After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 216 Hospital Visit

After finishing discussing business, old Mr. Luo pulled Tao Mu into a leisurely chat again. He also handed Tao Mu the apple that Luo Xi had peeled for him, and complained unhappily, “Making me eat apples every day. I hate eating fruit the most, it’s so disgustingly sweet, what’s so good about it? I said I want to eat braised pork, but no one will make it for me.”

When old Mr. Luo said this, he glared at Luo Xi and old Mrs. Luo, and snorted heavily.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“This is what the doctor said. Let you eat more apples, bananas, blueberries, melons and cherries. They say it’s good for your health. You just listen to the doctor.” Old Mrs. Luo looked helplessly at her husband who only became more childish the older he got. She said to Tao Mu, “Xiao Tao, there are bananas and melons here, you can pick whatever you like.”

“Thank you, auntie.” Tao Mu thanked her with a smile. He picked up the apple and began eating it. This close attitude made old Mr. Luo more and more satisfied.

“That’s how it should be.” Old Mr. Luo said with a smile: “Young people should have this kind of vigor. Unlike some people who have lived together with you for so many years, yet their every move is still so restrained, not daring to stand or sit. Give him a fruit and he keeps holding it in his hand and doesn’t dare to eat it. Trembling like a little wife, as if someone would eat him up. Truly makes me feel uncomfortable.”

Luo Xi’s face turned red. Old Mrs. Luo hurriedly said: “What are you blabbering about in front of Xiao Tao?”

Old Mr. Luo didn’t say anything anymore. Glancing at the time, he asked Luo Xi to turn on the TV. A replay of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” was being broadcast on the national channel, which happened to be the scene of Su Dingbang, played by Tao Mu, playing the piano at the reception.

In the Su Mansion, a young man wearing a three-piece white suit sat in front of the piano and played gracefully, the melodious sound of the piano flowing from his slender fingertips. Because of the transition between panorama, medium shot, and close-up, the audience in front of the TV could clearly see that Tao Mu himself played this part rather than just posing and using post-editing.

“You know how to play the piano too?” Old Mr. Luo said with a smile: “You act really well. When you appear on the screen, your every move, the emphasis you put on your words, really has the feeling of a student who had studied abroad during the Republic of China. Who did you learn it from?”

Tao Mu said with a smile, “I used to work in a piano shop. Not only does that piano shop sell pianos, it also teaches children how to play the piano. The teacher saw my good looks and would often teach me when not busy. As for the image of an international student in the Republic of China, I asked Beijing Film’s teacher to help introduce me to an old gentleman who had the experience of studying abroad in that era, and learned from him for a few days.”

“Sure enough.” When old Mr. Luo heard this, he suddenly sighed: “If my unworthy son had half of your smarts and hard work you put in, I would burn high incense.”

Old Mr. Luo prioritized sons over daughters, which could be seen in his words and deeds normally. Old Mr. Luo really wanted to train his only son to be the next successor of the Luo Group. Therefore, from childhood to adulthood, Luo Yang was trained according to the most elite model, and the level of painstaking effort was comparable to that of Li Xiaoheng being trained by the Li family. It was a pity that the son did not resemble the father, old Mr. Luo really hoped that Luo Yang could become a pillar of society, and Luo Yang really didn’t want to live up to his expectations. After going abroad, all he did was eat, drink, gamble and engage in other vices. The only thing he did not do was to learn what he should learn.

Now he even learned to get into fisticuffs over another man, and most importantly, he even got his leg broken for it. Whenever old Mr. Luo thought about this, he felt too angry to even breathe.

Tao Mu was afraid that the old man would be too provoked, so he quickly persuaded him: “I think Miss Luo is a woman who is not at all lacking when compared to men. Mr. Luo, you have such an excellent daughter, what is there to be unsatisfied with?”

When old Mr. Luo heard this, he turned his head to look at Luo Xi and smiled: “You are right. Isn’t there a saying that boys and girls are the same, women can also hold up half the sky. My son is disobedient, but my daughter is very considerate.”

Having never been praised so much by her father before, Luo Xi looked at her dad in surprise and joy, and then looked at Tao Mu with a particularly grateful look.

