After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 004 “Dominating Life”

Over the next few days, Zhang Three Hairs didn’t bother Jiang Chen any more, but the occasional glances he casted his way during class were very sinister.

Jiang Chen only looked back at him calmly. Even though he knew that Zhang Three Hairs was obviously cooking up a bad idea, he didn’t feel much troubled. First, he understood Zhang Three Hairs’ way of doing things, and second, not only was Zhang Three Hairs plotting against him, he was also plotting against Zhang Three Hairs. In fact, if Zhang Three Hairs didn’t do anything, he actually wouldn’t be able to do anything to the other.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

In addition to being vigilant about Zhang Three Hairs making trouble, Jiang Chen’s most important task now was to familiarize himself with the current study progress, and to separate in his mind what he learned in the interstellar era and what he was learning now.

In the previous life, Jiang Chen joined the Alliance Research Institute when he was less than twenty years old. After that, in addition to experimental research, he did a lot of studying. So the knowledge he accumulated in the process was extremely vast. It was no exaggeration to say that these things in his mind could completely set off a technological revolution in today’s world.

However, a knowledge system that was too large and advanced was not all good, and it even caused Jiang Chen a bit of trouble.

Before Jiang Chen returned to this body, it was exactly 100 years of the star calendar. This was the year when humans left the original galaxy to go to another galaxy and started to re-develop civilization. Before reaching the new galaxy, the development of human civilization was also far ahead of the present.

If Jiang Chen’s selected course “History of the Beginning Galaxy” was correct, the time gap between the current Earth and the galaxy where he lived in his previous life was nearly 500 years, and these 500 years do not include the time when humans migrated in the interstellar space.

In addition to the 100 years of the star calendar, nearly 600 years were enough for the leap-forward development of technology and enough to overthrow many previous theories and generate more new schools of thought. Whether it was mathematics, physics or chemistry, they were all buried, risen, and innovated in the process of time.

Fortunately, human civilization would always be the solid stone of science and technology. No matter how long time passes, the amazing achievements of our ancestors have been passed down. Fortunately, Jiang Chen paid special attention to the study of ‘ancient times’ because of being reborn so it was not difficult to adapt to returning to the classroom now.

The only issue was to change his way of thinking, such as the algorithm of a mathematical problem, the formula used at this time was not the same as the formula used in the interstellar era. The later formula was faster and more effective and Jiang Chen was already used to it. So going back to the old formula was quite a bit different and awkward.

It was like using an optical computer that was accustomed to high computing speed, and then going back to using the current bulky desktop. Although he could use it, it would still take a little time to get used to it.

During this time, Jiang Chen was trying to get used to it as soon as possible.

Fortunately, he had always been very adaptable, otherwise he would not have gotten up so quickly after the harsh blows he suffered in the first life and spent such a short time of collecting his calm after a car accident sent him to the interstellar era, nor would he have so quickly accepted reality and organized his thoughts and feelings after being reborn once again. 

After school on Saturday, Shen Xu invited Jiang Chen to play at his house.

Jiang Chen knew of Shen Xu’s good intentions, but he still refused. There was no other reason. Now he just wanted to solve the predicament at home as soon as possible and accompany his parents well.

After the death of his parents in the first life, that kind of floating rootless feeling that he no longer belonged, and that there was no place to make him feel at ease, lasted for two lives, and now that he was back, he would definitely cherish everything he had now, and would not allow anyone to destroy it.

On the way home, Jiang Chen lowered his eyes and pondered.

The book that suddenly appeared in front of him was called “Dominating Life”.

The book that suddenly appeared in front of him was called “Dominating Life”.

His memory had always been excellent. At first, he just flipped through the book at random before going to bed. Even if the cannon fodder at the beginning had the same name as him, he didn’t think much about it until he saw in the middle of the book, the cannon fodder with the same name as him died in the exact way he did. Even the dialogue between the protagonist and the system in the book was exactly the same as the dialogue he heard before his death. Only then did he take this matter more seriously.

At that time, Jiang Chen was already tired from a day’s meeting, but when he read that part, his mind was awake in an instant, and he re-read the book from beginning to end, and also memorized all the contents within.

In the book, the protagonist He Qianjian was a transmigrator. Before he transmigrated, he was unhappy because even though he was talented and capable, every time he got a chance, he would be kicked to the side in favor of those with better family background, more money and more connections than him. He hated the injustice of God, and felt that there was no good person in this world, everyone was a snob and looked down on him for being poor.

Therefore, after his death from an accident, he transmigrated into the body of an infant in a delivery room and bound by a system called the “Optimal Choice System”. He Qianjian, who was still called Zhang Dafa at the time, immediately realized that the change of destiny he had always dreamed of was right in front of him. Between the options of “ordinary biological parents” and “rich non-biological parents” given at one time, he chose the wealthy non-biological parents without hesitation.

What Zhang Dafa thought at that time was that they were not truly his biological parents anyway, so who but an idiot would not choose the rich parents.

But Zhang Dafa, no, it should be said that the male protagonist who was already named He Qianjian did not expect that the wealthy level of the rich parents in the mouth of the system turned out to be so rich, not only rich, but also of high social status.

The old Mr. He of the He family had three children in total. He Yanjun, the eldest, inherited his father’s ambition and career, the second, He Yanya, devoted herself to scientific research, and the third, He Yanfeng, devoted himself to doing business, and achieved quite the success in the business world.

The one who the system switched was He Yanfeng’s child.

