Source of Calamity CH 006 At Your Fingertips

Shen Zhen was a very independent person and was not good at expressing himself. He was a lone wolf, and Qin Yue was his only friend. However, as adults, although their relationship was ambiguous, they became gradually estranged.

When Su Shiqing appeared, his precarious relationship with Qin Yue finally reached the breaking point.

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Shen Zhen, who had left the garden, went to the kitchen. He knew that Qin Yue was there the whole time. Even if he wanted to quit, he still wanted to leave a thorn in the hearts of Su Shiqing and Qin Yue. Over time, it would accumulate and then be useful when needed.

Shen Zhen sneered. In his last life, he could check and balance Qin Yue and compete with Qin Yue in the court, but in his relationship with Qin Yue, he never used any scheming means.

Loving someone else was too tiring, so it was better ans easier to just love oneself.

“Young Master Shen is here.” The chef was startled, “Is there something you need?”

Shen Zhen rolled up his sleeves and walked to the chef’s side: “I came to learn.”

Chef: “…..”

“Please don’t joke with me.” The chef looked bewildered, “Why are you learning this?”

Dd these rich kids need to know how to cook? They likely didn’t even need to boil an egg in their entire life.

“I tol Uncle before that I want to cook for him.” Shen Zhen said with a smile.

It turned out to be to please Master Qin. The chef understood it, so he said with great discernment: “You just need to stir fry it a bit.”

Shen Zhen shook his head: “I want to personally make it for Uncle, that’s sincerity.”

So that night, the plate of boiled shrimp Shen Zhen personally made was served on the table.

This was the least technical, but Shen Zhen peeled the shrimp shells one by one.

When serving, the maid specially mentioned this plate of shrimp.

“Young Master Shen made it.” The maid smiled, very professional, “Personally peeling the shell himself and specially making it for Mr. Qin.”

There was only one person who could be called Mr. Qin in the Qin family.

Qin Xing didn’t seem to expect that Shen Zhen would take his casual remarks seriously.

He picked up a shrimp and it was indeed peeled cleanly.

Shen Zhen said at the other table, “Uncle, it was peeled off with gloves on. The gloves have been sterilized.”

Qin Xing only ate one.

The taste was just normal. If eaten with raw soy sauce, the deliciousness of the ingredients had nothing to do with the craftsmanship.

“Xiao Zhen cares so much about Uncle.” Qin Xing’s tone was very gentle, “Sit next to Uncle in the future.”

Shen Zhen: “Okay, Uncle.”

Everyone: “…..”

What did it mean to sit next to Qin Xing? Among so many juniors, only Qin Yue and Qin Li could sit at the same table as Qin Xing, and they were just on the seat opposite. Qin Xing’s left and right sat the elders of the Qin family.

“Don’t spoil the younger generation too much.” Qin Yue’s mother was not very happy, she snorted coldly, “After all, he’s not the Qin family’s blood.”

She said the last sentence in a very low voice that only this table could hear.

Qin Xing glanced at Qin Xin with a slight smile.

Qin Xin’s shoulders twitched and she didn’t dare to speak again.

She knew that Qin Xing was willing to help her, not because he had any sibling fondness for her, but because he saw the Zheng family and wanted the Zheng family, so he did it.

Everyone said that he loved his sister deeply. Only Qin Xin knew that Qin Xing had no feelings. His views on people and things were very simple——what was useful and what was useless.

After leaving the table, Shen Zhen was about to leave when he was stopped by Qin Xin. She was an elder, and she had never suffered hardship during her time in the Qin family over these many years. To be precise, if she did not commit a wrong, the Qin family could afford the expenses of her enjoyment. And in addition to her son being talented, despite how many years Qin Xin had lived, her mentality was still like a little girl.

“Shen Zhen.” Qin Xin called him by his full name.

Shen Zhen followed Qin Xin to the lounge, and there was no one here, so it was suitable to talk.

Qin Xin looked at Shen Zhen. She hadn’t examined him well for many years, and she didn’t care to spare Shen Zhen any attention. After all, Shen Zhen’s surname was not Qin, and whether he was good or bad could not shake Qin Yue’s position in this family. For the sake of his surname Shen, Qin Xin turned a blind eye to him and Qin Yue getting close.

