After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 220 Compensation

“I have also heard about the various conflicts and quarrels between you and Xiao Yu.”

At headquarters, old madam Lin looked at Tao Mu with a slightly curious but polite gaze. After a long while, she continued: “With all due respect, Mr. Tao, as a young and talented genius entrepreneur who could create a fortune of tens of billions at a young age, you should also possess the virtue of tolerance. In that case, why quibble with an ignorant child like Shen Yu?”

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Tao Mu smiled slightly: “It’s not that I want to quibble with him. It’s that the status and influence of today does not allow me to tolerate the slandering from others.”

After a pause, Tao Mu added meaningfully: “Just like the Lin Group can’t allow family scandals to spread, otherwise it would affect the company’s external image, and even affect the stock price fluctuation. Madam should be able to understand my concerns by putting yourself in my shoes.”

Old madam Lin’s expression changed slightly. She was not certain whether Tao Mu heard about the videos and photos from Luo Xi’s mouth, and thus say such words to test her.

Old madam Lin smiled slightly: “I heard some media commenting on Mr. Tao, saying that Mr. Tao is talented and eloquent, and has never suffered a loss even when getting into a verbal debate with netizens. Seeing you today, Mr. Tao’s eloquence is indeed extraordinary.”

Tao Mu chuckled, ignoring old madam Lin’s sarcasm. He asked straight to the point: “Madam has come here this time to help Shen Yu pay compensation?”

“That’s correct.” Old madam Lin nodded, glanced at Tao Mu, who was a bit too sharp in both appearance and behavior, and said warmly, “Our family’s Rong An’s sins almost harmed such a good child as Shen Yu. As Rong An’s grandmother, an elder of the Lin family, it is necessary to compensate Xiao Yu in the place of my grandson, which can also be considered an apology.”

“Don’t know how much compensation asked for when suing Xiao Yu?”

“I actually don’t know the exact amount. Madam, if you could please wait a moment.” Tao Mu said, and called Zhou Shenxing directly and had Zhou Shenxing come over to discuss the specific compensation issue with old madam Lin.

Lawyer Zhou was currently in the Legal Department, discussing with several other lawyers and the staff of the Personnel Department and the Agency Department the specific terms and criteria for the classification of artist contracts. After receiving Tao Mu’s call, he was instantly energized, picking up the relevant documents related to Shen Yu’s lawsuit, and came over with vigor.

When Lawyer Zhou pushed in the door, Tao Mu glanced at the time subtly. Just under five minutes. Sure enough, when it comes to money, Lawyer Zhou’s work efficiency was not a simple level of highness.

With “money pincher” Lawyer Zhou charging in front, Tao Mu, the boss, could retire and leave the arena to the other. And old madam Lin, who had just promised to help Shen Yu pay the compensation and settlement money, was a little shocked when she heard the figure reported by Lawyer Zhou: “10 million?” Why don’t you go rob a bank!

The last part almost got blurted out. But old madam Lin still remembered her image as an old-fashioned upper class lady from Hong Kong, and swallowed the screech back down to her stomach with effort. But she still felt disbelieving: “Mr. Tao, this price is a bit too much, isn’t it?”

For the sake of her image, what old madam Lin didn’t say was that dared to ask for such a price. Could it be that they saw the Lin family as fools?

“It’s not too much at all.” Lawyer Zhou responded innocently and placed a stack of data reports in front of old madam Lin.

This was a record made by’s technical department from the first time Shen Yu slandered Tao Mu, and until the Cao Miao incident was exposed. All the relevant data of slanderings by netizens smearing Tao Mu’s name. Including but not limited to FlyNews search, Weibo platform, Baidu entries and related entries of other search engines. There were also the various losses that Tao Mu and encountered during each smearing process attached. Including the damage to the image and reputation of Tao Mu and, the decrease of registered users, and the breach of contract by sponsors, etc.