He Yanfeng had been a maverick since he was a child. His brother and sister either liked to play with toy guns and sticks or liked to read and it could be said that their interests were inherited from their parents. But since elementary school, He Yanfeng liked to sell things and make money. He was active and generous, plus the support of his parents and elder siblings, his career could be said to be smooth sailing.

A person with an active mind, in that conservative era, also dated and fell in love earlier, and his relationship with Mrs. He, Yang Yun, also kicked up quite a fuss at the beginning, to the point of even cutting off relations with the He family for a time. Until He Yanfeng and Yang Yun’s first child, at the same time, the He family’s eldest grandson, was born. Only then did the relationship between the He family and He Yanfeng and his wife eased.

As the eldest son of He Yanfeng and the eldest grandson of the He family, and also the link that eased the relationship between the two sides, He Qianjian was naturally the center of attention. It was not an exaggeration to say that he was cherished in the palm of the hand since he was born.

He Qianjian was not a true child, he had the mind of an adult, and he had a “Optimal Choice System” in his hand, so he naturally knew how to be the most loved by his parents and elders.

When he was young, he was well-behaved and sensible. He was not noisy and liked to play chess with his grandfather. In school, he had the best grades, far beyond his classmates and peers, and was even given a waive of all small exams by the school, only taking final exams. After graduation, he entered He Yanfeng’s company, won several large orders for the company within half a year, and successfully won the approval of everyone. Within two years, he took over the management rights of the company from He Yanfeng and became a well-known investment genius.

His path was smooth all the way. He could be said to be the pride of his parents, the role model of his younger siblings, and the confidant of his friends. He was a complete winner in life.

It was this kind of envy inspiring life, surrounded by money and power and the flattery and support of others, which made He Qianjian feel like he was walking on cloud nine, and at the same time more and more reluctant to lose everything he had now. He would never allow himself to change back to his previous life as Zhang Dafa who anyone could step on.

As for Jiang Chen, who was switched away at birth by the system at the beginning, the real He Qianjian, eldest son and grandson of the He family, was a thorn in He Qianjian’s heart, a ticking bomb that could explode at any time. Although the system told him that no one would find out, he still slept badly every night. It reached the point that it became difficult for him to feel at ease without taking out this hidden danger.

At first, He Qianjian just sent someone to monitor Jiang Chen and relayed all Jiang Chen’s information to him.

During that time, every day he listened to his subordinates report that Jiang Chen, who was supposed to be a favored son of heaven, was forced into a depressing and embarrassing situation due to money. This was the happiest time of He Qianjian’s daily schedule, and even sometimes if Jiang Chen lived even a bit better than usual, he would send people to make some trouble for him and push him back into the swamp.

Just as He Qianjian hoped, after experiencing his father’s paralysis due to the lack of timely treatment, and suicide because he was afraid of dragging down the family, as well as his mother overburdening herself with work for medical expenses and Jiang Chen’s tuition, and finally passing away due to overwork. Jiang Chen finally couldn’t stand the twin blows of his parents death, so he gave up on his own and dropped out of school.

After that, He Qianjian felt that Jiang Chen could no longer pose any threat to him, and he was also busy with graduation, so he didn’t pay attention to Jiang Chen for a long time.

But who knew that, in less than two years, Jiang Chen started a company together with his two friends, and was lucky enough to make a bit of a name for themselves in the industry. Even He Yanfeng, when he came home, couldn’t help mentioning them, saying that the boss of the company, Shen Xu, had the style of his past self, and told He Qianjian that he could make friends with the other, predicting that that company would do well in the future.

Although he was talking about Shen Xu, He Qianjian’s mind automatically replaced it with Jiang Chen. At that moment, he even thought about what would happen if the He family knew that Jiang Chen was their biological child.

He Qianjian didn’t dare to think about that scenario. The more he thought about it, the more irritable he became. He began to find it difficult to fall asleep. When he fell asleep, he would have nightmares. Jiang Chen and his position became reversed, and the other condescendingly scolded him as a petty thief.

Those dreams tortured He Qianjian to the point his hair fell out in clumps, and he lost weight quickly. Even the He family noticed something wrong with him and ordered him to go to the hospital for an examination.

How could He Qianjian dare to go to the hospital? From childhood to adulthood, he didn’t even dare to be sick, because he was afraid of the He family discovering his secret. Even his physical examination would be postponed to the day of Jiang Chen’s physical examination every year to go to the same hospital with him so that the system could help him switch the blood drawn with Jiang Chen’s.

Now that he couldn’t find a reason for Jiang Chen to have a physical examination, how could he dare to go to the hospital at the risk of being discovered.

Under the constant panic and fear, He Qianjian decided to kill the other. With the help of the system, he arranged a flawless murder, and even out of prudence, he never came forward in person from beginning to end, but instructed a toady who had followed him since his student days to do it.

So, on a dark rainy day when there was lightning and thunder, and the car radio reminded its audience to be careful when traveling, an overloaded truck, in order to avoid a car whose brakes failed, collided with Jiang Chen, who was returning from visiting his parents’ graves.

The accident that day caused a series of car accidents, and the scene was extremely chaotic. He Qianjian’s people slipped into the chaos and took enough blood from Jiang Chen’s body for He Qianjian’s future medical examination, and then set Jiang Chen’s car on fire.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

The explosion happened suddenly, but the rain quickly washed away the traces of the scene.

In the end, this tragic car accident that attracted the attention of many people sparked a discussion about whether people should drive out on a rainy day, and the person who died in the car accident, like the rainstorm that came and went quickly, failed to leave behind any trace.

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