Before she knew it, Shen Zhen had grown up and matured to the point that he had developed feelings for her son.

Qin Xin didn’t care how many lovers her son had, let alone whether the lovers were male or female. After all, when it was time to get married, he would still get married.

But Shen Zhen was different. He grew up with Qin Yue. If he really had something with Qin Yue, the threat would be so great that Qin Xin felt scared.

“Auntie knows that you are sensible.” Qin Xin closed her eyes slightly and glanced at Shen Zhen from the corner of her eye, “But there are some things you can’t think about, and some people you can’t touch. Excuse Auntie for saying something unpleasant, but people should have self-knowledge.”

Shen Zhen leaned back: “Auntie, just say it straight, don’t beat around the bush.”

Qin Xin was annoyed by Shen Zhen’s attitude, she gritted her teeth and said, “Who in the Qin family doesn’t know about your thoughts about Ah Yue? Impossible, you are not worthy!”

“Who’s worthy?” Shen Zhen looked at Qin Xin.

Qin Xin was taken aback, she only remembered that Shen Zhen was always ingratiating in front of her, shy, restrained, and even a little scared, but now Shen Zhen had sharp and bone-piercing eyes.

She couldn’t understand what kind of emotion was in those eyes, but she intuitively felt the threat in it.

Those were wolf-like eyes, vicious and ferocious, Qin Xin grabbed the armrest beside her.

Shen Zhen chuckled, and his eyes softened instantly: “Auntie, don’t worry, I know how to do the best for Ah Yue, you and I both want Ah Yue to be better, don’t you? I might as well tell you, the Shen family will be Ah Yue’s Shen family.”

Qin Xin: “You…..can you promise?”

Shen Zhen looked at Qin Xin sincerely: “Auntie, you should have already known who treats Ah Yue the best in this family.”

Many thoughts flashed in Qin Xin’s mind, but in the end she suppressed her emotions: “The Shen family has yet to express their position.”

Shen Zhen was determined: “It will be soon.”

In his last life, Su Shiqing won Qin Xin’s support, so why couldn’t he? Qin Xin didn’t even have much sincerity towards her own son. She had the same characteristics as Qin Xing, who was full of control, greed and dictatorship.

It was a pity that Qin Xin only had ambitions, but did not have enough scheming and intelligence.

Such a person, as long as a bait was randomly thrown her way, she would take the bait herself.

“Auntie.” Shen Zhen’s words were like the devil’s call, “I love Ah Yue, then what is mine is his, and I don’t expect him not to get married. I don’t care which lady he marries or how many children he has.”

Qin Xin seems to be hypnotized——yes, Shen Zhen was still very useful, as long as he didn’t prevent her son from getting married, so what if her son had an affair with him? The benefits would always be the hands of herself and her son.

“Shen Zhen! Youngest Uncle called you over!” Qin Meng didn’t know how to pick up on the atmosphere at all, he just found out that Shen Zhen was here, and sat down on the sofa and poured himself a glass of water, “Hurry up. “

Shen Zhen pausex: “Where?”

Qin Meng: “Youngest Uncle asked you to go to his private room.”

Qin Xin and Shen Zhen said at the same time, “Go to his private room?!”

Qin Meng nodded blankly: “Yeah, that’s what Youngest Uncle told me, I remember correctly.”

Qin Xin looked at Shen Zhen with complicated eyes: “Go on, don’t make your uncle wait any longer.”

Shen Zhen stood up and said before leaving, “Auntie, think about what I just said, I have a sincere heart and a clear conscience.”

He had a sincere heart in his last life, and a clear conscience in this life.

When he was leaving, Shen Zhen behaved decisively, but when he was standing at the door of Qin Xing’s room, Shen Zhen suddenly had the urge to run away, goose bumps appeared on the back of his neck and his hair stood on end. For the first time in such a long time after his rebirth, he sensed danger.


Shen Zhen thought a lot in those few seconds.

Could it be that Qin Xing discovered his deal with the Shen family?

Or something else?

