After Two Lifetimes I Was Reborn Back Inside A Book CH 005 The Yang Family

Quickly going through the content of “Dominating Life” in his mind, Jiang Chen looked up at the sky, his slender fingers blocking some of the sunlight, and the corners of his mouth slightly curved upwards.

The content of that book was too realistic, although it only depicted his short life from the perspective of cannon fodder that was not even a supporting role, but if everything was true, then the ups and downs and the schemes and conspiracies of the first life hidden under the undercurrent would still come his way.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

To verify that the book was genuine was very simple. The end of April was the time for the school physical examination, and everything would be clear at that time.

He really wanted to know whether He Qianjian and his system could withstand his vengeance after losing the advantage of one side in the light and the other in the dark.

Beside the flower bed, a dirty wild cat flashed by. Jiang Chen followed the sound and looked over, but only saw a tail disappearing from his sight. He put down his hand, and suddenly remembered something.

It seemed that during this time, the famous spine surgeon Shi Fengyue returned from his studies and was in the third hospital of Yan City. His surgical skills were extremely high and especially loved difficult cases. All the cases he accepted despite his peers’ disagreement succeeded one by one, and in less than a year his name became famous and well-known, provoking everyone to seek medical help from him. However, those who wanted to register with him could only rely on luck.

At this time in the first life, their family spared no effort to cure Father Jiang, never stingy with money, and all the doctors they looked for were well-known old professors and doctors, but those doctors just shook their heads when they looked at Father Jiang’s legs, and even the most expert doctors were helpless. The Jiang family could only give up hope, and from then on, the home that was originally warm, happy and full of joy became quiet and depressing little by little.

After being alone for a long time, Jiang Chen thought many times, if he went to Yan City No. 3 Hospital and found the still-unknown Professor Shi, would his father not be paralyzed and his mother would not be dragged down by the family expenses and died of a serious illness. This matter practically became an unhealable wound in his first life, so he paid special attention to the affairs of Shi Fengyue.

Jiang Chen pondered as he went upstairs, it seemed that Shi Fengyue returned to China during this time, and tomorrow he would go to the hospital to try his luck to see if he could find him.

“Chen Chen, you’re back.”

As soon as he reached the fifth floor, the security door opened in front of Jiang Chen. Yang Si was surprised when she saw him. Seemingly nervous and relieved, and a smile appeared on her face immediately.

Jiang Chen looked at Yang Si and asked, “Mom, where are you going?”

Yang Si smiled and said, “I’m going to your uncle’s place for a bit. You go eat first. After you finish eating, do your homework, and Mom will come back soon.”

Hearing the word “Uncle”, Jiang Chen’s expression became a bit cold.

After two lives, many things have been submerged over time, and there were very few things that could make him remember clearly, which were only two types, family and friendship that were hard to let go, and hatred that was hard to let go.

And the most heart-wrenching hatred came from the Yang family.

Yang Si was the third daughter of the Yang family. She had two older sisters before her and a little brother after her. The eldest sister was sold to an alcoholic widower by her parents not long after she became an adult. She was beaten to death within half a year. Her second eldest sister ran away by herself as a teenager and did not appear in decades. As the third daughter, Yang Si narrowly escaped the fate of being sent away, but all her life from childhood to adulthood revolved around her little brother.

On the other hand, Yang Si’s little brother, Jiang Chen’s uncle Yang Tianci, was raised by his grandmother’s family to become an out-and-out waste of air, and he was the one who sucked blood and gnawed on the old (TN: expression for those who leach off on one’s parents), taking his family’s care and love for granted.

Jiang Chen’s family had always been harmonious, and there were very few quarrels, but almost every quarrel was inseparable from the Yang family, to be precise, Yang Tianci.

Yang Tianci beat someone at school and had to pay compensation money, so the Yang family came to ask for it; Yang Tianci was expelled from school, so the Yang family asked Yang Si to think of a solution; Yang Tianci found a girlfriend, and the Yang family asked Yang Si to accompany and wait on the girlfriend; Yang Tianci planned to get married, and the Yang family asked Yang Si to pay for the expenses and build a house for the newlyweds; Yang Tianci had a child, and the Yang family asked Yang Si to pay child support; Yang Tianci’s child reached school age, and the Yang family asked Yang Si to send Jiang Chen to the countryside, and bring Yang Tianci’s child over to attend school in Yan City…..

