After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 219 Luo Xi’s Strategy & Old Madam Lin’s Response 

The Lin family, who were being mentioned by Li Xiaoheng, were currently standing in old Mr. Luo’s ward aggressively, fiercely criticizing the Luo family.

“Although Hong Kong is a good place, compared to the mainland that spans 9.6 million square kilometers, it is only a small island. In addition, over these years, the country’s policy towards Hong Kong has been very favorable, and the treatment towards businessmen from Hong Kong is also extremely good. The Lin family has been a local tyrant for too long, and after such a long time, they think that just because they can be a hegemon in Hong Kong, they can also be able to cover the sky with one hand in the mainland.”

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In the luxurious and elegant private ward of Beijing First People’s Hospital, old Mr. Luo, in front of the Lin family who claim to come to seek justice, commented very unceremoniously: “I have also investigated Lin Rong’an privately. I know that he has not done anything good back in Hong Kong. Relying on the power of your Lin family, he has committed a lot of outrages. Throwing obscene parties and date raping girls with drugs. But these reports were all suppressed by your Lin family.”

“With all due respect, if you could have taught Lin Rong’an what to do and what not to do at that time, he wouldn’t have gotten to where he is today.” Old Mr. Luo made a sonorous conclusion. He also added: “Of course, Luo Yang is also at fault in this matter. He should not have hit so hard. But two boys getting in a fight out of jealousy after getting drunk is quite normal. Didn’t your family’s Lin Rong’an also break my son’s leg?” Luo Yang also kicked back, but he just happened to miss and ended up kicking in the wrong place.

Since learning that Lin Rong’an was actually turned into a eunuch, the Lin family members had been holding back their anger to seek justice. But when they heard these words, they were so angry that they saw red. Old madam Lin, who had always gotten her way at home, slapped the small dining table on the hospital bed heavily, and asked in a cold voice, “Mr. Luo’s remarks mean that it is my grandson’s own fault that he was beaten like this by your son?”

“More or less.” Old Mr. Luo leaned back on the hospital bed and said calmly: “I have always felt that the law should impose physical castration of rapists as punishment. You are parents yourselves, and there are also daughters in your family. Change positions and think, if your daughters were harmed by this kind of scum, how would you feel?”

“Although I feel quite disdain for that unworthy son of mine. But in this matter, I still support Luo Yang. No matter what his starting point was and what the consequences were in the end, that he could be brave and save an innocent person from that kind of situation, that’s a good thing in my opinion. He is worthy of being my, Luo Changzheng’s, son.”

“What innocent!” Lin Rong’an’s father couldn’t listen anymore and scolded: “I know what my son is like. Although he is dissolute and fickle, he would never force others. Those girls who could go to that kind of place at the invitation of my son are originally holding intentions to curry favor with my son. They should have already known what would happen at the party. Both parties are willing participants. Your son is a dog trying to catch mice (TN: too meddlesome), who asked him to run over to that kind of entertainment club to play the hero?”

If it weren’t for the fact that the Luo family’s roots in the mainland were too deep, and the most important thing was that the military connections behind old Mr. Luo had a tough attitude, the Lin family would definitely not be so polite. It was a pity that while they thought themselves to be quite polite, Luo Changzheng didn’t take it seriously at all. There was no way they were going to apologize, but reconciliation was possible. It also depended on the attitude of the Lin family in the end. They were willing to compensate according to the law. If they dared to be too greedy, old Mr. Luo would rather have his son go to jail and send the eunuch of the Lin family in together with him.

He absolutely would not conspire with criminals.

Such a tough attitude angered the Lin family so much they actually laughed out loud.

“Chairman Luo keeps saying that you want to make compensation according to the standard stipulated by the law. But if the legal process is really followed, for crippling our Rong An like this, your son will go to jail.” Old madam Lin was so furious that she didn’t even use ‘Mr.’. It was clear that she was no longer willing to maintain a pretense of cordiality.

She used Luo Yang’s future as a threat, and she didn’t believe that Luo Changzheng could really be so ruthless and personally send his only son to jail.