For more than a year, Shen Yu used his right to speak as a public figure to maliciously lead netizens to smear Tao Mu several times without conclusive evidence, and even led fans of other stars to conduct cyber bullying against Tao Mu…..Lawyer Zhou added up all of Shen Yu’s actions, listing the mental damage and financial loss Tao Mu suffered because of it, while comparing the attention Shen Yu received, and the gigs and endorsements, etc he was offered in the duration. The purpose was to combine the two, to prove that the reason why Shen Yu kept smearing Tao Mu was to increase his popularity. Of course, the economic benefits brought about by this could also be regarded as Shen Yu’s “criminal motive” to deliberately smear Tao Mu. Considering that was an enterprise that was on the rise and was very dependent on the public opinion environment and its own image, the consequences and influence of Shen Yu’s smearing of Tao Mu must of course be magnified.

So 10 million yuan was definitely not an extortion. In fact, this was the figure that Zhou Shenxing calculated after carefully considering the liquidity of the Shen Group and Shen Yu’s level of importance to the Shen family, and deduced the Shen family’s bottom line of tolerance. If simply just considering the level of damage Shen Yu had done to Tao Mu and, Zhou Shenxing could even add another zero to this number.

Zhou Shenxing was well prepared and had detailed evidence. A lot of big data and related news reports plus loss statistics were placed in front of old madam Lin. In the end, even old madam Lin had to admit that the price of 10 million was indeed pertinent.

However, before coming here, old madam Lin did not expect that would ask Shen Yu to pay so much. In fact, old madam Lin thought that Shen Yu would at most make a public apology, and then pay a symbolic 800 thousand to one million yuan. She didn’t expect that the final compensation amount would be ten times what she imagined.

Zhou Shenxing sighed disapprovingly: “If Shen Yu can hold a press conference in public and sincerely apologize to the media and netizens across the country, this compensation can be up for negotiation. But the key is that Shen Yu is now banned by SARFT. All domestic media have no way to report news related to Shen Yu. Our has no way to get a public apology from Shen Yu. Since this is the case, we can only make up for it in terms of monetary compensation.”

“ is about to conduct Series A round. Shen Yu spread rumors and caused so much negative news, which had a very bad impact on If the Series A round financing fails, the losses would suffer will not just be ten million.” Lawyer Zhou blurted out casually, but his words were conclusive, and spoke in a manner able to win the trust of others.

Old madam Lin immediately responded: “This problem is easy to handle. If is indeed planning to raise financing for Series A, our Lin Group is willing to——”

“This matter has nothing to do with what we are discussing today.” Tao Mu interrupted lld madam Lin. Glancing expressionlessly at Lawyer Zhou.

“Speaking of which,” Zhou Shenxing still looked at old madam Lin with an innocent expression, and said with a smile: “Thanks to the banning order, Shen Yu is now blocked from all media. Otherwise, the news of the third young master Lin getting into a jealous fight because of Shen Yu, only to have his third leg broken would be exposed. At that time I’m afraid that the Lin Group would even grace the headlines as well.”

Old madam Lin put down the coffee cup with a displeased expression. The second reason she came to was to discuss with Tao Mu about removing Lin Rong’an’s related reports.

“How much does it cost?” Lin Rong’an often made headlines in the entertainment section of England because of hobby of holding wild parties while studying abroad. Therefore, the Lin family was also familiar with the operation of public relations media to withdraw their reports. It was just that after Lin Rong’an returned to Hong Kong after graduation, not many newspapers dared to report Lin Rong’an’s negative news because the Lin family had too much influence in Hong Kong. At most, just some gossip news about Lin Rong’an’s romantic love relationships and support for models and female stars appeared. Even so, if the Lin family was even slightly dissatisfied, they would immediately withdraw the report.

It was because of the submissive attitude of Hong Kong media that spoiled the Lin family. Therefore, when the Lin family first contacted, they demanded to withdraw the report in a very natural manner. After all, mainland policies tend to support Hong Kong businessmen, and many Hong Kong businessmen also felt a sense of superiority when investing in the mainland. Therefore,, a new type of media, was not taken seriously by them.

Unfortunately, did not give the Lin family face. It’s attitude turned out to be stronger than the Lin family. Old madam Lin had no choice but to speak with money just like with the media in England.

