life, Shen Zhen was in love with his childhood friend Qin Yue, and was willing to give up anything for him. But in the end, Qin Yue’s true love was someone else. He hated the other, but he was unable to do anything about it.

However, during a party, he somehow ended up in a one-night-stand with another.

After his death, Shen Zhen discovered that he was only a malicious antagonist character in a book – the protgonist being Qin Yue’s true love, the person who directly caused his death while putting on an innocent facade.

He had previously believed that being kicked out of the Qin Manor was because of his drunken mistake when in actuality the whole situation was part of Qin Yue’s true love’s scheme.

In this life, Shen Zhen returned to the day after his drunken mistake. With the opportunity of rebirth and starting over, he decided to keep far away from the main protagonist couple and instead hug the golden thigh of the head of the Qin family.

But what Shen Zhen did not expect was that he would became a source of calamity in the eyes of others.

Immaculately dressed in a fine three piece suit, looking very dapper and genteel, Qin Xing said while smiling: “Let everyone know, you are mine.”

CP: Shen Zhen (Aloof, neurotic and vengeful shou) x Qin Xing (A finely dressed ‘beast’ who is not what he seems gong)

TN: from the author of Back To Ming (completely different genre though)

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Table of Contents of 42/111 chapters translated

CH 001: Ambiguous Bruises

CH 002: He Actually Dared To Leave?

CH 003: Why Is Shen Zhen So Stingy?

CH 004: From Now On I Won’t

CH 005: I Also Only Have Him

CH 006: At Your Fingertips

CH 007: Provoke Him, Won’t Do

CH 008: You Want, I Give You

CH 009: Flashy Operation

CH 010: Gentle And Lingering Touch

CH 011: Face Slap

CH 012: Snatched Away

CH 013: Call Me Daddy

CH 014: Entering The Company

CH 015: Workplace

CH 016: You Are Nothing

CH 017: Trap

CH 018: Ungrateful

CH 019: How Amusing

CH 020: Full Of Fire And Energy

CH 021: Discovering The Truth

CH 022: Good Or Bad, Uncle Will Always Support You

CH 023: A New Him

CH 024: Uncle!

CH 025: Called A King If Successful, Called A Bandit If Defeated

CH 026: Preparing The Plan

CH 027: Too Late

CH 028: Sweet, Right?

CH 029: Intimate Relationship With Myself

CH 030: Unexpected Delight

CH 031: Heaven Or Hell

CH 032: Bully You

CH 033: Winner In Life

CH 034: They Are Unlucky, But I Am Happy

CH 035: Cute Like A Husky

CH 036: Usefulness Value

CH 037: Thorn In His Heart

CH 038: Eldest Brother

CH 039: Good And Bad

CH 040

CH 041

CH 042

CH 043

CH 044

CH 045

CH 046

CH 047

CH 048

CH 049

CH 050

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