Before coming to Beijing, everyone in the Lin family had already inquired about old Mr. Luo’s temperament. They had already learned that old Mr. Luo prioritized sons over daughters, and was an old-fashioned feudal patriarch. Wholeheartedly, he wanted to hand over the Luo Group to his son to inherit, and for this reason, father and daughter turned against each other, and sister and brother also held enmity towards each other. When the Lin family heard about old Mr. Luo’s actions, they all agreed that old Mr. Luo must be reluctant to let Luo Yang meet with any mishap. Therefore, they carefully prepared the conditions for reconciliation in response to old Mr. Luo’s love for his only son. Just as old Mr. Luo expected, the conditions prepared were definitely greedy indeed. If old Mr. Luo agreed to those conditions jist to keep Luo Yang out of jail, the Luo Group would have to shrink by at least half.

It was a pity that the while the Lin family was good at calculating, they didn’t understand the temper of old Mr. Luo. Not to mention that Old Mr. Luo had long since given up on his plan to train Luo Yang to be his heir. Recently, most of the management of the Luo Group was already handed over to female CEO Luo Xi. And Luo Xi’s character, in addition to inheriting the domineering trait from the old Mr. Luo, also possessed a little bit of ruthlessness and forbearance that belonged to women only. It was impossible for her to stand aside and watch old Mr. Luo lose most of the Luo Group’s fortune for the sake of Luo Yang——on this matter, even the other shareholders of Luo Group would not allow it.

And as old Mr. Luo’s daughter and Luo Yang’s sister, Luo Xi couldn’t really let her stupid brother go to jail either. Therefore, before the Lin family came to seek justice, Luo Xi took advantage of this time difference to send people to Hong Kong and England where Lin Rong’an had studied abroad, to collect evidence of Lin Rong’an’s crimes against girls and boys. She also allowed hackers to break into Lin Rong’an’s personal computer——Lin Rong’an, that scumbag, even had the habit of taking videos and taking pictures.

And these treasures of Lin Rong’an have now become irrefutable evidence of Lin Rong’an’s crimes. What made Luo Xi even more disgusted and surprised was that in the video of the party organized by Lin Rong’an, Lin Rong’an’s biological father and uncle actually also appeared. No wonder the Lin family knew what Lin Rong’an had done yet tried their best to help him cover up the aftermath. It turned out that the Lin family was a nest of snakes and rats.

Luo Xi resisted her nausea, copied those videos and photos, and then handed the backup USB flash drive to the Lin family, sneering: “…..If there really will be an acrimonious falling out, my brother is just acting out of justice after all, and he has no criminal history, at best his action can only be accused of being over defense. Considering that my brother also has a leg broken, if the two really go to court, my brother would definitely not be sentenced to serve too many years in prison. At that time we can just apply for a suspension of sentence. But Lin Rong’an is not so lucky. Organizing obscene parties, taking drugs, and date raping the boys and girls at the party. I noticed that there even seem to be minors in those parties. And these videos are so rich in content, once they are posted, I wonder if your Lin Group’s stock price would fall to the bottom? The Hong Kong stock market does not have a lower limit after all.”

The Lin family didn’t expect that Luo Xi would be able to threaten them with something like this, and their faces instantly turned ashen. This time, when she came to Beijing to deal with Lin Rong’an’s affairs, old madam Lin only brought Uncle Lin and Lin Rong’an’s father, and did not bring other family members. At this moment, she was also very grateful for her decision. If not, she was afraid that as soon as Luo Xi took out this USB flash drive, the Lin family’s backyard would catch fire.

Old madam Lin glanced fiercely at her two disappointing sons. Sure enough, no matter what age a man reached, he couldn’t control his lower half.

Old Mr. Luo and Mrs. Luo were shocked. Originally they had thought that Lin Rong’an would become like that because of poor family education, but they didn’t expect that in the end, it turned out that it was a case of the upper beam was not orderly therefore the lower beam was crooked.

Uncle Lin and Lin Rong’an’s father flushed red. Angrily, they asked Luo Xi, “Where did you get these videos?! You, you are slandering, this is extortion, intimidation.”

“You have a good vocabulary.” Luo Xi sneered: “It’s a pity that you don’t speak the human language.”

Luo Xi admitted honestly that the videos and photos were copied from Lin Rong’an’s personal computer.

Uncle Lin and Lin Rong’an’s father did not expect that Lin Rong’an would actually take videos of such things. What was the meaning of this? Grabbing their weakness to threaten them?