The incident of going to school made Yang Si, who had always been tolerant, finally explode. She could let her brother’s parents squeeze out all her worth, but she would definitely never accept harm to her son’s interests.

Since then, the Yang family had became restrained a lot, and there had been a lot less contact between the two families, but once Yang Tianci or the Yang family needed money, they would definitely go to the Jiang family. From building a house to raising a child to buying a new place in Yan City to the present, one after another, at least several 100,000 yuan had been borrowed from the Jiang family.

This was also the reason why the Yang family was so confident in asking for money. They only “borrowed” money, not asked for it directly. Wasn’t it too cold and heartless if you don’t lend money to your siblings?

However, after Jiang Zhuo’s accident, the Yang family avoided the Jiang family like the plague. Yang Si came knocking three or four times without borrowing a penny. Not only was she humiliated, she even got a warning from her parents that she should plan to remarry as soon as possible.

According to the time, it should be this time.

Jiang Chen’s eyes flashed, and he suddenly said: “Mom, you are going to see Uncle, I will accompany you.”

Yang Si was startled and immediately refused: “You just got out of school and haven’t eaten yet, how could you go out with me hungry, and don’t you have homework yet to do? Stay home and wait for me to come back.”

Jiang Chen didn’t listen, he stuck his head inside the door, and said to Jiang Zhuo who was sitting in a wheelchair: “Dad, I’ll accompany Mom to visit Uncle’s place.”

Jiang Zhuo was also worried that his wife would be bullied when she returned to her parents’ house. Seeing that their son was going to follow along, he quickly agreed: “Take care of your mother and don’t let her be wronged.”

Father and son were in agreement, so Yang Si couldn’t refuse and could only take Jiang Chen along.

Sitting on the bus, Yang Si instructed Jiang Chen: “When you see your uncle and aunt, be polite, and then go find your cousin to play. Mom and Uncle have something to talk about.”

Jiang Chen looked at her and said bluntly, “You want to ask Uncle to borrow money, no, that’s not right, their family has borrowed so much money from our family, so you want them to pay back the money?”

“You kiddo.” Yang Si sighed, how could she not know her son’s dissatisfaction with her little brother’s family. Jiang Chen was obedient and sensible since he was a child, and anyone who saw him had to say a word of praise. Only every time he saw her little brother’s family, he would have a cold expression, and didn’t even bother to be polite, the sense of rejection evident in his attitude and speech.

How could she not know that her parents and little brother were doing something wrong, and she even thought about cutting off the relationship with her parents and little brother completely, but now that Jiang Zhuo had an accident, their family was extremely in need of money. No matter if it worked or not, she must try, even if her parents and little brother could support just a little, it would help the family’s current situation.

It was just that, she didn’t want her child to know any of this.

No matter how difficult the family was, she could bear it. These things should not be borne by a child who was not yet grown up. She hoped that he would always be happy, even if he did not need to be so sensible.

The Jiang family lived in the central area of ​​Yan City, and it took nearly two hours to take the bus to the edge of the city. By the time Jiang Chen and Yang Si arrived, it was already dark.

The Yang family was on the first floor, and the sound insulation of the community at this time was mostly poor. When Jiang Chen and Yang Si walked to the entrance of the corridor, they could hear the sound of TVs inside, mixed with the loud laughter of children.

Knock, knock——

“Who is——?”

Inside the rusty iron door, the wooden door with a faded blessing sign was opened. A woman with curly hair and corduroy pajamas stood inside. When she saw Yang Si and Jiang Chen, her expression changed, and she instantly wanted to close the door.

“Mom! Who is it!”

Before the door closed, a boy inside ran over, and when he saw the people outside the door, he raised his head and snorted, then drawled, “Isn’t this that family whose woman married a cripple and likes to collect debts?”

Yang Si’s face changed, and Jiang Chen’s eyes became cold.

The woman didn’t reprimand her son at all, she simply stood inside the iron door with her arms crossed and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Yang Si opened her mouth. If Jiang Chen wasn’t here, she might pretend that she didn’t hear what her nephew just said, and beg her little brother and sister-in-law, but now that Jiang Chen was here, she didn’t want Jiang Chen to see her begging for help. Begging people who insulted her and his father.

“I’ll close the door if there’s nothing?” As the woman spoke, she took a step back and prepared to close the door.

