After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book/重生两次后我穿回书里了

By WenYuKuan/温瑜宽

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After experiencing rebirth twice, Jiang Chen finally discovers that his tragic death in his first life was not an accident. But a meticulous design to forever end a threat.

The main character in the book “Dominating Life” transmigrated at birth with a “Optimal Choice System”. In the birth room, System gave him two choices:

“Ordinary blood related parents” or “Wealthy non-blood related parents”

Without hesitation the main character picked the second choice.

As a result, the system secretly switched Jiang Chen with the main character the second after birth.

The life afterwards, everything turned on its head.

Relying on the system, the main character leveled up from a top student to a major bigshot who will eventually inherit the family business, fixed permanently on life winner mode.

Jiang Chen on the other hand was faced with a family emergency, his grades suffering dramatically to the point he could only give up his earlier dreams and graduate in advance to earn money to support his family.

Time flew by and Jiang Chen’s career took off, once again entering the sight of the main character. What comes next however, is death by car crash and transmigration to the interstellar age.

In the 100th year of the astronomic calendar, the scientific research bigwig woke up one morning and realized he returned to the second year of high school in his first life. When his father was recently disabled from a car accident and his mother carrying all of the burden without a hint of complaint.

Jiang Chen did not choose to first find his blood related parents but used the knowledge he gained from the past two lifetimes to break through his bad situation and achieve the summit.

In a word: Professor Jiang, a man who can tear up a system game hack with his bare hands.

TN: the novel with the most anger inducing antagonist I’ve ever read. Makes the face-slapping all the more satisfying though ╮( ╯∀╰)╭

Table of Contents 105/196 chapters translated

CH 001: Reborn Back In High School

CH 002: Inexplicable Enmity & New Attitude

CH 003: Friendship

CH 004: “Dominating Life”

CH 005: The Yang Family

CH 006: A Mother’s Love

CH 007: Shi Fengyue

CH 008: Chance Meeting

CH 009: To Frame

CH 010: Good Seedling

CH 011: School Transfer?

CH 012: Solution

CH 013: Retribution

CH 014: Golden Age Beauty

CH 015: He Qianmin

CH 016: Official Meeting

CH 017: End Of Bad Days

CH 018: Physical Exam

CH 019: Silver Banknote

CH 020: Auction House

CH 021: A Good Child’s Reward

CH 022: Buying A House In The Rurals?

CH 023: If This Was The First Life’s Jiang Chen…

CH 024: Hope Will Not Disappoint

CH 025: I Am Jiang Chen’s Brother

CH 026: Different Blood Type? Impossible!

CH 027: Get Me Jiang Chen’s Blood

CH 028: Yang Yun’s Inexplicable Feeling

CH 029: Hasty Judgement

CH 030: Huo Bo

CH 031: Welcome Back

CH 032: Big Brother

CH 033: What’s So Scary

CH 034: Too Advanced

CH 035: He Qianjian Is Injured

CH 036: Back Then

CH 037: He Qianyu

CH 038: Curiosity

CH 039: Afraid Of Trouble

CH 040: Do Unto Him As He Does Unto You

CH 041: Daring To Hit One’s Elders

CH 042: Who Does He Qianjian Want To Kidnap?

CH 043: Came To See The Excitement

CH 044: Protect Yourself

CH 045: Bizarre Code

CH 046: Ice Skating

CH 047: Competition

CH 048: Not That Kind Of Person

CH 049: Younger Brother

CH 050: IP Tracking

CH 051: Die Together

CH 052: Inviting Jiang Chen Over

CH 053: Are You Interested In Me?

CH 054: Getting To The Bottom Of Everything

CH 055: Picking Up Brother Jiang Chen

CH 056: That’s Definitely Not He Qianmin!!

CH 057: Humiliation

CH 058: Jiang Chen’s Type

CH 059: Offending Jiang Chen Is A Bad Idea

CH 060: Recommendation Letter

CH 061: Start A Company

CH 062: Yang Tianci’s Sentencing

CH 063: Little Brother Is Upset

CH 064: He Qianmin’s Troubles

CH 065: Make A Wish

CH 066: Jiang Chen’s Realization

CH 067: System’s Unresponsiveness

CH 068: What’s The Matter?

CH 069: Recommended For Direct College Admission

CH 070: He Qianmin’s Realization

CH 071: Math Competition Results

CH 072: Is It Because Of He Qianjian?

CH 073: Not One Of The He Family

CH 074: Eating Together

CH 075: Dumbass

CH 076: God Is Really Unfair

CH 077: Video

CH 078: Exchanging Fathers

CH 079: Abnormality

CH 080: DNA Report

CH 081: He Qianjian Is Not Your Son

CH 082: Canceled Birthday Party

CH 083: Officially Eighteen

CH 084: Who Sent You?

CH 085: Suspect

CH 086: Truth

CH 087: Tracking Progress

CH 088: Never Give Up On Me

CH 089: Confront, And Then Resolve

CH 090: Speaking Directly

CH 091: Meeting The He Family

CH 092: Stay In The He Family

CH 093: Suspecting He Qianjian

CH 094: Who Is Telling The Truth?

CH 095: Apologize

CH 096: Shi Fengyue Is His Bottom Line?

CH 097: Take Him Back

CH 098: Clues

CH 099: My Brother’s Place

CH 100: Moving To Wugu Village

CH 101: Be Alone

CH 102: Explanation

CH 103: Abnormal Signals

CH 104: Character

CH 105: If Back Then…


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