After The Vicious Cannon Fodder Was Reborn CH 229 Award Ceremony

According to some novels, that like to judge shou vs. gong by skin color, Tao Mu, who had been darkened by two shades, was very gong-like indeed, his aura soaring from the original 2.8 meters to 28 meters in an instant.

After the Ceramics (Tao Mu’s fan club name) who were waiting to pick up the plane at the airport saw Tao Mu who was two shades darker, their hearts were practically about to fly into the air and burst directly, and then shatter into pieces of heart-shaped petals. The screams that were so excited that it broke through the roof and went straight up to the clouds in an instant. The media reporters who were also among the fans were also so excited that they kept pressing the shutter. Accompanying the sound of clicking, the photos of Tao Mu’s sexy new image spread all over the major online platforms in an instant.

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

——Many netizens expressed in amazement after seeing the photos that Tao Mu, who had been darkened by two shades, looked more delicious than a white Mu Mu. Especially the straight male fans of Tao Mu, they were so excited that they almost took screenshots and printed them out as posters to be hung on the bedside.

So Tao Mu’s face fan faction split into two factions, one was the black Mu Mu fans, and the other was the white Mu Mu fans. In view of the homophony of these two words were not considered all that good, the face fans, who were a large number but exist at the bottom of the food chain, were once again ridiculed and beaten by the other fan factions. They could only cry and heal themselves by licking the screen. And as a result, was dubbed “dog licking” by the other fan factions——a star-chasing dog who could only lick the screen.

Now this slightly reached the level of a personal attack. Because of this, some face fans got angry on the Internet, and said indignantly: “If you have the ability to scold me dog licking, then you should have the ability to not ask me for pictures!”

As soon as these words came out, the photography fans in Tao Mu’s technical fan camp were unable to keep silent anymore. One must know that when they usually practice PS retouching, they used the original images provided by the face fans. So from a certain point of view, Tao Mu’s photography fans and face fans were also in the same camp. Seeing their allies being dissed, the photography fans must stand forward to help condemn them out of morality, and it must be a fierce condemnation.

Tao Mu’s face fans were the largest number, and because ofbthe skills of photography fans they have the strongest favorability among the entire fan factions. So much that Tao Mu’s acting fans and other camps also came forward to condemn the scolding fans who first caused the scolding war.

Of course, the scolding fans had the most explosive fighting power and couldn’t lie down and die. So they ridiculed them by saying that the weak chickens teaming up were still weak chickens. They also said that face fans were the most unskilled fans, and then also expressed contemptuously that technical fans couldn’t do anything except retouch pictures. And as a side note, they also dissed acting fans as having the least actual performance. Anyway, by the end of the scolding list, us scolding fans had the biggest credit. With a wave of our ten-meter-long sword, thousands of troops are swept away, establishing a illustrious reputation for Tao Mu’s road to fame.

This kind of argument that just belittle others to elevate oneself directly provoked public anger. The other fan factions who were just casually condemning them out of morality instantly rage quit. Joining together to denounce and criticize the scolding fans as actually being the most useless and too eager to make accomplishments. Because every time there was a scolding war on the Internet, in the end, it was Tao Mu himself who came forward to use his crowd ridicule skills to win the day.

This was actually true. However, when it came to verbal cannon skills, other fans couldn’t compare at all to scolding fans. So under the unreasonable sophistry of the scolding fans, other fans who clearly have pictures and truth on their side still managed to lose to the scolding fans. There was a lot of uproar on the Internet because of this, and even the entertainment media and other melon-eating people who were always paying attention to the trend of the Internet were unable to understand it. Dont know why Tao Mu’s fans began pinching each other again. And pinching so fiercely!

However, Tao Mu’s fans often infight, and the melon eaters saw too much of it already so it barely roused their attention. After all, Tao Mu was the man who often “stirred up a bloody storm” in the entertainment industry.

Putting aside the smoke of gunpowder on the Internet, Li Xiaoheng, who was waiting in the parking lot, couldn’t help but come over to get a kiss in delight after seeing the freshly baked Tao Mu. After the kiss, he commented with a smile: “Today’s Xiao Mu is chocolate flavored.”

——What chocolate flavor!

Tao Mu looked at Li Xiaoheng helplessly and asked, “Is the suit ready?”

Li Xiaoheng nodded: “It’s done. Are you going to try it out at home?”

A whole body shiver ran through Tao Mu, and he said quickly, “No need. You can bring it here for me.” The last time he went to the Li family house it left a huge psychological shadow. In a short time, Tao Mu didn’t want to visit again.

Looking at Tao Mu, who still had lingering fears, Li Xiaoheng chuckled lightly: “I have already sent it to your apartment.”

Tao Mu looked at Li Xiaoheng, who was smiling mischievously, and snorted.

The Lingxiao Award ceremony was scheduled for December 12, starting on time at 7:30 pm.

At around 6:30, Tao Mu appeared on the red carpet on time wearing a hand-made black dress suit.

According to Tao Mu’s plan, he originally wanted to walk the red carpet with the production team of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”. But the organizer arranged a separate red carpet time for Tao Mu out of various considerations. For such a trivial matter, Tao Mu was too lazy to ask the organizer. However, he had no plans to find a red carpet female partner. He was just going to walk on the red carpet alone and shining.