Tao Mu chatted with old Mr. Luo a bit more, and seeing that it was almost time, he said his goodbyes. So that the old man could take a rest. Old Mrs. Luo and Luo Xi saw Tao Mu out of the room. Old Mrs. Luo took Tao Mu’s hand and said with a smile: “Xiao Tao, as you just happened to be here, why not go and persuade Xiao Yang for me. This time, because of Xiao Yang, old Luo became so angry that he got sick, Xiao Yang is also quite frightened. During old Luo’s operation, Xiao Yang was lame in one leg yet still waited outside the operating room for more than two hours. Later, old Luo wanted to send Xiao Yang to the army, Xiao Yang got into an argument again with old Luo about this.”

“Don’t look at the fact that old Luo is scolding Xiaoyl Yang all the time now. He actually misses Xiao Yang very much. Father and son, how can there be overnight feuds. Help your auntie to persuade Xiao Yang and let him be more obedient.”

Tao Mu actually didn’t want to bother with Luo Yang, and old Mrs. Luo knew this. But Luo Yang really didn’t have many reliable friends: “…..Xiao Yang actually admires you. He told me privately that out of the many people he knows, you and Li Xiaoheng are the most serious ones. So auntie was thinking that if you persuade him, he would listen. “

It had to be said that Tao Mu still admired old Mr. Luo’s conduct. What’s more, old Mr. Luo had just helped him find a good project, which would allow him to make connections with the military department and the publicity department. In terms of favor and reasoning, Tao Mu would not refuse old Mrs. Luo’s request. Besides, if he went to visit Luo Yang, he could also happen to be able to ask about some things.

Seeing this, Luo Xi had old Mrs. Luo go back to accompany old Mr. Luo, while she accompanied Tao Mu to see Luo Yang.

Luo Yang’s ward was on the third floor of the Department of Orthopedics. While waiting for the elevator, Luo Xi suddenly said, “My dad has always looked down on my husband, you know about this, right?”

Tao Mu didn’t expect Luo Xi to suddenly bring this up, and couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

Luo Xi smiled bitterly: “I’m going to divorce him. It’s just that my dad suddenly fell ill, and I haven’t had time to bring it up. My mother doesn’t know about him looking for women outside.”

Tao Mu smiled and said, “Miss Luo, don’t worry, I’m not a talkative person.”

Luo Xi said, “I know you won’t mind something that is not your business. I just…..”

When Luo Xi spoke up to here, a “ding” sound was heard, and the elevator door opened, interrupting her next words. Inside, a man walked out with a thermal container, looked up and saw Luo Xi, instantly being stunned in place.

“Xiao Xi,” the man called nervously, his eyes fell on Tao Mu, and his expression changed suddenly: “Who is he? Is he the blind date introduced to you by your family?”

Before Luo Xi could speak, the man sneered and sneered: “I say, aren’t you Luo family a little too anxious? We haven’t even divorced yet you have already found a new candidate. It seems that your dad is busy even while lying on the hospital bed——”

With a “slap”, Luo Xi retracted her hand: “You really make me sick.”

The man rubbed his cheek with the back of his hand and sneered: “I’m disgusting? How much better are you than me? Luo Xi, don’t think I don’t know. You are the same as your family, you all look down on me. You all think I’m useless, and live off on a woman. I live like a dog in front of you. Every day I think about how to make you happy and how to make your family happy. Your dad was hospitalized for surgery, and I was thinking about making soup for him at home. But what is his response, in such a hurry to cuckold me——”

“This mister,” Tao Mu frowned and interrupted the man’s words when he saw people in the corridor poking their heads out to peer curiously their way, “I’m very curious, what prompted you to publicly, to be precise, right outside your father-in-law’s hospital room, think of the special role of a blind date when you see your wife standing in front of the elevator with another man and maintaining the distance that social etiquette should have?”

The man was stunned for a moment, and immediately became angry: “Who are you?”

“You don’t recognize my face?” Tao Mu raised his eyebrows: “Then you don’t surf the Internet or watch TV? Or, you don’t work in Longteng Entertainment?”

The man’s expression changed, and he asked back, a little embarrassed and a little guilty: “What do you mean? You think you are young and promising, that you are very amazing to start a business from scratch. So you look down on me, a useless waste who lives off of a woman?”

“It seems that this mister does know me.” Tao Mu smiled slightly and commented by the way: “That’s right. As an employee of Longteng Entertainment, if you don’t even recognize your company’s most important business partner then I really feel that there is nothing about you for me to appreciate in a person like you.”