Jiang Chen said lightly: “Aunt, we are here to collect debts. Since you and Uncle got together, including wedding gifts, building a house, having children, moving house, etc., you owe my family a total of 250,000 yuan. Some money was not made clear as borrowed, and is a matter of etiquette and customs, so our family will consider it as siblings helping each other, but the rest that was clearly said to be borrowed total 170,000 yuan. I hope your family can pay back this money immediately.”

Every time a word popped out of Jiang Chen’s mouth, the woman’s face became uglier. When he finished speaking, her face was completely cold.

She looked at Yang Si and said, “Sister, I see that Jiang Chen is becoming more and more unruly, so why aren’t you doing something about it?”

Yang Si originally felt that Jiang Chen was disrespecting his elders by saying this, but after hearing what the woman said, she couldn’t help but get angry and said, “Jiang Chen has always been among the best in academic performance, no matter the school or the neighbors, none of them have ever said that he is not well-behaved, but I don’t know how many times I’ve heard others complain about Sheng Mao, if little brother and Sister-in-law can’t teach Sheng Mao more politeness, then let him learn more from his cousin.”

Children were always a woman’s inverse scale. She was happier when others praised her children than if they praised her instead. Similarly, if someone scolded her child, it would make her more angry than if they had scolded her instead.

“What do you mean!” The woman kicked the iron door, then turned her head and shouted loudly, “Yang Tianci, don’t you care about this at all! Your sister came to make a scene at your own house! She even dared to scold our son! This is not treating us as relatives at all!”

The man in his slippers slowly walked over, holding a braised duck neck in his hand. Seeing Yang Si and Jiang Chen outside the door, he didn’t even bother to say hello, and said to the woman, “Mom and Dad are waiting for you to eat inside, why are you arguing with them?”

The woman’s anger subsided a little when she heard the words, she glanced at the mother and son pair with a sense of superiority, sneered and pulled Yang Shengmao inside.

When she left, Yang Tianci said to Yang Si through the door: “Sister, I know what you are here for, but you should also know that your little brother, I also have a hard time. You asking me for money, isn’t that the same as asking for our family’s life. After a while, Sheng Mao will be admitted to junior high school. You know his grades. If we want to send him to a better school, we will have to pay a lot of school selection fees. I’m also troubled, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, I really can’t help you, so you better go.”

“You can pay back a few thousand first.” Yang Si was about to say borrow, but when she thought of what Jiang Chen said just now, her words changed to pay back.

That’s right, her little brother’s family borrowed so much money from her, and she never urged them to pay it back. At this time, their family’s situation was special so wasn’t it right and proper to ask him to pay back the money?

However, after hearing Yang Si’s words, Yang Tianci’s expression turned bad, and he said, “How can you say pay back the money? Do you really want me to pay you back the money you gave me before? I am your brother. I treat you as my sister, but you only treat me as a debtor?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help sneering when he heard this, it was really the shameless style of Zhu Bajie——striking with a muck-rake (TN: to make bogus accusations against one’s victim). (TN: Zhu Bajie, a character in the Journey to the West)

Jiang Chen’s sneer infuriated Yang Tianci. He had always disliked this nephew, who liked to fight for the top in everything, and he looked like his eyes grew on the top of his head, as if he could pierce the sky as long as he was talented and excellent.

“What are you laughing at?” Yang Tianci asked, pointing at Jiang Chen’s nose.

Jiang Chen was not afraid at all, hooked up his lips and said, “I’m laughing at you, you really know how to talk, you indeed really treat my mother as your sister, when you borrowed money so fiercely back then, you didn’t treat yourself as an outsider, now when it’s your turn to pay it back, you treat your sister as a debt collector. So when you called it borrowing money, it was just a pretense, the truth is that you only regard your sister as an ATM machine.”

“Little bastard!” Yang Tianci immediately opened the door, rushed out and wanted to hit Jiang Chen, he raised his hand and said, “You are f**king asking for a beating!”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

“I want to see who dares to hit my son!”

“I want to see who dares to hit my son!”

Yang Si shouted angrily and stepped in front of Jiang Chen.

“Yang Tianci.” Yang Si looked up at her little brother, who was half a head taller than her, and stared at him and asked, “You really won’t pay me back a penny, even if I never recognize you as my brother from now on, you still won’t pay it back?”

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