After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 222 Fans And Antis Wage War & Red Carpet Female Companion 

After meeting with the military representatives and finalizing the outline of the plot to be filmed, Tao Mu, who returned to FlyNews headquarters again, immediately sent someone to contact the online writers who were particularly good at writing military novels. First to buy the original copyrights of these military dramas that would become very popular in the future.

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After the production of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” and “Fashion Storm”, two phenomenal classic works which doubly harvested both critical acclaim and ratings, now had a particularly good reputation in the production of TV series. In addition, at this time, the upsurge of purchasing the copyrights of online novels and adapting them into film and television dramas had not yet arisen. As soon as the person who went to negotiate the copyright came into contact with the authors, the other party readily expressed their intention to sign a contract. The copyright purchase went particularly smoothly.

After that, Tao Mu began to build a screenwriter team. Because it was cooperating with the military to shoot a conscription promotion drama, in order to ensure both the ratings and critical acclaim, both aspects must be given great attention and effort. When Tao Mu wrote the outline, he focused on the two issues of feel good plot routines and strict realistic consideration. In order to enhance the audience’s sense of immersion, Tao Mu planned to have the entire screenwriting team enter the military camp for a period of time, and collect information by the way. Then write the script based on these materials, preferably with professional guidance during the writing of the script.

In addition, Tao Mu also wanted all the actors to enter the military camp for three months. He did not expect the actors to become qualified soldiers after training, but the main actors should at least be able to put on a show of various fighting skills and action essentials. When standing there, one could see that they were soldiers at a glance.

Tao Mu’s proposal was also approved by the military representatives. In fact, the people in the military department were also worried about the quality of the show. Even with the “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” as a shining example, and thus the military quite trusted Tao Mu’s ability to supervise, but the target audience of the conscription promotion drama they were going to shoot was still somewhat different from the main audience of the drama “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”. The age level of the main actors was obviously also a lot younger than the old drama veterans of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”. The military representatives were also worried that young actors from art schools would not be able to act like soldiers. Now that Tao Mu had offered to send all the actors to join the army to experience for three months, this at least ensured that the performance of these actors would not be too outrageous when nitpicking the details.

Soon, the news that Tao Mu was going to cooperate with the military to shoot a conscription promotion drama also spread in the industry. At the same time, nominations for various awards of the Lingxiao Award were revealed. In addition to the best feature-length TV series, the best director and the best actor and actress, the most notable nomination was the best newcomer awards established this year.

The official interpretation of the Lingxiao Award for this Best Newcomer Award was to encourage more young actors to focus more on the work itself, rather than malicious hype. However, more netizens still focused their attention on the nominees for the Best Newcomer Award.

——Except for Tao Mu, who was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award for his minor supporting role who only appeared in less than three episodes, the other four finalists were nominated for their leading roles or supporting roles in mainstream TV series.

The Lingxiao Award was a TV drama award sponsored by SARFT, which had always represented the official attitude. Therefore, in the selection of works and awards, they would be more inclined to the mainstream TV series with profound content. In addition to professional skills, directors and actors who could be shortlisted for the Lingxiao Award must also ensure a good image, good reputation, and no negative news exposure during the selection period.

For many idol stars in the circle, they might not be able to be shortlisted for the Lingxiao Award even once despite acting in TV series all their lives. But once you were recognized by the Lingxiao Award, it meant you were also officially recognized to a certain extent. It would be easy to get the favor of some big directors, and to come into contact with some big productions led by the government, being of great help to one’s future road in acting.

So after the news spread that Tao Mu was shortlisted for the Lingxiao Award for Best Newcomer, Tao Mu’s fans were immediately overjoyed. Joyfully celebrating that their idol had finally been recognized by mainstream people in the industry, and he would definitely be a bright star in the future. Of course, many of Tao Mu’s antis spread conspiracy theories online, believing that Tao Mu definitely used capital to influence the selection process of the Lingxiao Award. Which was why the Lingxiao Award suddenly came up with a Best Newcomer Award. And looking at the popularity and ratings of the other four nominees, it was clear that they were not as high as Tao Mu and “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”.

So the situation was clear. Tao Mu must have bribed the judges and organizers of the Lingxiao Award, so the Lingxiao Award suddenly launched a Best Newcomer Award, just to push Tao Mu to the top.

A large group of Tao Mu antis lamented online, clamoring that if one had money, one could indeed do whatever one wanted. Even “government awards” such as the Lingxiao Award could not withstand the corrosion of capital. It was as if they had seen Tao Mu and Lingxiao Award commiting dirty money dealings with their own eyes.

Of course Tao Mu’s fans couldn’t tolerate these antis slandering Tao Mu so much. They all stood up and fought against the antis. Tao Mu’s fan base was huge, Tao Mu’s antis’ fighting ability was even more impressive, coupled with various netizens who eat melons and unknown folks who fish in troubled waters to watch the show, the conspiracy theory of Tao Mu and Lingxiao Award being involved in dirty money dealings was immediately topped by hot searches. Even some print media began to follow suit.

Rumors were so rampant that’s response was to continue to send lawyers’ letters in batches. Of course, the other party involved in the incident, SARFT, the organizer of the Lingxiao Award, could not allow these rumors to spread. So they stood up again to refute the rumor. And also expressed that they would pursue the legal responsibility of some netizens who indiscriminately spread rumors. Those antis were not afraid of the reprimand from SARFT, but they were afraid of receiving a lawyer’s letter, and even more afraid of losing money. Thus many antis quickly apologized and deleted their posts.

However, in the online war, so long as you leave a comment, someone would immediately take a screenshot. Tao Mu’s fans continued to scrutinize the screenshots after the antis deleted their posts. The fan vs anti war raged on vigorously. To the surprise of the “Lingxiao Award”, the Lingxiao Award Ceremony, which had never been paid attention to by many people except those in the industry, had actually increased its popularity because of this fan-anti war. Some people even took the initiative to privately message the official account of Lingxiao Awards online, asking for the specific time of the awards ceremony. In addition, there were even sponsors who took the initiative to privately message the sponsor to ask about the specifics of the sponsorship fee. This situation let the organizers of the Lingxiao Awards, which have never participated in hype, to taste the sweetness. And as a result, even took the initiative to contact to inquire about the specific plan and price of publicity and marketing.

Tao Mu: “…..”

Tao Mu, who could barely suppress his laughter, told’s publicity department to help Lingxiao Award make a good plan. As for the specific price, he generously offered a 20% discount.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

When he got home that night, Tao Mu also shared this matter as an interesting tidbit to Li Xiaoheng. Li Xiaoheng actually didn’t care about the marketing plan of the Lingxiao Award organizers, but was more curious about another thing: “If you go to the awards ceremony, you will likely need to order an outfit, right? The kind of custom fit outfit that those male stars wear on the red carpet? And are you also going to invite a red carpet female companion?”

Tao Mu nodded in confusion: “Yeah!”

Li Xiaoheng asked calmly, “Then where are you going to custom order the outfit? Who are you going to invite to be your red carpet companion?”

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