Shen Zhen’s mouth was dry, his heartbeat was running faster and faster, and he was almost out of breath.

“Uncle.” Shen Zhen knocked on Qin Xing’s door.

Footsteps came from inside the room, it was the sound of footsteps falling on the carpet, and the door was opened.

“Xiao Zhen.” Qin Xing looked at Shen Zhen, like countless kindly elders. He was handsome, but no one would look at him with less regard because of his appearance, “You have grown up.”

Shen Zhen trembled all over.

After all, after experiencing his previous life, Shen Zhen also knew the final outcome of Qin Xing. At that time, Qin Xing had already opened up the foreign market, so he left the domestic market to Qin Yue and went to the other side of the ocean to conquer his empire territory.

Qin Xing was probably the kind of person who would endlessly achieve things so long as his life had yet to end. He would never be satisfied with what he had.

Whatever he saw, he wanted, he would reach for it.

If anyone tried to stop him, he would destroy that person.

Shen Zhen could calculate everyone in the Qin family, but he didn’t dare to face Qin Xing. He knew Qin Xing too well. The more he understood, the more frightened he became. There were just some people who was born much stronger than others, whether it was scheming of intelligence, Qin Xing was already strong to the extreme.

The moment he walked into Qin Xing’s bedroom, Shen Zhen only felt a cold air rise from the soles of his feet, hitting the top of his head directly.

Qin Xing’s bedroom was more like a luxurious one-bedroom suite, with huge floor-to-ceiling windows and a balcony. The desk was near the outer area, and the sofa and coffee table were at the back. The furniture in Qin Xing’s room was all made of fine, old wood, which was expensive and elegant, emitting an elegant woody fragrance.

Shen Zhen stepped into Qin Xing’s room for the first time, but he was not in the mood to appreciate any of this.

He only pondered in his mind: “Does Qin Xing know about his actions? What does he want to do to me? What means can I use to protect myself?”

However, Qin Xing didn’t seem to notice Shen Zhen’s stiff limbs. He took off his tie, unbuttoned the top two buttons of his shirt, and took off his suit jacket.

It was undeniable that Qin Xing had a sexy body that belongs to a mature man, and the tight chest and abdominal muscles could be seen even through his shirt. His hands had clear and distinct bone structure, but they did not look rough at all.

Most of the men in the Qin family were burly, only Qin Xing was not like the Qin family, he did not appear rough, but elegant and noble, and full of pure male hardness.

Although Shen Zhen was gay, he had extraordinary resistance in front of male beauty.

“Xiao Zhen, sit down.” Qin Xing pointed to the sofa opposite.

Shen Zhen sat down reluctantly.

Qin Xing’s first question appeared: “Xiao Zhen, why do you hate Ah Yue so much?”

Shen Zhen clenched his fists, sweating coldly, Qin Xing found out!

But Shen Zhen forced himself to calm down, he raised his head to face Qin Xing’s interested eyes, and said loudly, “I want Ah Yue to face me squarely!”

“Uncle, I’m no worse than anyone else, I’m better than them!”

Qin Xing smiled and said, “Uncle is also in your calculations?”

Shen Zhen shook his head: “I don’t have the daring.”

Qin Xing seemed to shake his head regretfully: “Xiao Zhen, Ah Yue is not that stupid.”

Shen Zhen lowered his head. Qin Yue was indeed not stupid, but he was also a man. He believed in his own charm, and of course he would not suspect that Shen Zhen, who loved him deeply, would plot against him.

Qin Xing lit a cigar, his hands were finely structured, and the gesture in the way he held the cigar was meticulous and graceful, like a picture under the soft light. He lit the cigar, and the smile on his lips remained as usual: “Xiao Zhen, why not beg Uncle? Whatever you want, Uncle can give it to you with just a word.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Shen Zhen’s heart was pounding.

Qin Xing’s voice was like the song of a sea demon, low and magnetic and full of unspeakable temptation: “Xiao Zhen, as long as you reach out, everything is at your fingertips.”

AN: Shen Zhen: “Conspiracy! I smell conspiracy!”

Qin Xing (smiling): “Uncle loves you.”

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