With’s influence in domestic public opinion, if they wanted to remove Lin Rong’an’s related reports, it would naturally cost a lot of public relations expenses. However, the Lin family had a lot of wealth and should not care about a mere several millions.

In contrast, the compensation that demanded from Shen Yu caused old madam Lin some difficulty.

“Can’t you be more accommodating?” Old madam Lin tried to ask: “Ten million is not a small amount.”

“That’s why I’m very curious. The Lin family and Shen Yu are not related, so why insist on paying this compensation for him?” Lawyer Zhou asked, and casually suggested: “But ten million is indeed definitely not a small amount. Madam Lin can discuss it with the Shen family. If the two of you are willing to cooperate, this money is not a big amount for the Lin family and the Shen family.”

Don’t know if it was because her brain was flooded, or if she really felt guilty towards Shen Yu because of Lin Rong’an’s actions, old madam Lin actually took the advice and called Chairman Shen in front of Zhou Shenxing and Tao Mu.

Seeing old madam Lin patiently communicating with Chairman Shen about the compensation, Zhou Shenxing was so shocked that he was speechless.

Was this world always so fantastical? There were actually people rushing to fork over millions to help others in paying compensation, and actually fear that others would not accept it?

Lawyer Zhou did not hide the shock on his face at all, and turned to look at Tao Mu, who was sitting calmly beside him. He shook his head in deep disapproval.

It turns out that there was actually such a benefit to being a brain-dead idiot. If he knew earlier, he wouldn’t have worked so hard in his life. He also wanted to be a precious baby too!

Not knowing that their’s head legal advisor was almost provoked to the point of turning into an oversized baby, Tao Mu was also shocked by old madam Lin’s brain circuit.

Opposite Tao Mu, old madam Lin had already discussed with Chairman Shen about Shen Yu’s future. She even suggested that Shen Yu go to Hong Kong for development. Old madam Lin planned to buy out Shen Yu’s ten-year brokerage contract for five million. Although at present, the entertainment circle of Hong Kong was becoming a still pond of water. But the past glory of the Hong Kong entertainment industry could still radiate over the entire Southeast Asia. Old madam Lin felt that Shen Yu had a good image and aura. Although he was banned in the mainland, towards Hong Kong, or even Japan and South Korea, Shen Yu was still a blank sheet of paper. Old madam Lin believed that with Shen Yu’s talent and aura, he would definitely be able to walk out his own glorious path.

After being targeted and blacklisted by the Yan family, the father and son of the Shen family originally wanted to give up on Shen Yu. But they didn’t expect old madam Lin to express her support for Shen Yu at this juncture. Although old madam Lin made it clear that the five million signing fee would be directly paid to in the form of compensation.

But what the Shen family valued was actually not the five million. It was the attitude of the Lin family towards Shen Yu.

Standing in the chairman’s office of Shen Group, Shen Yu twitched his fingers nervously. It must be said that what Luo Xi said in the ward that day really frightened him. Afraid that the Lin family would hold him accountable, Shen Yu went straight to the airport after leaving the ward and booked the earliest flight to return to Shanghai. Immediately asking his father and elder brother for help overnight.

The father and son of the Shen family have been angry with Shen Yu because of the bad relationship between the Yan family and the Shen family. They didn’t expect that Shen Yu could get into so much trouble after arriving in the capital. Inexplicably, he managed to provoke the Lin family and the Luo family, causing one of them to become a eunuch and the other to have a leg broken.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Just as the father and son of the Shen family were worried about whether they would attract revenge from the two families, they received a call from old madam Lin.

Instead of blaming Shen Yu, she pleaded for Shen Yu.

This made the father and son of the Shen family realize the value of Shen Yu again.

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  1. 【… you should also possess the virtue of tolerance. …】

    With all due respect, madam Lin, considering all the damage SY have been inflicting on Xiao Mu, he only sue SY is already show he possess a very high virtue of tolerance. Add more and he might have to be crowned Saint of Tolerance of this century.

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  2. The status quo isn’t paying off though. He’s caused more damage than the Lin family can give. It’s not like the ppl of Hong Kong don’t surf the web, because the old lady believes SY to be innocent doesn’t mean the rest of the population think so too.


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