Uncle Lin’s expression suddenly changed. He looked at Lin Rong’an’s father uncertainly. There were many descendants in a big family, especially in a place like Hong Kong, where some wealthy families still retained the bad habit of having more than one wife. Although the Lin family did not have these problems left over from history, even if the siblings were born from the same mother, facing such huge assets, there would be all kinds of open and underhanded battles. Uncle Lin was now in charge of the Lin Group, but Lin Rong’an’s father and two older brothers also have a very strong voice within the group. In addition, old madam Lin was partial to her youngest son and eldest grandson. If something happened to Uncle Lin in management or other aspects, causing damage to the reputation or interests of the Lin Group, Lin Rong’an’s father and older brothers would unite to persuade the old madam, and at that time it would be hard to guarantee that the power of the Lin Group would not fall into the hands of others.

Involving one’s vital interests, it was no wonder that Uncle Lin first thought of conspiracy theories after seeing those videos.

Luo Xi didn’t care about any disputes within the Lin family, she just wanted to borrow these materials in exchange for her brother’s safety.

“Young men are full of energy, and it’s normal to get into jealous fights for a little star. We are also very sorry for such a thing to happen. How about this, in the future, Lin Rong’an’s treatment costs will be borne by our Luo family. Now that science is so advanced, just because it can’t be cured in China does not mean that this issue cannot be cured abroad. If it cannot be cured now, it does not mean that it cannot be cured in the future. Besides, hasn’t the Lin Group always wanted to enter the mainland market? I can represent the Luo Group and sign a contract with the Lin Group allowing the clothing and jewelry of the Lin Group to enter the department store and Guomao Commercial Building under the Luo Group. I will provide the Lin Group with the best store location and a 30% discount on the rent. Think of it as an apology for Luo Yang.”

Give a slap and then follow with a sweet jujube, not to mention that the Lin family had a big weakness in Luo Xi’s hand. The Lin family looked at each other and could only swallow their anger and make peace.

Uncle Lin said: “The cooperation can be discussed slowly. But Miss Luo must destroy all the videos and photos in your hands. You can’t keep backups.”

“We can sign an agreement. If these videos leak out of my hands within a hundred years, then it will count as my breach of the contract, I will definitely compensate.” As Luo Xi spoke to here, she glanced at the silent Lin Rong’an’s father and smiled meaningfully: “But if it leaks from other channels, then that is not my problem.”

Lin Rong’an’s father’s expression changed, and he blurted out, “What are you looking at me for. We are all a family, how could we make a fool of ourselves?”

Luo Xi smiled but said nothing.

Lin Rong’an’s father said fiercely, “It’s all because of that b*tch surnamed Shen who caused all of this.”

Luo Xi frowned, disdainful of Lin Rong’an’s father’s mindset. However, Luo Xi didn’t have a good impression of Shen Yu, and was too lazy to speak for him.

But she didn’t expect that when old madam Lin, who had always been bias and protective, heard these words, she completely disagreed: “I feel that Xiao Yu is quite a good child. It’s all because Rong An has gone too overboard.”

When old madam Lin said this, she looked at her two sons with disappointment: “It’s because you elders are not good role models. Causing Rong An to be more and more out of hand. This time, when he offered to come to Beijing to help with the business, I had thought he had changed his ways. I didn’t think he was still like this in Beijing, and he almost harmed other people’s good child.”

Uncle Lin and Lin Rong’an’s father did not expect that old madam Lin would still speak for that Shen Yu and was quite unable to make head or tail of it.

 “Enough. Who is right and who is wrong, you can go back and argue slowly. My father just finished an operation, and the doctor said that he needs to rest.” Luo Xi directly ordered the expulsion of the guests: “Since you have finished here, please leave. “

The Lin family was very displeased with Luo Xi’s behavior, but it was a pity that they were unable to do anything about it as their weakness was held in the hands of the other. They could only take their leave with their tails between their legs.

Because the fight happened in the same entertainment club, after dialing 120, Lin Rong’an and Luo Yang were also sent to the same hospital. When the Lin family returned to Lin Rong’an’s ward, they learned that’s attitude was also very tough. FlyNews simply ignored the threat from the Lin Group.

Walking into walls again and again. In Hong Kong, the Lin family always got their way. But after just arriving in Beijing, they were met with disdain twice in succession, and instantly they were infuriated.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Old madam Lin, relying on her age and status, personally called Tao Mu and asked Tao Mu to come out for a discussion. Tao Mu had already handed over the management of to his Xiao Qi Dad, and he originally didn’t want to pay attention to old madam Lin. But unexpectedly, old madam Lin went directly to the headquarters of in person.

And the first word was not to make remove the relevant reports on Lin Rong’an. Instead, it was to help Shen Yu pay compensation.

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