Before the man could speak, Tao Mu continued: “Since you know me, then I have to ask, what kind of mentality do you have to slander me in front of so many people in public as the blind date Mr. Luo found for CEO Luo in front of the hospital bed?”

“In view of the fact that you and CEO Luo still maintain a marital relationship, can I understand it this way, despite you clearly knowing the identity and relationship between CEO Luo and myself, regardless of the factual basis and logical relationship, you spread rumors and try to discredit me as a third party trying to destroy someone’s marriage. Are you intentionally trying to damage my reputation? Or, is it that you are trying to harm the reputation of by damaging my reputation?”

“You, don’t talk nonsense!” The man’s expression was instantly frightened into changing. As Luo Xi’s husband and also the middle management of Longteng Entertainment, the man certainly knew Tao Mu’s identity. He also knew that’s legal department had nothing to do recently and was issuing lawyers’ letters in batches. And he certainly didn’t want to receive a lawyer’s letter inexplicably.

“Since you know that you can’t talk nonsense, I hope this mister can apologize to me and CEO Luo.” As Tao Mu spoke up to here, he raised his arm politely and motioned at the passersby across the corridor who had raised their phones to record the scene: “I also hope that when you upload the video, you can put the full video online and not spread false rumors. Otherwise, the legal department of would be happy to communicate with you.”

The few passersby who were holding their mobile phones to record videos smiled sheepishly, and came up to say hello: “Tao Mu, we like you very much. We’ve been watching “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” recently, and the young master you played in it is really handsome. No, it should be said that your character appears too gentlemanly and elegant. We really like him very much. Will this character really turn bad in the end?”

“Most of the spoilers have already been revealed in the long trailer.” Tao Mu said with a smile.

“Then, can I take a picture with you?” A girl raised her mobile phone eagerly.

The floor where old Mr. Luo stayed was a private ward. All the patients and their families were either rich or affluent people, so there were not many people on the entire floor. So there were only three to four standing around Tao Mu. Tao Mu thought about it and agreed to the girl’s photo request.

Several other passersby saw this and also stepped forward to ask for a group photo. After he was done, Tao Mu didn’t forget to ask Luo Xi’s husband to apologize to him. And also recorded it himself with his phone.

Luo Xi’s husband originally just wanted to take the opportunity to show his anger, and at least make it so that Luo Xi would be in the wrong in front of him once. But he didn’t expect Tao Mu to be so difficult despite such a young age. In the end, he only caused himself to lose face.

The other passersby who also watched the whole thing stood on the side and whispered amongst themselves. Some sporadic words drifted over, and all expressed that it was a pity that Luo Xi actually found such a man. Sure enough, such a thing as free love was not as reliable as a well-matched blind date.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Luo Xi stood on the side without expression. She couldn’t figure out why she fell in love with such a cowardly and incompetent man in the first place, a man who also liked to cheat on her behind her back.

Tao Mu didn’t want to comment on Luo Xi’s family affairs. After teaching Luo Xi’s husband a lesson, he nodded at Luo Xi: “Let’s go.”

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  1. That’s so sad…
    That husband couldn’t get over his inferiority complex and lashed out with worst possible way, by finding other people who are willing to flatter him. And thus inviting a vicious cycle of life…

    Thank you for the chapter! 💕💕💕💕

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  2. Look, sis Luo’s (soon-to-be ex) husband, there’s nothing wrong if you can’t be alpha male, man has the rights to be soft too. But just because one is very sad that he can’t be alpha male, it doesn’t mean that he has any rights to be such a trash to his own wife and irrelevant bystander, okay? 😩

    [“You, don’t talk nonsense!”]
    Speak after he spewing a long paragraph of baseless bs himself. The audacity.

    [But he didn’t expect Tao Mu 𝙩𝙤 𝙗𝙚 𝙨𝙤 𝙙𝙞𝙛𝙛𝙞𝙘𝙪𝙡𝙩 despite such a young age]
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  3. Huh, I remember Tao Mu remembering LuoXi couple in his last life, they didn’t have any marriage issues. LuoXi’s husband even help her managing Luo Group ruthlessly after Luo Dad passed. So TaoMu think the couple was just bidding their time and didn’t show their claw. I think the timing with their last life is similar, so how come now the husband is so pathetic?

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  4. Darn, they were married? Was there any prenups? He says he people are looking down on him for mooching off a woman but he wouldn’t try bite off a chunk off her when in they’re settling the divorce? Nevertheless it’s him who wronged her too.


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