This was also Tao Mu’s first red carpet show since his debut. Like most male stars, Tao Mu also chose the most classic, most common and least error-prone three-piece black suit. However, compared to the styles of other male stars, Tao Mu’s black suit was more slim, and the exquisite tailoring outlined his wide shoulders, narrow back, slender waist, long legs and pert butt. Because he had been training in the army for more than half a month, when he walked, his back was straight and his head was held high, like green pines and cypresses, vigor and strength in every gesture. To use a cliche phrase to describe it, he was simply walking hormones. Against the background of the two shades darker skin color, his whole person looked more and more masculine and handsome, and actually gave people a visually stunning image of a person completely reborn.

Tao Mu’s fans stood on both sides of the red carpet, holding up signboards and screaming. With an old mother and girlfriend fan mentality, they only felt that their family’s Mu Mu had really grown up. Was a real man. Huhu.

Even the host standing at the end of the red carpet couldn’t hold up against the rush of male hormones that swept over, and jokingly said, “Tao Mu has become more and more handsome since he entered the army for training!”

Tao Mu smiled and said, “Because all handsome guys have to be handed over to the state.”

One sentence once again caused the fans to howl with excitement. Tao Mu took the pen and signed his autograph in the signature area, and then strode into the evening venue.

Tao Mu debuted for more than a year and had only officially participated in the shooting of one movie and one TV series so far. But Tao Mu’s contacts in the industry could be regarded as quite a wide range. Because of the previous co-production of “Fashion Storm” with Summer Star Entertainment and Longteng Entertainment, Tao Mu had met many big names in the industry. Both front and behind the scenes. Considering the identity of Tao Mu as the founder of, these big names were also willing to maintain a friendly relationship with Tao Mu. This caused Tao Mu to be surrounded by a group of people as soon as he entered the hall.

A large group of people gathered around Tao Mu with greetings and compliments, wishing Tao Mu the best newcomer award in advance. Others firmly concluded that “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” would definitely become the biggest winner of this year’s Lingxiao Awards. After all, “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” had been setting new ratings since its broadcast. At the end, the national ratings had broken 20%, which directly pushed this Second Sino-Japanese War drama to the top. Moreover, the social impact and popularity of this war drama were beyond doubt. According to rumors, even the highest country leaders praised this drama well when watching it.

Up to now, it had become a fact that “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” would definitely win awards. The only suspense was probably how many awards “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” could win, and whether other shortlisted works would eventually become escorts. After all, with the annoying habit of the Lingxiao Award jury——those guys from SARFT never like to divide pork. They just like to push model works and build their own sons.

Now it seemed that “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” would definitely be the biological son of this year’s awards ceremony. After all, Tao Mu, the producer of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” and the largest investor, was also co-producing a conscription promotion drama with the military. SARFT even took the initiative to reform the Lingxiao Award and launch the so-called best newcomer award for Tao Mu. All the signs show that the official side would definitely push Tao Mu.

That was why after Tao Mu entered the hall, the crowd of celebrities gathered around with smiles on their faces, taking the initiative to make good friends with Tao Mu. There was no lack of cooperation intentions underlying their words. After all, after “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood” and “Fashion Storm”, Tao Mu had already proved to the industry his production ability and acting skills.

Of course, there were some people who didn’t like how Tao Mu was so proud and successive at such a young age. The most jealous of them should be Tao Mu’s old friend, Cheng Baodong, who used to be the biological son of SARFT.

Cheng Baodong also did not expect that this mere little martial arts stand-in, who was looked down on as an extra in his own crew back then, could climb to such a position in just one to two years. Not only was he bright and shining in front of the stage, but also behind the scenes. Seeing that group of big names in the industry flanking Tao Mu and making pretentious greetings, Cheng Baodong felt a bit uncomfortable. He couldn’t help but snort coldly, and said to another director next to him, “When Tao Mu was in my crew back then, when he was acting as a substitute for Bo Yuan, I could already see that this kid had a lot of scheming methods, and was definitely not a mere fish in the pool.”

Cheng Baodong was invited to the awards ceremony this time due to one of his drama being shortlisted for best director, best actor and best feature-length TV series. But looking at the current momentum, he was afraid that he would become an escort of “The Great Wall of Flesh and Blood”. In less than two years, the world had changed to such an extent that it was no wonder that Cheng Baodong was dissatisfied. He kept feeling that Tao Mu was blocking his way.

The director standing beside Cheng Baodong looked sideways and said with a smile, “Director Cheng’s words are a bit sour.”

Cheng Baodong sneered: “What do I have to sour of? It’s not like I hadn’t won the Lingxiao Award for Best Director before. It’s you, old Zhang, who has been filming for more than 20 years yet every time you are shortlisted you end up being an escort. Why doesn’t the Lingxiao Award just give you a Best Supporting Actor!”

“Oh that mouth of yours!” Director Zhang shook his head, too lazy to pay attention to Cheng Baodong. This guy was a dog, biting whoever he catches.

Cheng Baodong needled Director Zhang, but still felt unhappy. Stepping up to Tao Mu, he raised his voice and laughed: “After a year, Mr. Tao has become more and more successful.”

You c an fi nd t he la te st cha pte rs at ( th e ir on tr ee bl oo ms. c o m )

Tao Mu turned to look at Cheng Baodong. Naturally, he did not miss the envy and jealous anger on his face. For a while he couldn’t help but be emotional. After all, just a year ago, Tao Mu was still thinking about how to hug the other’s thigh just to be able to play a leading role in Cheng Baodong’s movie. Who would have thought that in just one and a half years, Tao Mu would become a well-known producer in the industry. And he even planned to grab this piece of fat meat from Cheng Baodong’s hands.

Thinking of this, Tao Mu smiled brighter and nodded at Cheng Baodong: “I haven’t seen you in a year, but Director Cheng still looks good as ever.”

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